Deine deutsche Manga-Community. Unterhalte dich mit vielen gleichgesinnten Manga-Fans und wühle dich durch unsere riesige Datenbank mit über Collectionmanga_unsorted. LanguageEnglish. MANGA: Blame Volume Identifiermanga_Blame-v Identifier-arkark://t8hd9nc3f. MANGA: Akame Ga Kiru Volume Identifiermanga_AkameGaKiru-v Identifier-arkark://t50g5bt2r. OcrABBYY FineReader

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Project Description Manga to Epub allow you to convert a bunch of images to a single "epub" file, readable on your reader. Allowed files: images. Author: Azuma Kiyohiko. Other name: よつばと!; 四叶妹妹!; 四葉妹妹!; Cỏ bốn lá; Yotsuba to!; Yotsuba!; Yotsuba&! Genres: Comedy, Shounen, Manga, Slice of. Manga. Choose from great eBooks from Rakuten Kobo's extensive catalogue. Get personalized recommendations and see other readers' reviews. Read more.

Due to legal aspects of the contract, we could not fully disclose details on exactly why. However, our parting's amicable and it was done after a lengthy correspondence. We've decided to simply part ways as it was decidedly the best option for both parties. Again, we are really sorry that our relationship with TPG had come to an end. This issue has nothing to do with money or if someone had been "offended". If there were possibilities of continuing our relationship, we would have. Sometimes, we simply have to make a decision that hurt us but it was the right decision. Thank you for all of your love and support! Since then, GuiltPleasure has grown from a US-based doujin effort into an international, multi-language publishing group of dedicated individuals with a common mission to deliver a high standard of homoerotic entertainment. Not your everyday BL, GuiltPleasure explores darker themes and unconventional plotlines, testing the boundaries of the human psyche.

Support for epub to pdf conversion.


Support for Windows , , XP, Vista,, 7? Advanced interface. Support for zoom in, zoom out when user open an epub book. Chapters are listing.

User can find the chapter immediately.

Support for file connection. User can double click the epub file and open it. The viewer is also added to the right menu.


The user who want to read epub books in Windows operation system. They can also convert the epub to pdf can send it to other friends with Windows OS.

When you're done, you can export your work as a movie, an animated GIF or a series of still images.

Your finished work can be exported as a movie, an animated GIF or a series of still images and then posted on a website or social media. The Process of Creating Animation Light table function - register pictures as a reference. Onion skin - display the surrounding images translucently.

MANGA: Akame Ga Kiru Volume 01

Adjustment feature to improve the quality It is equipped with the adjustment feature to improve the quality of your book. You can create various effects when combining layers by changing the blending mode. Choose from 29 different blending modes!

Text input You can add texts in your work not only as words for manga but also as a point of illustrations. Texts are set detailed. You can add texts in your work. You can add an edge to your text.

Input text will be reflected as text layer.

It allows you to add a page or change the order of pages, or change to spread or a single page. User interface that allows you to freely customize the color or layout It will allow you to focus on creating artworks by providing a workspace laid out according to your preferred drawing style and the drawing environment that does not let you feel stressed. It enables to change the color or density of the main window so that you can work easily.

Palette layouts that fit a certain style or purpose such [Manga], [Illustration] and [Design] can be saved as a workspace. EX iPad Interface optimized for high-resolution retina display and touch operations Applications and canvases can be displayed in the resolution of the retina display in the Mac OS version.

You can also switch to an interface optimized for touch operations in Windows8. Various palette layouts, the sizes of design elements such as icons and various areas that would otherwise be difficult to operate using your finger have been adjusted to make the interface ideal for touch operations.

Use the cloud service to share your app settings, creations, and materials across different devices The cloud service is an online service that allows users to share app settings, creations, and materials between the Windows, macOS, and iPad versions. From now on, the supreme drawing taste can be enjoyed anywhere.

MANGA: Blame Volume 01

Compatible with operations that use the Microsoft Surface Dial PRO EX PC With the Surface Dial it is possible to magnify and rotate a canvas, perform the undo function, adjust brush size, move along the timeline and rotate parallel line ruler. Use Clip Studio with ibisPaint, the popular drawing app for smartphone and tablet You can import drawings from popular smartphone drawing app ibisPaint into Clip Studio Paint with layers intact so you can keep drawing.

The popular drawing app for smartphone and tablet by ibis mobile inc. Accelerates the realization of your image in 3D There are various 3D functions that help bring out and get the creator's image into shape: Makes up a scene for manga by laying out 3D characters and small objects with 3D as a background.

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