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𝗣𝗗𝗙 | On Jun 7, , Teodor Octavian Nicolescu and others published Interpretation of Mass Spectra. INTERPRETATION. OF MASS SPECTRA. FOURTH EDITION. Fred W. McLafferty / František Turecek. Tampin. = Interpretation of mass spectra. Miriam Müller. Prof. Dr. Dietrich Volmer. Institute for Bioanalytical Chemistry. Saarland University. Saarbrücken. Germany.

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Interpretation Of Mass Spectra Pdf

Introduction. Before discussing fragmentation and interpretation, it is important to contained in a mass spectrum is more difficult to interpret. The MS has an. Interpretation of Mass Spectra. ❖ Select a candidate peak for the molecular ion. ( M+). ❖Examine spectrum for peak clusters of characteristic isotopic patterns. nomena. At the end of the chapter, acquisition of mass spectrum is discussed. Analysis of such fragments provides information on the structure of molecules.

Louis, St. Louis, MO. Steroid conjugates, which often occur as metabolites, are challenging to characterize. One application is female-mouse urine, where steroid conjugates serve as important ligands for the pheromone-sensing neurons. Although the two with the highest abundance in mouse urine were previously characterized with mass spectrometry MS and NMR to be sulfated steroids, many more exist but remain structurally unresolved. Given that their physical and chemical properties are similar, they are likely to have a sulfated steroid ring structure. Because these compounds occur in trace amounts in mouse urine and elsewhere, their characterization by NMR will be difficult. Thus, MS methods become the primary approach for determining structure. Here, we show that a combination of MS tools is effective for determining the structures of sulfated steroids.


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