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Free kindle book and epub digitized and proofread by Project Gutenberg. Download Dom Casmurro. free in PDF & EPUB format. Download Joaquim Machado de Assis's Dom Casmurro. for your kindle, tablet, IPAD. Dom Casmurro. Machado de Assis. Machado de Assis' novel is one of the most important works in Brazilian literature. It describes the love story of Bento.

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Reluctant Dom · Read more · The Reluctant Dom. Read more · Dom dzienny, dom nocny · Read more Dom Casmurro · Read more. Dom Casmurro book. Read reviews from the world's largest community for readers. A classic story of love and jealousy, Dom Casmurro is the story of Be. Faça o download ou leia online Dom Casmurro Wellington Srbek & Machado de Assis PDF grátis para e-book / ePub / Mobi / Mp3 /. Txt, Um dos principais.

He felt that there is a loose balance of good and evil, and that the art of living consists in getting the greatest good out of the greatest evil. Bagby, Jr. A vida Life…is an enormous lottery: the prizes are few, the failures innumerable. Out of the sighs of one generation are kneaded the hopes of the next.

Though the subject of this book might seem scandalous jealousy,adultery,etc. And I like smart-funny novels. Hence, on my list too!

Interesting characters. Jose Dias , a lover of superlatives and a dependent of Bentinho's family Dona Gloria , a god fearing woman and mother of Bentinho Uncle Cosme , who is just Uncle Cosme Escobar , Bentinho's best friend Capitu , a girl with tide-like eyes, with arms better than any woman ever lived or will live, Bentinho's first love and wife, the might-be-might-not-be mother of his child Now you know why Bentinho is unreliable; the dude is confused and confuses the reader too.

But, nonetheless, we as readers turn out to be smarter than him. Bentinho , the narrator and one of the most weird, emotional, funny, vulnerable and memorable protagonists I ever came across 8. The narrator constantly voices out to the reader as "dear reader" or "lovely reader", which I find very amusing. Bentinho is quite good at making his reader feel important. So, read it for Bentinho. Listen to the poor guy, you won't be sorry.

View all 19 comments. View all 7 comments. May 22, Joselito Honestly and Brilliantly rated it it was amazing. I do not know how to review this novel.

Reading it was like watching a great chess master play, or like when he shows you a great game he has played. Move by move, you watch, mesmerized. Narrated in the first person, he even teases you every now and then: But this is not a mystery novel. There is no crime to solve. Or maybe there is, but one can't I do not know how to review this novel. Or maybe there is, but one can't be sure. Early on, you'll think this is a love story. I am convinced that I saw here the most masterful dramatization of first love, ever, in literature or at least the literature I had known, so far.

But this isn't a love story as love stories go. I can only imagine, if this book will be chosen for book discussion of any of the groups here in goodreads, there could be disagreements that could lead to war, which can only be settled in peace if Machado de Assis resurrects he died in or if, magically, his characters in this novel come to life and answer our questions.

View all 5 comments. Machado de Assis orienta o leitor por caminhos que podem ser enganosos. Nunca saberemos. View all 4 comments. Dom Casmurro was at first striking to me for its unique setting: Brazil in the midth Century, a place which seems at once familiar and exotic.

A place where slavery has not yet been abolished; deeply Catholic, yet modern and European in its sensibilities. The synopses of this novel tend to focus on the theme of jealousy, but this is not the whole story. For me, the novel is a study of human failings, of our tendency towards self-destruction; the ways in which we are slaves to our nature.

There Dom Casmurro was at first striking to me for its unique setting: There is a kind of amorality, or at least a sense of pessimistic resignation that as humans we inevitably impose on ourselves these subtle tragedies, and though we may feel we can and must rise above them, in fact we cannot help but repeat these same mistakes - we are simply drawn to them by our nature.

Along with our failings we have been given an incredible capacity for rationalisation, an ability to re-frame and reconcile ourselves to any personal wrongdoing. As Bentinho looks back on his life, we are never really sure which of his reminiscences are fact, and which are a product of this rationalisation.

But it is the quality of his experience that is salient, rather than the question of truth. Though we cannot confirm it, we suspect that certain pieces of the narrative have been distorted, and we see exemplified in Bentinho that very human trait - the complete inability to sacrifice the ego.

We see what fragile and tragic creatures we are, who are unable to face the fact of who we are in reality; who must instead twist the narratives of our lives so that they can compare tolerably when held up against the ideal self, which we believe ourselves, falsely, to embody.

View 1 comment. Quero mais! Se o resto da obra de Machado de Assis tiver esta qualidade, acho que encontrei um novo autor favorito! I'm at a loss of words! What a fantastic writing! I wan review in English below Nem sei o que dizer!

I want more! If Machado de Assis' other works have this kind of quality, I think I found myself a new favourite author! View all 16 comments. Dom Casmurro is about a lifelong love affair in which one person betrays the other; the mystery is who has done the betraying. The narrator doubles back on himself, loses track of his thoughts, lies both to us and to himself, and generally mucks everything up in a series of short,sharp chapters with titles like "Let us proceed to the chapter" and "Let us enter the chapter.

And this book is weird and wonderful. Early on, a minor character explains that life is an opera. Not metaphorically. Satan, "a young maestro with a great future," is cast out of the conservatory of heaven after rebelling, but not before stealing a cast-off libretto of God's. He turns it into a full opera and begs God to hear it. At last God relents, but refuses to have it played in heaven; instead, he creates this world as a special stage to hear Satan's composition - which, in the lonely fleshing out, has accidentally lost or distorted some of God's themes.

Certain motifs grow wearisome from repetition. There are obscure passages It's even better in context. The foreword by Elizabeth Hardwick spoils everything. You should basically always read forewords last.

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Heather suggested that Tolstoy's novella The Kreutzer Sonata would make a good companion read, so I obediently read that next; she was totally right.

They go together perfectly. View all 3 comments. Jun 01, Oziel Bispo rated it it was amazing. Reler Dom casmurro foi um grande prazer.. Jan 05, K. My arms and my hands were practically shaking yesterday while I was in the last 50 pages of this book.

One of those novels with perfect denouement. I immediately sent a text message to my brother who gave this 5 stars and our friend who wants to borrow this book so I had to squeeze this in to my already tight queue of to-be-read books telling them how beautiful this book was.

I am glad I forced myself to read this now. I also told them that I was planning to dislike this book to avenge Rober My arms and my hands were practically shaking yesterday while I was in the last 50 pages of this book. I also told them that I was planning to dislike this book to avenge Roberto Bolano's that I rated with 5 stars and excitedly lent it to my brother. He read it and gave it a 1 star. You see, Dom Casmurro, got 5 stars from him and so when I was about to start this, I thought why not do the same to him?

This novel is too brilliantly-written especially the last 50 pages. It would have been a big injustice to Machado de Assis if I used him just to appease my hurt feelings for my idol Roberto Bolano. Anyway, there are other 5-star books in my brother's read folder that I am still to read hahaha. May araw ka rin, kuya! Why I do I like the last 50 pages? Because I shook in anticipation.

The book is told in first person by the BEST unreliable narrator that I've read so far in my almost four years of voracious reading. This book by Machado de Assis truly pushed to the edge the meaning of unreliable narrator for me. Bentinho a. But, why am I not giving this a full 5 stars? Take note that I am not giving you any hint on what was revealed in those last 50 pages. That part was the "real deal" in this book and I want you to enjoy it as much as I did. However, the book's composition for me is like this: You really have to finish the book to appreciate the story.

I have a feeling that those who gave this a 1-star rating were those who were not able to bear the arduous and tiresome middle. For those who don't care about spoilers, here is the breakdown for those pages comprising the middle of the book: You said it Capitu!

Dom Casmurro

Go gurl! You appreciate more the bright light at the end of it because of the dark boring path that you want to pass through. I love this book! View all 6 comments. I adored this novel.

First published in , and set in Rio de Janeiro during the latter-half of the 19th century, it follows the fortunes and misfortunes of Bento Santiago, otherwise known by his pseudonym of 'Dom Casmurro.

Love ranks highly in this novel, surpassed only by the jealousy which often goes with it, and here Machado appears as a master of the n I adored this novel. Love ranks highly in this novel, surpassed only by the jealousy which often goes with it, and here Machado appears as a master of the novelistic form, uniting, betraying and ultimately disbanding his small collection of characters with confident ease. At no point does he go too far or explain too much.

On the contrary, throughout the novel he demonstrates a wonderful reserve as storyteller, leaving the reader to doubt, argue, second-guess and, in the end, pity Bentinho and his psychologically-driven narrative. This is a novel which has not received the critical attention and readership that it deserves.

Machado's prose is delightful, full of sly humour and a lyrical dialogue which makes the pages of text pass by effortlessly. By the end I felt as though I had spent the afternoon hiding in Bentinho's garden, overhearing his confession or conversation, whichever you prefer.

Fui um pouco casmurro e demorei mais de um ano a pegar neste livro, desde que o comprei. Mal comecei a ler, percebi que estava perante uma obra invulgar. Vai-nos fazendo desconfiar.

View 2 comments. Jul 22, David rated it really liked it Shelves: Remeber those days when growing up in a Catholic household the mother always wanted the male child to enter into Seminary School so they could become a priest? After all, mothers know best.

And maybe win some celestial favour. Our stubborn young Bentinho has his path made clear thanks to mom. But like every great story, why not add in a love interest, Capitu.

Talk about a monkey wrench. Temptation is too great; temptation is a sin as well. Add in a good friend Escobar from the Seminary to widen our young Bentinho and Sancha to tempt. Bentinho is a very jealous man; envious of everyone. Thus you have a Brazilian version of a Shakespearean comedy minus the rhyming couplets. What a true comedy of errors. A real treat to read. Obrigado Susana! A man whose wife has committed adultery, often regarded as an object of scorn.

In the Occidental literary tradition, the cuckold is also a buffoon. How galling it must be then to suffer not only the pain of emotional betrayal, but to suffer also the humiliation of being a laughing stock. What bigger terror can there be then to a tender ego than the threat of being cuckolded?

The novel never shows us the supposedly adulterous couple in flagrante delicto. We spend all our time in Bento's head, which might be the only place the delict takes place.

Did she? Or didn't she? Is he wearing horns? Or does he only think he does? The genius of Dom Casmurro lies in its depiction of the obsession with this terror. Whether Bento actually wears horns is pretty much beside the point. We get all his thoughts as they spew out on the page, as close to stream of consciousness before stream of consciousness as we can get.

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Which just might make it the first novel to depict OCD: Who cares? Because it's all the more mind-blowingly great that we never know. For sure, that is. That she did do it. Or didn't.

Or did. Aug 21, Maria Ferreira rated it it was amazing Shelves: Capitu deitou-se com o amigo para porque o amava? E se os homens decidem fazer o teste de paternidade? Achei a prosa de Machado de Assis cativante, com uma maneira de jogar com as palavras que a torna muito harmoniosa. Atrevo-me mesmo a dizer que alguns aspectos da abordagem narrativa lhe conferem uma certa modernidade.

Sep 01, Isabel rated it really liked it Shelves: Oct 10, Carolina Paiva added it. E agora? Nov 15, Claudia rated it really liked it Shelves: Nunca tinha lido nada, apesar de integrar todas as listas de autores para ler antes de morrer.

O livro "Dom Casmurro" foi editado em Pensava que ia encontrar uma narrativa descritiva e aborrecida, acabei por encontrar o oposto. Mais aqui: Que final agridoce. Que leitura encantadora. E nunca terei. Bentinho talvez tenha errado em todo o mais, mas acertou nisso: Sabia o que queria e conseguia manipular os que a rodeavam com mestria. Anos depois paga as favas ao dono pelo seu pecado ou seria inocente? Que dois! It's fitting that a review of a book whose overarching theme is of fickle memory must also do battle with that particularly slippery titan of an abstract concept.

On the one hand, who knows how long it would have taken me to come across this work had the splendorifous skull of Epitaph of a Small Winner , or 3. But what distinguishes Machado's novel from the realism of its contemporaries, and what makes it such a delightfuldiscovery for English-speaking readers, is its eccentric and Dom Casmurro Audiobook, [WorldCat.

However, formatting rules can vary widely between applications and fields of interest or study. The specific requirements or preferences of your reviewing publisher, classroom teacher, institution or organization should be applied. Yet, it is another excellent book by this African Brazilian genius that is Machado de Assis. In the course of his lifetime he never ventured more than a few miles outside his native city.

He worked as a newspaper reporter befor My Review Quincas Borba. Machado opens a fascinating world to English speaking readers.

When the mad philosopher Quincas Borba dies, he leaves to his friend Rubiao the entirety of Bento Santiago, the wildly unreliable narrator of Dom Casmurro The book was published in multiple languages including Portuguese language, consists of 56 pages and is available in Paperback format.

The main characters of this fiction, classics story are Simao Bacamarte, Dona Evarista. Dom Casmurro Paperback Books - Infibeam. This Book have some digital formats such us : paperbook, ebook, kindle, epub, and another formats. Othello—analysis, explanatory notes, and lectures. Othello—Scene-indexed and searchable version of the text. Othello public domain audiobook at LibriVox; Othello in popular culture at the Internet Broadway Database — lists numerous productions.

Read More. Gledson, Joaquim M.

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