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Pharmaceutical Sales Data book. Read 2 reviews from the world's largest community for readers. Pharmaceutical Sales Data The Client Perspective: Medicine & Health Science Books @ Pharmaceutical Sales Data shortens the learning curve for pharmaceutical sales and support staff to qcquire the market, customer, product, and sales data.

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Pharmaceutical Sales Data 101 Pdf

pharmaceutical sales data pdf. Pharmaceutical Sales Data The Client Perspective Medical books Pharmaceutical Sales Data Medical books Pharmaceutical Sales Data by Tzavaras; 1 edition; First published in Ebook Pdf Pharmaceutical Sales Data the Client Perspective contains important information and a detailed explanation about Ebook Pdf Pharmaceutical.

Phi Publications introduced the book in Sales data is the basis for measuring overall product performance, and account performance in the non-retail channel. Prescription data is the basis for measuring product performance at the prescriber level, and reimbursement data is the basis for measuring payer performance. The book is written from the data user's point of view. Its top-down approach builds the basic knowledge foundation to put the data in perspective. It highlights the strengths of the data but more importantly discusses the implications of the weaknesses to the key sales applications. Its basic principle is that you can make better use of the data by understanding and successfully dealing with the data weaknesses rather than merely focusing on the data strengths. It provides enough detail to implement a complete data management process; from data acquisition to data quality, data processing and reporting. It covers common practices used extensively by the industry without necessarily endorsing them as 'best practices'; in fact, sometimes recommending against them.

It brings consultants working with a multitude of industries rapidly up to speed with the concepts and data of the pharmaceutical industry to meet the high expectations of their clients. DDD sales data tracks the transactions from the manufacturer, to wholesalers, to healthcare provider sites. DDD sales data is the most commonly used product of its kind. Xponent prescription data tracks physician level prescribing activity for all but over-the-counter drugs. Prescription data is the single most important data for identifying and ranking prescribers for a certain product.

Pharmaceutical Sales Data 101 by Tzavaras (2004, Paperback)

Prescription data covers only the retail pharmacy market of the business. Payer reimbursement data is an extension of the prescription data identifying the payer reimbursing for a given transaction. A concept is illustrated using text, data tables, charts, and diagrams, giving the user a visual perspective. A page header introduces the topic discussed. The main body of the page is where the concept is illustrated.

Pharmaceutical Sales Data pdf | Medical Books

Call-outs are used to clarify data elements, processes, properties, flows, etc. An adjacent notes page is provided for the user's own purpose.

Click here to see sample pages. The workbook by itself lacks the general industry background and definitions, or the in-depth data discussion found in the original book. However, when used together, the book accelerates drastically the reader's comprehension of the data concepts.

Readers can apply on the job the concepts in the book just by following the examples. It includes the market, customer and product overviews; however, the sales, prescription, and plan data discussions have been modified to what is relevant for the sales reps.

Additionally, this book includes a new chapter on performance metrics.

This chapter directs the sales rep's attention to the true meaning of the pharmaceutical sales data, prescription data and what is important for his performance. It also provides the rep with the depth and detail not afforded in the abbreviated class sessions.

ISBN 13: 9781412002707

The book addresses the issue of low sales rep confidence in the data. This is a rather common occurrence throughout the industry and one that many companies avoid dealing with, further weakening the rep's confidence.

Together with the suggested solutions for the data limitations it brings more transparency to the overall data quality issue. The sales rep learns about the use of sales data for targeting and compensation purposes.

The sales rep learns how to effectively use Xponent prescription data for targeting and compensation. Finally, the sales rep learns how to use Xponent PlanTrak payer reimbursement data to evaluate the influence of healthcare plans on their business.

It is intended to provide an introduction to the basic concepts and uses of longitudinal patient data. He is one of the foremost figures of contemporary neuroscience, and his decades-long quest to understand the inner workings of the brainrsquo;s memory machine has begun to pay off.

An obsessive scientist and his eclectic team of researchers race to discover one of the hidden treasures of neuroscience--the physical makeup of memory--and in the process pursue a pharmaceutical wonder drug.

He is one of the foremost figures of contemporary neuroscience, and his decades-long quest to understand the inner workings of the brain's memory machine has begun to pay off.

Award-winning journalist Terry McDermott spent nea. Careers in health administration continue to grow despite an overall downturn in the economy. This is a field that offers tremendous job opportunities across the spectrum of healthcare delivery and payment organizations.

Overview of Pharmaceutical Industry

The guide clearly explains the responsibilities and duties of each of these careers and how they differ from other management jobs. It describes the integral role of healthcare admini. It describes the integral role of healthcare admi. Posted by admin at 6: Share to Twitter Share to Facebook. Data , Pharmaceutical , Pharmacology , Sales.

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