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Office Automation Notes Pdf

Office automation applies a variety of technologies to increase office productivity. The technologies in the automated office have made and continue to make. Office Automation Tools PDF - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. Office automation refers to the varied computer machinery and software used to digitally create, collect, store, . Verifone Unified Driver User Notes. Introduction to Office Automation Unit-1 - Download as Powerpoint Presentation ( .ppt /.pptx), PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or view presentation slides online.

This is replaced by computers. Yet, even with world. The widespread adoption of personal computers in this available technology, many computer companies chose conjunction with the development of graphically driven not to adopt personal computers. They could not imagine operating systems gave people a more natural and intuitive why anyone would want a computer when typewriters and way of visualizing and manipulating information. The calculators were sufficient. The rapid growth systems, led to a growth in the use and acceptance of of computers furnished the market with sophisticated personal computers that significantly altered the manner office automation devices. In the late s, several researchers started to describe Healthcare enterprises involve complex processes that the needs of office automation systems. Computer term- span diverse groups and organizations. These processes inals had replaced electronic typewriters. With the rapid involve clinical and administrative tasks, large volumes of evolution of electronic technology, office information sys- data, and large numbers of patients and personnel. The tems were developed to provide for the storage, manipula- tasks can be performed either by humans or by automated tion, computation, and transmission of large amounts of systems. In the latter case, the tasks are supported by a information. The first sophisticated OAS prototypes variety of software applications and information systems included the SCOOP project 1 , which was oriented to that are very often heterogeneous, autonomous, and dis- the automation of office procedures, and Officetalk 2 , tributed. The development of systems to manage and which provided a visual electronic desktop metaphor, a automate these processes has increasingly played an set of personal productivity tools for manipulating important role in improving the efficiency of healthcare information, and a network environment for sharing enterprises. The PC was a milestone and proved that variety of office operations, such as word processing, elec- the computer industry was more than a trend, and that tronic spreadsheet, e-mail, and video conferencing.

Word processors allow hardcopy. Most word processors available today allow more than Spreadsheet. A spreadsheet is a computer program just creating and editing documents. They have a wide that presents data, such as numbers and text, in a grid range of other tools and functions, which are used in of rows and columns. This grid is referred to as a work- formatting documents. The following are the main features sheet. You can define what type of data is in each cell and of word processors: how different cells depend on one another.

The relation- ships between cells are called formulas, and the names of Insert, delete, copy, cut, and paste text: Allow to insert, the cells are called labels. Cut There are a number of spreadsheet applications on the and paste allow removing cut a section of text from market, Lotus 9 and Microsoft Excel 10 being one place and inserting paste it somewhere else in among the most famous.

In Excel, spreadsheets are the document. An example of an Excel worksheet is word and also replacing groups of characters. Figure 4. Microsoft Excel spreadsheet program. Editing a document with Microsoft Publisher. Desktop Publishing. Desktop publishing is the use of Calendars and Schedulers.

A calendar program enables the computer and specialized software to create high us to record events and appointments on an electronic quality documents for desktop or commercial printing. Calendars allow scheduling, project manage- Desktop publishing is the process of editing and layout ment, and coordination among many people, and may of printed material intended for publication, such as provide support for scheduling equipment as well.

Typical books, magazines, brochures, and flyers using a personal features identify conflicts in schedules, find meeting times computer. Nowadays, there are many software programs solution to manage the daily scheduling needs of a busi- available for desktop publishing. QuarkXPress 12 , Adobe ness, such as scheduling appointments, equipment, staff InDesign 13 , Abobe PageMaker 11 , and Microsoft Pub- technicians, professionals, healthcare workers, others , lisher 14 are the most widespread.

Figure 5 shows a vehicles, resources, projects, and meeting rooms. Schedul- document being created and edited with Microsoft ing software is an important investment for any type of Publisher. As word processing programs become more sophisti- Every employee can have instant access to whom or what is cated, the line separating such programs from desktop available at any time of the day, week, month, or year and publishing systems is becoming fuzzy.

Cutting-edge word print detailed list reports. It is also possible to export processing programs give you most of the features you schedules that may be easily opened in a word processor could want in a desktop publishing program. Such pro- or spreadsheet. A paint program or a graphics graphic content created in these programs. The most program enables the creation of pictures, backgrounds, powerful desktop publishing systems enable the creation buttons, lines, and other creative art.

Paint programs of illustrations; while less powerful systems let you insert provide easy ways to draw common shapes, such as illustrations created by other programs. Some pro- Initial desktop publishing solutions were expensive grams also have photoediting capabilities and are opti- due to the cost of specialized computing systems and mized for working with specific kinds of images, such as accessories, such as printers and scanners.

The cost of photographs, but most of the smaller paint programs do not computers and printers has fallen dramatically in recent have this option.

Paint programs are pixel based. They use years e.

As each most can print in color , allowing most personal users to dot is an individual, it can be difficult to move shapes acquire desktop publishing systems. Draw sound and video, and software. To see if you have any programs are object based, where an object is a geometrical e-mail, you can check your electronic mailbox periodically, shape, such as a line, a circle, a curve, a rectangle, a although many programs can be configured to alert users polygon, or a Bezier curve curves that have hooks along automatically when mail is received.

After reading an their length so you can alter the angle of the curve at any e-mail, it may be stored, deleted, replied to, forwarded to point.

With draw programs, images are stored as mathe- others, or printed. Sophisticated programs often blur computer running Windows operating system is that the the difference between draw and paint, so it is possible to computer can become infected with an e-mail virus pro- find programs that are able to do both types of work. It is always advisable to install and use anti-virus software. Such software will offer protection against Digital Communication Systems known malicious programs.

A malicious program may be a virus, a worm, a trojan horse, or a spyware. Once it Nowadays, more and more computers are not isolated but, is on your system, a malicious program cause disorder by instead, are connected into a computer network that is corrupting, erasing, attaching to, or overwriting other often connected to other computer networks in much the files.


In some cases malicious program, such as spyware, same way as telephone systems connect telephones. If a have the solely intent of monitoring Internet usage and computer is connected to such a network, it is possible to delivering targeted advertising to the affected system.

Electronic Mail. Electronic mail, or e-mail for short another common spelling for e-mail is email , is one of the most popular uses of the Internet.

It is a simple tool for Newsgroups and Discussion Boards. Newsgroups, also exchanging brief messages between individuals or among a known as Usenet, are comparable in essence to e-mail larger audience. Most mainframes, minicomputers, and systems except that they are intended to disseminate computer networks have an e-mail system. It A newsgroup is a collection of messages posted by consists of two parts: user name and mail domain or individuals to a news server. The concept of newsgroups domain name.

The user name identifies a particular per- was started in at the University of North Carolina and son. The mail domain identifies the place on the Internet to Duke University to create a place, where anyone could post which the e-mail for that person should be sent. An e-mail messages. An example is illustrated Although some newsgroups are moderated, most are in Fig. Moderated newsgroups are monitored by an individual With an e-mail account, it is possible to send a message the moderator who has the authority to block messages to anyone with an e-mail account.

Just as a written letter considered inappropriate. Therefore, moderated news- can be sent to multiple recipients, an electronic mail mes- groups have less spam than unmoderated ones. Anyone sage can be sent to one or more e-mail addresses.

If you have an interest in a of the sender of the message.


A few addresses of one or more recipients who are the primary examples of newsgroups are shown in Table 1. All recipients can see every address listed in this Discussion boards also called message boards and field. Discussion boards are usually An electronic mail message is not limited to text. Other read through a web browser, while newsgroups are usually types of files can be added to mail messages as attach- read through a special program called a newsgroup reader.

Attachments can be text files or binary files such as Nowadays, most people prefer discussion boards on the word processed documents, spreadsheets, images, files of Web to newsgroups because they are easier to use. Figure 6. E-mail address struc- ture.

Newsgroup architecture. Mailing Lists. It provides a continuous record messages to a user when they are explicitly requested, of activities, progress, and development. This type of sys- while mailing lists deliver messages as they become tems can be effectively used by the healthcare community available. Mailing lists are e-mail addresses that are used to discuss specific topics of interest.

Office Automation - Concepts and Tools | D. Tsichritzis | Springer

Examples of blog topics to distribute e-mail to many people. Typically, a list sub- include product reviews, scientific endeavors, and any area scriber sends a message to the list address, and the mes- of information where people have a deep expertise and a sage is then distributed to all the list subscribers for desire to express it. The power of blogs is that they are a everyone to read.

The first thing to easily publish their ideas and opinions, and allow other do is to subscribe to a particular list; afterward the user can people to comment on them. The following steps are involved: 1 send a message e-mail to a mail server; 2 File Transfer Protocol. With the explosion of content creation and message, then their reply goes to the mail server and is information in electronic formats, there is simply more disseminated to everyone on the list. Web, although it can also be owned by a small group.

The Applications allow sharing and managing data between blog owner periodically writes entries and publishes them multiple remote, local, and home folders. It provides the onto their blog. Weblogs cover as many different topics and ability to seamlessly work from a healthcare facility, a express as many opinions, as there are people writing them.

Table 1. Examples of Newsgroups Groupware Systems Newgroup name Description Groupware refers to any computer-related tool that improves the effectiveness of person-to-person communi- comp. It is intended to create an reasoning environment that fosters the communication and coordi- comp. Where a traditional user group interaction interface generally focuses on the use of only one person, comp.

Groupware systems generally include alt. Web-based chat system. In or e-mail. Sophisticated workgroup systems allow users to addition, they can use a remote pointer or highlighting tool define workflows so that data is automatically forwarded to to point out specific contents or sections of shared pages. Most whiteboards are designed for informal conversa- tion, but they may also serve structured communications or Chat Systems. Chat systems enable a type of group more sophisticated drawing tasks, such as collaborative communication in which people located in different geo- graphic design, publishing, or engineering applications.

Chat systems make slides for a presentation and architects can revise building it possible for many people to write messages in a public plans. As each person submits a message, it appears on the screen of the other users located in the same Collaborative Writing Systems. Collaborative writing virtual room. Chat groups are usually formed via listing systems are applications that aim to help the joint editing chat rooms by name, location, number of people, topic of of text documents by several authors.

Coauthors, spread discussion, and so on. When the interactions hap- became widely spread among chat users. These types of pen at the same time, they are called synchronous or real- chat systems are referred to as Web-based chat because time interactions.

Otherwise, they are called asynchronous they are accessible using a typical browser. One example of or non-real-time interactions.


Web-based chat can be found at Yahoo. Word processors may provide asynchronous support by Compared to e-mail, a chat system is a real-time syn- showing authorship and by allowing users to track changes chronous system, while e-mail is neither real-time nor and make annotations to documents. It is possible to synchronous. When a user types a comment in a chat determine that only certain sections of documents may system, it is seen almost immediately by the others users be modified by specific people to better protect how docu- present in the same virtual room.

All the users are con- ments are modified and reduce the number of conflicting nected to the system at the same time. With e-mail, on the comments received. Reviewers can be prevented from other hand, the two parties involved in the exchange of a making changes unless they turn revision marks on. For example, when reading an e-mail message Workflow Systems. Workflow management systems the person who writes it may or may not be sitting in front WfMS appeared in the s, but there is some consensus of their computer at that time.

Advances in transaction proces- Whiteboard. A whiteboard provides real-time commu- sing and integrated office systems made workflow systems nication over the Internet and has a visual or graphical popular in the s. They were innovative and had gained component in addition to text-based communication. Using a high level of popularity.

General information on WfMSs text, and information. All changes made by one user to the can be found at the web sites of the Workflow and Reen- whiteboard area are displayed to all the other whiteboard gineering International Association 16 and the Workflow users.

Office Automation

The whiteboard allows participants to manipulate Management Coalition Under a worker. It manages distributed genomic tasks located at WfMS, a workflow model is first created to specify organi- different research centers, such as DNA sequencing zational business processes, and then workflow instances machines, matching algorithms, and human resources.

During the workflow execution, the work- easily reengineer a genomic workflow when new techno- flow instances can access legacy systems, databases, appli- logical, biological, and chemical advances are made. Workflow systems have been installed and deployed Teleconferencing successfully in a wide spectrum of organizations.

Most The term teleconferencing refers to a number of technol- workflow management systems, both products and ogies that allow communication and collaboration among research prototypes, are rather monolithic and aim at people located at different sites. At its simplest, a telecon- providing fully fledged support for the widest possible ference can be an audio conference with one or both ends of application spectrum.

The same workflow infrastructure the conference sharing a speakerphone. With considerably can be deployed in various domains, such as bioinfor- more equipment and special arrangements, a teleconfer- matics, healthcare, telecommunications, military, and ence can be a conference, called a videoconference, in which school administration.

Using teleconferencing systems, organizations can exemplifies how workflow systems can be used to design decrease costs and complexity, while increasing efficiency business processes.

A major task in genomics is determining the complete set of instructions for making an organism. Genome pro- Audio Conferencing. Audio conferencing is the inter- jects are very demanding, and incur high costs of skilled action between groups of people in two or more sites in real manpower. There are many different types of tasks that time using high quality, mobile, hands-free telephone must be performed, such as sequencing, sequence finish- technology. The interaction is possible with an audio con- ing, sequence processing, data annotation, and data sub- nection via a telephone or network connection.

It makes mission. A single genomic workflow may be spread across use of conventional communication networks such as multiple research centers, and the individual tasks in a POTS Plain Old Telephone Service , ISDN Integrated workflow may be carried out at one or more of the parti- Services Digital Network , and the Internet.

Well look at what a recorded macro doesnt tell you, and tools for making Outlook. Office Automation Grade Evaluation Guide. Office automation refers to the varied computer machinery and software used to digitally create, collect, store, manipulate, and relay office information needed for.

Below are some examples of automation that can be done in Microsoft Office. The term office automation refers to all tools and methods that are applied to office. Examination Scheme. The current contracts for the Commissions ofce automation environment expire. These tools included a word processor for specification of.

The term office automation refers to all tools and methods that are. Automate the process of taking multiple PDF files and merging them. Microsoft Office automation uses built-in features either to place, reconfigure, or. It is an interesting, but time-consuming process if you dont have the right skills and tools at.

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