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The Glass Bead Game (German: Das Glasperlenspiel) is the last full-length novel of the .. Print/export. Create a book · Download as PDF · Printable version. O Jogo das Contas de Vidro (Das Glasperlenspiel, no original em alemão) é um romance de «Editora Record lança último livro de Herman Hesse» (PDF). DownloadO jogo das contas de vidro pdf. by Josh It s probably not un- intuitive. 21 19 27 -A- C Windows system32 ddraw. Here is the driver you.

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O Jogo Das Contas De Vidro Pdf

1 abr. Get Instant Access to PDF File: #1ab O Jogo Das Contas De Vidro ( Portuguese Edition) By Hermann Hesse KINDLE PDF. 18 mar. Get Instant Access to PDF File: #1ab O Jogo Das Contas De Vidro ( Portuguese Edition) By Hermann Hesse PDF EBOOK. Start by marking “O Jogo das Contas de Vidro” as Want to Read: .. وبعد تحميلها pdf والقراءة لصفحة ١٠٠ تقريبًا وجدها مملة بعض الشيء ، غيرت رأيي بقراءة عمل آخر.

It changed my life. With just the right cues of romance, high-tech adventure, philosophical mystery, and heroism, the book invaded my adolescent mind, laid down roots and suggested a long term plan: I would one day be able to play the Game. So I realised it was about time for me to revisit the ur-inspiration. Worth the risk then. The epigraph alone rekindles the fire that smoulders still in my unconscious: Nothing is harder, yet nothing is more necessary, than to speak of certain things whose existence is neither demonstrable nor probable. The very fact that serious and conscientious men treat them as existing things brings them a step closer to existence and to the possibility of being born. I have experienced just this motivation with the force of compulsion. The task is both poetic and practical: to help people, particularly myself, to see what is hidden by what they already see, the things within and beyond what is apparently there. The next a military career. Followed by a time in professional academia and subsequently an international consulting firm which is best described as a professional Protestant monastery. All these, and most choices that followed, had the intention of assimilation into one form or another of an organisation of united and mutually supportive minds. Somewhat remarkably, I suppose, I have never been a joiner of clubs, or groups, or congregations, only those with some sort of monastic potential. Even the international firm to which I belonged, commercial as is was, had an ethos which could have been taken straight from The Game. Even that felt like a ritual of integration. The idea of the rules of The Game, its language, and symbology undoubtedly provoked some sort of teen-age mysticism.

Around each of these was a sort of invisible college, the members of which unknowingly participated in many rounds of The Game. That many of them are dead or no longer in my daily life is neither regrettable nor sad since the Order continues to unite us. For Hesse, the daily newspaper was more about gossip than the factual information necessary for life.

Perhaps they will be exactly the catalyst necessary for the real creation of The Game!

Mathematics and Music are the core disciplines of The Game. I can blame Hesse for implanting this as a seed in my psyche.

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It legitimised for me my interest in numbers but certainly not the techniques of calculation insisted upon by my teachers and classical music of which none of my contemporaries had the slightest interest.

Once again, it is unclear whether The Game provoked or merely articulated these interests. But they have always returned as the matrix of my own version of The Game. I could go on ad nauseam recounting the many other specific influences that The Glass Bead Game has had on my life. But this short reflection is enough to show me the profound depths to which we can be influenced by what we consume as literature in early life. Perhaps the reflection is only productive as a sort of therapy that makes conscious what has been hidden for decades from will and choice.

T I too was inspired a half century ago by The Glass Bead Game, but when I reread it about 20 years ago, it no longer inspired but rather repulsed me. As you see my remarks were largely nostalgic. On the other hand it does capture something of youthful ideals which persisted. On the third hand, perhaps those youthful ideals are merely neuroses.

O Jogo das Contas de Vidro

Who can say? The Journey to the East has enthralled me since I first read it in my teens — and probably I understand only marginally more of it now than I did then.

The early novella Knulp is a small masterpiece, touching and true. Like The Journey The Glass Bead Game is thus a mode of playing with the total contents and values of our culture; it plays with them as, say, in the great age of the arts a painter might have played with the colours on his palette.

All the insights, noble thoughts, and works of art that the human race has produced in its creative eras, all that subsequent periods of scholarly study have reduced to concepts and converted into intellectual property — on all this immense body of intellectual values the Glass Bead Game player plays like the organist on an organ.

At the centre of this enterprise, the Magister Ludi — or master of the Glass Bead Game — is treated like a priest or deity by devotees of the game. Certainly, what nowadays we understand by personality is something quite different from what the biographers and historians of earlier times meant by it.

For them, [ We moderns, on the other hand, do not even speak of major personalities until we encounter men who have gone beyond all original and idiosyncratic qualities to achieve the greatest possible integration into the generality, the greatest possible service to the suprapersonal.

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