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This book is dedicated to the many people who are seeking, searching, and struggling to find and walk a consistent road of faith in their. The Fourth Dimension Volume 1 - David Yonggi - Ebook download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read book online. Fourth Dimension David Yonggi Cho PDF - Download as PDF File .pdf), Pastor Yonggi Cho's The Fourth Dimension. The Fourth Dimension - Book report.

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Fourth Dimension Book By Yonggi Cho Pdf

[PDF] [EPUB] The Fourth Dimension Volume 1 - David Yonggi - Ebook download as. PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read book online. Dr Paul Yonggi Cho Fourth Dimension Preparing the books to read every day is THE FOURTH DIMENSION BY DAVID YONGGI CHO PDF DOWNLOAD. DIMENSION The Fourth Dimension Volume 1 - David Yonggi - Ebook YONGGI CHO PDF DOWNLOAD 13 Mar The NOOK Book.

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He explains that this process comes in six stages:. What other items do customers download after viewing this item? Eyes Wide Open Mariana Caplan. All in all I believe that the fourth dimension david yonggi cho this book has been a useful ddavid experience if a difficult one.

See 1 question about The Fourth Dimension…. Buku ini membagikan kesaksian yang mampu memberikan kekuatan bagi orang-orang yang sedang mengalami krisis iman, menumbuhkan pengharapan baru kepada Tuhan di saat Dia belum menjawab doa-doamu.

I gave this book five stars because I believe in the the fourth dimension david yonggi cho this book has to offer and I am applying them to my life and I am seeing amazing things happen and miraculous changes taking place. I hope that by finding new ways to seek Him I will gradually gain a greater awareness of the spiritual dimension which surrounds me. No trivia or quizzes yet. Alexa Actionable Analytics for the Web. Poverty, Riches and Wealth Kris Vallotton.

Love of God often involves emotional feelings and so engages our soul but it is birthed in our spirit. Opens up entirely fresh possibilities in God. He goes on to explain that our words are affected by our emotions, the people we spend time with and the things which we dwell upon or imagine.

The fourth dimension david yonggi cho list had none of them, and was thought provoking. Contents Incubation A Law of Faith. Worship Matters Bob Kauflin. The Fourth Dimension by Paul Yonggi Cho Vaughan Snippet view — Opening the fourth dimension david yonggi cho mind to new spiritual concepts is essential to growing in your faith.

Next, Cho shared on the importance dimfnsion the spoken word. Cho starts of the chapter by describing in more detail the three parts of man and states that none is more important than the other. He then goes on to explain five different stages of mans spiritual development which occur as he moves from unbeliever to mature Christian. These stages are God wants to direct our lives by His Spirit Before being born again man is incapable of understanding spiritual things Once man has this understanding he must differentiate between the works of God and the works of Satan both of which are of the spirit Only after developing the spiritual senses in this way will the believer be able to understand mature things The spiritually mature are characterised by restoration and not by destruction This idea of being able to differentiate between the work of the Holy Spirit and demonic spirits comes from 1 John see below and is discussed in some detail by Dr.

This [nonconfession] is the [spirit] of the antichrist, [of] which you heard that it was coming, and now it is already in the world. Cho uses this verse as evidence that anything which the Holy Spirit can do can be counterfeited by the Devil. For example Buddhist monks who perform healing miracles or seers who divine the future. He explains that these people have learned to tap into their fourth dimensional power but are doing so out with the authority of Christ. As it clearly states in the verses above we are able to discern when someone is operating under the anointing of the Holy Spirit because they will always glorify Jesus and not themselves.

Dreams and Visions Dr. Cho goes on to explain how dreams and vision are an extremely important part of how the Holy Spirit speaks to us.

This year one of my main goals for Pioneer is to break out in prophetic ministry. I believe dreams and visions will be a major part of this. As such I gained many valuable insights from this portion of the chapter. Cho states that the more you focus on something the more you will begin to reflect it in your personality, character or actions. Although I was familiar with this principle I had not considered the implications for dreams and visions namely that negative thinking will inhibit your ability to envision the things of God because your mind will begin to lean towards negative thoughts and emotions.

Thus your faith for good things will be undermined. I think that this is a particularly importance principle for me to remember because I become easily stressed over small things in my life. This stress will hinder my ability to hear the Holy Spirit clearly and thus operate in my prophetic gifting. I now realise the importance of guarding my thinking against stress and breaking it of my life as soon as it begins to manifest. I intend to regularly plead the blood of the lamb over my mind and thoughts to help guard against negative thinking patterns.

Chapter 3 The Renewing of the Mind This chapter is entirely based on Romans Do not be conformed to this world this age , [fashioned after and adapted to its external, superficial customs], but be transformed changed by the [entire] renewal of your mind [by its new ideals and its new attitude], so that you may prove [for yourselves] what is the good and acceptable and perfect will of God, even the thing which is good and acceptable and perfect [in His sight for you].

Cho looks in some depth at how the human brain functions and how this can give us insights into consciousness, will, desire and creativity. Much of the science discussed in this chapter is already very familiar to me and so I did not really gain any new insights from it.

The Rock church was built by the brothers Timo and Tuomo Suomalainen in It is built on a prime location within the city which had remained undeveloped due to a huge rock outcropping that could not be removed. Timo and Tuomo had the inspired idea to build the church into the rock rather than try to remove it. When I researched this church I expected to see an artificial structure build inside the rock outcropping, instead the church is build around and into it!

This is a photograph of the inside of the Rock Church I love this visual demonstration of the principle that we do not overcome obstacles in our lives by simply removing them but by creatively incorporating them into our solutions. Cho states that the renewing of mind includes the exchange of our strength for Gods strength. He says that this exchange includes creative strength. I had always thought that God could inspire creativity but I had not fully understood that He should be the driving force behind all our creative endeavours.

From now on I intend to seek His creative strength, as well as emotional, physical, etc, when I am faced with what appear to be immovable obstacles.

Cho focuses on how are words have creative power and how that power can be used to influence the spiritual dimension. He speaks about how James - For we all often stumble and fall and offend in many things. And if anyone does not offend in speech [never says the wrong things], he is a fully developed character and a perfect man, able to control his whole body and to curb his entire nature. He goes on to explain that our words are affected by our emotions, the people we spend time with and the things which we dwell upon or imagine.

It is a sign of maturity when a person is in control of his words. The main point that I gained from both this verse and Dr. Chos points is that we cannot let our circumstances control our words.

Instead we must use our words to control our circumstances. Cho then goes on to look at how the ideas of speaking, thinking and words in general were expressed in the original Greek writings of the New Testament. As I am currently learning Biblical Greek this was obviously of great interest to me. The term most commonly used in Greek to mean word is logos. This is the root word for two different terms: lego meaning to say and logismos meaning reasoning or thought.

This is a clear indication that in Greek culture the concepts of speaking and thinking were closely related. This relationship between our thoughts and our words is more explicitly stated in Matthew For out of the fullness the overflow, the superabundance of the heart the mouth speaks. Cho goes on to explain that in Greek culture the word logos also carried the idea that the importance of the words are defined by the importance of the one speaking them.

This is actually very significant because as co-heirs with Christ we have the same authority that He did and thus our words can have the same level of impact on the spiritual dimension!

Later in the chapter Dr. Cho discusses the Greek term used to describe the word of God coming upon a person rhema theon. This phrase literally means the word of God. However in the New Testament it is only used in two cases: when Simon prophesies over baby Jesus in the temple and when John the Baptist is moved by the Holy Spirit to begin his ministry. The phrase word of God occurs in other places in the New Testament but this particular Greek phrase is not used.

After researching this phrase I have discovered that the reason it is used to describe the coming of the word of God is that rhema expresses the action of speaking words unlike logos which simply expresses the existence of the words. Understanding this has really brought home to me the idea that prophesy and prophetic ministry are dynamic activities and are as much about acting on the words God gives as sharing them with others. Cho focuses on the forces that motivate our behaviour.

The dictionary defines motivation as: the reason or reasons one has for acting or behaving in a particular way. Cho goes on to explain that as Christians we have access to motivational forces which are outside of our physical world but contained within the spiritual dimension.

The most important of these motivations forces is the Love of God. Cho contrasts natural human love which is motivated by duty or sympathy with Love of God which is motivated by the Holy Spirit. Love of God is not based on an emotional reaction but is an act of will induced by the presence of the Holy Spirit inside of us.

Love of God often involves emotional feelings and so engages our soul but it is birthed in our spirit. This idea of love as an act of will is reflected in the language of the New Testament. Ancient Greek has three different terms which were used to describe love. These are: eros meaning passionate desire; phileo meaning to have affection for and agape meaning a determination of will to love something.

When describing the love that Christians should have for God and for one another all the New Testament writers use agape.

David Yonggi Cho Books ( Free )

The full meaning of this form of love is explained by Paul in chapter thirteen of his first letter to the Corinthians see 1 Corinthians Paul defines this love as a fruit of the Spirit, yet both chapters twelve and fourteen of 1 Corinthians are concerned with gifts of the Spirit.

Cho argues that this dedication of a whole chapter to love is not because it is more important than the spiritual gifts but because it should be the fundamental motivation for their use.

He believes that only when we are motivated by love will our focus be solely on glorifying God and not on ourselves or the form that the gifts take. He concludes that if we are motivated by Love of God then we will have greater breakthrough in our use of spiritual gifts because we will be operating from a place of having given over our will to the Holy Spirit.

I believe that this will be another key factor in developing my prophetic ministry this year. I want to develop a greater awareness of what my motivations are when attempting to move in the prophetic and to spend time seeking greater intimacy with the Holy Spirit so that I can fully give over my will to Him.

I think that this will mostly be achieved through prayer and spending time in His presence but it is also my intention to research further what it means to be fully indwelt by the Spirit and how this affects the use of his gifts, particularly prophecy. Although I initially found this book very difficult to read the process of writing a review has forced me to think more clearly about the aspects that stood out to me and to form more definite opinions on its principles.

The fact that I am currently learning Greek has defiantly given me a greater appreciation for Dr. Chos exploration of the language which surround the spiritual dimension. I also feel that I have learned many principles which will be helpful in developing my prophetic ministry. All in all I believe that reading this book has been a useful learning experience if a difficult one. Paul Yonggi Cho, pastor of the largest Protestant church in the world, located in Korea.

This is from the edition which is no longer in print. Chapter The Creative Power of the Spoken Word There are certain steps we must follow for faith to be properly incubated and a central truth about the realm faith operates in. There is also a basic principle about the spoken word that we need to understand. So I want to speak to you about the creative power of the spoken word and the reason why the useage of it is so important. One morning I was eating breakfast with one of Koreas leading neurosurgeons, and he was telling me about a recent finding about various operations of the brain.

He asked, Dr. Cho, did you know that the speech center in the brain rules over all the nerves? You ministers really have power, because according to our recent findings in neurology, the speech center in the brain has total dominion over all the other nerves.

I laughed saying, Ive known that for a long time. He asked me, How did you know that?

David Yonggi Cho Books

In the world of neurology, these are new findings. I replied that I had learned it from Dr. Who is this Dr. James, he asked.

David Yonggi Cho Books

Why, he was one of the famous doctors in Biblical times nearly years ago, I replied. And in his book, chapter 3 the first few verses, Dr. James clearly defines the activity and the importance of the tongue and the speech center. The neurosurgeon was completely amazed.

Does the Bible really teach about this? Yes, the tongue is the least member of the body, but it can bridle the whole body. Then the neurosurgeon began to expond on their findings.

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He said that the speech nerve center has such power over all the body that simply speaking can give one control over his body to manipulate it in the way he wishes. He said, if someone keeps on saying, Im going to become weak, then right away, all the nerves receive that message and they say, oh, lets prepare to become weak, for we have received instructions from our central communication that we should become weak. They then in natural sequence adjust their physical attitude to weakness.

If someone says, Well, I have no ability I cant do this job, then right away all the nerves begin to declare the same thing. Yes, they respond, we received instructions from the central nervous system saying that we have no abilities. To give up striving to develop any capability we must prepare ourselves to become a part of an incapable person.

If someone keeps saying, Im very old, Im so very old and so tired, I cant do anything, then right away the speech central control response begins giving out orders to that effect. The nerves response yes, we are old. We are ready for the grave. Lets be ready to disintigrate. If someone keeps on saying that he is old, then that person is soon going to die.

The neurosurgeon continued saying that man should never retire. Once a man retires, he keeps repeating to himself, I am retired. And all the nerves start responding and become less active and ready for a quick death. That conversation carried great meaning to me. It made an impact on my life. For I could see that one important useage of the spoken word is the creation of a successful personal life.

People easily adapt to speaking in an negative way. Boy am I poor. I dont even have any money to the Lord. When an opportunity does come for a job with a good salary, the nervous system responds. Im not able to be rich, because I havent received that reverse instruction from my nerve center yet. Im supposed to be poor. So I cant accept this job.

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