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Steve Dunleavy; Red West; Sonny West; Dave Hebler. Motion picture actors and actresses -- United States -- Biography. Add tags for "Elvis: what happened?". Elvis, what happened? by Steve Dunleavy, , Ballantine Books edition, in English - 1st ed. A devoted son. A generous friend. A model Army recruit. A gifted entertainer. A beloved hero to millions. This is the Elvis Presly the world knew -- and cherished.

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Elvis What Happened Ebook

I've read several books about Elvis and I consider this the most accurate version of his life as seen through the eyes of three of his body guards. They do not. Elvis, What Happened - Digital Version () - Ebook download as PDF File . pdf), Text File .txt) or read book online. Cosmic Dwellings As a considerable amount of biographies and "tell-all" books have been written about Elvis over the many years since his untimely death, the.

Would you like to tell us about a lower price? If you are a seller for this product, would you like to suggest updates through seller support? Read more Read less. Customers who bought this item also bought. Page 1 of 1 Start over Page 1 of 1. Careless Love: The Unmaking of Elvis Presley. Peter Guralnick. Me and a Guy Named Elvis: My Lifelong Friendship with Elvis Presley. Jerry Schilling. My Best Man: George Klein.

She just wants me to move my car so she can get out. That didnt satisfy Elvis. Whoa, there. Hell, man, youre playing pool. Let her get someone else to move the damn car. Judy flushed with embarrassment. She had never met Elvis, although she admired him, and now here he was telling her to go to blazes. Judy replied, Look, Im sorry, I just dont know anyone else here. Thats why I asked Sonny. And, Sonny, if you just move it, Ill leave. Im sorry to bother you. Judy looked like she wanted to jump into a hole somewhere.

Elvis Presleys eyes narrowed, he pulled himself upright and his lips curled back.

Something for everybody: ELVIS-WHAT HAPPENED ? [Book] [PDF]

Sonny knew the signs. Elvis yelled. Goddamnit, didnt you hear what I said? Get someone else to move it. Judy had endured enough embarrassment and she flared in return. Go to hell, you sonofabitch. That did it. It happened very fast. He took that pool cue in his fist, Sonny recalls. Then, like he was throwing a spear, he just leaned back and threw it right at her across the pool table.

She had no time to duck. The sharp end of the pool cue bored right into her body.

It hit her just above the nipple of the left breast. She didnt scream. It was more like a sharp little gasp, and she crumpled backwards on the floor. Sonny dashed around the table to where Judy lay on the ground. Judy, Judy, you okay, hon? Sonny was worried. She was very pale.

And she was lying there sobbing very quietly. Her face was whiter than vanilla ice cream. I was scared something bad had happened. It was a helluva blow. When Sonny yelled out and asked Judy whether she was all right, Presley picked up another cue and replied, Hell yes, shes all right. It was just one of those dramatic falls.

Drag her ass out of here. Sonny picked up the quietly sobbing Judy in his arms, carried her up the steps to the upper level of the den and laid her gently on a couch. A hush had fallen over the party. Everybody seemed embarrassed. Elvis called for Sonny to get back to the pool table. She was hurting, Sonny recalled.

Her face was all screwed up with pain. And she was sobbing. Jesus, I felt awful. I talked to her, trying to calm her down. But she was hurting and she was mad, and I didnt blame her for being mad.

She looked up at Sonny and repeated, That sonofabitch, why did he do that? I never did anything to him.

He neednt have done that. Gee, hon, said Sonny, Im sorry that happened. I know he didnt mean it. It was just one of those reaction things, you know. It was temper. He didnt mean it. Its gonna be all right. Sonny was angry at himself. Here he was covering for Elvis for what he thought was a particularly brutal act. If any other man had done it in Sonnys presence, he would have dismembered him.

Then, recalls Sonny, she started talking about suing Elvis. I was worried about that in the back of my mind. She had every damn right to sue him.

I told her not to be silly. She should forget about it. Then I very gently told her that she was in his house, and she did insult him, and there were a lot of his friends around as witnesses and then I said, Who do you think theyre gonna stand up for? Judy was steaming. I dont care who they will stand up for. Im going to sue him. He deserves it. Sonny felt ashamed of himself. That really wasnt his style. That's fantastic. It really has gone.

I would walk away and my back and neck were still hurting like hell. It was a case where I didn't want to tell him that he was kidding himself, because he really had the best of intentions, but he was convinced that he had fixed me up.

In a fit of rage, he threw a cue stick at her, spear style. According to Sonny West, " I was worried about that in the back of my mind. She had every damn right to sue him. I told her not to be silly. She should forget about it. Then I very gently told her that she was in his house, and she did insult him, and there were a lot of his friends around as witnesses and then I said, 'Who do you think they're gonna stand up for?

Sonny felt ashamed of himself. That really wasn't his style. Here was this little girl, victim of a sudden, sadistic flash of temper, and he was trying to talk her out of suing.

It was second nature for me to stand up for him, even when I knew he was very wrong. Elvis was talking about the power of metaphysics, although I'm not quite sure whether he knew the real definition of the word Suddenly Elvis yells out, 'Stop the car. I want to show you what I mean, Dave. Now see that cloud? I will show you what my powers really are. Now I want you all to watch.

All of you, look at that cloud. Elvis is staring a hole through the damn thing. Well, the perspiration is dripping off us.

Not a sound in the car, just a whole lot of dummies dying of heat stroke looking up at a cloud. I'm near dying and I am praying that the sonofabitch would blow away. At the same time, I'm really having a problem not to burst out laughing.

Well, after about ten minutes, thank God, the damn thing dissipated a little. I mean, if you watch a single cloud anyway after ten minutes, it will move or dissipate to some degree. I saved the day by noticing it first, and, because I didn't want to die of dehydration, I said, 'Gee, Elvis, you're right. Look, it's moving away,' That was just the right thing to say. Old Elvis gave me one of those sly little smiles that told me he had done it again. Then we drive off.

Poor Elvis.

This book tells story after story of Elvis displaying the patience of a two year old and the beliefs of a crazy person. And his so called "friends" encouraged him every step of the way. It is an intriguing look into a side of Elvis that very few people were privy to.

It is also the most disgusting display of "yes men" and hangers on I have ever read. My one consolation is that I downloadd this from a used book store, and these men did not receive my money.

They say this book was intended to be a way of reaching out to Elvis, a way of letting him know his behavior was out of control. Was it? Big surprise Elvis was reported to be hurt, saddened and betrayed. Although Dave Hebler appears to be more star struck when he talks kindly of The King, the West cousins insist they truly do care about Elvis and hoped he would turn his life around. That's the Way It Is , despite being the best documentary evah, always makes me a little sad.

Elvis: What Happened?

Whenever Elvis cracks a joke, he very quickly looks around the room to make sure every one of his boys is laughing with him. And of course they are. What a shame that a man with so much talent was coddled and spoiled to point that he became delusional, isolated and so unhealthy that he suffered a fatal heart attack at the age of forty-two.

Perhaps his life would have taken that turn anyway? But somehow, for these men to say they cared about Elvis This book was at times sad, at times disgusting, yet always fascinating. Let me end this review on a high note. Elvis had a number of hobbies and interests, one of which was collecting law enforcement badges. At a Hollywood party, Elvis discovered that an unnamed celebrity was an undercover agent for the Federal Narcotics Bureau.

When Elvis saw the badge, he decided he needed to have one and set up an appointment with John Finlator, then the Deputy Narcotics Director. Finlator met with Elvis, and offered to give him an honorary badge but Elvis wouldn't take it, he wanted the real thing. Elvis insisted that he wanted to help in the fight to keep people off drugs, and even offered money. Finlator stood firm, and would not give Elvis a real badge. Undaunted, Elvis left and hired a chauffeured limousine to drive him to the White House.

Although this was spur of the moment, and he didn't have an appointment to see the President, Elvis charmed his way into the oval office. According to Sonny West, "Presley seemed very much at home in the Oval Office and he said, 'Now, the president has got something for ya'll.

Presley wasn't shy when it came to the president. He said, 'You know,l Mr. President, they've got wives. In a daze, Sonny and Jerry and Presley then left the office, after warm handshakes. Before Sonny and Jerry had gotten to the office, President Nixon assured Presley he would get his federal narcotics badge.

Presley smiled triumphantly at Sonny and Jerry and said, 'Who said something can't be done? Fuck me. View all 6 comments. Jul 09, Andy rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: What starts out as a "Get Rich Quick" p-back on the downfall of Elvis becomes more of an expose on the Memphis Mafia that catered to Elvis' every whim, making them the most demented pack of yes-men since the Bush Administration.

Lining up chicks for the King, getting cast as extras in cinema classics like "Harum Scarum", and bullying over-zealous fans, these guys were bigger life-savers to Elvis than the DEA.

Elvis, what happened?

You'll read about them taking care of Elvis' pet chimp Scatter, colorfully named after, What starts out as a "Get Rich Quick" p-back on the downfall of Elvis becomes more of an expose on the Memphis Mafia that catered to Elvis' every whim, making them the most demented pack of yes-men since the Bush Administration.

You'll read about them taking care of Elvis' pet chimp Scatter, colorfully named after, well you know, scat. Then there's Elvis' ex-girlfriend running off with his karate instructor and making out in the audience while he's performing.

You can probably score this classic on site for 65 cents. Mar 08, Sara rated it really liked it. I think most of America suffers from "Elvis disease" --too much, too soon, too fast! What a tragic and preventable story. Aug 25, Tony Trout rated it did not like it. All three of them were absolutely SHOCKED when they read the previews of the book in the National Enquirer because what they actually told Dunleavy to put in the book was taken and twisted and sensationalized so that the National Enquirer could sell more issues!

Oct 21, Martin Sertich rated it it was amazing Shelves: I had just turned 7 a month before he passed but remember it my memory goes back until I was 2 , anyway, at 7 I was already into music So my mom had all the Elvis stuff from his death magazines, random stuff WOW, how he lived as long as he did is beyond me.

A must read if your able to find it si I had just turned 7 a month before he passed but remember it my memory goes back until I was 2 , anyway, at 7 I was already into music A must read if your able to find it since it's been long, long out of print.

If you see it, grab it. Nov 23, Ragdoll rated it did not like it. This was and still is a pathetic book. While Elvis was no angel his 'friends' certainly made no attempt to protect him. They say they could not walk away but really as grown adults they were just as guilty if not more so in supporting his habits and whims.

Anyone who wants a clear view of Elvis and his slow descent into despair should This was and still is a pathetic book. Anyone who wants a clear view of Elvis and his slow descent into despair should read Careless Love.

Jan 11, Ramona rated it really liked it. Many believe that this book put Elvis on a downward spiral from which he never recovered.

It broke the true story about his excessive druge use, and painted a very unflattering portrait of him. It was tres juicy, but I remember crying when I read it at 16 years old. Feb 03, Jenny Jones rated it it was ok Shelves: Very poorly written and completely disorganized. Jun 09, Laurent M. Valliere rated it it was ok. The Memphis Mafia boys claimed this was a plea to Elvis to get help.

They got some help, with the money grab I was expecting more shocking information. I was surprised by Elvis was so rude to some of his groupies. I was under the impression he was a gentleman.

That was the only shocker for me. Jun 11, Dan Tower rated it it was amazing. Feb 26, Paul rated it it was amazing. Great book, very insightful and shocking. Aug 25, Joni rated it liked it Shelves: What happened? Did Elvis really throw a pool cue at a woman's chest in the heat of an argument in , causing permanent damage to her left breast? Red West, Sonny West and Dave Hebler say he did, and they were close friends he hired as bodyguards who spent years in his immediate company.

It's difficult to imagine our doe-eyed idol doing such a horrible, violent thing, but then it seems like a very random and specific thing to make up.

A quick Google reveals mostly Elvis-branded pool cues on sa What happened? A quick Google reveals mostly Elvis-branded pool cues on sale from official merch websites - in amongst those results, a hardcore Elvis fan site review of this book reluctantly admits that the pool cue story has been "confirmed by various sources", and I also found an interview with one of the TCB band who reckons that the girl in question was "breaking things in the house" and provoked Elvis by pushing him first, which doesn't really change anything even if it is true.

So it looks like it really did happen, and this leads me to many questions; Why didn't the girl sue?

Elvis : what happened?

Why isn't this story well-known around the world? Why didn't any of the many eyewitnesses call the police? I sadly suspect the answer is that Elvis' magnetism was his own worst enemy. Red, Sonny and Dave were fired from the Memphis Mafia by Elvis' father with almost no notice shortly before this book was published, and it was clearly rushed out in a spirit of bitterness. This is not a masterpiece of writing and it's not supposed to be. As well as the amateurish, novelisation-esque prose by Steve Dunleavy - Las Vegas is described as "an explosion in a paint factory" - there are numerous errors of fact that any Elvis fan will pick up on.

But it's not the point. This was a book put out to shock the public and get Elvis' attention as soon as possible. Whether the idea was to wake him up to his ways or simply make him suffer is debatable. Either way they were obviously right about how bad things were - Elvis died just over 2 weeks after What Happened? In the shocking opening chapter, we hear of Elvis puffingly arranging a hit on Priscilla's new lover Mike Stone from his Vegas hotel room, calling it off at the last minute.

There are a few incidences of his reckless mishandling of firearms leading to near-deasth, such as one occasion of Elvis pointing a gun at a man's head and pulling the trigger for knocking on his door too loud.

A death fixation led Elvis on a few 3am morgue excursions, peeking at embalmed corpses with his spooked friends in tow. There are lots more uncomfortable stories in here and though it all sounds very National Enquirer, the scrutiny of time has found them to be mostly true. The philosophical implications of such a tragic, basically good but wrecked person so out of touch with reality as a beloved worldwide symbol of America are at once obvious and too heavy to think about. This is the tenth, maybe eleventh book I've read on Elvis and while I can think of a handful more I'd like to read, I think I should stop.

After all, look out the window. It's raining. View 1 comment. Mar 02, Tristan Adamson rated it really liked it. If you are a huge Elvis fan like I am this is the book for you. It gives deep stories of what happened in Elvis's life. Thats not all though there are a lot of biographies out there about him but they don't really touch on how he made it, how his life was like when he was famous, who was he associated with, how and what did his parents do.

This touches on pretty If you are a huge Elvis fan like I am this is the book for you. This touches on pretty much every aspect of questions that fans have or just some thing that they want to know. I am huge Elvis fan my great grandma got my dad hooked on him when he was little and my dad did the same thing when I was.

The book is not just a story it's many stories and a brief biography. It's really inspiring to me because I am a musician and thats what I base my style on is young Elvis Rockabilly and old Elvis Blues and pure rock.

To me this book is one of the best out there and to anyone who likes Elvis or even music in general, this is the book for you. Jun 27, Jeanette rated it really liked it. This was an eye opener, to say the least. I bought this from the United States , second hand, via site, because it's hard to get hold of.

The book was published in August , just before he died and it's a jar to the senses when Elvis is discussed in present tense - he was still alive. That makes is all the more tragic, as we all know what came next.

I'm a big fan, and have recently visited Graceland and Sun Studio and lived being close to the world of such a superstar.. Clearly, there were This was an eye opener, to say the least. Clearly, there were many unpleasant characteristics of Elvis on display in this book, and although I was disappointed, I wasn't shocked. Elvis followed a path many highly talented, creative performers do, and it's so sad because it was entirely preventable. If you're a fan, I recommend this book. But, it will dull the shine of your rose tinted glasses somewhat.

Dec 19, Ernie rated it it was amazing. This book is a fascinating look at the disintegration and warping of Elvis Presley. The interesting thing is that this was published before Elvis died.

Now of course we know the tragic end. This book is written by his closest friends and provides a disturbing picture of a very complex. It is a riveting book that I finished in a sleepless two day marathon.

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