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To ask other readers questions about Her Best Friend, please sign up. Shelves : 5-star, contemporary, read, ebook, category-romance, hqn- .. It was however, really realistic, as one would expect from a Sarah Mayberry book. Get Free Access To | Her Best Friend Sarah Mayberry PDF Now. HER BEST FRIEND SARAH MAYBERRY. Download: Her Best Friend Sarah Mayberry. What's a girl to do when she's secretly in love with a friend and he's married to Rather than lose her best bud Quinn Whitfield with an ill-timed.

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Editorial Reviews. About the Author. Sarah Mayberry was born in Melbourne, Australia. Ever since she learned to read and write she has wanted to be an author. What's a girl to do when she's secretly in love with a friend and he's married to someone Her Best Friend ePub (Adobe DRM) download by Sarah Mayberry. Sarah Mayberry was born in Melbourne, Australia. Sarah Mayberry Author ( ) Her Best Worst Mistake. Sarah (). cover image of Her Best Friend .

Or, get it for Kobo Super Points! See if you have enough points for this item. Sign in Synopsis She thinks he's stuffy. He thinks she's spoilt. Then the gloves come off and so do their clothes! He's stuffy, old before his time, conservative. He drives Violet nuts - and the feeling is entirely mutual. Then, out of nowhere, her friend walks out just weeks before her wedding to Martin, flying to Australia on a mission of self-discovery. Back in London, Violet finds herself feeling sorry for suddenly-single Martin. At least, she tells herself it's pity she feels. Then he comes calling one dark, stormy night and they discover that beneath their mutual dislike there lies a fiery sexual chemistry. It's crazy and all-consuming - and utterly wrong. Because not only are they chalk and cheese, oil and water, but Martin once belonged to her best friend.

Throughout all this, Amy has harbored an unrequited love for Quinn that she never declared. Nearing 30, she decides it's time to stop pining for what will never be and slowly cuts contact with Quinn and Lisa. For the past 18 months she's ignored calls and emails, hoping distance might help her move on. Unfortunately, she's also missed that Lisa's been carrying on an affair and that they're currently going through a divorce. So, in his hometown to help Amy realize her dream of owning and renovating the historic cinema in town, Quinn reconnects with Amy and wants to regain what they once had, leaving her torn between keeping the status quo or risking it all to chance a romantic relationship with him.

What I loved most about this novel what how well Mayberry handled their relationship. She makes their friendship clear through their actions - their casual banter, remembered food preferences, shared memories - rather than just telling us they were friends and skipping to the lust resisting.

She spends the time to establish their friendship for the reader to see before truly pressing the romantic angle. As a result, I could easily feel their angst and confusion along with them, and grin and sigh when it all comes together.

I enjoyed the companion plot about downloading and renovating the theater. It was an opportunity to show the two of them working together to make a dream happen, but not in a particularly heavy-handed manner either.

The task suits them well - Amy's working to preserve something she's loved for her whole life, and Quinn seeing in it a chance to escape the city life that is increasingly alien to him. Full Review at: View all 4 comments.

I learned: I also learned that Sarah Mayberry rocks! I wish I had the ability to quantify the exact qualities that differentiate writing techniques that allow one book to be multi-faceted and filled with emotional poignancy and another to be flat.

Alas, I fail. Needl I learned: Needless to say, Sarah Mayberry's writing is smooth. She manages to find the exact right balance between action, dialogue, and reflection. View 2 comments. Uninteresting contrivances keep the couple apart. I wanted better relationship interactions. Amy has loved Quinn since she was She is now She never showed her feelings. He has never known her feelings. He dated another, married, and is now in process of divorce. His wife cheated on him. He gives her advice and then shows up to help her at a public hearing.

She Uninteresting contrivances keep the couple apart. She wants to avoid being with him because unrequited love is painful. I wanted something meatier. The set up was ok, but too much vague communication going on. Then after she makes a move, he tells her it was a mistake.

This happens twice. His thinking is he desires her, but he has nothing to offer her. One of the rules of writing is to have characters act in accordance with their motivations and aims. He is not doing that. The author wants them apart. This was no fun.

Three times? Lisa comes to town and wants to help with the rehab. Amy should have said no.

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Quinn should have said something. Lisa and Quinn were in the middle of an unfriendly divorce. Allowing Lisa to join them and spend time with them was too soap opera-ish for me. A secondary story that was interesting was Amy downloading and renovating an old theater.

She had conflicts with local politicians and an unscrupulous real estate developer who wanted the theater. That was the better part of the book. Story length: Swearing language: Sexual language: Number of sex scenes: Total number of sex scene pages: View all 10 comments. Nov 11, Jacqueline J rated it it was ok Shelves: This might be a misleading score. I didn't like the book not because it was poorly written or anything. I just couldn't get past the subject matter.

I found the whole they liked each other as teens but a different girl came on to him so he went with her thing just too sad. Even getting together now didn't save it for me.

I couldn't help thinking about John Greenleaf Whittier's words: Apr 12, Saly rated it it was amazing Shelves: Her Best Friend is a wonderful book.

It combines my favorite theme friends to lovers but also my least favorite one unrequited love. Amy has loved her best friend Quinn since she was fourteen.

But then Lisa moved to town and became a part of their trio and it was Lisa, Quinn dated and subsequently married. Amy kept quiet through-out, sad as well as happy for her friends. She learnt to hide her feelings around Quinn. She dated and even moved on but that love never really went away.

So, for the pa Her Best Friend is a wonderful book. So, for the past 18 months she cut of that contact with her friends to be happier. She threw herself in fulfilling her dream of owning and restoring the Grand theater. Things go south and she calls Lisa for help and instead ends up talking to Quinn they are lawyers. Quinn we find out is going through a divorce. Lisa cheated on him for 2 years.

Sarah Mayberry

Things went south for them because of Lisa's ambition in life. Quinn has not told Amy about the divorce so when he comes to town suddenly at the Council meeting Amy is surprised and asks him about Lisa. Quinn comes through for Amy and she gets the Grand and seeing the amount of work it needs he volunteers to spend his vacation helping her. Amy is initially not in favor of this as in the past few months her defenses against Quinn have eroded because of not being in contact with him and when she finds out about Lisa, she feels guilty as well as hope.

Quinn wants to get back his friendship with Amy. The question here which comes is about friendship, when things happens between them there is this question in Quinn's mind, does he want to loose his friendship with Amy?

We also find out that things between Quinn and Amy were not one-sided during their teens but Quinn chose to keep Amy's friendship rather than gamble it on a relationship. I loved the way Quinn got Amy, he knew when she was lying, I loved how Amy shouted on Quinn and took care of him.

The drunken confession of Amy's feelings made me cringe and happy in equal measures. The book was so well done. I will read more of her Super-romances now. Rating 4. View all 6 comments.

I'm not sure what I didn't like about this story but I had to push myself to finish it. Maybe I'm just not a fan of the best friends turn to lovers. I always end up rolling my eyes through most of these type of stories.

This story had pretty good reviews so I gave it a shot. I can see why people liked this story, the author has a talent with characterization, but the plot just didn't work for me. Nov 16, Tina rated it really liked it Shelves: Yet another gem from Sarah Mayberry. This is exactly the type of contemporary I love. It isn't flashy or dazzly.

It is a good relationship drama that hits on a lot of themes: The set up of the story is very well done. Amy and Quinn grew up together practically from the crib. They were always the best of friends. Then Lisa came along and the t 4.

More than Friends

Then Lisa came along and the three of them became the three musketeers, teenagers who did everything together. Amy fell in love with Quinn when they were 14 years old but it was Lisa who was the bold one and got his attention. It was Lisa with whom he moved from a platonic relationship into a boyfriend girlfriend relationship throughout high school and college.

And it was Lisa that he married, with Amy standing up for both of them as their 'Best Person'. But Amy never fell out of love with him and she subsumed her pain under a mask of happiness. She still loved both her best friends but it was hard for her to be with them so over time she slowly, through careful neglect, removed herself from their life.

But Quinn is back and he and Lisa are divorcing. SO now what? This is a great premise and it is the type of a plot that I just adore. It is a story that a good writer can wring a lot out of and a reader can sit back and sink into. Amy and Quinn don't just fall into each other.

While Amy has always been hyper aware of Quinn, Quinn is allowed to slowly become aware of Amy as someone other than just 'Ames', his best friend. And Lisa, although she is the architect of her marriage's downfall, isn't made into an out and out villain. She is portrayed as someone who really didn't know what they wanted and screwed up seriously.

Mayberry also allows the three of them continue to negotiate the fluid lines of their friendship outside of the romance. As Quinn reflects on his divorce, he mourns the loss of Lisa his friend and much as the loss of Lisa his wife.

Amy, as much as she is disappointed in Lisa for hurting Quinn, doesn't choose sides in their marriage problems, knowing that that is a boundary she can't cross. And in a master stroke, the thing that prevents Quinn and Amy from getting together right away even when Quinn finally acknowledges that he is attracted to her is his fear of losing her as a friend as well.

This isn't a contrived obstacle, but a very valid consideration he needs to make before he embarks on changing the tenor of their relationship. He's already lost that with Lisa, he was terrified of losing it with Amy. And I was also glad to see that when Amy reflects on how different their lives would have been had she been the bold one and made the move at the age of 14 instead of Lisa, Quinn doesn't go there.

He acknowledges that things may have been different but he was in love with Lisa even though he no longer is. This is the type of nuance and adult storytelling that makes the contemporary novel my favorite subgenre but is,sadly, not found very often. I knock off half a star because the ending felt rushed. I know this is because of the book length constraints in the Superromance line, but I can't help but lament how much richer the story would have been if it had another - pages.

Highly recommend. View all 3 comments. They were best buds, and then when they were 14, Lisa moved up the street and then they became the three musketeers. Amy had always dreamed that Quinn would be her first real kiss but it was Lisa that Quinn kissed and then as they got older dated, went off to university with and then married. All through those 16 years, Amy has always been their friend.

But for her own sake, Amy had been pulling away from them, trying to build her own life. Which was working pretty well with Lisa and Quinn now how powered attorneys in Sydney and Amy still in their home town. It's finally time for Amy to have one of her dreams come true, as she's about to download the Grand Picture Theatre that had once been her grandfather's pride and joy.

Only there's been a hitch and Amy suddenly needs some legal clout and so she turns to Quinn. Just like a gallant knight Quinn comes to her rescue and the Theatre becomes Amy's. Quinn's missed Amy tremendously and now that he and Lisa are negotiating their divorce, he needs Amy's friendship. So he decides to stick around on some vacation leave and help Amy restore the Grand and hopefully restore their friendship too.

Working so closely with Quinn, Amy's not so sure she can keep hiding her feelings, and just when she thinks Quinn feels the same as she does, Lisa comes to town. I'm not usually a friends-to-lovers romance fan, however, Ms. Mayberry makes Amy and Quinn's evolving relationship a story well worth reading.

I fell in love with Quinn right from the beginning. Never did he falter in loyalty and his resolve to protect Amy. Quinn cannot envision his life without Amy in it and he's scared that if they act on their intense attraction they'll risk their friendship.

When Lisa turns up, my heart ached for Amy when she realized that she'd never have her dream.

Dec 22, Carrie rated it really liked it Shelves: This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. Overall impression: Well-written HQ with believable characters and fairly realistic plot development. Her Best Friend is a surprisingly grounded look at three-way triangle of friends-turned-lovers.

Stop reading here if you haven't read the book. It's definitely worth reading and I don't want my personal feeling to influence another readers first impressions. Caveats and Spoilers: While the portrayal of the three main players was refreshing in many ways, the realism actually ended up detracting fr Overall impression: While the portrayal of the three main players was refreshing in many ways, the realism actually ended up detracting from the enjoyment for me.

I hereby admit to being a hypocrite! I keep saying I want realist portrayals of characters, then when I get it, I end up wishing we had a less qualified "HEA.

He may have been attracted to her at 14, but he didn't act on it and was swept up in his relationship with beautiful Lisa.

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Even when he and Lisa split a few times during high school and college, he had no thought of Amy as anything other than a friend.

There is simply no getting around the fact that he loved Lisa and would've been happy with their life if she hadn't screwed up so badly. Because of that, I guess I really wanted to hear Quinn say he'd been wrong, and Amy was his first choice all along.

I know that's cliche, but it would have gone a long way to making me believe that Amy would be able to accept the situation and not someday resent it. Instead, we get a realistic portrayal of people with complicated emotions moving on in life. Amy and Quinn are together not because they sought each other out, but only because of the actions of a third party, Lisa. That, to me, is a qualified HEA. Jun 20, Chi rated it liked it Shelves: Oh my God! I just wanted to hit a few heads together!!

And smack my forehead a couple of times. Another reviewer mentioned that some of the contrivances keeping Quinn and Amy apart were annoying.

I'm inclined to agree. It just got in the way of their union. It was however, really realistic, as one would expect from a Sarah Mayberry book. Amy's desires and strong pull of attraction to Quinn was incredibly believable. Who hasn't ever felt that irresistible attraction when you're falling for a frie Oh my God!

Who hasn't ever felt that irresistible attraction when you're falling for a friend or anyone for that matter? I understood that he had been blindsided by many of the events going on in the book, but sometimes I just wanted to hit him for his insensitivity.

Your best friend just told you that she loved you, and you couldn't give her your response?? And then he comes out fighting for her, and then I was: You love her! Go for it! And then They just made me want to tear my hair out in frustration. There was however, one last contrivance that I adored: You know the one, if you've read it.

So, apart from the stuff keeping Amy and Quinn apart, it was an adorable story, and their concerns were all so real. Hence, my rating.

Mar 08, Nisha rated it really liked it Shelves: I'm a sucker for the friends-to-lovers theme. I can't help it. This one had a pretty exceptional premise. Amy, our heroine, has been in love with her best friend Quinn since she was But, when her good friend, Lisa, starts dating Quinn, she has no choice but to be supportive. Another 6 years later, Quinn returns, this time as a divorced man to the still single Amy, hoping to return to the one solid thing, their friendship.

But Amy I'm a sucker for the friends-to-lovers theme. But Amy has been distancing herself, since she never fell out of love with Quinn. Now that he was single, would this be her chance to be with him, or would she be better off not breaking their friendship.

But Amy isn't the only one with these thoughts. Of course, it is no story if Lisa didn't return for Quinn, hoping to patch up their relationship. To me, while I liked the book, I felt like there was something missing. I'm guessing that it is the tension, which existed on Amy's side since the beginning, but not on Quinn's until the last half. Maybe this was all too realistic to me, the bittersweet relationship that Amy and Quinn shared for years.

I liked their childhood memories and how Amy's mother had the knack for interrupting at the most inopportune times. It was cute and very easy to read. Lisa and Quinn Whitfield moved to Sydney after they got married, joining a big law firm and living the high-life in the city.

For years she waited for her best friend to notice her, and then Lisa came along and whisked a teenage Quinn off his feet with an itty-bitty red bikini.

Now Quinn is home, for four weeks, and single once again. First of all — what rock have I been living under that this is my first Sarah Mayberry read? In love with her best friend since the age of 14 and having to be best [wo]man at his wedding is about as painfully unrequited as it gets.

She was too afraid to find out there really was no hope. She preferred to live in a kind of never-never land where she could angst over Quinn but still indulge the fantasy that one day, maybe, if the moon and planets were all aligned, he might possibly return her feelings. I completely understood why Amy was so invested in her love for Quinn, even after all these years, because he was a pretty great guy.

Injections of humours amongst all the emotional turmoil are always appreciated, and Mayberry has a particularly good funny bone: Amy, is that you? Quinn levered himself up on his arms. Why I Read this Book: I love reading romance — everything from contemporary to paranormal to romantic suspense. From time to time I enjoy reading realistic romance novels. As much as I love my vampires and werewolves, sometimes I need a taste of reality.

And a love story about two people who go from friends to lovers fits the bill just nicely. What I Liked: If you want Why I Read this Book: If you want to read about believable characters and their journey to happy-ever-after, then Harlequin Superromance is the series for you.

Why yes, I do like reading about believable characters who get a HEA. And this, my dear Watson, is what drew me in. Our two main characters, Amy and Quinn, grew up next door to each other. They were the best of friends, two peas in a pod if you will, all through their adolescence. Then Lisa moved into town and the three of them became the three musketeers. But when Quinn and Lisa started dating, Amy felt more like a third wheel.

Quinn and Lisa eventually married, forcing Amy to stash her more-than-friendship feelings for Quinn away. Dilemma, dilemma. Then a conflict that threatens this opportunity. Amy was 14 when she first started having feelings for Quinn but never gave him a clue. Quinn himself had thought about Amy as more than a friend a few times himself but never acted on any of it either. Overall Impression: Her Best Friend was rather predictable in that I pretty much knew how things were going to end up.

It was the finding out how everyone gets there that makes Her Best Friend an enjoyable read. Her Best Friend is a sweet love story. The whole time I was reading it, I really, really liked it. Unrequited love stories can be so painful and heartbreaking, but when it works out it's always extra cherry on top happiness.

I liked both Amy and Quinn, totally understood their fears and behaviour and I really, really rooted for them. I love Mayberry's writing 2 books in, and a huge fan already , she really writes marvelous category.

However, the resolution, it just was a bit too short. After all the anguish and longing I needed a bi The whole time I was reading it, I really, really liked it.

After all the anguish and longing I needed a bit more positive emotions. I needed to see a bit more of the healed Quinn. Even with the epilogue, I still felt slightly dissatisfied.

I can still recommend this though, especially for the fans of friends-to-lovers trope. Nov 12, ReaderOz rated it it was amazing. I loved the conflict between Amy and Quinn. By not wanting to ruin their friendship they waited sixteen years before acting on feelings that began when they were schoolkids. This story felt very real to me.