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Books shelved as intercultural-communication: Cultures and Organizations: Software of the Mind by Geert Hofstede, Riding the Waves of Culture: Understand . download products related to intercultural communications and see what customers say about intercultural It's like, not like that bad of a book like seriously. Intercultural Communication: A Contextual Approach Fifth Edition. This item:Intercultural Communication: A Contextual Approach by James W. Neuliep Paperback $ James W. Neuliep (Ph.D., University of Oklahoma) conducts research and teaches courses in intercultural communication.

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Intercultural Communication Book

Discover librarian-selected research resources on Intercultural Communication from the Questia online library, including full-text online books, academic. Find Intercultural communication books online. Get the best Intercultural communication books at our marketplace. Intercultural communication is a relatively new area of research in the communication discipline but has made tremendous progress in recent years. The book.

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Power Distance. Measuring Power Distance. Communication and Power Distance. Uncertainty Avoidance. A Theory of Uncertainty Orientation. Ethical Considerations Within the Cultural Context. Microcultural Group Status. Muted Microcultural Groups. Microcultures in the United States. Black Americans. Asian Americans. Arab Americans. Ethical Issues And Microcultures. Environments and Information Load. Culture and the Natural Environment. Worldviews of the Natural Environment.

Natural Disasters as Cultural and Social Events. The Built Environment. Cross-Cultural Comparisons of Housing. Japanese Housing. American Navajo Housing. Muslim Homes. Perceptions of Privacy in the United States. Cross-Cultural Variations on Privacy. Online Privacy Across Cultures. Monochronic Versus Polychronic Time Orientation. Consequences of Monochronic and Polychronic Orientations.

Ethics and the Environmental Context. Culture and Cognition.

The Geography of Thought. A Model of Human Information Processing. Cross-Cultural Differences in Sensation and Perception. Cross-Cultural Differences in Memory and Retrieval. Categorization and Mental Economy. Racial and Ethnic Stereotypes. Media Influence on Stereotypes. Stereotype Content Model. Why Stereotype? Stereotypes and Expectations. A Contemporary Conceptualization of Ethnocentrism.

Ethnocenterism, Intercultural Communication, and Interpersonal Perception. Ethnocenterism and Communication in the Workplace. Ethnocentrism and Racism. Ethics and the Perceptual Context.

Developing Intercultural Competence. Dimensions of Group Variability.

Intercultural Communication : An Advanced Resource Book for Students

Membership and Nonmembership Groups. In-Groups and Out-Groups. Reference Groups. Role Relationships. Role Differentiation and Stratification. Family Groups.


Sex and Gender Groups. Sex and Gender Roles Across Cultures. Saudi Arabia. Ethics and the Sociorelational Context. The Relationship Between Language and Culture. Sapir-Whorf Hypothesis. The Structure of Human Language. Sounds and Symbols. Syntax and Universal Grammar. Universals of Language.

Generative Grammar. The Gendering of Language: Are Languages Sexist? Elaborated and Restricted Codes. Cross-Cultural Communication Styles. Direct and Indirect Styles. Elaborate, Exacting, and Succinct Styles.

Personal and Contextual Styles. Instrumental and Affective Styles.

Cross-Cultural and Intercultural Communication | SAGE Publications Inc

Gendered Language Style Across Cultures. Language and Ethnic Identity. Do You Speak "American"? Ethics and the Verbal Code. Definitions of Nonverbal Communication. Formal Versus Informal Code Systems. Channels of Nonverbal Communication.

Physical Appearance and Dress. Nonverbal Communication and Dimensions of Cultural Variability.

High and Low Context. Nonverbal Expectancy Violations Theory. Cultural Contexts and Nonverbal Expectancies. Ethics and the Nonverbal Code. Communication and Uncertainty. Uncertainty Reduction and Intercultural Communication Apprehension. Empathy and Similarity in Relationship Development. Perceptions of Relational Intimacy Across Cultures. Eastern and Western Cultures and Relationships. Interethnic and Interracial Relationships and Marriages. Intercultural Relational Maintenance.

The Internet as Relational Maintenance. Mate Selection and Desirability Across Cultures. Arranged Marriages. Marital Dissolution and Divorce Across Cultures. Ethics and Intercultural Relationships. Definition of Intercultural Conflict. Conflict Communication Styles. The Intercultural Conflict Style Inventory.

Individualistic and Collectivistic Approaches to Conflict. Resolving Cross-Cultural Conflict: You Save: Overall not too shabby of a book. I'd definitely recommend it to people ages because I think they would really get the humor. It's like, not like that bad of a book like seriously. It's written by a wonderful author who shows great potential as a producer. His favorite students are always named Tony and Bobbi, but that shouldn't be held against him. Add to cart.

Cross-cultural communication – 4 books to read before you go

Only 1 left in stock - order soon. I use it for teaching Intercultural Communication Plueddemann West Chicago, IL. Great book. I use it for teaching Intercultural Communication and having it online makes it easy to project some of the diagrams. I loved this book and I loved the class even more. The book was easy to read and understand.

See All downloading Options. Understanding Intercultural Communication. In Stock. Cerritos College, Norwalk, California Speech communication department uses this textbook. Their department Chair was student of the author of this textbook.

When depart chair was only a grad student at CSUF the professor who helped the department chair of Speech Department with her thesis for graduate degree was the author of this book and at the time Professor at CSUF graduate school. This is great book to learn from. Other than the readings, which I am reading Chapter 4 Keys to Understanding Cultural and Ethnic Identities, it's good to have other activities in class to help digest all the theories from the book with interactions in classroom amongst students.

Intercultural Communication in Contexts. Only 18 left in stock - order soon. I am a non-traditional student and like most of us, students, the text book is a chore to read and we could care less if we ever had to read out of it or saw it again.

This text however, was fantastic! I was excited about it from the beginning and although I rented it I would like to keep this particular text in my library. An Introduction to Intercultural Communication: Identities in a Global Community. This text was a great guide for my intercultural communications class. Each chapter is well organized, with great examples. It is written in a way that is easier to read and remember than some other text books I've had.

Globalization and Social Justice. Only 2 left in stock more on the way. Well written textbook.

I only wish I hadn't taken this class during the shortened summer quarter. But this is a well written textbook for a great course. Introducing Language and Intercultural Communication. Only 5 left in stock - order soon. This is an excellent text. I was skeptical at first; but when it arrived in the mail, I was impressed.

Jackson has a balanced and knowledgeable perspective between linguistics and anthropology. Other resources lean toward one field or the other. It is well organized and user friendly.

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