Results 1 - 20 of 20 Explore our list of Free eBooks, Witchcraft, Wicca & Paganism - Modern, Witchcraft & Magic, NOOK Books at Barnes & Noble®. Shop now. Wicca: A modern guide to witchcraft and magick by Harmony Nice. Read online, or download in secure EPUB format. If you like Witchcraft & Wicca eBooks, then you'll love these top picks. The Wiccan Bible for the Solitary Witch: Wiccan Prayers, Beliefs, and Practices. Simple Wiccan Magick Full Moon Spells and Rituals.

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Every day we find the best ebook deals so you don't have to. Book cover for Wicca Elemental Magic: A Guide to the Elements, Witchcraft, and. Wicca. For fans of this website, I have included two FREE e-book downloads. These are two classic books that I have found very helpful and informative, and I hope you. Free download of The Common Book of Witchcraft and Wicca by The Ancestors. Available in PDF, ePub and Kindle. Read, write reviews and more.

Inner Witch. A Modern Guide to the Ancient Craft. The Green Witch. Studying Further the Art of Magic. The Art of Magic. First Degree. The Wiccan Bible for the Solitary Witch: Wiccan Prayers, Beliefs, and Practices. Grimoire of Santa Muerte: Cunningham's Encyclopedia of Magical Herbs. Forbidden Incantations of the Dark Djinn. Got Ghosts? Spells To Make Money. Spells For Beginners:

At her core, the green witch is a naturalist, an herbalist, a wise woman, and a healer. She embraces the power of nature; she draws energy from the Earth and the Universe; she relies on natural objects like stones and gems to commune with the land she lives off of; she Read more 7. Some Witches are therefore adept at a variety of magical systems and it is not unusual to find those who practice Enochian, Thelemic and First Degree book in Wiccan WitchcraftMagick can be at the very heart of what it means to be a Witch, although it is generally viewed as being of secondary importance to the worship of the Goddess and God.

Like many areas of human knowledge and expertise it is an evolving art with diverse strands. It can be a complicated and overwhelming subject for the beginner.

The Common Book of Witchcraft and Wicca, by The Ancestors: FREE Book Download

It is not a Wiccan Prayers, Beliefs, and Practices by Didi Clarke Are you a spiritual seeker who marches to the beat of your own drum? Are you looking to explore the world of Wicca while still maintaining your independent spirit? The Wiccan Bible for the Solitary Witch is the ultimate resource for learning the fundamentals of witchcraft as a freethinking, solo practitioner! Didi Clarke has been studying the art of Wicca for over a decade as a solitary witch, and Read more 1.

This book is packed with material you will not find elsewhere, including copious extracts on magic from obscure or lost works by Pythagoras, Ptolemy, Plato, Santa Muerte has millions of devotees and the numbers are growing all over the world! To those devoted to her, she is their friend, a spiritual mother and the source of unconditional love and protection from whom all of the Read more 2. Light on lore and heavy on practical ceremony, this book is an ideal reference guide for both novices and experienced practitioners.

Each full moon spell contains traditional correspondences, a complete ritual and seasonal recipes. Read more 8.

Do you use them in spells, for talismans or simply use their innate powers? If you don't have Cunningham's Encyclopedia of Magical Herbs, you need to get it right away.

This book has become a classic in its field. The Complete Idiot's Guide to Wicca and Witchcraft, 3rd Edition Learn to Walk the Magickal Path with the God and Goddess by Denise Zimmerman and 2 more An invaluable resource for beginners and adepts alike, this best-selling and frequently recommended book on Wiccan magic and witchcraft has been updated and revised, now featuring a Year-and-a-Day calendar for the solitaire who is beginning to explore Wicca on his or her own.

Loads of new spellsNew for this edition: A Year-and-a-Day calendar; Expanded information on creating a personal grimoire and From sewing, gardening, and jewelry-making, to calligraphy and lotion- concocting, here are Wicca craft projects for everyone.

And with the ritual tools, altars, amulets, candles, mirrors, cauldrons, and a deeper understanding of their meanings, new and veteran Wiccans can enrich their ceremonies, from Esbats and Shabats to magical circles Forbidden Incantations of the Dark Djinn by Carl Nagel This system of jinn magic revolves around the power of names and their chanting both internally and externally.

Repeating the name of a Djinn multiple times will bring it into manifestation. The more you bring a Djinn through manifestation, the more it will reward you. Saw things lift up and fly across the room?

Heard Footsteps when you know you're home alone? How would you react? Who Would You Call? While they're not the fictional Ghost Busters as seen on the big screen, there is She has made a name for herself as a great witch.

A few years back she wrote a series of spell books distilling the best spells from her lifetime's experience of The Craft. We are currently republishing those books for the benefit of modern witches and for the curious spellcaster.

This book, the first to be republished, and tells This book contains proven steps and strategies on how you can make use of different Wiccan spells to help you improve your current state of life. From boosting your financial luck and making you more appealing when it comes to love, there are many different ways through which Many of these herbs you can grow in your own garden and this book will teach you everything from what the herb is used for and how to cultivate it all the way to what spells you can use them in.

Inside you will read about.. Read more A Guide to Real Wiccan Beliefs,Magic and Rituals by Gillian Nolan Everything you need to know about the Peaceful Wicca ReligionThis book will show you the charming beliefs and traditions of the Wiccan way of lifeThis book is a great start for anyone interested in and curious about the Wiccan religion or already practicing Wiccans who want to learn more and go deeper into Wiccan Rituals, Traditions and Spells.

There is lot of misunderstanding of the real Wiccan This is a book that explains a seemingly fast disappearing perspective regarding important protocol and important elements that are missing in today's practices within the religion of Wicca in our American Wiccan communities today.

A perspective believed by many that should return.

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The book also points out some of our problems and issues in the Wiccan community that are going on here today in the United States. Problems and issues that have arose since the occurrence of Wicca's massive growth spurt and the booming book and internet industry that surrounds it! This book is written based on my training, experiences, knowledge and information that I have personally gained over the years from walking and living the life of a Wiccan Witch.

There is information contained within this book that you normally would not hear or know about Wicca unless you had or have a teacher. Teacher meaning a ''Traditional Wiccan High Priestess or Priest Witch'' to help you along, to guide, direct and train you. The sole purpose of this book is to give you some of that information that you would not receive without training, without an experienced High Priestess or Priest to give it to you. Much of it is information that you will not find in books and is vital to Traditional Wiccan practice.

Oral and verbal protocol that was and still is being given to Novices in their beginner level training in some of the working Traditional Covensteads.

Witchcraft & Wicca

If you find it to be controversial for, remember this is a perspective coming from a Traditional Wiccan Witch who has been formally trained in a Tradition of Wicca in a Traditional Wiccan Coven. Either way, I hope anyone who reads it will get something from it even if its just a small something and that it will help in some way as you step onto the path of Wicca or onto the next crossroads of your journey in Wicca. Before you begin to read this book, please understand that I am not staking any claims that I am the ''Wiccan Guru'' or the ''Grand Poohbah of Wicca''!

I have never claimed such nor will I ever claim such! So please do not take my words out of context or twist them in any way!

I ask that you understand and know that my words are in no way conveying that a person is not legitimately Wiccan or not legitimately practicing Wicca if they don't do things the way I explain in this book or if they do not practice the way I do! It is not a book that says ''do it this way and no other or that my way is the only way or the best way. Again, this is a book written from my own training and experiences and from the knowledge I have gathered over the years of walking this path.

If you have questions about something that is stated in the book, please refer to the Facebook page that is set up for discussion of the book.

I am sure some folks will go on with their usual way of doing things, regardless of what I have to say.

And I wouldn't expect anything more or anything less. I do not wish to complicate things for anyone. If nothing else, maybe it will provoke thought on some new yet not new ideas.

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Not following any protocol, not having any criteria, not having or abiding by any rules of any kind is leaving a door wide open for Occult mayhem. In my own personal opinion I feel we're not far from it, if not already in mayhem. I feel it is time we make bigger changes. Changes that will help Wicca grow and prosper in a more positive way.

It is a vision of mine to see changes taking place in the Wiccan community, changes that will bring the Traditional practices of Wicca back where they use to be and as a result bring a successful religion to the lands we live and to the path and religion that I care so much about.

Wicca is not the ''be all or end all'' of Occult paths.

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