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The aim of Stockley's Drug Interactions is to inform busy doctors, pharma- cists, surgeons, nurses and other healthcare professionals, of the facts about. š¯—£š¯——š¯—™ | On May 30, , J. W. F. van Mil and others published Stockley's drug interactions 11th edition. Stockley's Drug Interactions. 11th ed. Reviewed by Louise Grannell, Medicines information pharmacist. Additional article information. Edited by.

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Stockley Drug Interaction Pdf

The Stockley's Interactions Checker provides healthcare professionals with a quick way to check for potential drug interactions. It gives a fast ready-reference as. This twelfth edition of Stockley's Drug Interactions is the most comprehensive and authoritative international source of drug interaction information. Based upon thousands of published clinical papers and reports, Stockley's Drug. Interactions provides you with nearly 4, detailed yet concise monographs.

Stockley's Drug Interactions Pocket Companion. The pocket guide to drug interactions and their management, for the busy healthcare professional. Stockley's Herbal Medicines Interactions. An invaluable reference for interactions of conventional medicines with herbal medicines, dietary supplements and nutraceuticals. Stockley's Interactions Checker. Make rapid decisions on drug interactions with the Stockley's Interactions Checker. News PharmPress. Revise for your registration exam with questions online. Find your perfect pharmacy job with Pharmaceutical Journal Jobs. Support for pharmacists and exclusive member benefits. Find drug information fast on our extensive range of databases. Get up-to-date with pharmacy news, articles, and CPD. This site uses cookies.

In Australia, there are no standards for clinical software 10 or for the integration of decision support tools into software, 11 nor is there a national drug interaction database that software vendors can use as there is in the Netherlands We investigated the drug interaction decision support in prescribing and dispensing software used in primary care in Australia, to examine the quality and usefulness of the information, to compare the information in alerts with that found in a range of reference sources, and to investigate variations between systems, including sensitivity and specificity.

Five electronic reference sources were selected for comparison ā€” three Australian publications commonly used by doctors and pharmacists, and two publications from the United Kingdom. The Australian Medicines Handbook 14 contains brief information on drug interactions, which is intended to be used in conjunction with the full drug monographs in the handbook.

MIMS DrugAlert Interactions 15 is a specialist knowledgebase on drug interactions that is integrated into some software systems. Product information 15 is the official source of drug information in Australia, and is approved by the Therapeutic Goods Administration.

The major interactions represent a range encountered in practice, not necessarily those that are most common or most severe. If the system allowed customisation of the severity level of drug interactions to be detected, the minimum setting was selected to detect the maximum number of interactions.

Each of the drug pairs was prescribed or dispensed for this patient, and deleted before the next pair was entered.

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The contents of any drug interaction alerts were copied to a spreadsheet. Any further information that could be obtained by clicking on a link was not assessed, so as to compare like with like, and because it was not known how often users click on links.

Each reference source was searched for information about each drug pair, and any information found was copied to a spreadsheet. If an individual drug was not found, the drug class was checked. As for software systems, if the reference source allowed customisation of the severity level of drug interactions to be shown, the minimum setting was selected. The interaction information from the product information of the first drug in each pair was assessed.

Data assessment Detection Sensitivity and specificity were calculated similarly to other studies investigating drug interaction software. Information quality and comprehensiveness For major drug interactions, the expert panel assessed whether information was included yes, no, not sure about clinical effects, timeframe onset or duration of effects , and pharmacological mechanism; and whether management advice was helpful useful, somewhat useful, unhelpful, none, incorrect.

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The panel considered that these aspects constituted key information for clinical decision making and were likely to be known for many or all of the drug interactions. Succinctness of the information was also assessed yes, no, not sure.

Panel members were blinded to the identity of the software systems. The group met after assessing the information individually.

Where their ratings differed, consensus was reached by discussion. Summary statistics of the results were calculated with SPSS, version Overall, the reference sources had higher sensitivity and specificity than the software systems.

Stockleyā€™s Drug Interactions

Online access also allows users to plug in unlimited numbers of drugs and search easily for interaction data. Simply go to www.

National Center for Biotechnology Information , U. Journal List Aust Prescr v. Aust Prescr. Published online Oct 1. Reviewed by Louise Grannell , Medicines information pharmacist. Author information Copyright and License information Disclaimer. Pharmacy Department, Alfred Health, Melbourne.

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