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e. bahwa beberapa undang undang di bidang ketenagakerjaan dipandang ayat (1) Undang Undang Dasar Negara Republik Indonesia Tahun ;. Dengan. Undang-undang Ketenagakerjaan Indonesia; Major Labour Laws of Indonesia. Jakarta, Kantor Perburuhan Internasional, ISBN Peraturan Menteri Ketenagakerjaan tentang Upah. Minimum;. Mengingat.: 1. Undang-Undang Nomor 13 Tahun tentang.

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Pdf Undang-undang Ketenagakerjaan

pekerja, Undang-undang Perburuhan ini disahkan pada tanggal 1 Mei hubungan industrial dan administrasi ketenagakerjaan yang efektif di. Manpower affairs or labour (ketenagakerjaan) refer to every matter that is related Manpower planning (perencanaan tenaga kerja) shall refer to the process of. Bahwa sebagai pelaksanaan Pasal ayat (2) Undang-undang Nomor 13 Tahun tentang. Ketenagakerjaan perlu diatur akibat hukum mogok kerja yang.

Republik Indonesia Tahun ;. Undang-Undang Nomor 13 Tahun tentang. Peraturan Pemerintah Nomor 78 Tahun tentang. Pernyataan Berlakunya Undang-Undang Pengawasan. The foreign workers residing in Indonesia may be subject to tax laws in Indonesia. UU No. Penempatan dan Perlindungan Tenaga Kerja Indonesia di Indonesian Labour Law - International Labour Organization ; Manpower affairs or labour ketenagakerjaan refer to every matter that is related Manpower planning perencanaan tenaga kerja shall refer to the process of Tangani informalitas pasar tenaga kerja dengan cara mengurangi kekakuan

It is fundamental to employment law to create justice between contractor and labor. This thesis use normative analysis to determine the quality of the regulation and systematical approach of positive law and principle analysis to solve the issues, which is about termination of employment. Concerning about employment, Indonesia have several regulation such as Act Number 13 of and Indonesian Civil Code.

In this case, we will observe that many aspects of law regarding the termination of a bank employee who did a data manipulation as Act Number 13 of concern that was not a big mistake.

In the other hands, writer will observe about the termination procedure if there any affairs between company and employee. Pelaksanaan pemutusan hubungan kerja menurut kitab undang-undang hukum perdata dan UU no. More information and software credits. Text Title Title. Report Writing Powerful Business Presentation Time Management Stress Management Interpersonal Softskills Strengthening Your Leadership Talent5. Managing Service Operation Engineering Fixed Asset Management Running Your Microsoft Project Designing Work Instruction Effective Performance Dashboard Quality Management System Supply Chain Management Inventory Management downloading Management Warehouse Management Maintenance Management Logistic Management Project Management Project Procurement and Risk Management Excellent Manufacture Operation Feb - 01 Mar30 Oct - 01 Nov Training for Trainers Key Performance Indicators Office Management Filing Management Leading With Emotional Intelligence Effective Supervisory Management Managing People Effective Leadership Leader as A Coach Manajer SDM New Product Development Manager Corporate Forensic Auditor Supply Chain Manager Warehouse Manager Logistic Manager Supplement to State Gazette Number To deal with this.

Article 20 Subsection 2. As a result. Article Within this context.

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On the other hand. To stipulate: In addition. An individual.

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An employer is: An enterprise is any form of business undertaking. Under this act. Free means that in exercising its rights and fulfilling its obligations as an organization. A dispute between labor unions.

Open means that in admitting members and or defending the interests of its members. Minister is the minister responsible for manpower affairs. As a structure to create industrial relations that are harmonious. Subsection 1 Sufficiently clear Subsection 2 Point a Sufficiently clear Point b The cooperation institutes in the area of manpower are. Occupational Safety Council. Responsible means that in achieving its objectives and exercising its rights and obligations.

As the planner of. As a party in the making of a Collective Labour Agreement and the settlement of an industrial dispute. Democratic means that the establishment of union organization.

As a structure to channel aspirations in defense of the rights and interests of its members. Bipartite Cooperation Institute. The state ideology. The date the union was established. In the same manner. Union membership and administration. For instance. A list containing the names of founding members. Article 6 subsection 2.

Article 18 subsection 2. Article 5 subsection 2. Article 7 subsection 2. Point e Sufficiently clear I. Negotiate a collective labour agreement with the management. Article 18 subsection 2 and Article 19 in the union record book and maintain the book. Carry out other manpower or employment-related activities that are not against prevailing laws and regulations. Present its accountability on organizational activities to its members in accordance with its constitution and bylaws.

Protect and defend its members from any violations of their rights and further their interests. Improve the welfare of its members and their families. Terminating his employment. Which provisions of opportunity shall be entitled to pay and which ones shall not be entitled to pay.

Unconditional financial assistance from members or other parties. Intimidating him or subjecting him to any other forms of intimidation. Types of union activities for which the opportunity is provided. Procedures for the provision of the opportunity. Subsection 2: The different terms of imprisonment as referred to under this article can be illustrated as follows. If it is so declared by its members in accordance with the constitution and or by-laws of the union.

The interests of the State and the general public must continue to be protected. If it is so declared by a court decision.

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Article 21 or Article For the cognizance of the public. Protection Subsection 1: Disabled Person Subsection 2: Children Subsection 3: Women Subsection 4: Working Hours Subsection 5: Occupational Safety and Health Section Two: Wages Section Three: General Section Two: Bipartite Cooperation Institution Section Five: Tripartite Cooperation Institution Section Six: Company Ragulations Section Seven: Collective Labour Agreement Section Eight: Industrial Relations Disputes Subsection 2: Strike Subsection 3: Criminal Provisions Section Two: The interconnectivity is not only related to the interests of the workforce during.

Industrial relations development as part of manpower development must be directed to keep on realizing industrial relations that II. Manpower development has many dimensions and interconnectivity.

That in the implementation of national development. That in accordance with the role and position of workers. And this shall include. That protection of workers is intended to safeguard the Manpower development as an integral part of the national development based on the Pancasila and the Constitution shall be carried out within the framework of building up Indonesian as fully integrated human beings and the overall.

Ordinance dated December That based on the considerations as mentioned under points a. Article 27 Subsection 2. That several acts on manpower are considered no longer relevant to the need and demand of manpower development and hence. For this purpose. As far as manpower business is concerned. The said statutory legislations are: Ordinance dated May 4. Some prevailing laws and regulations concerning manpower that has been ongoing thus far. Article 28 and Article 33 Subsection 1 of the Constitution.

Ordinance Year Supplement to State Gazette Number a. These core conventions are basically made up of four groups: This act does not only abolish rules.

The above-mentioned statutory legislations are considered necessary to be revoked and replaced by a new act. Relevant provisions of the old statutory rules and regulations are accommodated under this manpower act. At international labour forums. Implementing regulations from the abolished acts shall remain effective until new implementing regulations are established to replace them. The proper use of manpower of foreign citizenship in accordance with the competences that are needed.

Manpower planning and manpower information. Industrial relations development that accords with the values of the Pancasila. Institutional development and structures of industrial relations. Job placement service in order to optimally use manpower and the placement of people available for work in jobs that uphold human values and human dignity as a form of responsibility of the government and the society in efforts to extend job opportunities.

Job training that is directed to improve and develop skills and expertise of manpower in order to increase labour productivity as well as enterprise productivity. In line with the ratification in recognition of the fundamental rights.

This has been realized. Labour inspection. This act contains. Statutory basis. Every form of business. Manpower affairs are referring to every matter that is related to people who are needed or available for a job before.

An employer is individual. Manpower planning is the process of making a manpower plan systematically that is used as a basis and reference for formulating the policy. An enterprise is: Social undertakings and other undertakings with officials in charge and which employ people by paying the wages or other forms of remuneration.

An entrepreneur is: Manpower information is a group. Job training is the whole activities of providing workers or potential workers with. Job competence or competency is the capability of each individual that covers aspects of knowledge. Job placement service is an activity aimed at matching up manpower with employers so that manpower get jobs that are suitable to their talents.

The termination of an employment relationship is II.

A tripartite cooperation institute is a communication. Day is a period of time between 6am to 6pm. A child is every person who is under 18 eighteen years old. A week is a period of 7 seven days. One 1 day is a period of time of 24 twenty four hours.

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Labour inspection is the activity of controlling and enforcing the implementation of laws and regulations in the field of manpower. All efforts must also be made to ensure equal distribution of job placement in order to fulfill the needs in all sectors and regions. ARTICLE 4 Point a The empowerment and the effective employment of manpower and the development of their potentials shall go hand in hand as an integrated activity aimed at providing as many job opportunities as possible to Indonesian manpower.

Empowering and making efficient use of manpower optimally and humanely. Providing protection to manpower for the realization of welfare. Manpower development has many dimensions and interconnectivity with many stakeholders such as the government.

Point b All efforts must be made to ensure equal distribution of job opportunities throughout all the territory of the Unitary State of the Republic of Indonesia as a unified job markets by providing equal opportunities to all Indonesian manpower to find job that is in line with their talents.

Indonesian manpower shall be able to participate optimally in the national development but with keeping on upholding their values as human beings. Improving the welfare of manpower and their family. Macro manpower planning. Point b Micro manpower planning is a process of systematically formulating manpower planning within an agency — either a government agency or a private agency — in order to enhance the effective.

Micro manpower planning. Subsection 2 Point a Macro manpower planning is a process of systematically formulating manpower planning. ARTICLE 5 Every person who is available for a job shall have the same right and opportunity to find a decent job and to earn a decent living without being discriminated against on grounds of sex. Population and manpower. Social security for the employed. Subsection 2 For the sake of manpower development. Job training including job competence.

Working environment condition. ARTICLE 8 Subsection 1 Manpower information is collected and processed according to the objectives of the formulation of national manpower planning and provincial or district or city manpower planning.

ARTICLE 9 Welfare improvement as mentioned under this Article shall mean the welfare gained by manpower through the fulfillment of work competence acquired by means of job training. Industrial relations. Employment opportunity.

Job training shall be provided on the basis of training programs that refer to job competence standards. Subsection 3 Job training commonly comes in three levels: Subsection 3 The administration of job training shall be adjusted to the need of and the available opportunity at the enterprise so that enterprise activities are not disrupted.

Subsection 2 Work competence standards shall be established by Minister by including the sectors concerned. ARTICLE 16 1 Licensed private job training institutes and registered government-sponsored job training institutes may obtain accreditation from accrediting agencies.

The availability of trainers. The availability of a curriculum that is suitable to the level of job training to be given. The availability of fund for the perpetuation of the activity of providing job training. The availability of structures and infrastructure for job training. Is not in accordance with the job training directions as mentioned under Article 9.

Does not fulfill the requirements as mentioned under Article Manpower with experience in the job may. The job competence recognition as mentioned under subsection 1 shall be made through job competence certification. Provisions concerning the procedures for the establishment of certification agencies as mentioned under subsection 4 shall be regulated with a Presidential Decision. With the existence of the national job training system.

Subsection 3 Sufficiently clear Subsection 4 Sufficiently clear Subsection 5 Sufficiently clear ARTICLE 19 The provision of job training to people with disability who are available for a job shall take into account the type and severity of the disability and their ability.

To provide job competence certification. Subsection 2 The rights of the apprentice include the right to receive pocket money and or transport money.

The period of apprenticeship varies. ARTICLE 23 Manpower that has completed an apprenticeship program is entitled to get their job competence and qualifications recognized by enterprises or by certification agency.

The obligations of the entrepreneur. The obligations of the apprentice include the obligation to comply with the apprenticeship agreement. ARTICLE 23 Certification may be performed by a certification agency established by and or accredited by the government if the program is general.

The rights of the entrepreneur. Mastery of a higher level of competence. The dignity and standing of Indonesians as a nation. ARTICLE 27 Subsection 1 Sufficiently clear Subsection 2 The phrase the interests of the enterprise under this subsection means to ensure the availability of skilled and expert manpower at certain competence levels such specialist welders for performing welding underwater. Protection and welfare of apprenticeship participants. The phrase the interests of the State shall II.

Minister must take into account the interests of the enterprise. The phrase the interests of the society shall refer to. ARTICLE 28 1 In order to provide recommendation and consideration in the establishment of policies and coordination of job training and apprenticeship activities. Thus jobseekers must not be forced to accept a job and employers must not be forced to accept any manpower offered to him.

Abstract of Undergraduate Research, Faculty of Law, Bung Hatta University

The term objectivity here is intended to encourage employers to offer to jobseekers jobs that suit their abilities and qualifications. Subsection 2 Sufficiently clear Subsection 3 Efforts must be made to ensure equal distribution of job opportunities in the whole territory of the State of the Republic of Indonesia as a unified national job market by providing the whole manpower with the same opportunity to get job according to their II.

In so doing. ARTICLE 36 1 The placement of manpower by a job placement agency as mentioned under subsection 1 of Article 35 shall be carried out through the provision of job placement service.

Subsection 2 Sufficiently clear Subsection 3 Sufficiently clear ARTICLE 35 1 Employers who need workforce may recruit by themselves the workforce they need or have them recruited through job placement agencies.

Job seekers. The placement of manpower in foreign countries. Efforts to ensure equal distribution of job opportunities also need to be made so that the need for manpower in all sectors and regions can be fulfilled. The placement of manpower at domestic level. Job market information. ARTICLE 37 Subsection 1 Point a The establishment of government agencies responsible for manpower affairs at central and regional level shall be regulated according to prevailing laws and regulations.

Private agencies with legal status. Government agencies responsible for manpower affairs. Inter-job mechanisms. Institutional arrangements for job placement. ARTICLE 40 1 Extension of employment opportunities outside of employment relationships shall be undertaken through the creation of productive and sustainable activities by efficient use of natural resource potentials.

In order to properly implement the national policy. ARTICLE 42 Subsection 1 The requirement to obtain permission for the use of foreign worker is intended to ensure selective employment of foreign worker so that Indonesian manpower can be used and developed optimally.

Subsection 4 Sufficiently clear II. The position and or occupation of the foreign worker within the organizational structure of the enterprise. The reasons why the service of foreign worker is needed or required. The timeframe set for the use of the foreign worker. The appointment of Indonesian worker as associate for the foreign worker. Subsection 2 Sufficiently clear Subsection 3 Sufficiently clear Subsection 4 Sufficiently clear Subsection 5 Sufficiently clear Subsection 6 Sufficiently clear ARTICLE 43 1 Employers of foreign worker must have plan concerning the utilization of foreign worker that are legalized by the Minister or appointed official.

To educate and train Indonesian worker. ARTICLE 45 Subsection 1 Point a Indonesian worker who accompany foreign worker do not automatically replace or occupy the position of the foreign worker that they accompany. Point b Vocational education and training by employers may be carried out either in the country home or by sending Indonesian manpower to foreign countries for training. ARTICLE 44 1 Employers of foreign worker are under an obligation to obey the prevailing regulations concerning occupations and competence standards.

Subsection 2 Sufficiently clear Subsection 3 Sufficiently clear Subsection 4 Sufficiently clear ARTICLE 48 Employers who employ foreign worker are under an obligation to repatriate the foreign worker to their countries of origin after their employment comes to an end. Subsection 2 Work agreements that specify work requirements in writing must be in accordance with the prevailing laws and regulations, including work agreements for a specified time, inter-work inter-region and inter-work inter-country and maritime work agreements.

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