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Read Supernatural: Origins comic online free and high quality. Fast loading speed, unique reading type: All pages - just need to scroll to read next page. [HQ] Supernatural Origins 3 (PT-BR).pdf - Download as PDF File .pdf) or read online. Mar 3, - In addition to the web series they also produced a series of comic books to help expand the Supernatural world, such as the first comic Supernatural Origins did. Jul 17, - Supernatural: Origins #6. Written by Peter Johnson; Art by Matthew Dow Smith; Cover by J.G.

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Supernatural Origins Pdf

Supernatural: Origins by Geoff Johns, Peter Johnson, Tim Bra is Graphic Novels This new accumulating — featuring the six issues of. Dean and Sam Winchester were raised as Hunters by their widowed father, seeking vengeance on the supernatural elements that took their. Defoe, the Supernatural, and the Origins of the Fantastic. Riccardo Capoferro. Loading Preview. Sorry, preview is currently unavailable. You can download the .

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Fangirl says: Ok, so I'm not a comics fan. I like exactly three kinds of comics: I think. I'm just not interested in the genre, nothing against it, but, things to do, books to read, no time to look at pretty pictures.

However, I was willing to make an excep Fangirl says: Well, this fangirl loved exactly nothing about this book. The story was stupid and far away from canon as we know it. The mysterious stranger helping John become a hunter could be spotted as the bad guy miles away.

I'll leave it at that. View all 4 comments. Mar 16, Rory rated it it was ok. I'm a big fan of the Supernatural TV series, but the tie-ins leave a lot to be desired. Case in point: Origins, the first series of comics released.

It's readable, which is more than I can say for most of the novels, but I don't find the lineart or coloring at all pleasing to the eye something that's luckily addressed in Rising Son, which is far superior , and the story never pulls me in. Some of the story flaws exist because of the comic's release date - much of the history that would make Joh I'm a big fan of the Supernatural TV series, but the tie-ins leave a lot to be desired.

Some of the story flaws exist because of the comic's release date - much of the history that would make John's perspective pop has been fleshed out in seasons four and five, and the individual issues were released during season three - but the major deficit for me is the lack of characterization that would allow me to recognize the players we've seen before John, Ellen, Missouri.

And again, the art gets in the way: Fellow Supernatural fans might like seeing names they know in action - I'd be willing to bet many fans like the Sam and Dean one-shot at the end - but for me, Origins doesn't represent anything about the show I love and the characters I want to see. If Rising Son is ever released as a trade paperback and I sincerely hope so , opt for that one instead.

Supernatural: Origins

Mar 18, Amber Earley rated it did not like it. I was absolutely mortified at this comic. I expected it to be fairly decent at the least, but I was disappointed from even that. The art is terrible, hard to decipher, and nothing like what the characters look like. The writing is corny and overdone, and the only redeeming quality in this book is the demon plot twist near the end with "Uncle Hunter," although any sensible person could see that coming.

Would not recommend. Aug 17, angelette rated it liked it. I didn't like it, maybe because I hate John Winchester. But I think the plot was almost non-existent.

Yep, there are some interesthing things in it, for example how Winchester Daddy became a hunter, but the story isn't elaborated or compelling.

And the drawings I only liked the Sam and Dean scenes which were very rare. If you're a fan, it's readable once May 18, Katharine Ventureadlaxre rated it liked it Shelves: I didn't really mind the artwork a lot of people seem to have problems with it and I quite liked seeing how the family started out down the track of being hunters. The plot was good and felt like a TV episode in comic form. Nothing really bad to say about it at all: Sep 14, Melissa White rated it really liked it Shelves: Loved the story just wasn't a huge fan of the art style.

Jul 11, Clover rated it really liked it. I'm going to have to get used to the way John is drawn. They've really gone overboard with the square -ish contours and deep lines of his face to make him all gruff and haggard. He's kinda blond as well. Begins with several cameos of John reminiscing about Mary dying and then him going to the fire marshal and police to try and figure out what happened.

He isn't getting anywhere so he gets drunk and into a bar fight, where some chick intervenes. Whoa, that's Missouri? Didn't expect her to be all dr I'm going to have to get used to the way John is drawn. Didn't expect her to be all dread-lockey and skinny, spouting off to whoever in a bar that she's a physic, but hey, guess we all went through our hair phases.

Didn't think she lived in a RV either. What went down with Missouri is not what I expected. So M and J rush to the babysitter's, find her dead, blood all over, but the boys are okay. Missouri finds this big honking monster-looking tooth on the floor and exclaims that it came from whatever evil killed Mary and that John needs to get his kids out of Kansas.

She sends him to someone who can help in Arizona. Soooo, they didn't even go back to their house once with Missouri and as far as I remember the YED didn't have a canine tooth as big as a hand. Just sayin. The guy Missouri sent John to tells him the tooth is from a Black Shuck, kind of a larger version of a hellhound.

Guy gives John a blank journal to start keeping details in. It's hardbound and looks nothing like the journal on the show. Guess he got himself another one. Shadowed man, maybe YED, shows up after they leave, asking where the guy sent them.

Funny picture with John downloading big-time ammo while holding baby Sammy and patting young Dean's head. Jacob, I think Mary's uncle—not sure, shows up at their hotel in California, worried and wanting to take the boys back home, but John shows him the tooth and talks Jacob into helping him. They go to a cemetery all the while Jacob is trying to figure out why John brought him there, though John is being cryptic.

They left the boys with the hotel manager and Jacob is really put out by leaving them with a stranger, while John insists they are safer than where they are going. Guess Jacob's a believer now since the Shuck just ripped into his belly. Ahh, John does not know what he's doing. First supernatural hunt and he's blowing it, man. Shadowed man shows up and takes a shot, scaring the Shuck away. Claims he's a Hunter. I can't believe they just did that to Jacob. Not going to spoil it, but whoa.

This unnamed Hunter dude is hardcore and gives a good glimpse of explaining how Hunters have to shut off emotions and do hard things to do what they have to do. Guessing it's Elkins, but haven't confirmed. At any rate, Jacob isn't going to be able to take the boys back to Kansas. Okay, that explains Missouri's misinformation.

Uncle Hunter takes them to Harvelle's Roadhouse. Ellen is actually drawn fairly accurately. Cool, we get to meet Bill. Everyone tells them to stay away from Ratboy Jim.

If that turns out to be Pastor Jim I'm gonna laugh. There are a lot of Hunters in there and they act more like a community at this point.

One of the guys starts teaching Dean pool. A hunter named Ichi asks for their help on a hunt for a Heeler serial killer with superhuman leaping ability. Uncle Hunter wants to go along so rookie John can get some experience. They leave the boys with Ellen. Jo is mentioned. Hunt goes fairly well. John takes a shot, but can't bring himself to outright kill something that looks human.

Yeah, that's gonna change, but nice progression from civilian to hunter. Ichi finishes the Heeler off. John admits he might not be cut out for this gig.

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The hunters tell him he needs to turn his fear into anger and think about the people the creature will hurt if he doesn't kill it Oh my crap! Poor Dean. They get back to the roadhouse, discover the Heeler was really a shape-shifter who now took the form of Ichi and John mans-up and kills him—in front of young Dean!

His first real kill-in front of his son. Can it get any worse? No wonder Dean had to know about all this shiz from a young age. John leaves the boys with some old friends. Dean isn't talking to John. John starts writing in the journal as a sort of apology to Dean, so his son will one day know why he had to leave them all the time. Take a detour to do a little hunt after Doc Benton. John's pretty hard-core now. Chainsawed him. Oh, Pastor Jim.

We get to see his backstory of how he got into Hunting.

It's pretty awful and sad. Not spoiling. Jim helps them get a good lead on why Mary was killed though. UH and J head to a graveyard out by the Four Corners area. Ton of supernatural shiz happens to try and stop them from getting to the graveyard. Geez, nasty. Oh I want to tell you what just happened, but I can't. What a twist though. Did not see that coming. There's an inn by the graveyard.

John runs inside and a bunch of weird stuff happens. He keeps going through doors, finding himself in different gruesome scenarios. Oops, there's Jacob. That's not good. Quick, go to another door.

[HQ] Supernatural Origins 3 (PT-BR).pdf

Ecck, Sam's nursery. Don't go in there. You just had to go in there. John prevails, kills the baddie. Not going to ruin the ending, but it made sense, fit with canon fairly well—actually it turned out that the demons messed with John from the start the same way they'd been messing with Sam all his life. Ends with John going back to get the boys, knowing he needs to keep them with him on the road. The final box is them driving off with John saying, "We got work to do.

Summed up: Okay, well, so the plotline isn't over the top fantastic, but there's only so much depth you can go into with the only words coming out in little dialogue balloons, since it's a graphic novel and more about the pictures. It can pretty much be summed up as "How demons tricked John into becoming a badass hunting machine. But it was interesting to have a graphic novel's take on the Winchesters first meetings with beloved characters like Missouri and Pastor Jim and the Harvelles and I really liked witnessing the progression with handy thought bubbles of John moving from grieving widower, searching for answers, to finding those answers and wondering what is the right and moral thing to do about it esp.

I can easily recommend Supernatural Origins as a quick afternoon read. There's a bonus Wee-chester short story at the back. Real short. Oh, Sam's wayward hair. But they have Mary's birthday as November Second. Well, okay, in Children Shouldn't Play with Dead Things, her birth and death dates aren't inscribed on her tombstone, just the years, so I suppose Mary's birthday could have been the same day Sammy turned six months, but if so, shame on you John, for snoozing in front of the TV instead of getting a babysitter and taking your wife out for a birthday dinner AND for never once mentioning that Mary died on her birthday on the show.

Feb 24, Jennifer bunnyreads rated it liked it Shelves: I decided to reread this one since I reviewed a later comic tie-in for Supernatural in last years bingo.

As far as the I decided to reread this one since I reviewed a later comic tie-in for Supernatural in last years bingo. As far as the story goes it was ok, not the greatest but not as bad as the Dogs of Edinburgh. The art as everyone else has said, is pretty sad.

The art itself probably would not have been so bad if they occasionally looked like who they were supposed to be, but the only one that even resembled anyone from the show was Baby- the car, not baby Sammy Lord knows that strong-arm baby on the cover barely looks like a baby, much less baby Sammy and little kid cover Dean, makes me think of Children of the Corn. Also, someone really likes to use black shadows on the face to save time drawing eyes and other facial features.

Mar 07, SHR rated it liked it. The graphic novel seems to be an increasingly popular way to extend TV franchises, while they are still running or after they have stopped airing. This one tells the story of how John Winchester became a hunter — it was surprisingly interesting.

I think this is, it shows a different side of John to that we see in the show, where he has been a hunter for years. Feb 16, Lauren rated it it was ok Shelves: This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. Plus, there was a character where, at first, they said it was Mary's uncle, then near the end of the comic they said it was John's uncle?

Feb 03, Rici rated it it was ok Shelves: Feb 19, Jesse rated it liked it Shelves: John, what the Hell are you doing?! Also, very much not a fan of the face illustrations. I kept flashing back to Carl post-eye loss on The Walking Dead. Jun 20, Shantel Parsell rated it really liked it.

Oh how I loved this. It kept me turning the pages. It gives way more detail. I love it. I wish I could get my hands on the next one. Mar 20, Kerry rated it really liked it. This prequel actually sounds pretty canon as to how John Winchester would've raised his kids and dealt with Mary's death.

Jun 07, Janelle Dazzlepants rated it it was ok Shelves: If I had to describe this graphic novel in two words, they would be 'strange' and 'inconsistent'. When TV or movie tie-in graphic novels are released, they generally tend to read as deleted scenes or extra episodes.

This didn't read as either. It read more as a horror film set in an entirely different universe, reminding me far too much of Insidious. First up, I have to say that I didn't care for the style of drawing at all. It was very rudimentary and angular, and nobody seemed to have eyeballs If I had to describe this graphic novel in two words, they would be 'strange' and 'inconsistent'. It was very rudimentary and angular, and nobody seemed to have eyeballs!

This would've been more appropriate for a noir detective comic, but it didn't work at all here. It just looked lazy, like the author couldn't be arsed to make the characters look anything like their TV counterparts. The storyline itself held great potential as it shows how John reacted in the wake of Mary's death, and how he turned into a hardened hunter. I had always assumed that John grew up as a hunter, until around season 6 when it was revealed that Mary's family were hunters, and that John had been relatively clueless until her death.

In a way, I'm glad I read this after season 7 concluded, because I'm not sure I would've understood it properly had I read it when my friend downloadd it around the time of season 2!

So I went off on a bit of a tangent there. What I'm trying to say is that the storyline had so much potential, but didn't quite get there. It could've been really heartwrenching, showing John in a severe state of depression after Mary's death.

There could've been some wonderfully awkward moments as he learned to fight monsters, and a transformation of John from clueless n00b to hardened slayer.

It could've added many layers to the Azazel storyline, which to this day still leaves me feeling like it was missing something. Instead, we got this really weird Insidious-esque story that read more like a feature film than an additional episode. John is certain that a hellhound killed his wife, and they follow the markings on a hellhound's tooth long story The hotel is something of an enigma in the nearby town, with residents aware that something isn't quite right, but content to leave it the hell alone until the next hunter comes asking.

John and weird duster man encounter rain, hail okay, a mini rockslide and shine, trying to get to this hotel. The paranormal forces surrounding the mountain throw everything they have at John and co, trying to keep them away from this hotel. When they eventually reach the hotel, John is thrown to an endless loop of all his worst fears. John eventually breaks free, and weird duster man calls a hellhound to heel, revealing that he's been manipulating John all along.

Duster man wasn't responsible for Mary's death, but he's been helping John develop into the hardened demon-hunter he's destined to become. John kills the hellhound and duster man and reunites with Sam and Dean, beginning the long journey to where we are today.

Like I said, it's weird. The story was no doubt cool, and I'd LOVE to see the evil hotel turned into an original film, but it didn't fit with the tone of the show at all. It's almost as if someone gave the author a TL;DR rundown of the show, and he wrote a comic without actually watching it. The only parts that felt real to me were the sad little exchanges between young Dean and Sam, as they come to terms with losing their mother and having a semi-absent father.

Although it was a moderately entertaining read, I wouldn't recommend this graphic novel to fans of Supernatural at all. It's incongruous with the tone of the show, and you'll put the book down wondering what on earth you just read.

The style of illustration also reads as sloppy, as if the artist couldn't be arsed to get the likenesses correct. Ultimately, it's like 2 guys sat down and put together a Supernatural graphic novel without having actually watched the show. Oct 07, Megan Davie rated it liked it.

Discover what This graphic novel prequel to the hit CW television show written by series Executive Producer, Peter Johnson, gives readers an incredible never-before-seen look into the mythos of the series. But, there is one gem. One of the best pictures is of Mary freaking dying on the ceiling. Origins 6. Sarah joins forces with an unlikely, untrustworthy ally, following a trail of clues that she hopes will lead her to the origins of the clone experiment. Aug 17, - God decided to use prophecy as His primary test of divine authorship, and an honest study of biblical prophecy will compellingly show the supernatural origin of the Bible.

As a supplement to TVLine's original.

Jones John Winchester faces his greatest test as he learns the hard way that in the world of the supernatural, not all is as it seems! Jun 19, - I told you I was going to let you know what I thought of the Supernatural Origins series once I'd had a chance to check it out. Mon premier blog. Origins pdf download Par millican marion le dimanche, septembre 4 , Origins Supernatural: Origins for iphone, android, reader for free download and read online Supernatural: Origins book Supernatural: Origins ebook djvu pdf epub zip mobi rar.

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