Judo Used in Military, Combat, and Self Defense Training. Tomoenage in Olympic Visit medical-site.info for Judo clothing, books and training products. PDF Drive is your search engine for PDF files. baby judo judo éducatif judo de compétition judo de loisir jujitsu self-defense enfants/ . Get books you want. T HIS IS NOT a miracle book. You will find no "secrets" nor mysterious practices here, for the simple reason that there are none in Judo. Judo or ju-jutsu is.

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In Combat Judo, it makes O difference what position your opponent We believe "Combat Judo" is the most practical book on hand-to-hand combat yet. THE COMPLETE BOOK OF JUDO THROWS. BY. GRANDMASTER. TED GAMBORDELLA. Page 2. 1. Wawar. Warm Ups: Be sure to do warm ups. Before taking. up-to-date judo book which deals with your progress in your. Iirst year or so of judo. Such a work is Harry Ewen's Modent. Judo and Self-Defence, published by .

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By contrast, gymnastics rate highly as physical education. Practice is not injurious to the body, is generally beneficial to health, and promotes the balanced development of the body.

There are many ways in which gymnastics can be made more appealing, but one that I advocate is to do agroup of exercises I have tentativelyworked out. Each combination of limb, neck and body movements is based on the principle of maximum efficiency and represents an idea.

Done in combina- tion, they will effectively promote harmonious physical and moral develop- ment. Its movements not only lead to balanced physical develop- ment but also provide training in the basics of attack and defense.

Results Book - Judo

I have written about this in complete detail in chapter For physical education to be truly effective, it must be based on the prin- ciple of eflicient use of mental and physical energy. Women training in kato aI the Kodokan. These latter occur only in kata because it is only in kata that the movements are prearranged and each part- ner knows what the other will do.

Randori means "free practice. They may throw, pin, choke and apply joint locks, but they may not hit, kick or employ other techniques appropriate only to actual combat.

The main conditions in randori are that participants take care not to injure each other and that they follow judo etiquette, which is mandatory if one is to derive the maximum benefit from randori. Randori may be practiced either as training in the methods of attack and defense or as physical education. In either case, all movements are made in conformity with the principle of maximum efficiency.

If training in attack and defense is the objective, concentration on the proper execution oftech- niques is sufficient. But beyond that, randori is ideal for physical culture, since it involves all parts of the body, and unlike gymnastics, a1l its move- ments are purposeful and executed with spirit. The objective of this system- atic physical training is to perfect control over mind and body and to prepare a person to meet any emergency or attack, accidental or intentional.

In randori, one must search out the opponent's weaknesses and be ready to attack with all the resources at his disposal the moment the opportunity presents itself, without violating the rules ofjudo. Practicing randori tends to make the student earnest, sincere, thoughtful, cautious and deliberate in action. In randori one can never be sure what technique the opponent will employ next, so he must be constantly on guard. Being alert becomes second nature.

One acquires poise, the self-confidence that comes from knowing that he can cope with any eventuality. The powers of attention and observation, imagination, of reasoning and judgement are naturally heightened, and these are all useful attributes in daily life as well as in the dojo.

To practice randori is to investigate the complex mental-physical rela- tions existing between contestants. Hundreds of valuable lessons are deriv- able from this study. In randori we learn to employ the principle of maximum efficiency even when we could easily overpower an opponent.

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Indeed, it is much more impressive to beat an opponent with proper technique than with brute force. This lesson is equally applicable in daily life: the student realizes that persuasion backed up by sound logic is ultimately more effective than coercion.

Another tenet of randori is to apply just the right amount of force-never too much, never too little. A1l of us know of people who have failed to accomplish what they set out to do because of not properly gauging the amount of effort required. At one extreme, they fall short of the mark; at the other, they do not know when to stop. In randori we occasionally come up against an opponent who is frantic in his desire to win. We are trained not to resist directly with force but to play with the opponent until his fury and power are exhausted, then attack.

This lesson comes in handy when we encounter such a person in daily life. Since no amount of reasoning will have any effect on him, allwe can do is wait for him to calm down. These are but a few examples of the contributions randori can make to the intellectual training of young minds. There are people who are excitable by nature and allow themselves to become angry for the most trivial of reasons.

Judo can help such people learn to control themselves.


Through training, they quickly realize that anger is a waste of energy, that it has only negative effects on the self and others. Training in judo is also extremely benehcial to those who lack confidence in themselves due to past failures.

Judo teaches us to look for the best pos- sible course of action, whatever the individual circumstances, and helps us to understand that worry is a waste of energy.

Paradoxically, the man who has failed and one who is at the peak of success are in exactly the same posi- tion. Training in randori at the Kodokan. The teachings of judo give each the same potential for success, in the former instance guiding a man out of lethargy and disap- pointment to a state of vigorous activity. One more type who can benefit from the practice ofjudo are the chroni- cally discontented, who readily blame others for what is really their own fault.

These people come to rcalize that their negative frame of mind runs counter to the principle of maximum efficiency and that living in con- formity with the principle is the key to a forward-looking mental state. Not the least of these is the beauty and delight of performing graceful, meaningful techniques and in seeing others perform them. This is the essence of the aesthetic side of judo. Here I would like to point out five basic principles and show briefly how they operate in the social realm.

First is the maxim which says that one should pay close attention to the relationship between self and other. To take an example, before making an attack, one should note his opponent's weight, build, strong points, temper- ament and so on. He should be nonetheless aware of his own strengths and weaknesses, and his eye should critically assess his surroundings. In the dojo, he takes note of walls, people or other potential obstructions.

Toshihiko Koga. Win by Ippon Judo Book

If a person has carefully observed everything, then the correct means of defeating an opponent will naturally become apparent. Ivana publishes DIYMarketers , where she shares daily do-it-yourself marketing tips, and is co-author of "Excel for Marketing Managers. Related Video Shorts 0 Geoff Nelson August 21, at Cynthia Cavoto August 21, at 9: Johan van Mierlo August 21, at You can find more detailed reviews of Social Media Judo posted online by several top bloggers and Lockergnome recently published an interview with one of the authors, Chris Aarons, which provides a great overview.

At that time, I was looking for a way to use Social Media to create a buzz about my dental clinics locally to the local college, and college-age population. By using the techniques in the book, I was able to avoid the pitfalls listed.

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I wholly recommend this book to any businessperson looking to utilize social media to great success. I received this book as a gift at a social media conference. As an executive, I appreciate the book's insights on how to use social media via your company's key influencers to take an advantage over the competition.

I appreciate the authors' industry viewpoint on how to execute the strategies, so they are preaching from firsthand experience and not theory. I felt that they were concrete takeaways that I could apply to my businesses in an impactful way.

Further, for the executive who is not abreast in social media as much as I am, it is helpful as the book is easy to read and the recommendations are evident. Overall, a great read, and even though it was released in I feel the strategies discussed are still very relevant today. By using the art of Judo as analogy, this book shows one how to be successful in influencing one' target audience be it blogger, influencer, or corporate marketer.

I particularly liked how it built on the five steps of judo to mastering social media marketing: Ukemi, Uchikomi, Kuzushi, Randori and Shiai, using the examples of representative influencers at each step. Book Categories I would strongly recommend this to any marketer or influencer to be more successful! See all 5 reviews. site Giveaway allows you to run promotional giveaways in order to create buzz, reward your audience, and attract new followers and customers.

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