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RPG Item Version. Outbreak: Undead (2nd Edition) · Outbreak: Undead (2nd Edition) Electronic (PDF, DOC, eBook, HTML, etc.) Product Code. ISBN ISBN-. Watermarked PDF. $ Outbreak: Undead.. is the ENnie award-winning RPG that first What do we mean by 'Survival Simulation RPG'?. Outbreak: Undead 2nd Ed - Intro Manual Watermarked PDF Outbreak: Undead.. is the ENnie award-winning RPG that first premiered at.

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Outbreak Undead Rpg Pdf

Outbreak: Undead 2nd Ed - Quick Start Guide Watermarked PDF Outbreak: Undead.. is the ENnie award-winning RPG that first premiered. Learn about the survival horror RPG Outbreak: Undead, where you must learn to FIGHT, SURVIVE, and REBUILD. Outbreak Undead - Core Rulebook - Ebook download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read book online. Core rulebook for the RPG Outbreak: Undead.

Undead is a sandbox system, with no real 'pre-established world building or lore' - players can create highly adaptable mission frameworks. The first edition had a lot of great elements baked into its design. But it also fell short in some respects. So with 2nd Edition, our focus is to: Like all trends, zombies come and go through our collective consciousness as excellent titles by talented people are drowned out by the wave of product just trying to capitalize on the trend.

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Act fast though, because these releases will only be available for one month! Character Sheet for Play. When the horde of undead descends upon the world, will you be prepared. Test you survival plans today with the official character sheet! When the fight for survival takes you to the depths of space, you'll want to have the Outbreak: Deep Space character sheet on hand!

Frontier leaves no player safe and there are countless ways to die. The year is , a band of survivors have crossed the Mississippi line in search of the new frontier. Please advice. Thank you. The GM Companion is great for getting games up and running now. The Game Masters Guide will be released early next year. First, thank you for the reply to my review. Despite my review, I am going in and giving this game a second shot.

And a third You say opponents will be in the GM guide next year. I'm cool with that. Detail work on opponents will probably require significant page count. In order for the game to be playable at this time, with what's been released, the baseline stats for a zombie seem like a requirement and I cannot find them. Even the GM kit has methods for upgrading zombies.

If I am missing something in what's been offered so far, please don't hesitate to kick me in the right direction. Any help would be appreciated. As it stands, I can make other survivors.

If I want to make zombies, it seems some hacking may be required. Page 3 of the quickstart guide. Now I can really dig into this. For Because of this. There is a logical limit to how many skills when the character does not move. Skill and Trait Entries are listed in this manner for their respective description: Skill Name: The name or classifcation the skill falls under.

Outbreak: Undead | Hunters Entertainment

Secondary Abilities: The Prerequisite Time spent training is also what would be required of a character who wants to increase an existing skill they have with Gestalt Dice.

The Tier or range of Tiers the skill or trait falls under as described on pg. Training attributes. To compensate for this.

A player gets 1d6 for every year of age i. A character can continue to add to their skills by rolling more Gestalt A character essentially creates their own skill that is unique to them.

They roll a number of d6 equal to or less than one die per year of experience in their declared skill. Once this number is rolled. Spending Gestalt Dice A player must declare they are using their 'Gestalt Dice' before making any checks. If adding Gestalt Dice rolls to existing skills and that skill does more than add points to attributes. If Gestalt Dice are used to increase existing skills that grant multiple stat bonuses.

You can increase the other bonuses later. When that amount is spent. They can also be used on existing skills in the list a few more pages into this chapter. It is important to note that once Gestalt Dice are rolled. It's just those template characters who are subs for deceased player characters that have the above mentioned limitation.

Template characters have the same amount of Gestalt Dice as normal characters 1 per year of age but they cannot generate new skills. A player who plans on playing a permanent template character can use Gestalt Dice normally. They only grant turn-long bonuses. Only skills from the list in this chapter can be used to grant Secondary ability bonuses. Gestalt Dice boosted skills from the list below can increase the Secondary abilty bonus it grants.

Parameters for gaining Gestalt Dice are in the GM's section. A GM can reward players with Gestalt Dice which can be used to permanently add bonuses to certain kinds of checks.

The longer answer is: The short answer is: Will Per Per 30 Grants bonus to make attacks with bludgeons Defend 4th Tier Str The observed types I've encountered listed in Chapter 5 all have been affected in the way I wrote down.

Other zombie types I have yet to encounter or that you may come across may be affected differently. Per 20 Increases Melee Attack with axe weapons Remember. Str 30 Grants ability to attack with complex weapons effectively Swordsman 4th Tier Str This can Skills and Traits be combined with physical armor. If characters do not move.

At long range. This skill may push a character above their normal maximum of having a Base Defense of 5. When using bow style weapons.

Basic First Aid Training Will Emp 30 or be medical or lifesaving personnel or have basic military. When a passenger. Drive class ' checks. If a character survives long enough for there to be an increase in Outbreak Level.

Taking this skill at a higher Tier will increase the bonus to Perception for this skill by 5 for each Tier. Basic understanding. Requires a Perception check in order to communicate. Billy Goat Str If a character takes this Skill to the 3rd Tier and beyond for a single language.

Survival' checks. A character can take this skill at a higher Tier. Bo Staff Str Per 35 or be a martial artist 4th Tier In the hands of a martial artist. Increase FC of any medium or long bludgeon weapon by 2 and can strike multiple targets without penalties for making multiple attacks.

At 5th Tier. These weapons can also be used 'Defensively' in the hands of a person with this skill. They will be at one level of durability less than normal. This bonus does not increase Defense. Incarcerat always mean ed doesn't and inmate 'rehabilitated' mean 'villian doesn't always '. Will 20 Must have been incarcerated 1st Tier One of the stranger testaments of human ingenuity is the variety of things especially weapons crafted with the limited resources of a prison inmate.

This is the exception to the rule that Gestalt Dice can only be added to one attribute bonus in a skill at a time. Perception and certainly Will. Calm Self' checks. Calm Other. Emp 30 1st Tier Someone who has the ability to take this skill can best be described as being the calm eye in the center of a hurricane. Adding Gestalt Dice to this skill will increase the bonus to all related attributes when climbing.

Typically this will be Strength. Climb Str They have demonstrated remarkable ability at keeping their cool in situations of duress. Search' checks for Resource to be generic resource for Stronghold upgrades or Equipment Manufacture missions.


Emp 30 or be military or police 4th Tier Someone who has extensive experience in the emergency room or as a combat medic is able to subconsciously look out for their own life while trying to save others. Characters with this skill get the bonuses a Nurse gets from using healing items.

Resist Panic' and 'Emp. Calm Other' checks. Note that the bonus is added to any collective checks made. It only applies when the combined efforts of the character make a single check and this is the check that gets the bonus from 'Co-op Name '. For every 5 combined actions taken by characters.

This skill can be taken multiple times. These actions must be the kind of action where only a single roll is made to represent a combined effort. The Co-op skill bonus is lost if another character joins in and is not one of the named characters in the Co-op skill name. If a character trains in a discipline that involves blocks. If only making a single attack at close range with a Bludgeoning Weapon of any kind then you can Also.

In this fashion. A character can declare as an action that they are 'Defending'. Defend Str Crushing Blow Str Per 30 2nd Tier For someone who has played baseball. A contemplative person will rarely act rashly. A character can 'hold' without taking a Will check. Per 30 2nd Tier If long hours of study are how you pass the time.

A character that is Panicked may not use this ability. Note that a character may not perform any other actions while 'Defending' other than make Grapple checks and move. It is treated as having whatever Defense they would have had if they were not restricted to 5.

Natural Maximum of 6 Defense. If you require coffee or tea in the morning to get going. They count as having slept an extra period of Time if they had at least 1 Time worth of sleep and take no penalties for starting missions at early hours. The character is able to operate without penalty in the hours after waking and requires no caffeine to aid them in waking.

Skills and Traits This skill can manifest out of pure necessity. Characters with this skill count as having slept an extra Time if they had at least 1 Time worth of sleep or 3 Time worth of rest. Endurance Str They still take penalties for multiple shots. This sort of training is almost exclusively reserved for police or military. Attacks using thrown weapons.

Lethalities marked with a - are unchanged. While this is not the best tactic for combating zombies. No side effects. Ammo Increase: Weapon is subject to 'Dulling'. Rapid Fire: Increase the chance of success of any Stronghold mission that involves the maintenance. They may also reduce the Degradation of gun cleaning kits by half. Armor Piercing: Increase all Lethalities by Healthy Str Increase the Viability of a Stronghold by 1.

Healer Will Increase Health recovery during natural healing by 1d6. The character also gets 2 bonus Gestalt Dice for use in Strength skills only.

What do we mean by 'Survival Simulation RPG'?

Per 35 or have basic medical training i. These people also have a strong working knowledge of tools and their proper use. Will 35 3rd Tier A lot of people would call themselves healthy. Characters with this skill have basic working knowledge of construction.

Note that using Gestalt dice to increase the bonus only applies to one kind of area of Skills and Traits knowledge construction. The target must not move or perform any actions. Hide' checks. Hide Will This bonus lasts as long as there are people under his or her protection or are in need of help.

Skills and Traits Tertiary: Any successful mission that increases Stronghold population grants an additional point of Morale to the Stronghold. Increase Empathy and Will by 10 when encountering the Living who require rescue or during Rescue missions.

If a character has demonstrated the capacity for caring about the safety of strangers in the same way they would care for their own children then they could possibly take this skill.

The bonuses also apply to Will if ever they are forced to make checks while hiding. Note that if another person takes charge and plans the formation then this bonus is not used. It takes an additional degree of failure for a knife or slashing weapon to be subject to 'Dulling'. If the weapon grants no bonus of this kind.

Gestalt Dice cannot be used to increase this skill. If the character wishes to take this as a 2nd Tier skill. If a character ever decides to take missions by themselves. While part of a marching order. Generating Noise and doing other Risk-increasing activities still count. Gestalt Dice can be used to increase this skill.

The lone wolf is very much aware of their own ability and limitations. Per 35 or be military or police 4th Tier The marksman is someone who spends hours upon hours on shooting ranges and who has repeatedly proved themselves in competitions.

The number of 'wasted' shots are also reduced by half rounding up. Each of them allows a person to defend themselves from attack. This can be taken with the Sniper skill without taking up an additional skill choice if you have the prerequisites for both and are not restricted by Tier.

This ability can be combined with other bonuses from skills or equipment i. Martial Artist Str This skill is also a springboard for many combat skills by allowing reduced Tier requirements. Unarmed attacks are also more effective. Any Tier There are many styles of martial arts that one can study for self defense. The character always counts as having used defensive weapons when Grappling. Mountain Goat Per Increase Will by the same amount when making 'Will. Will 20 1st Tier Someone who excels at feats of balance.

Increase maximum carrying capacity by 2CU.

Navigator Will Resist Panic' checks in high places. This can be combined with bonuses that are granted by the Climb skill. Balance' checks. Per 30 3rd Tier A navigator is able to get around from place to place with relative ease due to either intuitive direction.

Increase Lethalities of bludgeoning. Pack Rat Per 30 1st Tier This character has a collection of odd foreign candy wrappers that they've tried. Characters also have no natural maximum for Defense for attacks made against them in Melee and Grapple range.

A character with this skill can make 'Str. Offroad Per 30 3rd Tier A person who has lots of off-road experience will develop a feel for the terrain and they Skills and Traits are able to avoid hazards that many novice drivers might not. Items stored in this way cannot be immediately accessed.

Characters can store up to 3 items with a CU of the individual items being no greater than 1 CU that do not count as taking up any space for purposes of maximum Cargo capacity. Str 25 3rd Tier Those who take the defensive positions in sports and make tough opponents in sparring matches will know how to defend themselves appropriately. Parry Per Endurance' checks without penalty due to darkness or night.

It is as if they were always carrying around a container that had 3 CU of storage space that cannot be accessed immediately. A character with this skill that takes Point or Rear in a formation can also make 'Per. The degree of training for this skill includes moving targets and extreme distance accuracy. This can be taken with the Marksman skill without using up an additional skill choice if you have the prerequisites for both and are not restricted by Tier.

Search' checks when searching for useful items. Search' checks. When rolling d6 for Degredation. Zombies will count as having the 'Listen' sense of one level lower than normal. Will 30 or have background in the military. This bonus can apply to multiple characters so long as the 'Stealthy' character takes the Point position in the marching order and all other characters have Per 30 or more. Semi Automatic' are reduced by half rounding up.

Per 35 3rd Tier Someone who is stealthy is able to perform actions while making a minimal amount of sound and while keeping themselves relatively hidden.

Do not count this player towards the number of participating characters when determining Risk. The available biomes are as follows: Temperate Forest. Stunt Driver class Per For some groups like gangs. Survival biome ' checks. Will 30 Skills and Traits 3rd Tier This skill indicates someone is intimately familiar with roads and how vehicles drive on them.

Once a safe place or regular food supply is found. This skill can only apply to checks made with a single class of vehicle.

Tropical Rain Forest. If to a character. Note that this skill only extends to a single biome. Survivalist Will Per 35 4th Tier The main feature of this skill is that rugged independence and simplicity of lifestyle are mandatory.

Emp 35 Any Tier The streetwise character will know the complex language of the street. Stunt Driver Bike. Survival' checks they make. Drive class ' checks that need to be made. The character has increased ability to survive for prolonged periods of time using basic tools. Drive class ' checks that are required of the character. Stunt Driver Light Truck etc.

Outbreak Undead Core Rulebook

Switch Hitter Per Subsequent biomes count as 1st Tier instead of 4th Tier. Per 30 4th Tier An extremely rare skill nowadays. If a character can make multiple attacks with a complex weapon where one of the weapon's types is bludgeon i. Str 30 2nd Tier A switch hitter is a baseball player who is able to hit on either side of the plate.

Knowledge of proper maintenance is also a requirement for this skill. This kind of dexterity serves a player well against zombies as they are able to make use of weapons regardless of the stance they are in. This is only allowed if the FC of the weapon allows for multiple attacks within the same turn. You may discount up to 1 degree of failure when determining damage to the weapon due to 'dulling'. If another character takes Point position in a formation.

Empathy 30 5th Tier Someone who extensively plans raids in paintball or laser tag is not a bad indicator of tactical expertise. Skills and Traits The character has a natural Defense of up to 7 instead of 5 and all 'Will. Will 35 1st Tier A tough person is someone who has participated freely in contact sports. Survival' checks Secondary: At this Tier. Resist Panic' checks for height. Per 30 Any Tier A practitioner of parkour. Endurance' checks 5th Tier: The number of Wasted shots reduced is equal to the Tiers in this skill.

All characters in this formation can automatically go 'Death or Glory' if the player desires as opposed to at a GM's discretion. At 3rd Tier. Characters like these are typically those who have lost everything and want nothing more than to die taking down as many zombies as they can.

A character with this skill is able to reduce 'Wasted shots' from weapons that have 'Firing Mode. Semi-Automatic' and 'Firing Mode. The unused rounds are not wasted.

If the character with this skill dies. Diplomacy Intimidation ' checks.

This can be combined with other similar bonuses. Note that any object used to kill a zombie counts as a weapon.

This skill can be taken multiple times and using the same weapon. This means that it's entirely possible to have this bonus apply to vehicles or other oddball objects used to kill zombies. The weapon must be practiced with to maintain this skill. This skill does not need to be chosen. Perception A character with this skill is able to modify melee weapons with a greater chance of success.

All attacks made with a chosen weapon will grant a bonus to the appropriate 'Attack' as described in the 'Practice Makes Perfect' mission pg.

Practicing can allow characters to determine their strengths and weaknesses with their weapon and they can improve with this knowledge. Actual experience using weapons for self-defense will allow learning on how a weapon is best used. Driving railroad spikes through a baseball bat is an example of tinkering with basic weaponry. It can also be taken multiple times.

Per 20 3rd Tier You are probably no lumberjack. First Aid. This has no other effect within the game. Mild The character suffers from an addiction that the events of a zombie outbreak have done nothing to lessen.

Several weeks of detox as well as treatment will reduce a serious addiction to a mild one. Each time a character with an addiction has the opportunity to 'download' items. Serious The character has a long history of addiction to a particular substance or item.

If they fail this check. If your outbreak scenario deems that you play as yourself. Being dishonest about your disadvantages ultimately does you no good when determining your ability to survive a zombie outbreak. This can be prevented with the 'Holding Cell' stronghold upgrade. This is frequently seasonal. These can either be chosen based on the player's actual handicaps if their character is based on them.

The Resource spent in this way has no other effect within the game. When they have the opportunity to 'download' items. If they do not do this. Failing 'Str - Endurance' checks will require an additional Time of rest.

Claustrophobic The character will be extremely adverse to tight places. This will last for 5d10 Time. Survival' checks by 1d6. Severe Characters that have a severe allergy will require 'Will. The character has to have defensive weapons equipped to use them during Grapple checks simply being accessible is Resist Pain' check every Time after exposure.

Resist Pain' checks every Time after exposure or take damage from Poison. Unless treated. The more fatal varieties are rare. Skills and Traits Asthma The character cannot run nor do any strenuous activity for prolonged periods of time. Resist Panic' check while inside or indoors. Food or Drug The character will count as being 'Poisoned' if they eat food that they are allergic to. Survival' checks to survive in either very hot or very cold environments.

If forced to make a 'Will. Climate Shock The character is unable to take environmental extremes when making 'Per. This also applies to drugs such as penicillin.

Clumsy The character is prone to being very bumbling at inopportune times. Characters that are exposed to their allergen will require a 'Will.

This will continue for 10d10 Time. Trying to drive a vehicle with a stick shift with this handicap will force the character to make any 'Perception. Gun Shy The character has extremely limited. Items that use such technology are completely unusable by someone in any amount of duress. Computer Illiterate The character is unable to use sophisticated computer systems other than perhaps a word processor or e-mail.

Dour The character suffers from a chronic lack of positivism. Diplomacy' checks. Unless the mechanism is fantastically simple. For instance a vegetarian will only eat meat under the direst circumstances.

Their presence will cause the drain of 1 additional Morale from the Stronghold for a failed mission whenever the mission failure indicates a loss of Morale. In this case. If ever panicked. A character cannot use 'Intimidation' as a Diplomacy method. Resist Panic' checks by d3. Skills and Traits Low Blood Tolerance The character is extremely disturbed by the sight of blood and must take a Willpower check to go anywhere near it. Characters are unable to use needles on themselves. Impact Wounds can cause internal bleeding.

Characters must make a 'Will.

Outbreak Undead - Core Rulebook

A successful 'Perception - downloading 'Blood Units' Medicine' check will be required to identify this problem. Resist Panic' check if any character gets 'Open Wounds'. This vice has no other effect in game terms. Vice A character has a certain vice that they feel the need to occasionally indulge.

When that character has the opportunity to 'download' equipment. A cigarette every now and then. A character can avoid doing this if they pass a 'Will. Calm Self' check. Tri County especially has abound. Grappling even if involuntary. Firing a weapon firing multiple shots if desired. A turn will represent what would generally happen in about 5 seconds of real time.

This only makes a difference when players encounter zombies or vigilantes. Turns represent about 5 seconds whereas a unit of 'Time' will be roughly a span of time between forty five to ninety minutes. Run see the movement section Generally. Retrieving objects from a duffel bag.

It is not required that a player declares what they want to do every turn when there is little to no threat. During a turn a character may make one move and may perform one other action. A 'Turn' is different than 'Time'. Typical actions include: The zombies are the ones reacting to the actions of the characters. Calling for help. Grapple Phase. This represents the time before any cognitive decisions have been made and actions are strictly reactionary. Hold' check after other players have declared their intent.

No player can move to the next phase until all players have completed the current phase. All players make checks to determine the success or failure of their Intent. If any zombie at this time is in this way and can even still alive and active in melee range of a character. Resolve the turn based on the success place a limit to how long players can confer or failure of checks. Players or zombies make any 'surprise' moves they are allowed and resolve Grapple checks for characters that begin the turn grappling.