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The Indian Drugs Journal started its journey towards Nation building in with the aim to provide an excellent opportunity to the Indian Pharmaceutical research community to publish their original research manuscripts without charging any fees. Indian Drugs is published monthly and is respected for its peer-reviewed scientific and technical papers. The decision as to whether or not a paper is suitable for publication, though ultimately decided by the Editors, depends on a team of expert referees who perform the demanding and often unacknowledged task of sharing their expert opinions as to the merit of the research presented. We sincerely acknowledge their contribution and dedicated support for the growth of 'Indian Drugs'. The publication has a circulation of copies and is distributed to all IDMA members as a members' privilege. It is also available by subscription to members of the industry, university libraries and government departments. An award for the Best Review Article was later introduced in We are proud and happy that these Award winners have gone on to achieve many more laurels in their careers, in India and abroad. We also publish the list of Indian Drugs Reviewers' who have contributed during the year and 'Instructions to Authors' once in year. We welcome all accomplished scientists and researchers to join us in this journey of building the scientific skills of the young researchers of our country.

Even after being given a chance to rectify the mistakes, it was not done. Data integrity was sorely lacking. Medicine batches, that did not comply with GMP and quality requirements, were considered fit for export to Africa instead of being destroyed. All these even by capitalist standards of maximising bottomlines, is reckless. If big Indian pharma companies with billion dollar sales can play hard and fast with quality and manufacturing practices for products for a country with the most grudgingly admired drug regulatory agency in the world, what could our pharma companies be doing with products for the domestic market with decidedly less effective regulation?

It is easy to blame the tyranny of documentation, but it is insisted upon so that it is a double-check on whether the approved process and the SOPs are indeed followed.

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Brands the solution? By the end of the book, the author has managed to alarm, if not convince, the uninitiated reader that generics and especially if Made in India, tend to be bad and therefore the answer is to go for brands, preferably made in the US. This point is made repeatedly at several places in the book. However, this is neither correct nor logical. Brands will not solve the problem. And this is why. Generics are drugs not under patent, or medicines with patents expired.

The author does not elaborate — when she advocates brands over generics — how a branded medicine, even if made by the innovator, is superior ipso facto to an unbranded equivalent.

Drug Today Book

Both can be quality medicines if made scientifically and ethically, and both can fail if made badly. The other misleading message of the author is that only the original innovator of, say, atorvastatin brand Lipitor of Pfizer , can make the medicine of acceptable quality; and generics can seldom match the originator in quality.

The publication has proved itself to be well known in the pharma industry. And is considered to be south Asia no 1 Medical formulation journal. Everyone in the industry has always cherished the hard work of Drug Today Team. The information that matter on Drugs or medicine and the market is found between its two covers. The continuous updating of medicine over the past two decades has made Drug Today Book as an authority and a final relied journal for drug information to the pharma industry.

It also has a large subscription based readership across the nation.

FDA defends oversight amid questions of safety of generic drugs made in India and China

The main aim of the journal is to prove accurate and correct information to its reader and reflect as a ready reference of medicine in details. If you are from the pharma industry or from the health fraternity then you should subscribe Drug Today. Click on the link for the subscription http: Drug Today has launched its own website in , where anyone can search for the information on medicine or it substitutes.

The main reason for the launch of the website was to provide 24X7 online service to our industry, all you need is the internet service on your phone. Drug Today Medical Times is a leading newspaper in the industry and has tapped the common man market as well. The news and the article published are in layman language and easily understood able.

It provides information on the health development and latest updates in India and aboard. To subscribe the newspaper click on the link below, the subscription rates are economical. You can also visit our website drugtodayonline.

For more info Click Here. According to a study, the part of the brain identified as the control centre for human speech does not actually work when we speak loudly. The discovery has major implications for the diagnoses and treatments of stroke, epilepsy and brain injuries that result in language impairments. Flinker concluded that the results could help us advance language mapping during neurosurgery as well as the assessment of language impairments.

A complete health and medical based news.

Emerging Antimicrobial Resistance Society EARS , a non-profit making organisation which has established a vast network of healthcare institutions and research centers across India for the surveillance of bacterial strains resistant to antibiotics, conducted an awareness walk in Delhi. EARS also organised a webinar seminar on the web for doctors on the antibiotic stewardship programme.

Around 3, doctors from all over the country were invited to the webinar, which was presided over by Dr Chand Wattal, head, microbiology department, Sir Ganga Ram Hospital. Touted as the third largest drug producer in the world, the Indian pharmaceutical industry grew at an estimated compound annual growth rate CAGR of 13 per cent till recently. However, the pharma sector, of late, is passing through a rough patch.

There has not been any significant investment in the sector nor has any new pharma company come up in the recent past.

Drug Today Book

Over and above, there has been steady decline in the export as well as import of drugs. What is more, foreign investors are coy to invest in Indian pharma sector for reasons not far to seek. What could be the reason for this unexpected turnaround? Why is pharma industry not doing business the way it used to in the past? The slump in the pharma business has more to do with governmental policies than the market forces.

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