John G Lake-How to be filled with spiritual The Healer: Dr. John G. Lake is Chapter 15 of Let the Light Shine Out: The Story of the Assemblies of. Adventures in God by John G. Lake - HopeFaithPrayer The Forerunner of " God's Latter Rain" 3. that address of Brother Lake on the baptism in the Hol. Keywords: John G. Lake; fraud; falsification; Pentecostalism; divine healing; 8.

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Read freely text sermons and articles by the speaker John G. Lake in text and pdf format. usually known as John G. Lake, was a Canadian–American leader in. The John G. Lake Healing Rooms were originally started in when Dr. Lake began The Healing Rooms at Spokane are NOT affiliated with John G. Lake. Copeland, John G. Lake: His Life, His Sermons, His Boldness of Faith (Forth Worth: .. 22 Gordon Lindsay, John G. Lake-Apostle to Africa (Dallas: Christ ForThe.

Skip to main content. Log In Sign Up. John G Lake-How to be filled with spiritual power. Godspower Echiye. Lake By Harold J. Under International Copyright Law, no part of this publication may be reproduced, stored, or transmitted by any means— electronic, mechanical, photographic photocopy , recording, or otherwise—without written permission from the Publisher. Printed in the United States of America. Library of Congress Catalog Card Number: Used by permission. Most of the Scriptures quoted in John G.

Lake began traveling, stopping at Spokane where he was invited to open a healing room in that city.

He accepted the invitation and ministered to the sick for about six months. The Healing Mission in Spokane Dr. Lake had been an elder in the Zion Apostolic Church when Dowie was at the height of his power. Thus he, together with various other persons exposed to the Dowie approach to Christian living, became dynamic disciples and missionaries of the gospel of Jesus Christ, coming west through the Dakotas, Montana, and into Washington.

Lake had made no preparation or study that prepared him for missionary work nor was he particularly trained in a theological perspective, as were most ministers. But he was a man of strong and forceful personality who seemed to make his way to the forefront in whatever situation he found himself. Lake His ministry had its weaknesses as well as its strengths.

It was believed by some that his failure to properly anticipate the heavy responsibilities his first wife [Jennie] had to carry was an unfortunate mistake that contributed to her untimely death on the mission field.

This fact, plus the responsibilities he now had in order to care for a large family, was one of the primary contributing factors to the close of his ministry on the mission field. However, his days of glory were not yet finished. His early ministry in the City of Spokane became a demonstration of the power of God that resulted in more than , healings being reported during a period of five or six years.

Some declared that Dr. Lake, through his ministry of divine healing, had made Spokane the healthiest city in the world. This, of course, was similar to a documented report that came out of Washington, D. His activity in Spokane had such impact that the Spokesman Daily Review carried full-page articles each week regarding his ministry and the miraculous acts of documented healing.

The full-page articles in the Spokesman Review were often as follows: The Church at Spokane John G. Personal interviews and ministry through prayer and laying on of hands. Public services on Sunday at The Masonic Temple at 11 a. Lake Our ministry is private and confidential. Persons desiring to give public testimony must arrange with the ministers in advance. Then would follow letters of testimony from those who had received healing or their physicians as well as articles by Dr.

Lake indicated that they ministered to an average of people per day in the healing rooms. In addition, calls for prayer and the ministry came by telephone, telegraph, letter, and cable from all parts of the world. Ministry to the sick in their homes was another phase of work accomplished by the use of two motor cars in which ministers were conveyed from home to home, praying for those who were unable to present themselves at the healing rooms.

Lake indicated that at least , people were ministered to each year by car, telephone, telegraph, letter, or cable. Thousands of people would attend the Sunday services held each week at the Masonic Temple. There were no fees charged for any of the ministry, and the entire project was supported by means of love offerings. An especially appealing story was published on September 20, , in the Spokesman Review. It was a testimony shared by Walter J.

Williams, science department chairman of an eastern university. Lake In the article, he told about two of his friends in the East who had traveled to Spokane and received amazing healings. This scientist-educator was very adverse to anything savoring of what might be called the supernatural.

But he journeyed to Spokane to gather first-hand information for himself. He visited several persons who professed to have been healed under Dr. Then he visited the man himself. After an extended interview, he was invited to stay and see for himself what God was doing here.

Williams did. I saw them come, hundreds in a day. I talked to them, asking them questions, the lame, the poor, the rich, the uneducated, and the intellectual. Were they healed? Yes they were. Was I convinced that it was God? Indeed I was. Lake and his associates were.

I have listened to some of the greatest teachers on earth, both secular and religious, but I have never heard such revelations of life or such a revelation of God as I heard and witnessed at the Healing Rooms in the Rookery Building in Spokane. Walter J. Lake and his staff were waited upon at their healing rooms by a committee of the Better Business Bureau of the City of Spokane.

Their duty was to investigate the truthfulness of the public announcements that were continuing to appear in the city papers. Lake These testimonies were so astounding that complaints had reached the Better Business Bureau to the affect that the testimonies must certainly be untrue. The committee examined eighteen witnesses whose testimonies had appeared in public print.

Further names of persons who had received healings within the city were given to the committee so that they could go personally and investigate for themselves whether or not these things were so. He invited them to form a committee composed of physicians, lawyers, judges, educators, and businessmen who could render a verdict.

During the intervening period between the interview in the healing rooms and Sunday, June 23, the committee continued their investigations. On Friday, June 21, Dr. Lake received a letter from the committee assuring him that they had no desire in any way to interfere with the good being done and had determined that their appearance at the Sunday meeting would not be necessary. Two members of the investigating committee spoke privately to Dr. Lake and his staff and said that the committee was astounded.

Lake was about to conduct in the area. He inquired as to why these announcements were being made and the manager of the store replied: Jack Reinboldt. The one girl died as a result of the operation. Louise came out of it unable to speak.

She was taken to throat specialists, who pronounced her case absolutely incurable. Recently she was taken to Spokane to Mr. Lake announced that there would be no change in the program. He indicated the meeting would take place as announced, and if the Better Business Bureau would not take their place, he would appeal to the public for its verdict.

Thousands of people attended that afternoon in the Masonic Temple while hundreds were refused admittance due to lack of space. Testimonies by ministers and lay people alike of significant, documented healings were given throughout the remainder of the afternoon. The publicity of this meeting was tremendous and was perhaps one of the high points in the sometimes controversial but always unique ministry of John G.

Lake In May , Dr. Lake moved to Portland, Oregon, to establish a similar work to that of his church in Spokane. Within a few years, this ministry in Portland was making a similar impact in Oregon as the one in Spokane had in Washington.

One of his converts in Portland was Gordon Lindsay, who later became an independent Pentecostal evangelist of some significance and forerunner of the present Christ for the Nations Institute headquartered in Dallas, Texas.

He possessed a remarkable ability to create faith in the hearts of his hearers. Gordon Lindsay was no exception. Having followed Dr. He was stricken with a critical case of ptomaine poisoning and for days hung between life and death. Lake offered prayer for Lindsay, and although deliverance did not come immediately in a visible manner, he professed confidence that indeed the Lord had answered prayer. Lake brought Reverend Lindsay some of the typewritten sermons her husband had recently given, and while reading these messages, faith suddenly sprang into his heart.

He arose from what many thought was a deathbed, instantly healed. While he was in Portland, Dr. Lake entertained hopes for raising up a chain of healing missions on the order of his works in Spokane and Portland. However, though he was not yet advanced in age, he had lived an intensity that had taken its toll.

A decline in the strength and vitality that had characterized his earlier ministry became apparent. He seemed unable to match his spiritual vision with the physical strength required to bring it to pass. Lake suffered a serious accident that almost took his life. He never returned to Houston. For a while, he ministered in churches throughout California.

However, the dynamic touch that he once had was lacking. He later returned to the City of Portland where he pastored for a time. Afterwards, he returned to Spokane. There he pastored until his death. On Labor Day, , Dr. Lake attended a Sunday school picnic. He came home very tired and after a hot supper, laid down to rest. A guest speaker was at the church that evening so Mrs. Lake prevailed on him to stay at home. She went to church in his place. When she arrived home, she found that he had a stroke in her absence.

He lingered for about two weeks, being unconscious most of the time, until September 16, , when he went to be with his Lord. His ministry was summed up in the brief testimony of Reverend B. Hebden who spoke at the memorial service. Lake was a strong, rugged character of loving and winning personality, and he has left his mark indelibly upon the world of Gospel Truth.

Lake came to Spokane. He found us in sin. He found us in sickness. He found us in poverty of spirit. He found us in despair, but he revealed to us such a Christ, as we had never dreamed of knowing this side of heaven. We thought victory was over there, but Dr. Lake revealed to us that victory was here, a present and possible reality. We regarded death almost as a friend, but Dr.

Lake came and revealed to us the Christ, all glorious and all powerful, that is triumphant, compassionate, and lovely, and our night was turned into day and despair was turned into laughter. How I thank Him that I ever contacted that man, unique, powerful! I will never forget the day in the Hutton Block when I was sick with several chronic complaints, and I heard that message of Christ, that His arms were under me, and I kept it and the message kept me and, instead of my being, long and long ago, gone and forgotten, I am here rejoicing and thanking our brother, Dr.

Lake, who brought that message to me. Friends, he should still speak in me, not by the pen but by the Spirit that is in me, by the Light that is in me, by the regeneration of Jesus Christ that is in me. Let us, friends, not go and squander it by hiding it in a napkin, but let us keep it by giving it out.

Lake March 18, — John G. His parents move their family to Sault Ste. October — Lake becomes a Methodist minister in Chicago, Illinois. April — Lake takes Jennie to the healing home of John Alexander Dowie in Zion City, Illinois, where on April 28 Dowie prays for her and she is instantly healed of tuberculosis and heart disease.

Lake — John and Jennie move their family from Sault Ste. April — Lake leaves his insurance business, gives away his wealth, and goes into evangelistic work, casting himself and his family upon God to supply all their needs. April 19, — One year after beginning his evangelistic work, Lake and his family leave Indianapolis, Indiana, and head for South Africa to do missionary work.

May — John, Jennie, and their seven children arrive in South Africa. Early — Lake travels to England to hold meetings for Church of England ministers. Lake institutions with a reputation for healing. The Investigative Council in Lourdes asks several there to attempt to heal five terminally ill people. Lake agrees on condition that he is the last to pray for them.

All of the others fail in their attempts. Lake prays for the sick and three are instantly healed, one is healed over a few days, and one dies shortly after. July — Lake returns to the United States for six months to hold evangelistic services. Sufficient funds are raised to enable him to take eight missionaries to South Africa. January — Lake and his eight missionaries travel to South Africa.

Eight hundred Native Congregations and one hundred and twenty-five White Congregations are eventually organized. He never goes back to Africa. During their marriage, they have five children. Lake May — John and Florence move to Portland, Oregon, to organize a similar church and healing rooms there. Within a few years, the healing rooms are having the same impact as the Spokane healing rooms. About to about — Lake attempts to establish healing rooms in Texas and various places in California but without success.

He goes back to Portland to pastor for a short time and then returns to Spokane. Lake dies of a stroke. Back row: Otto Brian Jack Front row: Not yet born: Lake Left and above: William J. Seymour and John G. Lake seated, and Brother Adams, F. Bosworth, and Tom Hezmalhalch standing. Lake John G. But as the living lava continues to boil and seethe the pressure increases until nothing can hold it down and it breaks forth with a force that rolls over everything that tries to stop its progress.

Woman with an Issue of Blood Though the woman had an issue of blood and so under the law was unclean and forbidden to be in a crowd of people, her desperation, brought about by 12 years of unsuccessful medical treatment and having no money left to pay for more treatments, drove her through the law and the crowd of people to Jesus.

Lake On her feet, on her hands and knees, forbidden by the law, scorned, and discouraged by others, it did not matter.

Blind Bartimaeus It was the same with Blind Bartimaeus. Be still. Think of the wonder. The Son of God, by whom and through whom and for whom all things were created Colossians 1: All because the blind person saw the truth of Christ the Healer! So, Jesus stood still and commanded him to be brought to Him. Prodigal Son The prodigal son took everything his father gave him and spent it upon the pleasures of the world until the world took everything from him—as it does from everyone foolish enough to do the same.

To get enough food to stay alive he was forced to take a job feeding pigs for no better food than the pigs ate. An Israelite in covenant with Almighty God through Abraham reduced by his own foolishness to feeding animals declared unclean by the Law of Moses—a spectacle to all who saw him.

Then he became desperately hungry, and that hunger caused him to see himself as he truly was, to see his desperate condition, and started him upon a journey home to his father—a father of love and healing. Make me like one of your hired servants.

Bosworth] home, before Fred thought of preaching the gospel, I listened to Lillian Thistleweight [sister-in-law of Charles Parham] tell of God and His love, His sanctifying grace and power, and what real holiness is. It was the divine holiness that came from her soul. It was the living Spirit of God that came out of her inner being. I sat back in the room as far away as I could get. I was self-satisfied, doing well in the world, prosperous with all the accompaniments that go with successful life.

But that night my heart became so hungry that I fell on my knees, and those who were present will tell you that they had never heard anybody pray as desperately as I prayed. That was the night you prayed in my home until the rafters shook, until God came down, until the fire struck, until God came in and sanctified our hearts. A moment when God comes in and makes your heart pure and takes self out of your nature, and gives you divine triumph over sin and self.

That is what the baptism brought to us. That is what we coveted from God. I set up my own home, married a beautiful woman, and our first son was born. My wife became an invalid; my son was a sickly child. Out of it all one thing developed in my nature: My soul cried to God for deliverance. I knew nothing about the subject of healing; notwithstanding, I was a Methodist evangelist. But my heart was crying for deliverance; my soul had come to the place where I had given up depending on man.

My father had spent a fortune on the family to no avail, as if there were no stoppage to the train of hell. And let me tell you, there is no human stoppage, because the thing is settled deep in the nature of man — too deep for any material remedy to get at it. You will not have to cry very long until you see that the mountains are being moved, and the angel of deliverance will be there. I finally got to that place where my supreme heart- cry was for deliverance. Tears were shed for deliverance for three years before the healing of God came to us.

My heart cried, my soul sobbed, my spirit wept tears. I wanted help. I did not know enough to call directly on God for it. But I did not. But one thing matured in my heart—a real hunger. Lake a law of God that is in the depths of the Spirit. God will answer the heart that cries; God will answer the soul that asks. Christ Jesus comes to us with divine assurance and invites us when we are hungry to pray, to believe, to take from the Lord that which our soul covets and our heart yearns for.

One day the Lord of heaven came our way, and in a little while the cloud of darkness, that midnight of hell, was lifted. The light of God shone into our life and into our home.

We learned the truth of Jesus as a present-day healer and were able to receive the divine power of God for our needs. No one can understand the tremendous hold that the revelation of Jesus as a present-day Healer took on my life, and what it meant to me, unless they fully understand my background. I was one of sixteen children. Our parents were strong, vigorous, healthy people. My mother died at the age of seventy-five, and at the present time [March ] my father still lives and is seventy-seven.

Before my knowledge and experience of the Lord as our healer, we buried eight members of our family. A strange train of sickness followed us and for thirty-two years, there was always some member of the family who was an invalid. When I think back to when I was a boy and a young man I remember a nightmare of sickness, doctors, nurses, hospitals, hearses, funerals, graveyards and tombstones, a sorrowing household, a brokenhearted mother and grief-stricken father, struggling to forget the sorrows of the past, in order to assist the living members of the family, who needed their love and care.

At the time Christ was revealed to us as our healer, my brother, who had been an invalid for twenty-two years, and upon whom father had spent a fortune for medical assistance, was dying.

I have never known any other man to suffer so extremely and so long as he did. At the same time, my thirty-four-year-old sister was dying with five cancers in her left breast. But it was no use. There was a large core cancer and after the operations four other heads developed—five in all. Another sister lay dying of an issue of blood. Gradually, day by day, her lifeblood flowed away until she was in the very throes of death. I had married and established my own home.

My wife, Jennie, became an invalid from heart disease and tuberculosis. Her heart would stop and she would become unconsciousness. Sometimes I would find her unconscious on the floor or in her bed.

Stronger and stronger stimulants became necessary in order to revive her heart action, until finally only nitroglycerin tablets would work. After these heart spells Jennie would remain in a semi-paralytic condition for weeks, the result of over- stimulation the physicians said. Lake in that room. Instantly, the power of God flashed through him. He arose and walked out of the place in his nightgown. Three others, a great deal like him, were on cots.

Dowie prayed for each one, and one after another received the healing touch and arose from their cots. When I saw him well, I walked on my tiptoes for about three weeks. Great joy and marvelous hope sprang up in our hearts. A real manifestation of the healing power of God was before us.

Quickly we arranged to take our sister with the five cancers to the same healing home, carrying her on a stretcher. She was taken into the healing meeting. I have not been a true Christian like others. They may be healed because of their goodness, but I fear healing is not for me. After listening from her cot to the preaching and teaching of the Word of God on healing through Jesus Christ, hope sprang up in her soul.

She was prayed for and hands laid on her. As the prayer of faith arose to God, the power of God descended upon her, thrilling her being. Her pain instantly vanished. The swelling disappeared gradually. The large core cancer turned black, and in a few days fell out. The smaller ones disappeared. The mutilated breast began to re-grow and became a perfect breast again. Words cannot tell this story. A new faith sprang up within us — a living, dynamic faith.

If God could heal our dying brother and our dying sister, and cause cancers to disappear, He could heal anything or anybody! The sister who had the issue of blood and I had been close from our childhood. She was a little older than I. The vision of Christ the Healer had just been opened to my soul. I felt for a heartbeat but there was none. I picked up a small mirror and held it over her mouth, but there was no discoloration.

I stood there stunned. Her husband knelt at the foot of the bed weeping. Her baby was asleep in the crib at the opposite side of the room. My old father and mother knelt sobbing at the side of the bed. They had seen eight of their children die; she was apparently the ninth. My soul was in a storm. I cannot accept it!

Adventures in God by John G. Lake - HopeFaithPrayer

It is the work of the devil and darkness. Somehow, I just felt my spirit lay hold of the spirit of my sister. My spirit was crying out for somebody with faith in God that I could call upon to help me. That was twenty-five years ago when the individual who trusted God for healing was almost an insane person in the eyes of the Church and the world. Bless God, it is different now. Lake together, stay together, and form a nucleus in society that has some force for God. That was John Alexander Dowie, six hundred miles away.

I went to the phone, called Western Union, and told them I wanted to get a telegram through to Dr. Dowie with an answer back as quickly as possible. I sent this wire: I believe if you will pray, God will heal her.

I am praying. She will live. In the name of Jesus Christ, I abolish this death and sickness, and she shall live. Presently I observed her husband get up and tiptoe to the bed, and I knew that he had seen it. Day by day, death silently stole over her, until the final hours had come. A brother minister was present. I thought of her whom I loved as my own soul, and a flame burned in my heart. I felt as if God had been insulted by such a suggestion. Yet, I had many things to learn.

In the midst of my soul storm I returned to my home, picked up my Bible from the mantelpiece and threw it on the table. The book opened at the tenth chapter of Acts, and my eyes fell on the thirty-eighth verse, which read: Quickly going to another Scripture that was referenced, I read again from the words of Jesus in Luke Lake has bound, lo, these eighteen years, be loosed from this bond?

What a faith sprang up in my heart, and what a flame of intelligence concerning the Word of God and the ministry of Jesus went over my soul. I saw as never before why Jesus healed the sick. Hebrews 2: We decided on 9: The power of God came upon her, thrilling her from head to foot.

Her paralysis was gone, her heart became normal, her cough ceased, her breathing was regular, her temperature was normal. The power of God was flowing through her person, seemingly like the blood flows through the veins. As I was praying I heard a sound from her liPs. What a day! Shall I ever forget it—when the power of God thrilled our souls, and the joy of God possessed our hearts at her recovery?

The news spread throughout the city and the state. The newspapers discussed it. People traveled for great distances to see Jennie and to talk with her. She was flooded with letters of inquiry. A great new light had dawned in our soul. Our church had diligently taught us that the days of miracles were past. Believing that, eight members of the family had been permitted to die.

But now, with the light of truth flashing in our hearts, we saw that such teaching was a lie, no doubt invented by the devil, and diligently heralded as truth by the Church, thus robbing Christians of their rightful inheritance through the suffering of Jesus Christ. Others came to our home. Pray for us. God answered, and many were healed. Many years have passed since then, but no day has gone by in which God has not answered prayer.

People have been healed, not by ones and twos, nor by hundreds, or even thousands, but by tens of thousands. For I have devoted my life, day and night, to this ministry. I wish we were all desperately hungry for God. It would be a strange thing if we were all desperately hungry for God and only one or two got filled [or healed] in a service.

Lake Spiritual Principles As with all principles established in the Word of God, the underlying principle stated in Matthew 5: Lake righteousness, holiness, healing, spiritual power, or anything else. The underlying principle is this: Those who hunger and thirst, who are desperately hungry for what they desire, shall receive what they desire. In spiritual matters, there is often a catalyst that explodes something within us and starts us on a new journey in the kingdom of God.

For John G. So great was the darkness that all earthly hope was lost. But as in many things of the spirit, God used that darkness to bring forth the light of the truth of the healing gospel of Jesus Christ. It was a revelation that started Lake on a journey toward spiritual power unlike anything that had been seen since the time of the Apostles. I was there when Tom Seymour came into his meeting.

Parham related his experience with the Holy Spirit to Brother Tom and me. He worked as a waiter in a restaurant to support himself while he preached. He knew God as his Savior and Sanctifier. He knew the power of God to heal. But as he listened to Parham, he became convinced of a bigger thing—the baptism of the Holy Spirit. He went on to Los Angeles without receiving it, but he said he was determined to preach all of God he knew to the people, whether he had yet experienced it himself or not.

Here is what he later told me. I got to Los Angeles, and there the hunger was not less but more. I prayed, God, what can I do? There are better things to be had in spiritual life, but they must be sought out with faith and prayer.

So, I increased my hours of prayer to seven, and prayed on for a year and a half more. I prayed to God to give me what Parham preached, the real Holy Spirit and fire … and love and power of God like the apostles had. I do not believe any other man in modern times had a more wonderful deluge of God in his life than God gave to that dear fellow, and the glory and power of a real Holy Spirit revival swept the world. God was in him. Have you a real divine hunger, something your soul is asking for?

If you have, God will answer—God will answer. By every law of the Spirit that we know, the answer is due to come. It will come! Bless God, it will come.

John G. Lake (1870 - 1935)

It will come in more ways than you ever dreamed of. Lake of the living presence of Christ the Healer in you, and that the same spiritual power that flowed in the life of John G.

Lake is available to you? Watch for it.

Be ready for it. Within six months, the Lord began to progressively heal Beverlee of crippling rheumatoid arthritis and lupus. A few months later, He healed me of a slipped disk condition that for nearly ten years had periodically disabled my back. Although our faith for healing had increased because of these, I continued to suffer from agonizing attacks of hemorrhoids—a condition that had recurred far too frequently for over 14 years.

I would awake almost every hour with nightmares of burning knives being plunged into me. Toward the end of this two-week attack, nothing helped anymore to ease the pain—medication, hot baths, nothing worked. I prayed constantly for relief but without results. An operation was fast approaching as my only option. This night of all nights, I used all the medication I could, took a hot bath, and then laid in bed on my back as quiet as I could.

After some time I fell asleep—and then woke up about 1 A. From my waist down I was literally on fire. There I grabbed the sink with both hands and braced my body against the waves of pain that roared though me.

Sweat poured down my face as I stared at myself in the mirror, straining not to make a sound that would disturb Beverlee or our children. I had never before been in such agony. I was desperate. I needed help. Then suddenly, in the midst of this agonizing pain, from somewhere deep inside, a cry burst out of me: It stopped so suddenly that my body, which had been braced against the pain, lurched forward and then back.

I hardly breathed. I just stood there, unable to believe what I was no longer feeling. Then I drifted off to sleep. When I awoke the sun was shining through our open bedroom window and I could hear birds singing in the backyard. Mentally I checked myself immediately for pain, and there was none, not a whisper, only a slight pressure where there had been agonizing pain for nearly two weeks. Beverlee was still asleep and I got slowly out of bed and went over to the window and looked out at the backyard.

A slight breeze was blowing, and the early morning sunlight was shining through the trees, chasing the shadows of the leaves on the lawn. Lake seemed to me. Then suddenly I realized that the Lord had healed me and I wept like a baby. That was twenty-one years ago, and there has never been another attack. She was asked how often the group met for prayer. No just some things, all things! Not just most things, all things! Everything is possible to him who believes!

The statement or promise is just too great for them to believe. Mark those two words well: Insistent Persistence In Luke Though at first refused, he persists and is given what his other friend needs. And I say to you, Ask and keep on asking and, and it shall be given you; seek and keep on seeking, and you shall find; knock and keep on knocking, and the door shall be opened to you.

For every one who asks and keeps on asking receives, and he who seeks and keeps on seeking finds, and to him who knocks and keeps on knocking the door shall be opened.

Later in Luke Persistence will overcome all obstacles, uncertainty, and enemies. John Lake Seaks of a Conquering Spirit When we come down the line of twenty-one apostles, we find among other things that fourteen out of twenty-one gave their lives for the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Five of them gave their lives on olive trees, where they did not take time to make crosses, but nailed them to the first thing that they could find. Thomas died in India being pierced through both ways and left to die. That is the character of apostleship; that is the character of Christianity. That is the reason that before His arrest after He had eaten with them, Jesus took the cup and when He had drunk said: From time immemorial, men have pledged themselves under every circumstance.

The old Romans, before a great battle were in the habit of gathering together, while the commander took the cup in his hands, to drink to the pledge that they all gave for the honor of Rome and that they would never retreat.

That is what gave them their invincible character and that carried their conquest throughout the world. That is the reason that Christians look to their Lord, not as a coward, not quailing from suffering and hiding in fear, but they look to Him as the boldest of the bold, as He dared to do what never man dared. Who can help but love that character of a Christian? And beloved you who have listened to my voice for six or seven years past know that my heart has asked, my soul has cried, and my nature has longed that God might bring forth in this city [Spokane, Washington] a Christian character of that order that will stand forever as a divine monument of eternal faithfulness and fidelity in Jesus Christ to the truths of the Son of God.

Yes, I have confidence in you. Other souls may shatter on the rocks; other souls may wither in disappointment, but the lives that have been planted in that spirit of divine fidelity to Jesus Christ are unconquerable.

They will triumph in the world. In the midst of the sentiment of modern church life, the world is waiting for those who dare again to walk out on the platform of the Son of God and stand there, bless God!

Lake dodging we endeavor to accept the platform on which our Lord has stood. Jesus Christ had come, the eternal jubilee, everlastingly available. He was at hand. Come in and take the blessing and by the grace of God enjoy the benediction of heaven that the Christ has provided. Lake would never give up or retreat before any disease or ailment or spiritual obstacle. Lake to help you battle back your enemy. Lake had his Alexander Dowie, and hundreds-of-thousands had their John G. Now the sick and diseased are waiting for others like them to rise up with the shield of faith, the sword of the Word, the name of Jesus Christ, and the power of the Holy Spirit.

Simpsons, A. Look in your mirror! John Lake on Redemption and Faith Everything there is in the redemption of Jesus Christ is available for man, when man will present his claim in faith and take it.

There is no question in the mind of God concerning the salvation of a sinner. No more is there concerning the healing of a sick one. It is in the atonement of Jesus Christ.

His atonement was unto the uttermost, to the last need of man. The responsibility rests purely, solely, and entirely on man. Jesus put it there.

No question about it in the words of Jesus. If ever a man made his words emphatic, it was Jesus. Indeed, He did not even speak them in ordinary words, but in the custom of the East. Lake unto you. There is no continuity in his faith. There is no continuity in his character. There is no fixed concentration on God for the thing that he wants. He is a Christ and Savior, even unto the uttermost.

Blessed be His Name! Who shall dare to raise a limit to the power of God! Who shall dare to raise a limit to the accomplishment of faith through Jesus Christ? I am glad that the days are passing quickly when men no longer desire to raise barriers before the souls of men.

The tendency is to take down the barriers and let all the faith of your heart go out to God, for every man and every condition of life—to let the love of God flow out of your soul to every hungry soul. People look in amazement in these days when God answers prayer for a soul.

A week ago last night, my dear wife and I went to pray for a soul, a Mrs. Ten years ago, a tree fell on her and broke her back. She became paralyzed, and for ten years she has been in a wheel chair, her limbs swollen, and her feet great senseless looking lumps that hung down useless. She says that many preachers have visited her in these years and have told her to be reconciled to the will of God, sit still, and suffer longer.

If the pain would just stop for a little while, it would be so good. I would feel as if I were rewarded. And by the authority of the Son of God I cast you out. Life began to flow into her being, and the pain left. In a little while she discovered that power coming back into her body. Then she found she could get up on her hands and knees. She began to call in her neighbors and relatives to show them what God had done and how God had delivered her. About in Switzerland, God revealed to Dorothea Trudel that Jesus Christ was the same yesterday, today, and forever, and that all the healing power that was in Jesus was in Him still.

That His love for humanity was still as deep as ever, and that He is just as willing to save a sick body as a sick soul. Dorothea believed what she heard within her heart and read in the Bible and began to tell the glad tidings.

Soon after, she healed several colleagues by way of prayer and anointing with oil. Others then began to come to her for prayer and anointing and many were healed. She later established the first divine healing homes using the same methods plus close attention to living a holy and righteous life.

Along with the work of Bishop Blumhardt in Germany, this was the origin of the teaching of healing in modern times through faith in the name of Jesus Christ, and the forerunner of later healing homes and centers.

Lake of a sick lady in Oberlin, Ohio, and he vouched for these facts as unquestionably authentic. This is what Finney said about the healing: Miller is the wife of a Congregational minister, and a lady of unquestionable truthfulness.

PDF: “Christ In You” Pt. 1 – a sermon by John G. Lake – Ann Windsor Bible School

Her story is worthy of entire confidence, as we have known her for years as a lame, suffering, invalid, and now see her in our midst in sound health. Miller and those who were present, regard the healing as supernatural, and a direct answer to prayer.

The facts must speak for themselves. Why should not the sick be healed in answer to the prayer of faith? Unbelief can discredit them, but faith sees nothing incredible in the facts stated by Mrs. In early life, I was attacked with rheumatic weaknesses and pains, which affected my whole system. Until the last three months, I have been unable to get about without the aid of crutch or staff, generally both, for seven years.

I have used many liniments and remedies, but with no permanently good result. I have been a Christian from childhood, but in our revival last Spring I received a spiritual refreshing from the Lord, which gave a new impulse to my faith. Since then, my religion has been a new life to me. I had in fact accepted what I supposed to be the will of God, and made up my mind to be a lame and suffering invalid the rest of my life.

I had long since ceased to use remedies for the restoration of my health. In fact, I had not even thought of praying in regard to it, for I regarded it as the will of God that I should suffer in silent submission. I had been growing worse for some time, and was at that time unable to get out to attend a church service. I was suffering much pain that afternoon. Indeed, I was hardly able to be out of my bed. She related several striking instances in which her prayers had been answered in the removal of different forms of disease to which she was subject.

She also said that Jesus had shown her that He was just as ready to heal diseases now as He was when on earth—that such healing was expressly promised in Scripture, in answer to the prayer of faith, and that nowhere was it taken back. For the first time I found myself able to believe that Jesus would heal me in answer to prayer. She asked me if I could join my faith with hers and ask for immediate healing. I told her I felt that I could.

We then knelt and called upon the Lord. She offered a mighty prayer to God, and I followed. When we rose from prayer, I felt that a great change had come over me, and that I was cured. I found that I could walk without my staff or crutch or any assistance from any one. Since then, my pains have never returned. I have more than my youthful vigor. I walk with more ease and rapidity than I ever did in my life, and I have never felt so fresh and young as I now do at the age of fifty-two.

I cannot express the constant joy of my heart for the wonderful healing of my soul and body. I feel as if it was every bit made whole. We are all Christians, and have no interest in deceiving anybody, and would by no means dishonor God by stating more than the exact truth.

Miller is still with us, and in excellent health. Neither the severe cold of last winter, nor the extreme heat of this summer, has at all injured her health.

From our first acquaintance with her, she was so lame that she was unable to walk, except by the aid of crutches. Since that time she has been able to walk without help, and appears perfectly well. At the time of her cure she was much worse than for a long while before, being in great pain continually, until the moment she fully believed.

When she did, she was restored to perfect soundness in an instant. From that moment to this, she has not felt any of her former pain. She does all her own housework and attends seven church meetings during the week. In short, she is stronger, and seems as young and spry, as when we were married thirty-two years ago. The work of the dear Savior in her cure seems to be perfect, and she is an astonishment to all who knew her before and see her now.

To His name all the praise. Finney God is Too Great for Unbelief It must be an insult to God for His children not to believe every word He says—an insult for them not to be fully convinced that He will do everything He has said and promised He would do. He is God, and He is too great for anyone not to believe Him fully—especially His children who are born again by His Spirit.

Jesus chastised His disciples for their lack of faith more than anything else. He got so exasperated with them that in Mark 9: Lake I bear with you? So then faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the word of God Romans And Jesus rebuked the demon, and it came out of him; and the child was cured from that very hour. Most assuredly, I say to you, he who believes in Me, the works that I do he will do also; and greater works than these he will do, because I go to My Father. And whatever you ask in My name, that I will do, that the Father may be glorified in the Son.

If you ask anything in My name, I will do it John And these signs will follow those who believe in My name: To set apart for sacred use, consecrate. To set apart for a deity or for religious purposes, consecrate. To declare or set apart as sacred, to dedicate to a given goal or purpose —adj.

Featured Audio Sermon. Nickname Password. First of all, be on your guard against every evil word, and every evil desire, and purify your heart from all the vanities of this world. If you guard against these things, your fasting will be perfect. Text Sermons: John G.

Lake - Read freely text sermons and articles by the speaker John G. Lake in text and pdf format. Lake, was a Canadian—American leader in the Pentecostal movement that began in the early 20th century, and is known as a faith healer, missionary, and with Thomas Hezmalhalch, co-founder of the Apostolic Faith Mission of South Africa. Through his —13 African missionary work, Lake played a decisive role in the spread of Pentecostalism in southern Africa, the most successful southern African religious movement of the 20th century.

After completing his missionary work in Africa, Lake evangelized for 20 years, primarily along the west coast of the United States setting up "healing rooms" and healing campaigns, and establishing churches. Lake was influenced by the healing ministry of John Alexander Dowie and the ministry of Charles Parham.

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