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It is possible to sell digital products and content on site, but there are some very specific guidelines in place to protect both downloaders and sellers. Selling on site is a profitable endeavor if your business has access to a stock of popular, in-demand products. When you sell physical products on site, downloaders. Digital delivery is typically done through email or by downloading from the internet. including how a seller can be approved for selling such products on site.

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How Do I Sell Digital S On Ebay . A digital item is a computer file or special information that you can access online or have delivered . This is my method on how i can sell digital products on site on very easy way. you will only need an site account or an account in another. It looks like site is at last embracing the fact that many sellers want to offer digital products on site, and many downloaders are interested in downloading them. If you' ve.

Where do you want to sell? If you are accepting sales on site via PayPal then E-junkie can help with automatic delivery of digital products such as ebooks, documents, software, phone cards and more! Since we will be relying on PayPal's payment processing to fill your site orders you'll only need to update settings within your PayPal account rather than within site itself. When we are informed of a payment we will send the product within your E-junkie account that matches the name of your site listing, so it is important that the name of your listing and the name of your product are an exact match. View Setup Instructions. How to use E-junkie for site digital delivery? This step is only required ONCE: If your site listing Title will use any symbols, emoji, or other non-Western language characters, also set your PayPal account to use UTF-8 language encoding as we explain here. Copy it directly from the text-entry box where you type it , not from the live listing page later, as that will not be accurate if you have any double spaces between characters; If you are using any non-ASCII characters in your Title -- e. Add your product in E-junkie Admin: ONLY If you are selling on some other auction site, the price you enter should be the minimum at which your item can sell on that site. Configure other Digital Delivery options you need for the product. Click Submit to save settings.

Be sure to keep these in mind so you don't end up frustrated with a suspension or listing removal.

How to Sell an eBook on eBay THE RIGHT WAY!

First and foremost, pornographic content is not allowed nor is software that could be used to damage someone's computer or infect it with spyware. You also cannot sell digital content that violates other copyrights you can't sell a song you bought from iTunes, for instance.

Sellers of digital content also have to be verified by PayPal in order to confirm identity, but for the most part, if you created the digital content yourself and it does not fall into one of the "don't" categories, you can sell it on site. Think Outside the site Box Whether you're an existing or new site seller thinking about moving into information products, you may want to consider expanding your focus to include site alternatives as well.

Digital sales are not likely to be a lucrative option on site, especially if you're just getting started.

In fact, they may be more headache than they're worth. There are plenty of other online retail platforms that are much more friendly than site to the sale of digital goods in particular, music and ebooks.

Many are also more lucrative for sellers than site in this particular category. But the guidelines site has in place are a good primer on what to be careful about; selling digital content that doesn't belong to you is a recipe for disaster, no matter what platform you're using. Step 7: If they do not fit or are not similar click on Create a new listing. Step 8: A new page will open asking you to select condition.

How to Sell Digital Products On Ebay: How To Sell eBooks on eBay

Put simply is it new or used. Click in the relevant one. Step 9: Next you need to type a title for your item — remember the clearer and more descriptive you can be the more chance people have of finding it…. Step Next add some photos of your item, remember the clearer the photos and from as many angles as possible the more chance there is of people bidding on it.

Digitally delivered goods policy

Click on the plus sign to add photos. If your item is a specific brand or make then change details here so that people know when they are looking at your listing, and so that it will come up when they do searches. Next describe the item you are selling, the more you can tell people about what it is, how old it is or any other details that will make people choose your item over a similar one the better. Next choose whether you want to put the item for auction people can place bids to download or whether you want to put on with a download it Now price.

If you put it on as an auction item you can add your lowest price the least amount of money you would be willing to accept.

How to Sell an eBook on eBay THE RIGHT WAY!

However if the item is too big or heavy to post you can sell it as Collection in person by ticking in the box and then clicking Change. There will be a note at the bottom of this page telling you whether they are charging a fee, what details they hold for you etc.

Please check these details carefully and if they are correct click on the list my item button.

We have some other site guides that we recommend that you read such as How to download on site and How to make money on site.

Could your workplace do with developing its digital skills?

With funded membership opportunities currently available, now is the perfect time for organisations to join our Digital Champions Network. Copyright Digital Unite.

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How to sell on site.

Follow these step-by-step instructions on how to sell on site Step 1: If they do not fit or are not similar click on Create a new listing Step 8: If you put it on as an auction item you can add your lowest price the least amount of money you would be willing to accept Step More resources:

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