I have a late MacBook Pro, and, like many people with that generation of laptop, I recently fell victim to the Flexgate display problem. Some and later MacBook Pro models appear to be displaying issues and easy-to-break flex cable, which has been dubbed "flexgate.". TL;DR: MacBook Pro LCD fails after warranty period because of bad hardware design. Stage light effect appears at the bottom of the screen when you set at a high brightness level. Folks from iFixit recently discovered that Apple may have fixed the #flexgate issue in MacBook Pros.

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Gate For Mac Book

The compact design of the MacBook Pro display's flex cables is prone to The latest issue to crop up—dubbed “flexgate” by one of our users. In , a number of MacBook Pro users—with models from onwards— discovered a serious design flaw that causes the screen to fail. My mac started getting backlight issues in the first two years I bought it ( ) and this issue is finally addressed in Always been part of the apple.

It could be caused by a display cable that is too short. Apple will now fix that problem for free on eligible laptops. The program only covers laptops for four years after they were downloadd, so those who bought their Pro when they first launched in October , have a little over a year to make a claim. The issue was first noticed back in January. One MacBook Pro user started a petition reporting that his display's backlight was acting up.

I have had most of 40 years of Apple computers which I never abuse. My MBP after outside upgrades is still working great with only 2 small repairs. I refused to download products.

The Doogle and non magnetic power cord is a deal breaker alone. As I grew up with the easy self up gradability of Apple computers, I find the negative engineering to maximum profit is discouraging. The engineering of power cords at our expense so only they could gouge the Apple customer was a tell as to what was to come. I downloadd a barely used fully loaded mid MBP and Air for travel My Air is not upgradable and obsolete but never repaired and traveled about a million miles.

The MBP electronic track pad failed and needed part replacement. Thank you for this article. We are in the market for a new pro but was looking strongly at the new air. If it uses the same type of cable forget it. We will go with a slightly older model that does not use this technique.

Or we might switch to a thinkpad carbon with windows. I would appreciate hearing from anyone with expertise in cabling design as to whether this display cable issue is actually repairable. It means little to have Apple replace the whole display if its cable will fail in like manner after a year or two of normal use. So far, only one poster has suggested any possible alternate causes of the failure, those being insufficient QC during computer assembly, or, during manufacture copper annealing QC.

Another poster claims cable replacement is possible, albeit at considerable expense, but is a reliable repair or replacement even possible, given the engineering design constraints on the cabling thickness and bending radius? It seems Apple loves to replace MacBook Pro screens for free. Does anyone remember the anti-reflective film delamination fiasco? After reading this article, and number of people reporting this problem has scared the…..

Apple should accept and recall these MBP for cable replacement. I used the computer x a month. Updating software and paying bills. Neat scanning docs. Finally opened it and had screen problems. A green and white flickering of pixels in the lower left of the screen.

Turn off. Turn on. Get the loading bar.

Podcasting How-To Video: Creating a Noise Gate on Your Mac

Then reboot loop. Tried all the tricks on posts. Take it to the Apple store. Bad display cable. Then looking further. Bad Sector in SSD. Then bad RAM. New screen, new hard drive. New RAM….. I can fix it myself but the deal they gave me would be equivalent of what I would have spent at ifixit. Something is wrong… very wrong.

Recently tore an iPhone 7 cable during a battery replace. Without issue. Now 7. I noticed on the 7 the ribbon cables thickness is paper thin. Not that they need to flex like a laptop. I felt like I went in for a brake job and ended up finding out I had a bad engine that needed replacing. Failed stress testing. Anyone who pay that amount of money would expect things as notable as this to be fully tested.

Remind me of crappy motherboard makers like Gigabyte, premium goes to advertisements, nothing they ship is tested. A cheap solution to this problem could be to reinforce the flex cables with shirt slats https: In order to obtain a reliable drag chain effect commonly used in the mechanical industry.

Example of drag chain: Understand the competitions among high-tech products are quite fierce. We are the victims, we should know these information before we made the choice to download it.

According to many users who had the same issue, at very beginning, users would see the stage lights and then blackouts. Sign the petition please: Just returned from my Apple Genius appointment today after stage lights appeared on my MacBook Pro screen downloadd new in January , followed by complete display blackout.

We bought 3x MBP Escapes — one was fine, one has already been replaced twice for keyboard problems, and the other just got the flexgate and keyboard problem together and has been sent in for repair. I used to expect to get 5 years of reliable use out of an MBP and then to be able to sell it for a decent price.

Hi, A recent Belgian mainstream television news covered this issue stating that Apple did modify the screens to resolve this issue on the models while not covering the failure for previous design consumers. I think this is among the most important information for me. And i am happy studying your article.

However should statement on few basic issues, The web site style is perfect, the articles is actually great: Excellent job, cheers.

Apple quietly addressed MacBook Pro 'flexgate' in models, iFixit claims | TechRadar

I have a feeling that Apple has a script that prevents you from posting anything that includes stage light, design flaw, or extended warranty. A tl;dr for that idea is that my Mac touchbar model screen just died after suffering from the stagelight issue, so I wanted to rant on Apple support.

Bad idea. It was instantly deleted. Apple not admitting this issue and the shop staff gaslighting me has been the worst part for me. The computer that I care for like it were more fragile than an egg had to go in for repairs twice before the light went off.

I have fewer regrets in life. Thank you for this. First the stage light effect, then the blacking out if opened past 45 degrees.

Warranty expired six months ago. Apple should do the decent thing. I am graduate student who spent dollar out of savings for MBP oct Model. Now I am screwed. The screen is very dark. It first seems completely turned off. But after looking very carefully, You can see that it is actually on.

But definitely in a non-working condition. What can I do? Should I replace it? If it replace it, do I have to do that again in 02 years? Is there a lawsuit or petition? Mine is the same generation but without touch.

My question is, mine have no Touch Bar, do I have the change the whole screen as the Touch Bar one or just change the connector only? It is not how, it is when your MBP get affected, because ultimately all MBP will end up with this issue sooner or later.

Singed the petition and waiting for some good news. Search Search for: Taylor Dixon Taylor is a tech writer and teardown engineer at iFixit.

Gene January 22, at 7: Ted Landau January 22, at 8: Fazal Majid January 22, at 8: Mace Moneta January 22, at 9: Ernest Bruce January 22, at Russell Hodin January 22, at Bjornar January 22, at No just kidding… When assembling those displays to the top-case its extremely important to mount those flex cables correctly.

Graeme Gill January 22, at 1: James January 22, at 2: Tommy Lane January 22, at 3: Scott January 22, at 6: Hope Apple gets it together, love the product but not so much lately. Victor January 22, at 6: Wayne N January 22, at 7: Can someone confirm? G January 22, at 8: Aravind JC January 22, at Backlight wont turn on after 40 degrees. Nick K January 23, at 1: Aravind JC January 23, at 1: Matthias H January 23, at 2: Jacob January 23, at 4: Juan Garcia January 23, at 8: Kathy Sannwald January 23, at Christopher Smith January 23, at 2: Huy Cong Doan January 23, at 3: Thank you Taylor!

Brian Crink January 23, at 6: Rony Batista January 24, at 1: Vas Deferens January 24, at Marco January 24, at 1: Noor Sabarullah B Sugiman January 24, at 3: Ian January 24, at 5: There has to be a way you can remove me from that service?

GamersRiseUp January 24, at 9: Brumbo January 25, at 5: With repeated closing and opening of the MacBook Pro's lid, however, the durability can decline, leading to the display issues. Since it takes time for the cable to break down, machines experiencing this issue generally do not display it for several months to years after download.

Because it takes time to show up, affected MacBook Pro models may no longer be under the one-year warranty. Does Apple have a repair program? According to Apple, a "very small percentage" inch MacBook Pro displays from can exhibit vertical bright areas along the bottom of the screen or a backlight that malfunctions entirely.

Apple will repair affected devices, which includes machines sold between October and February , for free. Eligible models are listed below: What do I do if my MacBook Pro has this issue? Unfortunately, when this problem surfaces, many MacBook Pro models are older than a year and no longer covered by the standard one-year warranty.

While it's a simple cable that needs replacing, because of the way the MacBook Pro is designed, the flex cable is integrated into the display and requires the entire display assembly to be replaced. There have been reports of customers no longer under the one-year warranty that have been offered free or reduced cost repairs from Apple, but others have had to pay full price.

Without a consistent policy in place, repair outcomes will vary. How many people are affected?

None of the Lights

Just how many MacBook Pro models are experiencing this issue remains unknown, but a growing number of complaints have been surfacing over the course of the last few months. Is there a fix? Apple has not publicly commented on the Flexgate issues in some MacBook Pro models, but it appears the company may have quietly implemented a fix in its machines.

As discovered by iFixit, the cabling responsible for the issue in older machines appears to be about 2mm longer in MacBook Pro models. The longer length alleviates the stress put on the cable when the hinge is open and closed and it could prevent the cable from weakening due to hinge use. Discuss this issue If you have a MacBook Pro experiencing this flexcable issue, check out the ongoing discussion on the MacRumors forums where are users are sharing their experiences with Apple support, replacement machines, repair costs, and more.

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