Specifically, when it comes to habit stacking, I feel there are three types of habits that you should add to a routine: 1. Keystone habits. 2. Support habits. 3. What is Habit Stacking? It is a proven strategy to form MULTIPLE habits. Get the book on habit stacking to learn how a simple routine can change your life. called habit stacking can help you accomplish your goal faster. stacking, but according to S.J. Scott's “Habit Stacking: 97 Small Life Changes That Take Five.

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My slightly sweaty scramble was an extreme version of something variously called habit stacking, chaining, anchoring or piggybacking. The idea: If I jumped up. Habit Stacking 97 Small Life Changes That Take Five Minutes or Less By S.J. Scott medical-site.info Habit Stacking Copyright. Editorial Reviews. Review. "Helped me see how easy it is to accomplish a great deal by simply.

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Be the first to like this. No Downloads. Views Total views. Actions Shares. Embeds 0 No embeds. No notes for slide. Right now you could easily think of a dozen ways to instantly improve your 3. Odds are, these ideas will only take a few minutes apiece to complete.

The problem? A cluttered computer not only works to distract you but also means it will take longer for you to find the files you need. A cluttered desk can also be highly distracting. Remove Distractions Before Working Humans are curious creatures. In other words. Clear all paperwork off your desk except what you will need that day.

Spending five minutes clearing your work area at the start of each day will help to mentally prepare you for being productive. Put everything else into physical folders. Commit to a Very Small Goal Often.

Habit Stacking

One minute. Calming music. Before we start a project. You could try a fan or air conditioner.

A study of elite musicians found that rather than practicing more than their peers. There are also several white noise apps for iPhone and Android that offer a selection of different background noises. You can find productivity playlists compiled by other users on YouTube and Spotify. Experiment with different types of noise and see what helps you to concentrate the most.

Get started on this task before you have a chance to think about it. If you look at the hardest task on your list. One minute to choose the hardest task. Low-level background noise helps muffle any distracting sounds that could interrupt your work and has been shown to improve creativity and focus for many people. The best music for concentration is usually classical. If you have a big project that fills you with dread. Most people find music with lyrics to be very distracting.

Work in Small Blocks of Time As previously discussed. By tracking your time. Most people overestimate the amount of time they spend doing actual work and spend a surprisingly large amount of time doing mindless tasks. The Pomodoro technique is probably the most well-known version of this technique.

Pick a simple metric that you know without a doubt you can complete. You can use a physical kitchen timer or stopwatch. Mini Habits. Set a timer for 25 minutes or your ideal time for a block of work. Once you can get over the hurdle of starting. It involves working for twenty-five minutes and then taking a five-minute break. Look at your hardest task and plan a small. There are several Pomodoro timer apps available for Android and iPhone. Committing to a ridiculously easy goal like writing for only five minutes reduces the difficulty of the task in your mind and allows you to get over the hump of getting started.

Less than a minute to start the timer. There are time-tracking apps available. Less than a minute per idea. This leads to a backlog of tasks that will end up taking much longer to deal with.

By writing down. Capture Every Idea Very few people are able to keep their minds solely on the task at hand. If a task will take you two minutes or less to do. Use the Two-Minute Rule We often put off unpleasant tasks or things not directly related to our current projects. Write a Done List Most people are familiar with to-do lists. So instead. Trying to ignore these thoughts is futile have you ever tried not to think about something?

A done list has the opposite effect. If you use an automatic app. RescueTime is a very helpful software application for tracking how you spend your time on the computer.

Writing down tasks will probably add up to five minutes over the course of a day. This can be eye opening to say the least. Review Your Goals Everybody has goals. You need to review your goals so that you can create plans to reach those goals. Keep your goals in an easy-to-access place. Make a note of tasks as you complete them. You can set goals for the day or the year. Whether they are big or small.

Once or twice a day. You can do this on paper or in an app like iDoneThis. This could be a binder or an app like Evernote. Check for missed calls first. Returning calls and text messages in a timely manner builds trust and integrity within a relationship. Text Something Encouraging Sometimes. Apologize for missing the call and inquire about what you can do for the other person. Make a Lunch or Dinner Date Keeping a full social calendar by consistently making lunch or dinner dates is a great way to stay social.

Take a moment to send that special someone a few words of encouragement. The truth is. Going out to dinner or lunch with someone is the best way to get to know them better.

Relationships Small Changes 18 to 31 Our relationships give meaning to our lives. Then respond to any text messages that have gone unanswered. When someone has reached out to you. Return calls in the order they were received. Time Required: Return a Call or Text Message Communication is the two-way street that leads to a healthy relationship. Think of someone who might need a bit of encouragement during the day.

Five minutes it could be more or less depending on the person. He or she might be facing an important project. Take some time to write down new plans. Check other places where you might have written down information about upcoming social plans.

Check Your Social Schedule When making social plans. If you find that you have two events or appointments booked at the same time. Keeping your social calendar balanced makes it easy to have a social life and helps you improve your integrity and follow-through. Keep an eye out for something you genuinely like or enjoy. Then compliment the other person about it. Double-booking plans and not scheduling enough time for people has the potential to damage valuable relationships.

Make a Connection on Facebook or LinkedIn. Suggest a specific date. Four minutes. Sit down and take a good look at your desk calendar as well as your email and phone calendars. Going out of your way to cheer someone else up is rewarding. Give a Compliment Giving a genuine compliment makes others feel good and will also make you feel good about yourself.

If the person accepts your invitation. Another great reason to join social media networks is to find like-minded people who are facing the same challenges you do. Whether you are training for your first marathon or wondering how to prepare meals on a budget. There are a number of reasons why this is a necessary step to success. Making a new connection on Facebook or LinkedIn can help to grow your social network.

If there is. New connections can rekindle friendships from the past. Three minutes. Then spend a few minutes each morning interacting with people on this website.

You can send the link to someone else via Twitter or email. A thoughtful story or quote can even strengthen your relationship with another person. Share Something Inspiring Sharing quotes.

People you may know are joining LinkedIn and Facebook every day. Keep an eye out on Google or Twitter for links to good quotes. Creating a social networking account could change your life!

Find an online forum or Facebook group that matches your personal interests or habits. Here are some of the most important: Meet Someone New Introducing yourself to someone new is a great way to expand your social circle. Introduce yourself to someone new in class, at the office or in the neighborhood.

Give the person a friendly handshake and ask what he or she does for a living. Share some information about your occupation or favorite hobby. Before walking away, let the person know you enjoyed your interaction. Time required:. Research a Fun Activity Making plans with others is easy when you know what you want to do. Think of the people in your life and what they enjoy most. Then take the time to research something fun that you can share with them.

Are there any free activities that you and a friend could enjoy together? Maybe there is a fundraiser for a local charity that you and your sister could go to this weekend. When we are happy, we can make others happy, improving our social lives and relationships immensely. What small thing makes you smile the most? Spend five minutes doing it. It could be sipping coffee on. You will be able to better relate to people when you think about things from their point of view.

If you have some conflict with a family member, co-worker or friend, think about how the other person might be feeling. Try to think of something you can do to help out. Learn a New Joke Being able to make someone else laugh is a great conversation starter. Having a joke to share is always a great thing because people are entertained by jokes and laughing together can make your relationship stronger. Use Google to search for and find a joke that makes you laugh.

If it makes you laugh, it will surely make someone else laugh as well. Read it a few times so you can memorize it, or write it down for later. Leave a Note Leaving a note for a friend, family member or co-worker is a little action that goes a long way. This is a great way to strengthen relationships. Here are some examples you can use: Write a quick, uplifting message on a Post-it note or piece of paper. Write down how much money you have in each account.

Learning from others is a great way to save more money and avoid costly mistakes. Avoid the impulse to take change out of this jar by keeping a lid on it. Check your pockets. Collect it and put it all in a jar. Finances Small Changes 32 to 44 Improving your financial situation requires discipline and deliberate action. Every time you add more change to your change jar.

Decide whether or not you need to transfer funds from one account to another to spend or pay bills. Read a Personal Finance Article You can never be over-educated. Take a look at each bank or credit union account you have. If you know how much money you have.

Whether it is an advice column or a daily piece written by an expert. Unsubscribe from Junk Email and Catalogs Receiving emails and print catalogs with discounts and promotions often leads to unnecessary spending. Getting rid of these communications can help you avoid impulse downloads and save money.

Writing down everything you download as well as how much it costs will give you great insight into your spending habits.. Keeping your receipts makes this way easier than trying to write them all down by memory. Collect all the cash you have for the day from your pockets. Use a checkbook or notebook to write down each expense from yesterday.

You can also write down whether you paid cash or with a check or credit card. You will also need to know how much cash you have if you shop at a store that does not accept credit or debit cards.

By day. Not having enough cash for a download can cause you to use your credit card. Over time. Count Your Cash When you know how much cash you have. Count it and put it all into your wallet. Coffee or Snack Making your lunch at home and bringing it to work or making coffee at home instead of downloading it at the drive-through is not only healthier for you. Find Coupons for Necessities There are some products that you are going to need no matter what they cost.

You should also look around your house for catalogs you no longer wish to receive. Look through your daily newspaper or browse the Web for coupons for necessary items like toilet paper. Use services like Catalog Choice and UnRoll.

Call or email each company to have your name removed from their mailing lists. All you have to do is click the button and confirm. Look through your inbox and unsubscribe from one retail email list. Five minutes to eliminate a few unwanted subscriptions. Pack a Meal. Check your kitchen for what you could bring as a snack or for lunch. Going out for lunch or coffee each day quickly adds up.

Using coupons for necessities such as dish soap and napkins can save you a lot of money. Cut the coupons or print them from the Internet. By law. Turn off Lights and Appliances This is one of the easiest ways to save money. Enjoying free activities in your area allows you to use your extra income for more important things that can greatly benefit your personal finances.

Plan Your Daily Errands Planning your errands for the day is just like planning your budget for the day—it keeps you on track and in control. Decide how much money you will realistically need to spend today.

Spending limits allow you to save money and avoid overspending on impulse downloads. Then re-write the list in the order you will complete each task. Write a list of errands you need to complete. This planning will save you time. If you have payments due for bills. Check your local paper or search local websites for listings of free activities you can enjoy.

Look for nearby parks. Turning off the lights and appliances in your home. Plan your errands to avoid the places where you tend to overspend and visit the places you need to go in the most logical order.

Take one lap around your home. Choose an item you want or need to download. Look for the item on at least three different retail websites. This will help you save money and make a better-educated downloading decision. The bigger and more expensive the download. Turn off all the lights and appliances that are not being used. Check the features. When you do this action depends on how you want to feel afterward. Do this at the end of the day if you want to go to bed feeling a sense of accomplishment.

Most of these can be fixed in a matter of minutes. Organization Small Changes 45 to 60 Never underestimate the benefits of being organized. This is an important habit because a nicely made bed instantly makes a bedroom look more organized.

Make the Bed Starting off your day by making the bed sets a great tone for the whole day. Check out this link for more broken window ideas. Fix Your Broken Windows You may not have any broken windows. Here are a number of habits to help you started. If you want to start your day with an organized mind. Think of the parts of your home that make you feel stressed or full of anxiety. Find three things that are out of place and return them to where they belong. If there are any loose items lying around.

If the item can be recycled. The less cluttered your house is. Put Away Three Things Putting away a few things per day is a great way to keep your home or office clutter-free and avoid becoming overwhelmed by weekly or monthly cleaning tasks. If you have not designated a place for these items.

If any item there is trash. Put your sheets and comforter back on the bed. Pick one countertop or dresser top in your home. Remove the sheets. Giving items away will free up space in your home and help you feel good about helping others. One of the best ways to stay organized is to make sure every item in your home or office has a designated place and that it is returned to that place each time you are finished with it. Repeat these steps until the surface is completely cleared.

Clear off a Countertop or the Top of Your Dresser A clean countertop or dresser top means less clutter and less stress. Selling an item brings in more money for you to use to pay bills or download groceries.

Habit Stacking - Free Download PDF

Trading an item eliminates the need to pay for something. Some items would be better off in the garbage than on your desk or countertop. Throw Something Away Clutter often comes from items that we no longer use but refuse to throw away.

Each day.

How to Build New Habits by Taking Advantage of Old Ones

Items that are broken and irreparable or all worn out can be thrown right into the garbage or recycling can. Sort through them and decide what needs to be kept and what needs to be recycled. Shred or recycle the documents you no longer need. Collect any loose receipts. It also makes it easy to find important documents if you need to access them in the future.

Designate a box or bin for items you wish to sell. Mail or Bills Filing loose paperwork such as receipts. Find an item that is no longer useful to you. Keep an eye out for opportunities to sell. Filing these items each day keeps them off of countertops and other surfaces.

Items that are broken. File Receipts. Digital clutter can be just as distracting and frustrating as traditional clutter. Choose one item in your home or office to clean. If it has not been six months since they expired. Check for Expired Food or Coupons Expired food and coupons are no longer valuable to you and are just taking up space.

Move desktops icons. Log on to your computer. It could be a drawer. Clean One Thing When your home or workspace is clean. Check your fridge. Grab the cleaning supplies you need to accomplish the job and get to it!

Any food that is past the expiration date should be thrown away. You are way more likely to throw a load of clothes into the washer when it is all collected. Collect Dirty Laundry Dirty laundry thrown about the house can make it look more disorganized than it really is. If the coupons are more than six months past their expiration dates.

Cleaning one item at a time is an efficient and easy way to slowly but surely clean your entire home or office. Visit http: Put it all in a hamper or basket and place it next to your washing machine. Choose a dresser top. If there is not. Wipe the surface using your choice of all-purpose cleaner and a rag or paper towel. You are also less likely to add clutter to a clean surface.

Because seriously. Make sure there is enough to get you through until your next scheduled shopping day. Take one lap around the house collecting any loose or dirty clothing. Wiping off one surface at a time gets rids of this clutter and makes every surface look better. Check for Items to Replace or Replenish To help you stay organized. Wipe off One Surface Dust and dirt are clutter too.

Sign up for One Paperless Initiative The less paper that comes to your home or office. And as an added bonus. A great way to keep a house free from clutter is to create a designated spot where you put specific objects the moment you get home.

Add to the Recycling Bin The more things there are in your recycling bin. Think of everything you take with you to work. Find papers in your home or office that you no longer need. Simply take a few minutes to put these items in their designated spot.

Things that can also go into your recycling bin include broken-down boxes. Compile a list of companies that send you bills or statements on a monthly basis.

This includes items such as your car keys. Add them to your recycling bin. Continually adding to your recycling bin gets paper out of your way and helps the environment. Recycling is important because it can help you reduce the amount of paper clutter in your life. Compile a Gratitude List Our actions are derived from our thoughts. Speak Words of Affirmation If you start your day right.

Your list will serve as a visual affirmation of the positive things in your life. Make eye contact with the mirror as soon as you wake up in the morning. The following are a few small changes you can add to a habit stacking routine. Start the day by speaking words of affirmation in the mirror each morning to boost your confidence and leave you feeling empowered.

Repeat mantras or positive sentences out loud. Practice this habit by keeping a gratitude journal next to your bed. Every day. For example: Writing down the things you are grateful for or what makes you happy is known to be highly beneficial. Just a few good thoughts can change the entire course of your day for the better. If you have a good Internet connection. If you have an herb garden. Without realizing it.

You could prepare your teapot the night before so all you have to do in the morning is boil water. This is one of those actions where you could add time and turn it into an exercise routine.

As soon as you wake up. Getting up a bit earlier each morning to get in touch with nature would be advised if you want to give a boost to your general well-being. Download or download a few of your favorite songs that always put you in a good mood. Drink a Calming Beverage Like Tea. As an added bonus. Take in the sounds. Get in Touch with Nature Nature as a whole has tremendous healing and calming effects on the body and mind. Not only will the upbeat music stimulate the release of happy hormones.

Here are some examples: Stretching your muscles leads to improved blood circulation. When practiced properly. Start each day by drawing a mantra from the box and reading the words aloud. Start by performing basic stretches such as touching your toes and stretching to each side with your arms extended over your head. Practice Mantra Chanting Even though this might seem a bit too controversial for some.

Stretching comes naturally. If you shower in the morning. Even though it might feel silly at first. Boil the water right after you wake up and then prepare a cup of tea or coffee to your liking. A cup of green tea has a detoxing effect on the body and helps to keep your body hydrated. Having a warm cup of tea could boost your feelings of positivity and improve your general mindset. See them as affirmative sentences that will influence your life.

Find a list of quotes or mantras that invoke the feelings you want to experience. All of these things will give you a positive start to the day.

Taking a break to enjoy a beverage will give you the chance to plan your day ahead and reflect on things you want to do differently.

Your muscles will be warm and flexible after a hot shower. Repeating certain positive phrases and words of encouragement will lead to a feeling of empowerment. Write each mantra on a small piece of paper and put all of the papers in a box. All sounds have an effect on the human body and psyche. You can revisit these emotions every time you view the same picture. Take Time to Play Remember as a kid how you would wake up in the mood to play and think up ways to stay creative and active?

Practice Simple Grooming Taking time out of your morning routine to do a bit of grooming can really add to your general well- being. Look at Pictures We all know that visual stimulation can have a direct effect on how we perceive things. Playing games is also a good way to kill time while riding public transportation. Everyone has different emotions when they view photos or images.

Your last-minute pampering routine could include spraying perfume on your body. Playing will lower stress levels and most likely lead to laughter. If you are feeling groomed and well-dressed for your work day. It will also give your kids the attention they need. If you have children of your own. Create a morning routine of play with your kids.

Feed your mind with positive feelings by looking at images that leave you feeling grateful. Some of these games can be rather addictive. Men should groom their facial hair or apply cologne if desired. Before you leave for work. If you have a pet. Pampering has internal as well as external benefits because taking the time to take care of yourself helps boost your self-image. Five minutes or more if you have time. Keeping a journal keeps us in touch with our thoughts and emotions. Turn and view these shapes and lines from different angles.

Looking at photographs of friends. If you are having a bad day. Relive happy times by viewing images of your past that left you with a sense of happiness. You could even include a list of foods you ate.

Stand in front of the mirror while contracting your main muscles one by one. Keep a Journal We should all take some time out to gather our thoughts and reflect on what is happening in our lives.

Pinterest is full of visual stimulation—just find images related to your favorite topics. This feeling of being in control of your life and being able to protect yourself will benefit your well-being. Of course. Find a diary or journal with a place to enter the date.


Flex Your Muscles Even though this might sound silly to some. This reminder will even help you improve your emotional strength. If you lead an active lifestyle. Start or end your day by writing about your thoughts. Making sense of your thoughts and struggles will help you analyze your situation and accept the things you cannot change. This is another way of feeling in control of what is happening in your life.

As animalistic as the flex may seem.

Being aware of your muscles will also lead to better posture during the day. Do this by browsing through the saved images on your phone. Serving others will also take the focus away from whatever negative thoughts are trying to change your mood.

They can be religious or just enlightening. Helping others does wonders for our well-being. Find something that helps you create peace of mind while having these moments of silence. Counter these negative influences by doing something positive to boost your morale and add happiness to the lives of others. Prayer and meditation both have the mind and body focused on a single task.

Practice Spirituality When practicing any form of spirituality. At home. Serve Others If you are living with housemates or family members. Read an Inspirational Passage Inspiration can come from the most interesting places. Serving others can be as basic as allowing the person next to you to enter a room first.

This page has a collection of great passages. Find a few websites or books that include a variety of inspirational sayings. Read a single passage that provides a bit of motivation to face the day ahead of you.

Be sure to look around and see if you can find some new ones that move you and encourage you in new ways. Get in the habit of writing down what you eat right after your meals and snacks and then recording all of this information in your food journal during a habit stacking routine. Here is an article that shows you why you should weigh yourself every morning.

Less than a minute. Here are a few ideas to help you get started. At first. What you can do with a habit stacking routine is to add a few small changes that support your overall health and physical fitness goals. download a scale and keep it in a prominent location—like your bathroom. This one is simple. If you have trouble remembering your food intake. Food journals are effective because they make you responsible for what you eat. Pick a specific time to weigh yourself.

Meditate Meditation is about maintaining focus on one thing such as your breathing or the sounds of the ocean and blocking out any other distractions. A quick session of jumping has many benefits. FitDay will even help you determine if you are getting the recommended daily amount of each vitamin.

Some online nutrition tools e. Vitamins are essential because they strengthen the immune system. It might not be easy to get up and exercise at first. This habit works best in conjunction with keeping a food journal. Try your best not to stop in between jumps.

As you wake up and listen to some of your favorite songs. Jump Rope Starting your day with exercise is an immediate mood booster.

For more on this. Continue jumping until the song is over. Take Daily Vitamins Daily vitamins are a must for anyone.

Meditation has been proven to have numerous benefits. These tasty drinks contain essential vitamins and minerals. Set a timer for five minutes.

If this happens to you. I suggest you start by meditating for a few minutes so it fits into your morning routine. Make it as thick or runny as you want by adding or subtracting ice cubes. Make an Antioxidant Smoothie If you need a quick pick-me-up.

Stretch your muscles so you stay comfortable while you focus inward. Some people meditate for hours on end while others just take a few minutes out of their mornings. If you enjoy it.

Start by taking a deep breath and releasing the tension from your diaphragm.

Focus on your body parts so you know when the meditation starts to take hold. This is one of those rare small changes that can increase in duration. Focus on clearing your mind and thinking about the present moment. It tastes great and will satisfy even the pickiest person in your family.

There are a lot of smoothie recipes on the Internet. If you are in a hurry. It pays to try new things. Each requires a simple action that takes almost no extra time. One to five minutes depends on the food being prepared. Eat Other Nutritious Foods Of course. Do it gently the first few times until this area becomes less sensitive.

You can suck on an Altoid. This is an important habit because the back of your tongue regularly collects bacteria and is often the cause of bad breath. Simply prepare or pack something healthy to give you a positive lift for the rest of the day. All of these options are very healthy for you.

Mint can be used in a number of different ways. In addition to practicing daily brushing and flossing.

Have a Mint Mints do more than just freshen your breath. What you prepare to eat will depend on your personal preferences. It can be ingested when directed or applied to the skin for other benefits. The trick here is to do this without triggering your natural gag reflex.

The reason you want to add mint to your intake is because it increases mental alertness. There are plenty of other foods that you can have for breakfast that are really beneficial to your performance. After cleaning your teeth. Brush Your Tongue Yes. At the end of the day. The simplest solution is to regularly pop your sponge in the microwave. A number of studies have shown that a kitchen sponge is the most germ-laden item in your home. This is an easy habit that can be added to an evening routine.

Microwave Your Sponge Technically. As a result. Get Outside Spending even a few minutes outside whenever you get the chance can do wonders for your physical and mental health. The bestseller lists at site are a good place to start. Regular reading gives your brain a workout. Instead of spending your breaks making coffee or watching videos.

Choose high-quality nonfiction books that are easy to read. There is increasing evidence to show that spending more time in nature can reduce stress. In this section. Read a Few Pages of a Nonfiction Book Reading is a simple task that can provide you with multiple benefits.

Nonfiction books have the added bonus of increasing your general knowledge.

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Go outside and get some fresh air whenever you can. The evening is often a good time for reading because this habit can help you wind down and sleep at the end of the day. Even if you live in the city. Remember that even the most well- respected news institutions are often biased in some way. Learn a New Word Expanding your vocabulary. Most people have heard the advice. Designate one notepad or journal as your gratitude journal.

Reading the news gives you all the benefits of reading see habit 87 with the bonus of getting up-to-date. Learning a new language can seem like a huge task. Either get a dictionary in the language of your choice and choose new words at random. With knowledge comes power. Your three things can be as big or as small as you wish. Subscribe to a daily newspaper either a physical newspaper or an electronic one delivered to your email or e-reader.

Look for small acts of kindness you can perform during your day that will make someone else smile. One to five minutes. TED gives access to inspiring lectures from the most visionary leaders of. One to five minutes depending on the length of article and your reading speed. Wikipedia offers a daily featured article on the main page as well as a random article feature.

Read a Wikipedia Article Most children have a surprisingly wide range of general knowledge because they are curious about the world around them and eager to learn more. By reading one Wikipedia article per day. Helping others in small ways is a great mood booster. As we grow older and learning becomes a chore rather than a fun activity.

Perform a Random Act of Kindness Many people spend the majority of their lives focused on their own wants and needs. Blast it loud and sing along! Watching a really good video will not only give you a little boost of happiness for the rest of the day. There are several small ways to start breaking out of your comfort zone: Mix up your routine. Do something that scares you—cold-call prospective clients. Listen to an Upbeat Song Music can affect your mood in a surprisingly effective way. Try something new—a new food.

Just listening to an upbeat song for a few minutes can make you feel happier. Take a different route to work or watch a documentary instead of your usual soap opera. Doing something that makes you feel a little uncomfortable can do wonders for your confidence and help open you up to new opportunities that you never realized existed.

Put on your favorite feel-good track. There are several sites like Upworthy that aggregate inspiring videos. But even one minute will benefit you. The object is not to improve your artistic skills.

A small creative act such as doing a quick five-minute doodle or sketch is like playtime for the brain. As you can see.

Take a few minutes each day to draw whatever you like. The more. Get yourself a sketch book and a selection of pens and pencils. Find someone or something! Physical touch can also make the bonding process easier and improve communication between couples or parents and children.

In the next section. Do a Quick Doodle or Sketch Most children love to draw. Cuddling releases oxytocin.