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Dicionário Oxford Escolar para estudantes brasileiros de inglês (Português- Inglês / Inglês-Português). Look inside Our discounted price list (PDF). Key features Up-to-date headwords, phrases, and examples in English and Portuguese. The Oxford Essential Portuguese Dictionary is a compact Portuguese-English and English-Portuguese dictionary that offers up-to-date coverage of essential. Monolingual English Edition. The New Oxford. Picture Dictionary. E. C. Parnwell. Illustrations by: Ray Burns. Bob Giuliani. Laura Hartman. Pamela Johnson.

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Dicionario Oxford Ingles Portugues Pdf

The Oxford English Dictionary is widely acknowledged to be the most Historical Thesaurus of the OED, and new ways to explore the English language. Oxford Dictionary of English, download grátis. Oxford Dictionary of English Dicionário inglês completo direito no seu computador. Oxford Dictionary of. 'Nevah', 'Evah' [Oxford university pronunciation?] - English Only forum. A sentence with from Oxford Dictionary - English Only forum an Oxford Dictionary/ an.

Punjabi to english dictionary book A good way to learn new vocabulary is learn about 20 words a week from a dictionary and understand what they mean. A dictionary that lists English words with Gurmukhi Punjabi explanations. You can search for Punjabi to English translation or English to Punjabi translation. Punjabi-English dictionary. Dictionary in PDF for free for you to download for students learning English A dictionary in pdf for you to use when you don't understand. Punjabi-English dictionary launched. In the cultural sphere, there are many books, plays, and songs being written or produced in the Punjabi-language in Pakistan. Showing page 1. Over , Italian translations of English words and phrases. It has more than english words with the meanings in Punjabi, english synonyms and antonyms. It has a free word jumble game. A long document stored as data that is or will become a book; an e-book. We update this dictionary on daily basis even if you are not able to find any word typed in the search box, our database will save that word and it will be available in the next 24 hours with complete and comprehensive way. If you need to know the meaning of a word in English, Oxford Dictionary of English is the best book of reference where you can settle all your doubts.

Designed to provide the most comprehensive search experience, this dictionary combines several search tools to match or suggest what you are looking for: Search autocomplete helps you quickly find words by displaying predictions as you type.

Keyword lookup allows you to search within compound words and phrases. Looking for a specific word but don't know how it's spelled? Camera search looks up words in the camera viewfinder and displays results in seconds.

Voice search helps you when you don't know how an entry is spelled. Tap to Translate enables you to look up entries in other apps. Share word definitions via installed apps on your device. The 'Favorites' option allows you to create custom folders with lists of words from the vast library of entries. Offline mode - No WiFi, no problem. Save words on your device to be viewed without the need of an internet connection.

Priority support - Get expedited support for any app-related issues. Acme n. Highest point of achievement etc. Skin condition with red pimples. Fruit of the oak, with a smooth nut in a cuplike base.

Without electrical amplification acoustic guitar. In transmitting soun d. As sing. Science of sound. Acquaint v. By with make aware of or familiar with acquaint me wi th the facts. Acquiesce v. By default. By in accept an arran gement etc. Acquiescent adj. Acquired taste n. Acquirement n. Thing acquired, esp. A mental attainment. Acquisition n. When useful.

Keen to acquire things. Acquit v. By of declare not guilty. A behave or perform in a specified way acquitted herself well. By of discharge a duty or responsibility. Measure of land, 4, sq. A number of acres; extent of land.

Acrid adj. Acrobat n. Entertainer performing gymnastic feats. Acrobatically adv. Art of performing these. Acronym n. Word formed from the initial letters of other words e. Laser, nat o. Citadel of an ancient greek city. Poem etc. In which certain letters usu. The first and last in each line form a word or words. Of synthetic material made from acrylic acid.

Acrylic fibre or fa bric. A pungent liquid organic acid. B document attesting a legal transaction. By on have an effect alc ohol acts on the brain. B pretend.

B perform a play etc. C por tray an incident by actions. Legal representative of. Ac t of god natural event, e. An earthquake. Act up colloq. Misbehave; give troub le car is acting up. Get one's act together slang become properly organized; p repare. Put on an act colloq. Make a pretence. Art or occupation of an actor. Serving temporarily or as a substitute acting manager.

Actinism n. Property of short-wave radiation that produces chemical changes, as in photography. Radioactive metallic element found in pitchblende. B slang exciting activity missed the action. B style of movement of an animal or hum an. Giving cause for legal action.

Action-packed adj. Full of action or excitement. Action point n. Proposal for action. Action replay n. Playback of part of a television broadcast, esp.

A sporting ev ent, often in slow motion. Action stations n. Positions taken up by troops etc. Ready for battle. Activate v. Cause reaction in. Designating the form of a verb whose subject performs the action e.

Saw in he saw a film. Active f orm or voice of a verb. Military service in wartime. Activism n. Policy of vigorous action, esp. For a political cause. Activity n. Occupation or pursuit outdoor activities. Actor n. Person who acts in a play, film, etc.

Female actor. Actual adj. Existing conditions. Actually adv. Actuary n. One calculating insurance risks and pr emiums. To move or function. Sharpness, acuteness.

Acumen n. Keen insight or discernment. Medical treatment using needles in parts of the body. Keen, penetrating. To show pronunciation. Of the christian era. Traditional maxim, proverb. In slow time. The first man. Adam's apple n. Projection of cartilage at the front of the neck. Adapt v. By to fit, adjust one thing to another. By to, for make suitable for a purpose. C modify esp. A text for broadcasting etc. By to adjust to new conditions.

Adapta tion n. Add v. Add up 1 find t he total of. By to amount to. Make sense. Adder n. Small venomous snake, esp. The common viper. To a drug. Devotee film addict.

By to dependent on a drug etc. As a habit. Addictive adj. Causing addiction. Addition n. Added, extra, supplementary. By to additionally adv. Additive n. Substance added to improve another, esp.

To colour, flavour, or pre serve food. As addled adj. B part iculars of this, esp. For postal purposes. C computing location of an item of st ored information. Person to whom a letter etc. Is addressed. Adduce v. Adenoids n.

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Area of enlarged lymphatic tissue between the nose and the throa t, often hindering breathing in the young. By at, in skilful. Adept person. Sufficient, satisfactory.

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Adequately adv. For or between two. By to stick fast to a substance etc. By to behave according to a rule, undertaking, etc. By to give all egiance. Sticking, adhering. Adhesion n. Sticky, causing adhesion. Adhesive substance. Ad hoc adv. For one particular occasion or use. Without limit; for ever.

Of fat; fatty adipose tissue. Adjoin v. Be next to and joined with. By to transfer to another place adjourn ed to the pub. Adjudicate djudication -ging 1 pronounce judgement on a matter. Adjudicative adj. Adjudicator n. Adjunct n. By to, of subordinate or incidental thing.

Word or phrase used to explain or amplify the predicate, subject, etc. Beg or command. Adjust v. By to become o r make suited; adapt. Adjustment n. B a ssistant. As one pleases, to any desired e xtent.

F ormally a punishment, sacrament, etc. B usu. By to direct the taking of an oath. Business affairs ; act as an administr ator. Administration n. Public affairs. Administrative adj. Of the management of affairs. Administrator n. Manager of a business, public affairs, or a person's estate. Admirable adj. Deserving admiration; excellent. Admiral n.

B high-ranking naval officer, comm ander. Committee superintendin g the royal navy. Admiration n. Admire v. Admiring adj. Admirlingly adv. Worth accepting or considering. Admit v. By to confess to a deed, fault, etc. By of allow as possible. Admitting or being admitted, usu. To a place. Admittedly adv. As must be admitted. Admixture n.

A minor ingredient. Admonish v. By of warn. Admonitory adj. Ad nauseam adv. Excessively; disgustingly. Fuss, busy activity; trouble. Between childhood and adulthood. Adolescent person. Handsome young man. Another's child as one's own. Because of adoption adoptive son. Delightful, charming. Adore v. Like very muc h. Adorer n. Add beauty to; decorate. Adrift adv. A unfaste ned. B out of order, wrong plans went adrift.

Adroit adj. Dexterous, skilful. Of a solid hold molecules of a gas or liquid etc. To its sur face, forming a thin film. Adsorption n. Obsequious flattery. Of or for adults adult education. Adult person. Foods by adding other substances. Adulteration n. Adulteress person who commits adultery. Adultery n. Voluntary sexual intercourse between a married person and a person other than his or her spouse.

Adumbrate v. A well ahead. B socially progressive. Amorous approaches. Done or supplied beforehand advance warning. In advance ahead in place or time. High level of gce examination. Advancement n. Promotion of a person, cause, or plan. By over su periority. Member of a christian sect believing in the imminent second coming of christ. Adventitious adj. Formed ac cidentally or under unusual conditions.

Playground with climbing-frames, building blocks, etc. Adventurer n. Adventuress 1 person who seeks adventure, esp. For persona l gain or enjoyment. Adventurous adj. Venturesome, enterprising. Adverb n. Word indicating manner, degree, circumstance, etc. Gently, quite, then. Adverse adj.

Unfavourable; harmful. Adversity n. Misfortune, distress. Advert n. By for seek by a notice in a newspaper e tc.

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To download, employ, sell, etc. Of goods etc. For sale or wanted, vacancies, etc. Advisable adj. To be recommended, expedient. Advise v. Give advice to.

After due consideration; deliberately. Adviser n. Usage the variant advisor is fairly common, but is considered incorrect by many people. Advisory adj. Giving advice advisory body. Advocaat n. Liqueur of eggs, sugar, and brandy.

Support or argument for a cause, policy, etc. By of person who supports or speaks in favour. In a lawcourt. Protection; support. Stringed instrument or toy sounding when the wind passes throug h it. Device for transmitting or receiving radio waves. Form air; aircraft. Aerobatics n. To entertain. Performance of these. Vigorous exercises designed to increase oxygen intake. Aerodrome n. Small airport or airfield. Treated as sing. Dynamics of solid bodies moving thro ugh air.

Aerofoil n. Structure with curved surfaces e. A wing, fin, or tailplane des igned to give lift in flight. Aeronautics n. Science or practice of motion in the air. Aeronautical adj. Powered heavier-than-air flying vehicle with fixed wings. Fog or smoke. Aesthete n. Person who has or professes a special appreciation of beauty. Phi losophy of beauty, esp. Aestheticism n. Aetiology n. Audio frequency.

Afar adv. At or to a distance. Affable adj. Affably adv. Affair n.

Thing or event puzzling affair. Public or private business. B of disease etc. Affectingly adv. Note als o that effect is used as a noun as well as a verb. Affectation n. By of studied display. Affected adj. Affection n. Affectionate adj. Loving, fond. Affidavit n. Written statement confirmed by oath. By to, with attach, adopt, or connect as a member o r branch. Affiliated person etc.

Affiliating or being affiliated. Affiliation order n. Legal order against the supposed father of an illegitimate child for support. Affinity n. By marriage. The tendency of certain substances to combine with others. Affirming; expressing approval. Affirmative statement or word etc. Prefix or suf fix. Distress physically or mentally. Affluent adj. Wealthy, rich. Afford v. By can or be able to a have enough money, time, etc.

B be in a position can't afford to be critical. Affray n. Breach of the peace by fighting or rioting in public. Open insult.

Insult openly; offend, embarrass. B person of afghan descent. Of afghanistan. Tall hunting dog with long silky hair. Aficionado n. To or at a distance esp. Far afield. Afloat adv. In operation; progressing. Afore prep. Archaic before; previously; in front of. Form before, previously aforementioned; aforesaid. Aforethought adj. Premeditated following a noun: Afraid predic. Alarmed, frightened. Politely regret i'm afraid we're late.

Anew; with a fresh beginning. Dark-skinned of africa. Of africa. The elephant of africa, larger than that of india. African violet n. House-plant with velvety leaves and blue, purple, or pink flo wers. Afrikaans n. Language derived from dutch, used in s.

Afrikaans-speaking white person in s. Africa, esp. Of dutch descen t. Afro- comb. Form african. Of american blacks or their culture. American black. Caribbean person of african descent. Of afro-caribbeans. Aft adv. At or towards the stern or tail. Later than left after they arrived. Nearer the stern after cabins.

After one's own heart to one's taste. Placenta etc. Discharged from the womb after childbirth. After-care n. Attention after leaving hospital etc.

After-effect n. Delayed effect following an accident, trauma, etc. Afterglow n. Glow remaining after its source has disappeared.

Afterlife n. Life after death. Aftermath n. Unpleasant aftermath of war. Time from noon or lunch-time to evening. Afterpains n. Pains caused by contraction of the womb after childbirth. Afters n. Aftershave n. Lotion used after shaving.

Aftertaste n. Taste after eating or drinking. Afterthought n. Thing thought of or added later. Afterward adv. Afterwards later, subsequently. Gaping, open-mouthed. Fungus with a cap and stalk, e. The common mushroom. Hard usu. Streaked chalcedony. Plant with rosettes of narrow spiny leaves and flowers on tall stem. A long time waited for ages. B distinct historical period bronze age. Law at 18, formerly Aged adj. Of the age of aged 3. Ageism n.

Prejudice or discrimination on grounds of age. Ageless adj. Agelong adj. Existing for a very long time. Agency n. Agent n. B spy. Agent provocateur n. Agents provocateurs pronunc. Same person used to tem pt suspected offenders to self-incriminating action. Age at which consent to sexual intercourse is valid in law. Age-old adj. Very long-standing. Mass, esp. Of fused volcanic fragm ents. Collected into a mass.

Agglutinative adj. Aggrandize v. Usage the use of aggravate in sense 2 is regarded by some people as incorrect, but it is common in informal use. Used in making concrete. Combin ed, collective, total. Amo unt to. Aggregative adj. Aggressor n. Person or party that attacks without provocation. Aggrieved adj. Having a grievance. Slang 1 aggressive hostility. Aghast predic. Filled with dismay or consternation.

Of obsolet e a gast frighten] Agile adj. Quick-moving, nimble, active. Agitate v. B y for, against campaign, esp. Politically agitated for tax reform. Agitator n. Agm abbr. Annual general meeting. Agnail n. Piece of torn skin at the root of a fingernail; resulting soreness. Person who believes that the existence of god is not provable. O f agnosticism. By duration earlier, in the past. Eager, expectant. Mental anguish; suffer or cause to suffer agony. Expressing agony an agonized lo ok. Agony n.

Person esp.

Punjabi to english dictionary book

A woman who answers letters in an agony col umn. Agony column n. Offering personal advice to correspondents. Agoraphobia n. Abnormal fear of open spaces or public places. Advocate of the redistribution of land. By with a become or be in harmony. B suit fish didn't agree with him. C gram. Have the same number, gender, case, or pers on as. By on decide mutually on agreed on a compromise. Agreement n.

Agriculture n. Cultivation of the soil and rearing of animals. Agriculturalist n. Agrimony n. Science of soil management and crop production. On or on to the bottom of shallow water run agroun d. Ague n. Malarial fever. In the year of the hegira ad ; of the muslim era. Expressing surprise, pleasure, realization, etc. Expressing surprise, triumph, mockery, etc.

Ahem int. Used to attract attention, gain time, etc. Call used in hailing. Aid abbr. Artificial insemination by donor. For the purpose of what's it a ll in aid of? Us assistant. Aides-de-camp pronunc. Same officer assisting a senior of ficer. Or indefinite constructions tro uble or afflict what ails him?

Be ailing be ill. Hinged flap on an aeroplane wing. Ailment n.

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