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Make sense of your data: make it visual with the Google Visualization API. Short Desciption: This books is Free to download. "Google Visualization API Essentials book" is available in PDF Formate. Learn from this free book and. Community Experience Distilled Google Visualization API Essentials Make sense eBook versions of every book published, with PDF and ePub files available?.

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Google Visualization Api Essentials Pdf

Ebook Pdf Google Visualization Api Essentials Ruthkoski Traci L contains important information and a detailed explanation about Ebook Pdf Google. Online Source Download and Free Ebook PDF Manual Reference. Google-visualization-api-essentials-ruthkoski-traci-l Printablefile. 6MBYS1YSB2XJ \\ eBook # Google Visualization API Essentials. Google Visualization API Essentials. Filesize: MB. Reviews. Completely one of the best.

Make sense of your data: make it visual with the Google Visualization API Overview Wrangle all sorts of data into a visual format, without being an expert programmer. Visualize new or existing spreadsheet data through charts, graphs, and maps. Full of diagrams, core concept explanations, best practice tips, and links to working book examples. In Detail There's a lot of data in our world, and visual representations are often the best method of making sense of it all. Yet, it should not take an army of programmers and analysts to create visualizations in order to make data useful. The Google Visualization API is accessible to novice and advanced programmers alike, making data useful to more people. An overview of the various API development environments available to developers is also covered. Basic and advanced charts, data source connectivity, style formatting, and publishing options are also explored in depth.

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Google Visualization API Essentials Book

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Google Visualization API Essentials PDF EPUB

Table of Contents Chapter 1: Tools and Setup. Chapter 2: Anatomy of a Visualization. Chapter 3: Spreadsheets, Charts, and Fusion Tables. Chapter 4: Basic Charts. Chapter 5: Formatting Charts.

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Chapter 6: Data Manipulation and Sources. Chapter 7: Dashboards, Controls, and Events.

Chapter 8: Advanced Charts. Chapter 9: Publishing Options. What You Will Learn Quickly launch a graph, chart, or map as an application, without the heavy-duty development environment Create a variety of interactive graphs from spreadsheet or database data Learn the Google API environment through Visualizations, and then apply the same concepts to other Google APIs Give users control over data viewing with Interactive Chart Dashboards, or let them style the visualization themselves with Chart Editor Discover Google Refine, a data-cleaning tool not just for visualization data Use Google Fusion Tables as a Google Map data source Embed a visualization in Google Spreadsheets using Apps Script API integration Customize visualization colors, fonts, titles, and chart styles Visualize your data over time with timeline and animation features.

Authors Traci L. Ruthkoski is from an eclectic background in computation, statistics, media technology, and business. Traci is always looking for the latest challenges in technology. Having worked as an IT professional in both clinical and medical research settings, she has built High Performance Computing clusters from hardware to software application.

More recently, Traci has been enabling academic research advancement through computing and cyber infrastructure in the cloud domain. She continues to work at the University of Michigan, now holding several roles supporting the overall advancement of Research Cyber Infrastructure and Information Technology at the University.

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