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Double Love. Sweet Valley High (Series). Book 1. Francine Pascal Author () . cover image of Double Love · Double Love. Sweet Valley High (Series). This is the complete list of Sweet Valley High books from start to finish with publication Any drafts of any unreleased Sweet Valley stories or books in the series. Sweet Valley High-- Super Editions-- Super Thrillers-- Super Stars-- Magna Editions-- TV EditionsFor other books involving Sweet Valley and its.

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Sweet Valley High Series Pdf

One of the cutest boys at Sweet Valley High, and he was calling to talk to Elizabeth! Todd Wilkins was cur- rently the basketball team's hottest star, and Jessica. You don't. Unless the author or the publisher has posted it on a free deal. Any other course of action to get free books is harmful to authors. Would you expect to . Francine Pascal, a native New Yorker, is an author best known for creating the Sweet Valley series of young adult novels. Sweet Valley High.

Sweet Valley High was the backbone of the collection, and was made into a popular television series. Francine Rubin graduated from New York University in It was there that she first met author and journalist John Pascal and, in , they were married the second marriage for each. Francine often credited John as her writing mentor, and they collaborated on several projects, including writing scripts for the ABC soap opera The Young Marrieds, which aired from - John died of cancer in , at 49 years old. Francine's brother was the prolific Broadway playwright and librettist Michael Stewart , who wrote the books to such Broadway musical hits as Bye Bye Birdie, Hello, Dolly! Francine, her husband John, and her brother Michael worked together writing the book to the Broadway musical George M! A television version of George M!

Pick up. I really need to talk to you. Could she ever miss that voice? Now so sweet, so seductive, pleading softly, spreading out the vowels, almost songlike. That voice, so heavy with love. Love me, it said, forgive me, so I can put you out of the way and get back to my own life. Don't you want to get it? David was sitting on the small low couch, so low his knees almost obscured his face. She answered him completely composed, as if she were reciting dialogue in a play. David's cheeks creased in a slightly embarrassed smile that pulled in his breath with a little hiss; he was politely uncomfortable, knowing he had stumbled into something too personal.

Forget it. It's really weird," he said. How many times over the years had she herself been fooled by a recording? For just a flash she would think, Was that me? Or worse, when she had to pick herself out of a family picture.

How pathetic is it not to recognize yourself? Elizabeth handed David his wine without comment, put hers down on the low table next to her least favorite chair, comfortable but covered in a scratchy plaid fabric.

Normally, she never sat there, but the choice was either next to David on the loveseat, which would surely be more intimate than she felt right now, or the scratchy chair. She wasn't in the scratchy chair two seconds before she bobbed up and reached for the stereo which, because the room was so small, was within arm's distance.

It was identical. Instead of the scratchy chair, Elizabeth sat back down next to David on the loveseat, making the only move that could detour the direction of the conversation. A direction she seriously didn't want. Certainly not with this semistranger, a guy she'd barely spoken to before tonight.

Sweet Valley High Series

Her boss. It worked. He turned to her, delighted, a little surprised at the possible gift he was not expecting, all thoughts of the telephone message wiped out of his head. They worked together at the online magazine Show Survey: Off Broadway in New York, a weekly struggling along with only a smattering of sponsors and even fewer paid advertisements.


It was put out by a passionate staff of three dedicated theater lovers and the newcomer, Elizabeth Wakefield. The printed copy which they left at hotels was not much better than a throwaway, but Elizabeth was grateful to be part of the venture.

Not having much experience in theater, she'd lucked into the job eight months ago after two frantic days in New York, one of which, the worst, was her twenty-seventh birthday. She celebrated alone, then lied to her parents that she'd spent the day with a couple of old friends from Sweet Valley who had moved to New York.

Her mother asked who they were, but when Elizabeth sidestepped the question, she very kindly and wisely didn't pursue it.

In fact, her parents had been very gentle and understanding. Never asking the wrong questions. Even the two times they came to see her in New York they only talked about her work. Actually, it was David who had hired her. He and his partner, Don Barren, both in their early thirties, both trained accountants who hated the confinement of numbers, both theater enthusiasts, had self-financed Show Survey about two years ago as a kind of Zagat ratings guide for Off Broadway.

No critics, just audiences. Elizabeth was hired to interview people coming out of the theater and write up paragraph descriptions of shows, just as Zagat did for restaurants.

There wasn't enough staff money for Elizabeth to see all the shows, so they had arranged to download tickets the day of the show at the tickets booth on Forty-seventh Street, and only the cheapest ones at that, and only for shows without an intermission. If there was an intermission, Elizabeth would sneak in free for the second act. Though she worried in the beginning, she never once got caught. She had a story ready about how her brother was in the cast and had told her just to use his name.

Of course, she always found an ensemble name in advance for her "brother. All printed copies of Show Survey were free, given away at hotels and restaurants, but it was beginning to catch on, and they had picked up a few more online sponsors.

Recently they had added interviews with everyone involved in the theater—actors, writers, producers, directors, even ushers.

Just this week David had given Elizabeth her first interview assignment: a playwright named Will Connolly. Tonight wasn't a real date with David.

It was more like, Hey, you eat yet? How about we grab a bite at McMullen's? Hence, the leftover pork chop. It was okay, but somehow Elizabeth had gotten stuck with the tip. David was attractive enough—tall with a very good body, every muscle well worked out at least five times a week at a local gym—but the tip thing was a turnoff.

Additionally, sleeping with the boss was a famously bad idea. In her four years at the Sweet Valley News, Elizabeth had never done it. Well, of course, Todd was in her life then. Still, David did have a great body, and maybe the tip thing was accidental.

Right from the start Elizabeth could tell he was attracted to her. It had probably helped in the hiring, though she had decent credentials, but a little gratitude wouldn't hurt. He was, after all, a nice guy. A nice guy she didn't feel like sleeping with.

On the other hand, in the eight months she had been in New York she hadn't slept with anyone but Russ Klein, a friend of the rental agent for the building. With Elizabeth's permission, the agent had given Russ her e-mail address. They e-mailed back and forth for a couple of days, and he seemed like a nice guy.

Like Elizabeth, he was new to New York; he had come four months earlier for a job as a trader on Wall Street. Coffee turned into a three-week miniaffair spread out over two months. Definitely rebound stuff. She cried after every orgasm. How embarrassing, but he pretended not to notice. Russ was not a man to complicate a good thing with feelings. Elizabeth had thought maybe they'd stay friends after—not that they had such a great connection—but she was in the market for new friends, people with no association to Sweet Valley.

Whenever anyone asked where she came from, she said California. They immediately thought L. But it didn't happen, the friendship with Russ. His sister was in the middle of a divorce, and though Elizabeth thought she was good at hiding her own problems, he sensed another sad story and got out of the way. She could feel David staring at her while she feigned deep involvement with her wineglass. Eventually, she would have to turn toward him.

That would be the moment. The turn would be a Yes, let's have sex, or a No way. I don't wanna play the brokenhearted girl A little more of this and she would cry before the orgasm.

I mean, on the phone.

12 of the Sweet Valley High Books' Most Ridiculous Plotlines

Elizabeth stood, reached out, hit the next button, and Justin Timberlake was in love. Because I can see us holding hands She had to remember to change the CDs. You know, sisters Don't go more than a thousand. I'm running early tomorrow morning.

There were a few awkward seconds when Elizabeth opened the door, but they pulled it together, and by the time David said, "See you tomorrow," and patted her head, they were back to business. Elizabeth leaned against the closed door. Once again, Jessica… More. Shelve Playing with Fire. Book Sweet Valley High: Three Novels: One twin is good. One is bad. And they're both Ca… More.

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