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SENS Research Foundation exists to end aging. Aubrey de Grey, Ph.D. — Chief Science Officer and Co-founder—received his Ph.D. in Biology from the. Editorial Reviews. Review. “(Dr.) de Grey is hardly just another fountain-of-youth huckster. Dr. Aubrey de Grey is perhaps the most bullish of all such researchers. As has been reported in media outlets ranging from 60 Minutes to The New. Aubrey de Grey has summarised his ideas on Strategies for Engineering Negligible. Senescence – SENS – into his book Ending Ageing. He groups the.

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Ending Aging Aubrey De Grey Pdf

Aubrey de Grey of human aging combine to undermine this assessment. The approach to postponing aging that I shall describe in this essay is one of .. D.A. Kass et al., Improved arterial compliance by a novel advanced glycation end-. According to the English gerontologist Aubrey de Grey, the answer to on the subject, Ending Aging PDF Summary, is that children alive today. Read Ending Aging PDF The Rejuvenation Breakthroughs That Could Reverse Human Aging in Our Lifetime Ebook by Aubrey de Grey.

Books, Audiobooks and Summaries. According to the English gerontologist Aubrey de Grey, the answer to the question is fairly obvious: Gerontology is a fairly new science: Because it deals with something that will inevitably happen to you: The spoiler is in the title of this book: If you want to know how is that possible, read this book. He has authored two books: For some reason, in humans, with each following mitosis — that is, the division of a cell into two new ones which is how you grow — the telomere which controls the process and stops chromosomes from sticking to each other or knotting shortens. First of all, you must know that some animals have negligible senescence.

Itchy feet?

The problem with medication is obvious: You never get to know what caused the problem in the first place, and can therefore never really fix it. Another, slightly better idea is to prevent getting sick in the first place. But you can only do that if you know what causes the disease.

How to fight against aging then?

The answer is to repair the damage that has been done until you first start treating aging. For example, if a year-old is expected to live to be 80, and you cut his aging speed in half with preemptive measures, his remaining life span doubles from 40 to 80, and he can live up to As long as he keeps repairing prior damages, he can keep extending his life span, maybe up to twice his expected age, and might live to be You might have heard a thing or two about free radicals.

These are the lines you see around the letters in chemical formulas like here. However, some reactions can cause an electron on the outer shell of its atom to end up by itself — which makes it a free radical.

Ending Aging Summary

Free radicals are highly reactive. Many of them are produced in your mitochondria the so-called power plants of your cells, which deliver energy to all cells , and can lead to a change in your mitochondrial DNA. A potential solution is allotopic expression: Most anti-aging treatments, like the one above, are still in experimental stages. Aubrey de Grey says the time we waste with trying to get more funding and waiting for drug trials to be approved actually costs more lives than the experiments it takes to get them released.

Aubrey himself currently has a project called robust mouse rejuvenation going, where SENS is trying to extend the life span of mice from three to five years, with treatment beginning in year three. Ending Aging was an out of the box read for sure! Very specific, incredibly detailed, and quite insightful. For some time successfully carried out only in yeast, it seems that the SENS project went a step further just recently.

However, aging can be caused by many different factors as well. Cells, for example, produce waste. Lipofuscin is a byproduct of the oxidation of unsaturated fatty acids and should be disposed of by the lysosomes. However, they are no match.

Ending Aging Summary - Four Minute Books

And lipofuscin piles up in our bodies until we die. LysoSENS proposes taking enzymes out of them and adding them to the lysosome. So that it can properly deal with all the intracellular junk inside us. Senescence, Negligible Senescence and Immortality 2.

Senescence is how scientists call the process of cellular aging, which is the reason why we get old and die. Understandably, your replica is much less readable and aesthetically pleasing when compared to the original. However, turtles and some fish seem to have cells which reproduce without such losses of information for hundreds of years.

And one specific type of jellyfish is basically immortal — because its old cells produce young cells, which, once again, produce old cells.

Ad infinitum! Aubrey de Grey says that we should learn a lesson from this jellyfish. What will — and what our research should focus on — is resetting the cell structure. Now, Aubrey de Grey has identified seven ways we age. And, accordingly, has developed seven different strategies how to fight them. AmyloSENS deals with the extracellular junk — either through vaccination or enhanced phagocytosis.

ApoptoSENS, on the other hand, proposes vaccination and senolytic agents to kill the cells which stop dividing so as to make room for the healthy ones which can. Finally, GlycoSENS aims to break the multiplicity of bonds and cross-links which make the tissue less elastic as we grow old.

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