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Multiple streams of internet income: how ordinary people make extraordinary money online / Robert G. Allen p. cm. Includes index. ISBN (cloth . Multiple Streams of Internet Income: How Ordinary People Make Extraordinary Money Online Read online, or download in secure PDF or secure EPUB format . Allen, Robert G. Multiple streams of internet income: how ordinary people make How to Create Multiple Streams of Income downloading Homes in Nice Areas With.

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Multiple Streams Of Internet Income Pdf

Multiple Streams Of Internet Income By Frank Fricker - [Free] Multiple Streams Of Internet. Income By Frank Fricker [PDF] [EPUB] -. MULTIPLE STREAMS OF. 21 INCOME STREAMS: MULTIPLE WAYS TO MAKE MONEY ONLINE Make Money Online with eBooks Right now is one of the best times in Internet marketing. *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Praise for MULTIPLE STREAMS OF INTERNET INCOME If ever the world needed some help to succeed on the Internet.

The book features the original seven powerful methods that average people can use to make money on the Internet, and covers such topics as taking offline products online, niche marketing, successful Web-based business models, information marketing, affiliate programs, and more. There's plenty of new material in this Second Edition , including coverage of new federal and state laws covering spam and how to work around much of the new anti-spam technology active on the Internet. All the Web sites and online resources featured in the book have also been updated. Visit him at www. Toggle navigation. New to eBooks. How many copies would you like to download? Multiple Streams of Internet Income 2nd ed.

Click the link and join the affiliate program. One good way to maximize your site referral income is to add site links and banners to your blog or website. Sign up today at http: Before I go any further, let me explain the difference between a niche directory versus a local directory. A niche directory offers items to people within a certain niche or interest group. The owner makes money from business owners who pay to advertise their products to downloaders who all share a love or enthusiasm for a certain topic or niche.

In my search I came across a site called http: Niche directories are what you call a win-win-win situation. They are very popular for three fundamental reasons. Number two, advertisers love them because they deliver targeted customers right to their door so to speak with http: Number three, the directory owner loves them because they make easy money month after month.

Another spin on this same basic idea is to create a directory for professionals in the same industry. Some of the niches that you might consider may include real estate agents, insurance agents, health and beauty professionals, wedding vendors, etc. You can offer free or low cost advertising to get these small business owners to get a listing on your directory. The truth is that your main objective is to build a list of targeted customers. Just be sure not to overload them with meaningless advertising and send them good quality information that will help them build their own businesses.

A third way to make money with directories is to create a local directory that caters to people in your local geographic area. Watch the video and then go to http: I love this tip and will soon be using it myself. Does it get any better than that? Have you ever thought about hosting your own radio show?

If you have any experience with offline radio then you already know that it can be very expensive. People of all interest groups are hosting free radio shows at blogtalkradio. You just sign up for an account and follow some simple instructions to get started.

The radio shows are free for people to listen to but you can make money by advertising products on your show or obtaining sponsors. Blogtalkradio seems to make their money thru Google Adsense, site and other advertising programs. A radio show would be a great extension of your existing business and could be an excellent way of providing premium content to your customers or clients.

Or you may even want to pursue this idea as a complete business plan in itself. Stock photos are pictures that you allow a company to use for a commission. You may receive a flat fee per photo that is accepted or a commission on each download of your photo. Stock photography companies offer paid memberships to customers in the graphics or photography industry. Their membership fee allows them a certain number of credits that they may use to download the photos that they need for a particular project.

There are lots of stock photo companies around today such as: One major feature that I like about Shutterstock above the others is that they have a forum where designers request the specific photos that they want.

How about also getting paid for having conversations with people that you hold in high esteem? Before I do I need to tell you about an awesome product that you need to make this idea work very effortlessly. Depending upon the size of your niche, identify people who you consider experts. Visit the online forums where people in your niche come to get help or offer advice. Take notice of the types of questions that are asked repetitively, the things that people struggle to accomplish or the goals that they set.

Contact the experts to arrange an interview. Let them know the reason why you want to do the interview, i. Call the expert at the appointed time and record the interview.

Do some basic editing on the interview to give it professional sounding quality. Set up the sales process then let your niche audience know that the interview is available for download. Regardless of your niche there are always experts in every field that you can interview and enthusiasts who are willing to pay you money for access to those interviews. Within a few weeks you should have at least 10 interviews completed. This is enough original material to add to a membership site and start receiving recurring income for the next couple of months.

Continue doing the same and add more interviews as you go along. Your income will continue to grow while you do something very enjoyable. Just ask the owners of sites like Craigslist and their many clones. Classified advertising has taken the leap from your newspaper to the Internet and your chance for profitability has skyrocketed along with it.

A classified ad site is a great way to offer affordable advertising to businesses in your community or to an online niche. More good news…some web hosting accounts include software that you can download for free and set up a classified advertising site. If not, you can do a search on google and find several options for low cost software to get you up and running.

This is an opportunity to make money by providing a very necessary service. The problems that exist in the real estate market all across the US represent a chance to help people avoid getting into even deeper problems. A lot of families need to sale their homes to get out from under mortgages that they can no longer afford for a variety of reasons. There are also many people whose housing needs have changed and they are now ready to move. Whatever the reason there will always be people in every community on the move.

Here are three ways that you can make money with a real estate portal: Offer home sellers free basic listings with the option to upgrade to premium listings which could include features such as virtual tours of their homes, more pictures, more space for descriptions, longer advertising of listings, etc.

Make money from affiliate programs that cater to a wide range of consumer needs that concern home downloaders or seller. Some of these types of products could include mortgage products, credit scores or repair, insurance, furniture, appliances, cars, etc…the list is almost endless. Heck, you might not even feel competent to operate most software…forget about creating it. Just this morning I was watching Regis and Kelly on tv and heard them bantering about how completely non-savvy they both are.

Kelly went on to say that the only reason that she even owns a computer is to download music to her ipod. Maybe you can relate. Let me assure you that you do not have to be a geek, a nerd, or even own a pair of suspenders in order to make money in the software business. You can make money with software just by coming up with a great idea and hiring a programmer to make it happen.

Multiple Streams of Income

Here are three of the top freelance directories where you can hire a programmer to create almost any type of software that you can imagine: In it, Jeff gives step by step instructions on setting up your own software company and making real money online creating simple products and turning them into big sellers.

Let me give you just a brief explanation of what teleseminars and webinars are. The easiest way to understand each of these is to remember that the root word is seminar. With either platform the basis is the information or seminar that is being presented. Otherwise, the difference is the way in which the seminar is delivered. Of course, a teleseminar is conducted over the telephone, In fact, participating in a teleseminar sometimes feels like eavesdropping on a phone call between a guru and a student.

A webinar is a seminar delivered over the internet or web using special software that allows you to make a presentation online and allows the audience to view the webinar on their computers.

Internet marketer Doug Champigny has revealed 25 secrets that walk you right thru setting up successful teleseminars and websinars. This is required reading for anyone who is serious about making money in this way. Be sure to check it out. It also comes with master resell rights so that you can tell others about this income stream and make a bunch of money in the process.

Multiple Streams of Internet Income (2nd ed.)

Basically there are three types of income streams that you may have coming into your business. If you do a one-time job, sale or perform a contract, you get paid once and the income stops there. If you do a normal 9 to 5 job, you will continue to get paid as long you continue to work for your employer—often called a linear income. You stop working and the bank account dwindles. The third type of income is the residual or recurring income where you are paid even after you have stopped working.

You had to go through the tedious task of researching, writing and getting a publisher. However, after that initial investment, and as long as your book continues to sell, you will continue to receive royalty checks. A majority of affluent people created wealth through a residual income stream. Take singer Michael Jackson for example; he still continues to receive royalty from the sales of his records made decades ago. He can even repackage the same oldies and sell them to generate new income.

This is the most ideal situation of the three. We would all like to work once and get paid over and over again. That is the power of residual income! The majority of professionals that enjoy this type of income belong to the creative fields such as actors, writers, singers, and inventors.

Multiple Streams of Income - PDF Drive

But you can have a recurring income too. Many online companies will pay you a recurring income for referring others to them.

Instead of getting paid once like you do with most affiliate programs, residual programs pay you for as long as your referrals continue to be paying customers.

Here are some places online where you can find residual income programs. These are just a few but you can find many others with just a little research. In many cases, your customer may like to download audio products to a computer or ipod to be able to listen to the content on the go. An audio ecourse would be very similar except your emails would include a link to an mp3 that the customer could download.

They would then listen to the information rather than read an email. In order to do that just visit a few forums or groups within your niche and see what kind of questions are people asking repeatedly. Creating content — Once you decide on a topic you can either write the material yourself or download good quality PLR articles.

Arrange the articles in a sequence that gives step-by-step instructions on how to complete the objective or goal. You next need to record the lessons into downloadable MP3s. For easy instructions on how to do this go to http: Delivering the audio ecourse to your customers - Send customers to your sales page where you can tell them about the ecourse and pay.

Probably the best autoresponder available is at http: People will be willing to pay you because everyone loves convenience. One of the best ways to make money online or offline is by offering anything that makes life easier. The web gives you an opportunity to display your expertise in a variety of formats including writing, audio clips, or videos.

All of these methods give you the opportunity to reach a global audience full of thousands of potential new clients. Here are 5 ways that you can grow your business online as a coach or consultant: Free or paid newsletters — A newsletter is a great way to introduce yourself to subscribers and give them helpful tips, information and strategies. You can even offer two subscription levels — a free subscription available to anyone and a paid model where you can give more thorough information to paid subscribers.

Articles — As a coach you can write articles that give specific information about the subjects or topics that interest your niche. Ebooks — A further step from articles and special reports would be ebooks. This could allow you to go into more detail about what you offer as a coach or consultant. For instance, if you are a marriage and relationship consultant there are some topics that are universal to all marriages. Instead of constantly saying the same thing to each couple that you consult you can refer them to your ebook.

Audio and Video Samples — Audios samples offer a good way to give instructions on certain topics and allow listeners to hear you and begin to bond with you is with the use of audio. These audio samples may include interviews, tips, podcasts or radio shows.

Coaches that teach physical skills you may want to use videos to demonstrate the proper way to complete certain tasks. The visual aspect of some skills is very important to learning and video is a better format to present this type of training.

Teleseminars — One of the most popular marketing tools of coaches and consultants is the use of teleseminars.

In as little as 45 minutes or less you can take a prospect from being completely unfamiliar with your product or service to someone who is totally convince that they MUST have you as a coach in order to survive.

Teleseminars allow potential clients to learn all of the benefits of your service while investing nothing more than their time and attention. What you may not know is how to take this idea to a whole new level. A much more profitable way to create wildly popular content sites is by using breaking news that millions of people are search for TODAY. I certainly cannot discredit adsense a good way to monetize content site but I want to give you a few good alternatives.

A good way to make money online is just by staying abreast of the daily news and making a simple webpage that you can have online within minutes. You can have people arriving at your site very quickly by creating a few pay per click campaigns. You can do the same with sports or entertainment news.

Text Link Ads. CPA Empire. Max Bounty. You can freelance from home using your skills as a Virtual Assistant. Virtual Assistance is one of the fastest growing industries on the internet. These are a few of the tasks that virtual assistants perform: Here are some organizations to help you become a successful virtual assistant: You can do this by creating a basic website that advertises local retail shops, restaurants and service providers.

You can monetize your online mall even more with affiliate advertising and revenue sharing programs like Google adsense. Be sure to set up a mailing list to send out regular notices about sales and special offers happening on your website.

Use an autoresponder to followup with local residents — http: Here are a few ways to get lots of visitors to your local mall: Word of mouth advertising Local Radio shows Public access television Local morning shows Press releases, featured stories or paid advertising in local newspapers and publications Pay Per Click and other online advertising Flyers in local stores Postcards and door hangers http: In exchange for your free profile on their website Myspace plasters almost every available inch your page with advertising.

When you go back to look at your profile it will simply be gone There are many ways to make money on Myspace without breaking any of their rules or risking having your page banned. If you like the idea then you can use it too. Send me a link to your site if you like. As you can see in this picture a large portion of Myspace is categorized into groups. You can also see that some of the groups have tens of thousands of members.

This problem for them creates a huge opportunity for you. Why not create a site similar to Myspace that would allow business owners to advertise for a nominal monthly fee? Create a profile just as you normally would.

In other words, create a useful profile that people will actually be attracted to. After your first week, go ahead and start a group that caters to your niche.

Tell the group that among other accomplishments, hobbies, goals, interests etc. As you continue to subtly mention your other site in future posts lots of people will check out the site just out of curiosity.

Some will even join when they see a site similar to Myspace that also allows them to advertise.

21 Income Streams- Multiple Ways to Make Money Online

I recently found a very good script that allows you to set up your own Myspace clone and offer monthly advertising as a feature.

The script is called phpFox. Here are some more features that you get with this software: I immediately sent Willie a private message to request his permission to use the post here. Within less than 5 minutes later, I received a response from Willie allowing me to share this idea to give you another method on how to create a full time income online.

This is the kind of money making advice that you can get everyday from real marketing gurus like Willie Crawford only at http: Sun Dec 02, At the same time, I know that there are people who absolutely HATE the idea of having to do any type of customer support.

It occurred to me that setting up a business where you take on x number of clients, http: I could see setting up a site named something like HelpDeskCentral.

So you'd have: Anybody wanting that as a business model feel free. Property continues to be a dependable asset where you can make consistent returns wherever you are.

High or low in terms of jobs and share price, the property markets never dry up - they are one of the most vibrant sources of income ever made. In this new and revamped issue of ''Creating Wealth'' you will find the path from Allen to everyone's personal gain. Programs to think that savings are good, debts and risk-taking evil, we are disqualifying ourselves from ever having a shot at big bucks. In the creation of riches, the first thing to do is to stop trying to "think poor".

Several Streams of Income is the culmination of more than two centuries of collaboration with hundreds of thousand highly prosperous individuals. Personally, I have seen how humans have gone from life on the street to life in villas, from cabbing to chauffeuring in a limos. With Multiple Streams of Income, you'll find out how you can make riches in many different ways and from different resources what I call Gelddberg. Those three peaks of capital accumulation, which differ from each other and yet have similar features, are the Anlageberg, the Immobilienberg and the Marketingberg.

Out of this bandwidth of funds at least 10 different and different income streams are flowing into your increasing pool of assets. I' ve chosen every single streaming file meticulously, with a formulation I call the Geldbaumformel. Learning the nine features of an optimal income flow, you will know exactly how to benefit from each of these flows. It is the aim "that every year you bring at least one new income flow into your lifetime, so that these flows will ultimately flood your lifetime with wealth and liberty.

Reflecting the triumph of the best-selling Multiple Streams of Income, Multiple Streams of Internet Income took the concept of making cash on the Internet to the next stage by unveiling how to get a marketing-message to a wider range of prospective clients more quickly, more cheaply and with greater value.

It offers the seven primordial powerfull ways ordinary folks can make cash on the Internet, and deals with issues like taking off-line items on-line, market niches, winning web-based businesses, information merchandising, affilate programmes and more. In The One Minute Millionaire, it's not just about becoming a billionaire - it's about making, preserving and sharing your riches in an ethical way.

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