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wp-admin: All the files and folders within wp-admin comprise all the various tools and inter- faces necessary to make WordPress run. The WordPress Anthology. Written for developers, The WordPress Anthology will take you beyond the basics The WordPress Anthology puts you in the driver's seat of this powerful & flexible open-source CMS, offering an extensive array of solutions for your pr.

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The Wordpress Anthology Pdf

This ebooks The Wordpress Anthology Raena Jackson Armitage contains all the information and a detailed explanation about The Wordpress Anthology Raena. Written for developers, The WordPress Anthology will take you beyond the basics to give you a thorough overview of the WordPress universe. With a. Sir The Wordpress Anthology Raena Jackson Armitage File The subsequent Due to this, many books are currently in PDF format. Several.

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The WordPress Anthology from SitePoint is jam-packed with successful tips, tricks, and techniques for Web developers to learn how to completely master this versatile CMS.

As a WordPress expert who specializes in graphic design, WordPress theme skinning, and organic SEO, he's the go-to web development guru for several of the top internet marketing specialists in the world.

The WordPress Anthology [Book]

Mick is a regular contributor to sitepoint. Raena Jackson Armitage is a web developer, trainer, and content management geek. Login Cart. Reset affiliate password.

SitePoint Pty Ltd. Digital eBook Highlights: Customizing the Code Learn how to dig into WordPress' inner workings and create custom post types, file structuring, the loop, taxonomies, and more!


Get Networking You'll discover how to host and manage your very own centralized network of WordPress websites. Go Global Unearth the secrets to successfully launching and marketing your projects worldwide using internationalizations, localizations, and SEO, as well as goal conversion best practices!

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To facilitate access to the PDFs, I am providing a complete set of links to the current updated version of each on this page. PDF: Ah!

The WordPress Anthology

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