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Content Rules: How to Create Killer Blogs, Podcasts, Vide and millions of other books are available for instant access. Ships from and sold by Everybody Writes: Your Go-To Guide to Creating Ridiculously Good Content by Ann Handley Hardcover $ Or, as C.C. and I write in Content Rules, think REIMAGINED, not recycled. How to tell your company's story infodoodles from ann handley of marketing profs. Content rules: how to create killer blogs, podcasts, videos, E-books, webinars ( and more) that engage customers and ignite your business / Ann Handley, C. C. .

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Content Rules Ann Handley Pdf

Content Rules by Ann Handley and C.C. Chapman - Free download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online for free. download the book here. In Content Rules, Ann Handley and C.C. Chapman have developed a content marketing framework that works for businesses of all sizes in all industries and. Writes: Your Go-To Guide to Creating Ridiculously Good Content​. The second edition of her book ​Content Rules​will be released in Ann is a LinkedIn.

After all, producing content is a relative cinch. But producing good or even great! Or, as C. How might that ebook become a series of blog posts? How about interviewing the ebook author for a podcast? How might parts of that white paper become an infographic? Or a video infographic? My friend Tim Washer is a master at this. A few weeks ago, I presented an online seminar for Radian6. Note to conference organizers: Thomas brings something special to the role of moderator. How do you pull the stories out of your own brand or company? To assist, I created a series of prompts for marketers and content creators — almost like writing prompts from my j-school days. Part doodle, part… well, info!

This is probably a good time to make a distinction between content and copywriting. The two are often confused, but web content isnt the same thing as copywriting. Copywriting is about using words to promote through advertising, sales collateral, brochures, or other marketing messages that interruptlike radio or television advertising or direct mail.

Confusing things further, copy was used in the newsrooms Ann worked in to refer to news articles and other content prior to editing and printingbut thats a whole other story. Done right, the content you create will position your company not as just a seller of stuff, but as a reliable source of information.

Content Rules by Ann Handley and C.C. Chapman

And its benets compound, adds social media strategy consultant Jay Baer, who calls content an information annuity. Dont you love that phrase? Likewise, Marcus Sheridan of River Pools calls content the ultimate gift that keeps on giving. More on Marcus and River Pools in a minute. Unlike other kinds of marketing, content marketing doesnt have an expiration date, Jay Baer says.

What you create online will be searchable indenitely. It generates Web trafc via search and social media linkages and helps remove download impediments every day of every month. Your potential customers have questions about your company, your products, your services, your competitors. Creating and propagating smart, optimized content that succinctly answers those questions is the most direct line to sales and loyalty. Does it seem weird to talk about your marketing as inspiring or credible or trustworthy, or telling a good story?

Does it seem 2.

Does it make you a bit skeptical and nervous all at once? If so, why? Perhaps such descriptors are more often applied in other realmsto a favorite magazine or newspaper, or maybe even to a friendrather than marketing.

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But why not steer your marketing to another level? Why not create value? Why not provide your customers with a steady ow of high-value content that, as marketer Len Stein describes, is packed with utility, seeded with inspiration, and that is honestly empathetic? Anything less will not sufce in a world where consumers can simply click away or spin around and mount a Web-wide counterattack on brands that refuse to walk their talk, says Len, founder of New Yorks Visibility Public Relations.

And then use what you create as the foundation of meaningful conversations to engage with your customers. Regard your content as something more: Just as a person is more than esh and bones and hair and teeth, good content, too, is more than text and graphics and video. Its an embodiment of your brand. Its designed to inspire people to read more, or view more, or get to know and love your company a little more. Good content can quickly become the soul of your brand to the online world.

Web content allows your visitors to get involvedto comment and share and engage and click here. As Arianna Hufngton said during her keynote speech at a MarketingProfs event in Arizona in late , If you are consuming old media, you are consuming it on your couch. If you are consuming new media, you are consuming it on your horse. What Arianna meant was that online content both invites and demands that its participants be engaged, involved, and activealways moving forward.

Old media, like TV and other forms of broadcast, just ask that we passively sit and watch. Content drives conversations. Conversation engages your customers.

Engaging with people is how your company will survive and thrive in this newly social world.

In other words, online content is a powerful envoy for your business, with an ability to stir up interest, further engagement, and invite connection. And thats when things get interesting. The company installs swimming pools and hot tubs throughout Maryland and Virginia. Since joining the business in , Marcus has spearheaded tremendous growth at the company. Despite years of record rainfall, a housing slump, and the slacker economy, River Pools continues to grow: In , it sold more berglass pools than any other company in the United States, where its among the top 5 percent of all in-ground pool companies.

A big reason for that, Marcus says, is his companys approach to business. I used to see my company as a pool company.

In hindsight, though, this mentality was all wrong, he says. Today, I see my business as a content marketing company. In other words, my entire goal is to give more valuable, helpful, and remarkable content to consumers than anyone else in my eld, which will in turn lead to more sales. Through a steady stream of blog posts and videos the company publishes one to three a week and an ebook on the subject of how to download a pool with the subtext without getting ripped off , Marcus set out to create the most educational and informative swimming pool web site on the Internet.

I want our web site to be an encyclopedia of pool downloading, he says, not unlike a business trade magazine publisher might seek to have similar authority in any given industry.

I want someone with a question to come to our site and get an answer by reading it or watching it. The swimming pool industry is dominated by larger manufacturers, which makes it difcult for a small, young company like the nine-year-old River Pools to compete online for general search terms like swimming pool or in-ground pool.

When a potential customer searches for swimming pool information online using such terms, Google is more likely to return results for one of the big guys, not a small outt like River Pools. So, instead, Marcus focuses on lower-volume, long-tail search terms to include in his web site contentmore specic search phrases that usually consist of three or more keywords.

Such phrases may generate low volumes of searches and trafc compared with short-tail, or more generic, search terms, but they take searchers to sites with specic, deep content that closely matches what the searcher is looking for.

Such an approach is akin to not hitting a home run every time, but if you hit enough doubles and triples, you can win the game, Marcus says. Most people searching online are sophisticated, Marcus says. Most are not searching for just pools, as theyve probably already done some preliminary research and narrowed their choices. I put myself in the mind of the consumer and think, What questions do I have unanswered? Marcus focuses on creating long-tail content that addresses those questions, creating.

His content educates his customers about what to look for in a manufacturer and installer of poolsthe hidden costs, the budgeting process, or, as Marcus says, the good, the bad, and the ugly of in-ground pools. To assist, I created a series of prompts for marketers and content creators — almost like writing prompts from my j-school days. Part doodle, part… well, info! Take a look and tell me what you think:. Everywhere we go people are talking about it. Professors keep telling us how they are using it in their classrooms just as much as businesses are thanking us for the advice.

I can even now confirm that there are several copies in Ghana where I recently traveled. But, besides saying thank you, the real reason I wanted to write this post is to let you all know that the paperback edition of Content Rules is now out. It has been updated and revised and the best part is that it now includes our favorite robot Lugnut above on the left as well. While we wrote the book to stand the test of time, we did want to update numbers and add some details on social photography and mobile.

We are excited about it and we hope you are as well. As some more fuel for the fire we suggest you check out a new site from Google called One Hour Per Second. To help you wrap your head around just how much that is, they also created this perfect little fun video. The team at Coopr are big fans of the book and invited me over for their annual An Evening With event.

Content Rules by Ann Handley and C.C. Chapman | Mass Media | Search Engine Optimization

A few weeks back I had the pleasure of speaking BlogWorld and giving one of the morning track keynotes. Today is Frankenstein Friday — an event that celebrates the birth of the famous freak.

Of course this is important. However, the authors' use of it actually made me identify with them less, as it sometimes felt as if they were trying too hard to be cool and casual.

Phrases like "put in your two pesos" bothered me. Some sections were in grey boxes that, instead of being a tidbit of useful related information, actually went on for pages. The title mentions "how to", yet the book is not telling you how to develop any of the media options it explores in its title well, it does spend quite a bit of time on webinars, but not much on blogs, etc.

It does give you ideas on how to tailor your content to your audience, as well as how to break it down or splice it together to fit different media styles.

Content Rules (eBook, PDF)

Nothing I didn't already know. I seriously learned nothing from this book. Perhaps I have just taken a lot of time to investigate the issues it covers on my own, but much of it seemed like common sense. If you are lost when it comes to scheduling, communicating, and gauging your audience, you could be helped by this book. Otherwise, it would probably be best to pass this one by.