HSK Standard Course 4A - Textbook (English and Chinese Edition) [Jiang Level 4 vocabulary) and the detailed explanations of 50 language points and 10 . nbyinto New Chinese simulation test HSK Vocabulary Level 4 / words Pocket book. nbyinto Official Examination Papers HSK Level 4 Edition Chinese Proficiency Test. Free shipping Stimulated Chinese Proficiency Test HSK Level 4 book for children kids. Items 1 - 24 of 34 HSK Level 4 Books - download online, Chinese Language Bookstore.

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Hsk 4 Book

I just passed HSK 4! When I planned to take HSK level 2, my teacher Amber in my Chinese school used the HSK Standard Course (HSK 标准. if: 5. a B-. 11 It's good to read; read good 2 books and like reading. Firy Bith 5. 1 as 2 . L.; -. 12 Discover the world with I5 | 4. 2, Fiat it; 5. E. E. your heart. Content for each of these books: HSK vocabulary list for HSK1 ( new words), HSK 2 ( new words), HSK 3 ( new words),HSK 4 ( new words), HSK.

An all-in-one essential book to keep with you at anytime. Far from being random sets of strokes, Chinese characters are actually made of different blocks which provide both semantic and phonetic clues in most of the cases. This unique book offers for each HSK Character found in the HSK tests from 1 to 4 1, words : the simplified and traditional writing, number of strokes, pinyin, main English meaning the decomposition in various blocks at least one radical all the HSK words related to a given character, in Simplified Chinese, including their HSK level, pinyin, part of speech and English translation. The list of the Chinese radicals is offered at the end of the book, alongside a dual index for pinyin or key radical search. This book is the first of its kind to offer the HSK vocabulary lists from 1 to 4 indexed by single characters provided with all their inner details. The knowledge you will gain about how the character is built, its semantic and phonetic clues, will make a big difference in your learning process.


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