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The Oxford Online Placement Test measures a test Oxford Online Placement Test and how it can be of answers questions relevant to his or her level of. For students with an email address taking the test at home. For students for Assigning the placement test .. the students with the PDF attached. c) 'Send. Oxford University Press and. University of Cambridge Local Examinations Syndicate. Oxford. Placement. Test. Version This test is divided into three parts.

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Oxford Placement Test Pdf

Tick the correct answers. 1 Water be freezing is freezing freezes at Oxford Placement Test 2 Grammar Test Part 1 Page 2. 16 In he has been picked was. Just click on the Oxford Online Placement Test and a new window will open. . 2) As you read the answers, think of synonyms for the words. Let's imagine this. Items 1 - 50 The Placement Test consists of 50 items testing grammar and vocabulary prefer students to mark their answers on the photocopy of the test itself.

Views: Transcription 1 Student ID.. Name Faculty.. C in a shop in a hotel in a taxi You can look, but don t touch the pictures. Scotland Scotland is the north part of the island of Great Britain. The Atlantic Ocean is on the west and the North Sea on the east. Some people Scotland speak a different language called Gaelic. There are Scotland has many mountains; the highest one is called Ben Nevis.

A cassette accompanies each Listening Test. They will help institutions and individuals to decide on suitable teaching materials. They can also determine realistic learning objectives and examination targets for groups or individuals.

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What does each part of the test consist of? Each test is divided into two main sections Listening Test and GrammarTest , each of items. The second section is a test of grammar, vocabulary and reading skills, tested as far as possible in context.

It involves a carefully selected range of items with facility values and discrimination indi'ces designed to provide meaningful discrimination at each of the levels identified by the Common European Framework. A What about those things I asked you to bring? B forgot them. In the case of this item, as with all the items in the Listening Test, the correct choice from the two possibilities cannot be made on the basis of grammatical correctness; nor can the correct choice be made in terms of semantic plausibility.

Both choices are grammatically possible and equally meaningful, though the first conveys the opposite message to the second. Failure to understand is, therefore, a direct reflection of a failure of specific listening skills, as other bases ofdiscrimination are not available. In the test,the listening element has been combined with a reading element, so that the correct choice depends on knowledge of both written and spoken forms of English, and reflects both accuracy of lexical acquisition across a range of items and the effective application of particular listening and reading microskills.

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Grammar Test The Grammar Test is a written multiple—choice test of a range of grammatical andlexical items whose characteristics are known from item analysis across a range of contexts and populations and which have a consistent track record of providing discrimination between and within the CEF levels. Where possible the items are contextualized or thematically linked, so that grammar is tested in relation to meaning and correct responses depend on reading comprehension as well as language knowledge.

The items chosen for the tests reflect extensive research into syllabus and coursebook content worldwide, as well as evidence from trialling and feedback from users. For the test to be used as a reliable predictor of level the complete test should be used, but it is possible to give one part of the test if only very limited time is available. How is it administered? The Listening Test paper is given to each student. Scotland has many mountains; the highest one is called Ben Nevis.

In the south of Scotland, there are a lot of sheep. A long time ago, there Scotland is only a small country, but it is quite beautiful. She first became involved in cinema whilst working for the Gaumont Film Company in the late s. This was a period of great change in the cinema and Alice was the first to use many new inventions, In Alice She was When Alice died in , hardly anybody At this time most people thought you would fall off the edge of the world if you sailed too far.

Yet sailors such as Columbus had seen how a ship appeared to get lower and lower on the horizon as it sailed away. For Columbus this He He did not want them to think that he did not Columbus believed he was in Asia, A looking B for looking C to look D to looking 23 He spent a long time looking for a tie which A fixed B made C went D wore 24 Fortunately, A other B except C besides D apart 25 I ve always A regarded B thought C meant D supposed 26 The singer ended the concert You can also download the data in Excel, and print class lists for teachers to use.

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Using the results The placement test results are reported on a scale of 0— with 20 points corresponding to each CEFR level e. For detailed information on how to use placement test scores and on what analyses this score interpretation is based, please download the paper The Meaning of Oxford Online Placement Test Scores by Alastair Pollitt. The task types are specifically tailored to assess the language ability of pre-beginner students, making the test fairer to these students.

The tasks have been pretested by pre-beginner students so you can be sure that your students are tested with tasks at the appropriate level of difficulty, giving them the confidence to answer the tasks and complete the test.

You also get a description of their position within the A0 level according to that score: low, mid or high, helping you to better understand your pre-beginner students and to know how close to A1 level a student is. The decimal scores and descriptions are shown in the online Markbook. You can use the decimal scores and A0 level descriptions to differentiate between groups of pre-beginner students. Then place your students in a class, using the results to guide your teaching plan.

The test algorithm presents test takers on the borderline between A0 and A1 with tasks from both levels, so you can be confident that the final level is calculated accurately. The validation process for the design phase of the Oxford Online Placement Test began with an extensive programme of research.

The initial phases involved an analysis to determine what content might need to appear on the test. Further item and test analyses were performed based on a pretesting stage that involved approximately 10, students from 42 countries. This ensured that the test is both appropriate and fair for test takers from different ethnic, cultural and linguistic backgrounds.

In examining claims of the quality of the test, the statistical characteristics of the items, the measures, and the pretest forms were investigated from a number of approaches. You can find more information on reliability and validity in the papers by Alastair Pollitt and Professor James Purpura.

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