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Editorial Reviews. Review. [Trump's] enthusiasm for American possibility bubbles throughout Time to Get Tough: Make America Great Again! by [Trump, Donald J. Audible Sample. Audible Sample. Playing Playing Loading Loading. Ships from and sold by For the first time in his own words, President-elect Donald J. Trump explains his plan to make America great again! Republican presidential candidate Donald J. Trump has a plan to make America great again. Is this different from "Time to Get Tough: Making America #1 Again" Donald Trump's book, or is this just a new edition? Would like to know what has been.

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Donald Trump Time To Get Tough Pdf

Time to Get Tough: Making America #1 Again is a non-fiction book by Donald Trump. It was first published in hardcover format by Regnery Publishing in It's time we turn America around from despair and anger to joy and We have a president who tries to get tough and draw a line in the sand, but when that line gets . And Donald Trump creates jobs for legal immigrants and all Americans. Trump. Throughout the interviews many common themes appeared time after For this supporter, the fact that Donald Trump is disliked by every group in advocated a “get tough” policy for handling situations that threaten America and for.

No gay marriage; no gay benefits Tax Reform In summary, Trump was a conservative-leaning moderate populist in the race; he is positioning himself as a more hard-core conservative in the race. So will Trump enter the race? Well, we hope so. He changed his voter registration from Republican to independent in December He will not run as a Republican -- it's too late to get into many of the primaries now anyway -- and of course Trump has the financial wherewithal to run an independent campaign. Trump may bid for the AmericansElect nomination , or he may just run on his own. Why do we think he'll run? Trump has stated repeatedly that he would re-enter the race as an independent if he doesn't see a Republican nominee who can beat Obama and who represents conservative values.

He also increased the U. To be sure, some NATO members have maintained their Barack Obama-era commitments to increase defense spending but not by enough to lessen their dependence on Washington.

He started off by unilaterally abandoning the Trans-Pacific Partnership, a multilateral trade deal that would benefited the U. Trump is also singlehandedly responsible for the bungled U. Experts inside and outside the U. Instead of maximizing U. Middle East policy for a long time. Even when his instincts are correct—as when he announced he was going to pull U.

And having promised to get out of the nation-building business, he sent more troops to Afghanistan like Obama did , where they are likely to still be fighting when he leaves office. But instead of confronting Russia over its misdeeds—including its possible interference in U. A true realist would acknowledge the scientific reality of climate change and try to develop an effective policy response to it.

We'll see how things go, but I'd definitely vote for him.

I have a few reservations, but when those creep in, I just have to think about how the presidency is going currently. Honestly, I don't think we could do worse. As the book states, "Obama was a leftist experiment that has failed and gone horribly wrong. His views on immigration, foreign policy, entitlement spending, etc. It's refreshing as well to read someone speak to the issues we face in a commanding, no-nonsense way that makes it sound like we actually COULD emerge from our current troubles.

Many things in the book were interesting -- one being that Trump outlines how differently Canada deals with immigration from how we do. Canadians start by asking potential immigrants how they would support the development of a strong, prosperous Canadian economy.

They are awarded points based on how they'll add to the economy. Contrast that with the US system, where a large part of someone's eligibility is based on whether they're related to someone currently in the country. There are many, many more who are here illegally. I have to say that I was really impressed with him in the interview.

Melania came across well, and his kids are just WOW. Very impressive, smart, and not seeming entitled as they could easily be in their situation.

Dec 30, Christin Edge rated it it was amazing. This is an insightful book and an easy read. With all of the media coverage on Donald Trump today, I was curious about his platform and details of his plan for action. This book is backed by over footnotes of research and addresses topics such as oil, China, government spending, immigration, homeland security, etc My only negative remark is that it did not address the education system and focused on the economy; however, I'm told his newest book spends a chapter addressing the topic.

This This is an insightful book and an easy read. This is a great book and easy read for anyone curious about his potential policies and plan for implementation. This is a great book for those who do not follow the news every day but want to know what's going on in the world. I also admire Trump's ability to just tell it like it is - no softening the truth, no flowery words. And, the guy managed to get solid plans on about pages of paper, which Obama is still fumbling to articulate after 4 years.

There were a few assertions in the book that i noticed were missing citaitons, and I would have been a lot more impressed if he took his ideas to task by ru This is a great book for those who do not follow the news every day but want to know what's going on in the world.

Time to Get Tough: Make America Great Again

There were a few assertions in the book that i noticed were missing citaitons, and I would have been a lot more impressed if he took his ideas to task by running for president, which he didnt. Anybody can put ideas on paper and then not attempt to do anything about them.

Maybe Jan 02, Erin rated it did not like it Shelves: It is over. I'd like to say that I took better notes than Crippled America: How to Make America Great Again , but this one was harder to listen to while at work without me needing a break after half an hour.

I listened to this mostly while driving and so my notes are unfortunately lacking. No surprise here though, there are a lot of false statements and bended "half truths" that people can easily fall for when they do not do their own research and believe everything said by Trump. I researc Well. I research everything. Even when my candidate or anyone of choice claims something I agree with I still find at least 2 or 3 sources to back up that statement. Maybe I'm a super nerd, but mostly I think it is due to not wanting to be wrong.

Anyways, this book was basically a rip on President Obama and was written during his first term. It warns the public about how dangerous a second term for Obama will be. Ooops it happened and we can compare his predictions to what actually happened between I prefer to see constructive criticism and more professional statements, which this book definitely lacks as well as a high reading level.

Compared to Crippled America: How to Make America Great Again , it has a lower reading level and you can tell it was either maybe? Trump who wrote this one, or a different ghost writer. If I have to hear him say "It's time to get tough! There is an artistic way to have repetition as a motif and this is not the way to do it.

It's almost a filler to make the book longer or to remind the reader, "Hey! Remember you're angry!

This does work great when looking at how a reader who agrees with Trump and is mad at Obama would be enthralled with each chapter. But, I think my complement mainly goes to Malcom Hillgartner and his narration since it captures the tone so well and he has an excellent voice.

Trump claims Obama took more vacations than other presidents; he didn't. Bush took more and surprise Trump has currently taken more in one year than Obama in both terms and also Trump's have cost more. Source Trump claims Obama added more debt. Specifically, that he added more than ALL other presidents combined. As well as inheriting multiple problems the U. Source Trump claims "tens of millions of gallons crude oil leak into the ocean naturally from the sea floor" so the BP Deepwater Horizon oil spill was "no big deal.

And I'm not even going into volume yet. Obviously the volume of the entire ocean is larger than the Gulf. Looking at just surface area, the world ocean is ,, square kilometers and the Gulf is 1,, square kilometers. Meaning that the Gulf of Mexico is 0. Okay, so math wins this time! And that is the end of notes I took in which I could accurately research.

Overall, this book was much less tolerable than "Crippled. Sep 19, Book rated it liked it Shelves: Time to Get Tough by Donald J. A man that needs no introduction, billionaire Donald J. Trump reveals his political views with a focus on the economy. This progressive-minded reviewer will illustrate as fairly as possible the positives and negatives of this book.

This direct page book includes twenty-six chapters, a conclusion, postscript, and an epilogue. A well-written, direct and accessible book. Trump had help writing this book but it does reflect his no-holds barred personality and interesting political views. The book flows well from chapter to chapter. Each chapter covers a political issue and begins with a chapter-related quote.

Readers will gain a better understanding on how Trump stands on important political issues with an emphasis on the economy. We need a president who knows how to get things done, who can keep America strong, safe, and free, and who can negotiate deals that benefit America, not the countries on the other side of the table. But he can help create an environment that allows the rest of us—entrepreneurs, small businessmen, big businessmen—to make America rich.

I like his ideas on the OPEC. The impact of economic decisions. Every action has a consequence. Every decision has an upside and a downside. So you make smart decisions that minimize harm and maximize freedom. His views on dealing with China. Curious anecdotes spruced throughout the book. They realized they could make their chopsticks in America for cheaper than they could in China.

Better still, they knew they could create more American jobs that way. So they make the chopsticks in Georgia and ship them to China! A look on corporate taxes. That means businessmen can save up to And they are—in droves. In fact, the international average corporate tax rate is 26 percent. Trumps views on taxes. Views on how to save Social Security and Medicaid. The merits of negotiating smarter.

The importance of a strong defense and his seven core principles of a credible American foreign policy doctrine. They understood that nothing good in life—religious freedom, economic freedom, freedom of speech—can be enjoyed if people fear for their physical safety. A look at out of control welfare spending. Back then, welfare spending accounted for 1. On repealing Obamacare. The proper way to bring the cost of health-care down is to make insurance companies compete nationally and get defensive medicine under control through serious tort reform that includes loser pays provisions.

The child automatically becomes an American citizen, though this was never the intention of the Fourteenth Amendment. His views on how to make America great again. An excellent afterword in which Trump addresses a handful of issues. Notes included. Climate change denier.

We must base our decisions on the best science available. Trump along with many conservatives are on the wrong side of science. Tone and style is off putting, what did you expect from Mr.

Quite a few low blows to our president. Drug testing welfare recipients is intrusive, disrespectful and unnecessary. Talks a lot about welfare spending but a lot less on corporate subsidies in his defense he does chastise oil companies. The GOP needs to learn how to get tough and out-negotiate Obama and his big spending allies in Washington.

They also need to learn the art of using the right tone and language. A bit repetitive. No formal bibliography. In summary, as right-wing books go this is slightly above average. There are compelling points made in this book. Clearly, Trump knows how to make money but do those business principles translate over to politics? I think some principles still work but different dynamics are at play.

The book is brief and worth reading, this progressive tone aside found much to like about this book. Further right-wing suggestions that will help you get acquainted with their views: Jul 17, Diana Long added it. No comment. Jan 29, Jerry Rose rated it it was amazing. He is super intelligent and not afraid to tell it like it is. He has made it into the highest of social circles, producing the finest products.

The Tragedy of Trump’s Foreign Policy

People love his words. In , the Apprentice was the 1 show in the Response to the more I read about our brilliant President, the more I fall in love with the man. Response to chapters: We have progressed from agrarian society to the industrial society and are now in a new technological based society. How have normal social conventions changed?

We have yet to find that out. Take romance as an example of our cluelessness in this new age. In agrarian society, men would travel for weeks across hundreds of miles to inspect a maiden.

If his tastes were satisfied, he would immediately think to arrange a dowry for marriage before having to the make the weeks long journey home. In the industrial age, the idea of romance was introduced to the world in the French Revolution. When women met a prospective husband, she did not have to show off her best homemaking skills as in agrarian society.

Rather, women created some ideal romantic fascination to loll over in their mate choice. Mate choice was no longer based primarily on parental diplomatic relations; women had a hand in their marriage. We still have no idea how romance will evolve with social media, its in-depth profiles and hand-selected prime angle snapshots into our lives.

He is also the Dealmaker in chief. Look at our enemy China. We built China's economy, sustained for them double digit growth yearly over 30 years, and how do they show their appreciation?

Lost money is lost jobs.

Buy for others

We are getting hustled by the Chinese. We cannot allow this spineless negotiating to continue. In our globalized technological age, the president must create deals to keep America strong, and the fulcrum of all the Worlds hope. Ok, so how do we fix this trade disaster we find ourselves in? China has 1. How do we manage this competitive difference? Buoy US goods currently exporting overseas. Goods produced collaboratively with China, manufacturers should increase prices with gov subsidies supply pinch.

They are stealing our technology at an outstanding rate. Militarily and industrially, agreements to share US tech designs are nearly transparent. If this continues, China will pass US as the 1 economy in 10 years, and we will have to answer to their governing style.

We are losing to China. When you look at high school test scores in Math, US top city is 25th of 34 countries, Shanghai is 1st. They are also 1st in reading and science. Oil is a cash cow. All goods depend on oil. All prices change with the price of oil. When you download milk, oil builds the container, ships it to the store, and brings it home. Founded in in Baghdad, Afghanistan, OPEC was created with the ideal of controlling the supply of oil production with the aim of longevity and price controls.

Rising prices confound Gauss' competitive exclusion principle that only one competitor can exist at a certain price in a niche. OPEC collusion has caused oil prices to soar. We should sue OPEC for antitrust violations and collusion. Break up OPEC and bring prices closer to their cost of production. Cap and trade on emissions as Obama implemented will only drive US oil prices higher.

When US companies pay a tax, it isn't the companies its the consumers and employees that feel it worst. This ends as less price-competitive goods on the global market. Obama has no idea how trade works. He thinks taxes can stimulate growth. In reality, this forces people to put their money into nontaxable bonds. Cutting taxes allows the consumer more wiggle room to inject his funds into the economy. Why do we have 30K troops in South Korea?

Time to Get Tough: Making America #1 Again by Donald J. Trump

They have k army themselves. If we do provide protection for them, why are we footing the bill for it. They say, "the spoils go to the victors". But when Obama ended Iraq's war with bloodthirsty dictator Sadam Hussein, we "gave them the keys and left". We are not the world's policemen. But if we have become that role, we have to send a clear message that it comes with a cost.

The Prime Minister releases that they will never pay for the war, so Obama's pawn ups and leaves. Representatives of the US should be like the titanium-spine negotiators on Wall Street, who shed his blood in the boardroom before conceding to he sitting at the other end of the table. We need diplomats who will piss on the opposing negotiators' possessions before bending to their request. Demand payments for our protection and make faulting on your request a serious offense.

Diplomats are leaving without finish a deal in Iraq. Change begins at the top. Therefore, we must demand stronger negotiating. Response to 4: Incentivize corporate movement domestically where the best workers are. In the US. Green job "stimulation" is not a bad growth plan.

It is always best to go to the original sources and what could be more original than to read what Trump himself says about what he would do as president. This book was originally written in and has been updated for at least in the Kindle edition that I read.

Of all the books Trump wrote, this is the most relevant to his job as president. In my opinion, everybody interested in American politics should read this. Those on the left should read this so that they can better understand who they are up against, while those on the right can learn a lot more about what Trump really stands for.

This book is educational to all, irrespective of your politics. It also makes you realize just how false the news media has been reporting on him. Trump candidly explains his views on a wide range of current topics and explains his views on topics like global-warming, the wars constantly being waged, Obamacare, how he wants to get America back to work. That he does not want to cut the world off from trading with the USA, he just wants fair-trade.

This book really gives you a good impression about how Trump thinks and it allows you to understand better his actions, today. I certainly do not agree with everything he does, but I do value learning how he really thinks in a way untainted by those who want to destroy him.

This book helps to balance out the bias against him. So where can you find more balanced news? In my opinion, you can forget most of the main-stream media. The website "Global Research" has a lot of balanced academically backed reports, they are a lot more neutral than most.

If you have not yet looked at "RT," then give them a try. They are constantly being accused of being the "Russian Propaganda" channel, but in my opinion, they are much more neutral and do report both sides of the argument. I have been heavily fact-checking all news media and I have yet to see a report on RT that was not accurate, based on the information available at the time. Their bias is that they also report the Russian point-of-view as well as that of the west.

No wonder that those that constantly want to attack Trump are afraid of RT that is simply reporting the facts and pointing out the biased reporting in other media. Let me point out that I am British and had no vote in the US elections. I have no affiliation with any political party or news media organization. I am simply interested in having a balanced fact-based world view.

Everyone has their panties all bunched up over Trump and what they think he is doing. This book is not new it has been out for a while, but if you read it and understand all his talking points is will show you exactly what he is doing. One person found this helpful. Heather Havenwood. Paperback Verified download. Love the Donald! MAGA message as predicted.. When we are stronger we can then help others more efficiently.

This book dispels those ideas and makes a reasonable person appreciate what the President is accomplishing for us and our children. See all reviews. What other items do customers download after viewing this item? The Art of the Deal Kindle Edition.

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