Star Wars: KOTOR at IGN: walkthroughs, items, maps, video tips, and strategies. Read a user guide to Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic by NumberOne. Unfortunately I can't seem to find my "Prima's Official Strategy Guide". find one online, but I'm looking for the exact same guide (pdf possible).

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Kotor Walkthrough Pdf

This document contains unofficial errata for the Knights of the Old Republic Campaign Guide, the third supplement released for the. Star Wars. Knights of the Old Republic: Prima's Official Strategy Guide was the official Prima Games guide to Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic. For Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic on the Xbox, GameFAQs has 41 FAQs (game guides and walkthroughs). FAQ/Walkthrough, 09/12/03, Virgil.

Note about Dark Side points: they're very easy to come by and usually obvious, so you won't see as many DS Points in the walkthrough. LS Points are not as obvious, and sometimes doing good deeds will get you nothing except satisfaction, if even that. Therefore, we have included more of these opportunities. Introduction You can play KotOR any way you want: good, balanced or evil. Sometimes you might even feel guilty about a choice you made: help where you shouldn't have, hinder where you should have. The beauty of KotOR is that at almost any point in the game, you are not beyond redemption for good or for evil , though in the sequel, you may find it more difficult to move to the dark side than in the first. If you liked Knights of the Old Republic, you're sure to enjoy The Sith Lords as well but I would strongly recommend playing the discounted original first. Generally speaking, the gameplay and game engine of KotOR II remain almost identical with a few changes and additions, and it's another lengthy adventure. Character development offers a few more choices this time around, with new powers and lots of new items, and the inventory system has been slightly reworked for the better, especially weapon switching. For all intents and purposes, the game takes away the level cap, so you can become as powerful as there are enemies and quests in the game. A reasonable level to expect in The Sith Lords while doing all quests and taking on all creatures is somewhere in the upper 20's. Advice The easiest way to play through the game is to choose a side and in general, stick with it.

The experience gap is more severe if you try to save more levels, so if you wait until level four or five, your teammates will not lag as far behind. Of course, you can feel free to proceed in Knights of the Old Republic however you see fit. If you do manage to survive Taris with a low-level character, however, your super-Jedi will make for a very fun playing experience, and will make your character more versatile in his or her use of Force powers as the game goes on.

Indeed, this is the biggest difference between the normal method of leveling and this loophole-leveling; characters who exploit a loophole like this will gain more Force powers in the latter stages of the game. If you just want to chop stuff up with a lightsaber, this won't make a large difference in your playing style, but if you plan to become a Jedi consular, you can expect to be spoilt for choice when choosing your Force powers if you do manage to save a few levels before Dantooine.

knights of the old republic 2 walkthrough pdf : izogip

Now, with that lengthy lemma out of the way, let's proceed to an explanation of the Jedi classes. Jedi Guardian The Jedi guardians are those Jedi who aren't afraid to take out their lightsaber when the situation demands it. They shouldn't be thought of as warriors, since "wars not make one great," after all. Indeed, the life of a Jedi guardian should be dedicated to peace, the minimization of bloodshed, and serene meditation on the meaning of the Jedi Code.

I'm kidding, of course. Guardians are meant to kill, kill, kill; that's what they're good for, and that's what you'll be able to do with relative ease if you choose to upgrade your character to this class. Guardians are not as strong in the Force as the other Jedi classes, but are much more powerful when it comes to wielding a lightsaber, and are more physically resilient as well.

A guardian is roughly analogous to a soldier. The Jedi guardian's class-specific feat is Force jump, which is a combat-oriented feat that allows a Jedi to cover massive amounts of ground and deliver a powerful blow when combat begins. Given the nature of KOTOR, though, most of a Jedi sentinel's negotiations will be of the aggressive variety, but not to worry; Sentinels are quite adept at handling themselves in combat. The Jedi sentinel's unique feat is probably the most useful of the three: as a sentinel increases in level, he or she will become increasingly resistant to mind-affecting attacks, such as attacks that cause fear, or stun your character.

This will become quite important when battling the Dark Jedi later on in the game, since they will quite often resort to these kinds of attacks when using the Force powers.

knights of the old republic 2 walkthrough pdf

As a note, characters who advance through Taris as a soldier, and who want to proceed through the game as a combat-oriented character, may want to consider the sentinel as an alternative to the guardian class. While you do lose out on lightsaber specialization, which hurts, you'll gain more Force points, and will be able to increase your skills a bit faster than you were previously.

And not to put too fine a point on it, but Force immunity is almost always going to be a better feat to have than Force jump, especially in the last few stages of the game. They don't gain any special Force powers when compared to the other two classes, but do gain Force powers at a very slightly more rapid pace than do guardians and sentinels, and will have a deeper pool of Force points to draw upon when they need to unleash their powers in combat.

They spend less time training for physical combat, however, and so are not going to be as appropriate as front-line combat troops. A good example of a Jedi consular, albeit a Dark side example, is the cronish Emperor Palpatine from Return of the Jedi.

Since this is a passive feat, it is always active, and will help your characters stun or incapacitate their opponents. In addition to the normal Force power that's gained at every level-up, consulars also gain an additional Force power at levels 5, 9, 13, and The bonuses and penalties associated with high or low attributes will affect your character's combat acuity, skill usage, and the efficacy of your Force powers.

If you choose to create a quick character, your attributes will be distributed automatically, but if you wish to create a custom character, you'll be able to choose all of your vital statistics individually using a pay-for-points system. An unmodified character is initially a tabula rasa, and is, in fact, slightly below average in each attribute.

In order to increase your attributes, you'll have to download each additional point using a pool of 30 download points. The initial increases to a skill are on a one-for-one basis, but as you progress towards the upper limit of your initial attributes during character creation, no attribute can be raised above 18 , each additional point begins to cost more; downloading a stat of 15 or 16 will each cost your character two download points, while the elite stats of 17 and 18 will each cost three download points.

Choose your force powers to suit your play style.

Game Guides & Walkthroughs

Throughout the game, there are countless opportunities to gain light and dark side points. In the first game, it was far, far easier to become evil than to become good. In this one, you'll find it more difficult to go either way, though will have no problem if you remain on one path.

There are four main areas to explore after you leave Telos for the first time. Dantooine and Korriban were in the first game but will be different now, and the two new ones, Onderon and Nar Shaddaa, are all of your choices on the Galaxy Map. You can visit these planets in any order, but I've found that Nar Shaddaa is overall the most difficult, so in the walkthrough, I put that third for a continuity reason I Still, many people prefer to do them in their own order and it's perfectly acceptable and playable, even for newcomers, so refer to the appropriate section of the walkthrough and you'll be alright.

If you're playing the light side or a balanced character, the Stun, Stun Droid and Heal series of force powers can be invaluable. When you're picking Force Powers later in the game, try and focus on a few sets of them, rather than spreading them around. You'll have a more powerful character that way. KotOR II is different than the first in that most of the best items are randomly generated in containers.

By the end of the game, you may have several of a really good item but have never found another. Save most of your money for items that are expensive to download rather than medpacs and stims.

Search everywhere and in every container. This walkthrough strives to cover all the minor and significant events or encounters, as well as any above average yet items you come upon that are static. It obviously cannot cover, nor would we want to spend the time, writing down the contents of every container since they are random now - life is important too.

Remember to "bash" open locked footlockers and doors if your party does not have a high enough Security skill.

The Plasma Torch you receive at the beginning of the game is ideal for this, so remember that. Unlike the first game, some doors absolutely cannot be bashed, so must be either unlocked by a console or destroyed using a mine. The bugs. Save often, and use many different slots. There seems to be an occasional random crash bug, so be sure to save.

There are also several text bugs, some dialogue sound bugs not matching the text and dialogue loop bugs that may occur. Hopefully the PC version will fix many of these problems. Despite these, my copy was fairly stable and didn't crash often, just occasionally. Most of all, have fun and play any way you want Walkthrough FAQ. Would it be inappropriate for me to do so?

You can help significantly with that by providing corrections or quest information where needed, or advice with an easier non-exploit or cheating solution. Advice of the strategical kind might be better suited to our Strate g y Guides section rather than the walkthrough.

For a walkthrough submission, send us an e-mail here! The framerate is often slower in the second game, especially in battles with many opponents, and the load times are longer. The inventory system has been reworked to allow two sets of weapons, and the interface command bar now allows for switching the two sets with the click of a button, a much needed addition.

New to KotOR II is the ability to influence your party members' alignment by your own dialogue with them and choices that you make. There is now a Workbench and Lab Station where you can break down items into components and chemicals to create brand new items of your own depending on skill.

There are also lots of new items and some new powers and feats, as well as items that are randomly generated in containers, rather than being in a specific place. Finally, there are new Prestige Classes that you can reach once you hit level 15, and there is no level cap..

What's the best order to do the planets? Are the planets in the walkthrough set up in any order? There really is no best order. Yet after much thought and play testing and rearranging, I've finally settled on this order to present the walkthrough, the main reason being the flow and excitement seemed to be best. Other walkthroughs including the Prima Guide list Nar Shaddaa as first, but here it is second.

The reason is that in my opinion, it is the most substantial planet in both quest complexity and overall difficulty, and by placing it second, you should be easily the equal to any challenge it can throw your way and still have time to use the party member you pick up there by the end of the game.

But I'll reiterate what I said before: there really is no best order; just take a look at our worlds section and pick the planet that seems best at that moment.. How do I get to Dxun? I don't see that on the Galaxy Map. The story will take you there when you simply select Onderon..

At what level can I become a Prestige Class? Talk to Kreia any time after level 15, with significant Light or Dark alignment and you'll get to make your decision.. How do the Workbench and Lab Station work? They now allow you to create nearly all of the good upgrades and some of the best items in the game using your skills. All skills are used except Persuade, and the higher the party member using the Workbench or Lab Station is, the more you will see available for creation.

The highest skill requirement I believe is 32 in some cases. This includes all of your bonuses for equipment, etc. When you create weapons, armor and upgrades, you'll use the generic "components" for each item created. To use the Lab Station for creating healing supplies, stims and the like, you'll need the generic "chemicals" for each item created. Apart from finding components and chemicals everywhere, the only way of getting them is to break down your found or bought items.

I would suggest instead of breaking down your item into components or chemicals, selling off your unneeded items for a lot of credits, and then downloading either Advanced Medpacs or Frag Grenades two items that merchants sell an infinite amount of, and then Your money will go a lot further by doing it this way..

Your walkthrough doesn't have all the items in every bin, container and locker. There are two good reasons. You can have most or none of the best items by the end of the game, but are likely to have at least several if you search everywhere. Secondly, if we listed every medpac, repair kit or repair parts that you could find in the game, you would stop reading where any sort of item list began because it would all start to look the same. You'll probably end up searching all the containers anyway.

We will however list the most important items you come across that are not randomized. By doing it this way, you won't miss any significant or out of the ordinary ones.. There is a Dark Side point opportunity you missed and I'd like to e-mail you about it.

Unless it's out of the ordinary, please do not send it if it appears obvious, such as killing someone, threatening to kill someone, threatening someone in any way, blackmailing, or any other obvious dark deed.