The Shangri-la diet is not a diet in the usual sense of a set of meal plans or .. PDF format at pdf. The Shangri-La diet leads to weight loss through consuming Excerpted chapter from Four Hour Body talking about Shangri-La Diet (pdf). Alex Chernavsky has kindly given me several years of weight data he collected by weighing himself daily. He read about the Shangri-La Diet in.

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Shangri La Diet Pdf

Read Currently!.?.!PDF The ShangriLa Diet regimen The No Appetite Consume Anything WeightLoss Strategy. The Shangri-La Diet: The No Hunger Eat Anything Weight-Loss Plan [Seth Roberts] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. As seen in the New. I started the Shangri-La diet the same day I read the Freakonomics column about it in the New York Times Magazine. I swallowed a spoonful of.

Inspiration[ edit ] As a graduate student , Roberts studied animal cognition , specifically rat psychology. The theory is based mostly on self-experimentation data that lead him to conclude a relationship, notably a primal relationship, with calories consumed and "flavor" programmed by the brain. A key insight came from the observation of subjects who were unfamiliar to drinking common soft drinks; they uniformly recoiled at the experience. He recommended eating foods with a low glycemic index like sushi. The result was a loss of significant weight. He noticed in himself a significant loss of appetite and speculated that it was due to experiencing unfamiliar flavors of soft drinks that were not available to him in the USA. The more familiar and "flavorful" the food, the greater the effect on the body's setpoint or self-regulating system. So, accordingly, eating flavorful junkfood that is very high in flavor will increase the setpoint while taking "flavorless" calories per day between meals will reduce the body's setpoint. Seth Roberts focused entirely on the psychology of the association by the brain with calories and familiar flavors and that effect on the setpoint.

There is a deeper law, I strongly suspect, that governs both the rule and the exception. The problem is, though - and here's the really frustrating part - Roberts seems to think he does have the whole answer.

The Shangri-la diet : the no hunger, eat anything, weight-loss plan

If the diet doesn't work at first, his answer is to try more oil I decided not to go down this route because it didn't seem to work for the people on the forums who were reporting that the Shangri-La Diet didn't work for them. They just gained even more weight. And what really makes this a catastrophe is that this theory has never been analyzed by controlled experiment, which drives me up the frickin' WALL.

Roberts himself is a big advocate of "self-experimentation", which I suppose explains why he's not pushing harder for testing.


Though it's not like Roberts is a standard pseudoscientist, he's an academic in good standing. But with reports of such drastic success from so many observers, some of them reliable, outside dietary scientists ought to be studying this.

18 Months on the Shangri-La Diet

What the fsck, dietary scientists? Get off your butts and study this thing! Report these huge results in a peer-reviewed journal so that everyone gets excited and starts studying the exceptions to the rule!

It's awful; it seems like Roberts has gotten so close to burying the scourge Obesity, but the theory is still missing some final element, some completing piece that would explain the rule and the exception, and with that last piece it might be possible to make the diet work for everyone If we had a large-sized rationalist community going that had solved the group effort coordination problem , those of us who are metabolically disprivileged would be pooling resources and launching our own controlled study of this thing, and entering every conceivable variable we could report into the matrix, and hiring a professional biochemist to analyze our metabolisms before and afterward, and we would cryopreserve anyone who got in our way.

You have no idea.

The Easiest Way to Lose Weight: The Shang-ri La Diet | MatingGrounds

Do not try the Shangri-La diet at home based on only the info here, there's a couple of caveats and I can't think offhand of a good complete description on the 'Net. Also you might want to reconsider the recommendation to use fructose in the sugar water route, because IIRC fructose has been shown to contribute to insulin resistance or something like that - sucrose may actually make more sense, despite the higher glycemic index.

Continued in: Akrasia and Shangri-La. Beware of Other-Optimizing Once upon a time, Seth Roberts a professor of psychology at Berkeley, on the editorial board of Nutrition noticed that he'd started losing weight while on vacation in Europe. And even worse, the actual procedure sounds like the wackiest fad diet imaginable: Roberts does have a theory motivating the diet , an elegant combination of pieces individually backed by previous experiments: Your metabolism has a set point, like the setting on a thermostat: But the set point is not a constant; it is raised and lowered by what you eat.

The Unfinished Mystery of the Shangri-La Diet

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Languages Add links. This page was last edited on 30 March , at Who Is It Good For? Who is it not good for? People who are already lean or in good shape. Why does it work? How do I do it? There are 2 main ways of following the Shangri-La Diet: More Resources — What makes food fattening?

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