The absolutely awesome .net interview book


NET eBook with easy-to-follow concepts in a Q & A format. NET Interview. NET. Q&A on C# by Damir Arh. The Absolutely Awesome Book on C#. About the Book. The Absolutely Interview Book is a deep technical book and helps you build a solid foundation to give you an edge in any . The Absolutely Awesome Book on C# has released. NET. This book covers C# , C# ,.NET Framework and. NET Interview.

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The Absolutely Awesome .net Interview Book

Free download Interview Questions by Abhishek Goenka. Available in PDF, ePub and Kindle. Read, write reviews and more. Mr. RN Interview () Questions and medical-site.infomeWork. What Face book. Id: Framework? A). Looking for a job change, but don't have confidence to face the interview. Be prepare yourself for your next job interview in a short time by referring our eBooks .

The past few years has seen a rapid growth in both the. NET platform and the C language. Microsoft speeded up its release cadence and has made dozens of announcements about new frameworks, language features, and versions to keep up with the changing developer ecosystem, to improve productivity, and to stay relevant. Learning about new tools, language features and new platforms helps us succeed at work, improve our productivity, and enables us to make informed decisions at our workplace, and in our projects. But it is also a fact that the amount of time we spend everyday at work, on meetings, phone calls, answering emails etc. At such times, a resource that can demystify these new changes, deepen your existing knowledge and get you up to speed quickly, is always a welcome.

Threading base class library. We can initialize a method to thread with the help of ThreadStart.

.NET Interview Questions

A Using Thread. Sleep method is used to Block the current thread for the specified number of milliseconds. In other words We can include specific time via thread. Sleep TimeSpan.

.NET Interview Questions, by Abhishek Goenka: FREE Book Download

Sleep ; How to suspend a thread? A Using Suspend we can suspend the targeted thread. When you call Thread.

Suspend on a thread, the system notes that a thread suspension has been requested and allows the thread to execute until it has reached a safe point before actually suspending the thread.

A safe point for a thread is a point in its execution at which garbage collection can be performed. Once a safe point is reached, the runtime guarantees that the suspended thread will not make any further progress in managed code.

A thread executing outside managed code is always safe for garbage collection, and its execution continues until it attempts to resume execution of managed code. A Suspended thread can be called back by using resume. A The Thread.

Abort method is used to start the process of terminating the thread. ThreadingAbortException in the thread on which it is invoked.

A Using GC. Collect ; The garbage collection class provides the GC. Collect ; which you can use to give your application some direct control over the garbage collector.

In general, you should avoid calling any of the collect methods and allow the garbage collector to run independently. A These are just like any other methods in the class and can be called explicitly but they have a special purpose of cleaning up the object. It is important that we freed up all the unmanaged recources in the dispose method like database connection, files etc.

The Absolutely Awesome .NET Interview Book

The class implementing dispose method should implement IDisposable interface. A Dispose method should call the GC. SuppressFinalize method for the object it is disposing if the class has desturctor because it has already done the work to clean up the object, then it is not necessary for the garbage collector to call the object's Finalize method.

You should only implement a Finalize method to clean up unmanaged resources. Please enable Javascript to correctly display the contents on Dot Net Tricks! Offer Ending in D. Azure DevOps Questions and Answers. MongoDB Questions and Answers.

Angular 2 to 7 Questions and Answers. AngularJS Questions and Answers. Bootstrap Questions and Answers.

TypeScript Questions and Answers. NET topic. This book is primarily geared towards students, programmers and architects. Even seasoned.

The Absolutely Awesome .NET Interview Book

NET Developers will find this book as a good reference guide. A high level view of the contents are as follows:.

Suprotim Agarwal is an architect consultant and a web developer at heart who's been designing and building Web sites and applications since the year He has been awarded the prestigious Microsoft ASP.

NET Developers'.

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