A computer virus is a type of malicious software / program. A Virus code when executed, replicates itself by modifying other computer programs. A computer virus is one of thousands of programs that can invade computer systems (both IBM PC and. Macintosh) and perform a variety of functions ranging . This limited its ability to replicate. Some anti-virus developers commented to me that they thought this was. The Little Black Book of Computer Viruses.

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Computer Virus Pdf

PDF | The purpose of the research is to explore the impact of computer virus attack and provide guidelines on how individuals can protect their personal. 𝗣𝗗𝗙 | On Dec 9, , Xiaofan Yang and others published Computer Virus: Theory, Model, and Methods. A computer virus, much like a flu virus, is designed to spread from host to host and has the ability to replicate itself. Similarly, in the same way that flu viruses.

Can smartphones get infected with viruses or malware? However, with the increasing popularity and use of smartphones and the personal data they contain, viruses and malware have started to target the smartphones. While less common today, smartphones can be infected by a virus or malware program. How does a smartphone get infected? Bad apps The most common way for a smartphone to get infected is by downloading an app that has a virus or malware embedded inside the app code. When the app is installed, the virus or malware infects the smartphone operating system, like Android OS or iOS. E-mail attachments It may also be possible for an e-mail to infect a smartphone if the user attempts to open an attachment on their smartphone and that attachment has a virus or malware. For example, an infected PDF attachment can infect a smartphone. For example, an unknown contact could send you a link to visit that sends you an infected attachment, attempts remote control, or attempts to phish private information from you.

Missing or Extra Files Keep track of the size of your hard drive. A virus may install copies of itself or unwanted files on your computer.

Viruses also delete files unexpectedly. When you start seeing something strange or missing, it's time to run a virus scan. Hardware and Accessory Problems If you suddenly have a problem with your computer's display, such as mixing pixels or color problems, this can be a sign of a virus messing with your system.

A networked printer may also start acting up if it becomes infected. Remember, your computer will not always show symptoms if it's infected. Always perform regular system checks and virus scans to make sure your computer is clean. Also, practice preventive care.

Never click on unfamiliar links in emails or pop-up ads to keep your computer safe from exposure. Sign Up for e-mail newsletters Get the best reviews, product advice, news and more!

Email networks and the spread of computer viruses.

It may destroy files on the hard disk or may send the virus automatically to all email addresses saved in the address book. These websites are developed to spread viruses or other unethical material.

These websites may access the computer automatically when the users visit them. Networks Virus can spread if an infected computer is connected to a network.

The Art of Computer Virus Research and medical-site.info - PDF Drive

The internet is an example of such network. When a user downloads a file infected with virus from the internet, the virus is copied to the computer. It may infect the files stored on the computer. Pirated Software An illegal copy of software is called pirated software.

Virus can spread if user installs pirated software that contains a virus.

A variety of pirated software is available in CDs and from the internet. Some companies intentionally add virus in the software. The virus is automatically activated if the user uses the software without downloading license. Types of Computer Virus The following are some well-known viruses. It allows the hacker to access the infected computer remotely. Nimba It is a worm that spreads itself using different methods.

IT damages computer in different ways. It modified files, alters security settings and degrades performance. SirCam It is distributed as an email attachment.


It may delete files, degrade performance and send the files to anyone. Melisa It is a virus that is distributed as an email attachment. IT disables different safeguards in MS Word. Changes to your homepage. Your usual homepage may change to another website, for instance.

Plus, you may be unable to reset it.

Mass emails being sent from your email account. A criminal may take control of your account or send emails in your name from another infected computer.

8 Symptoms of an Infected Computer

Frequent crashes. A virus can inflict major damage on your hard drive. This may cause your device to freeze or crash. It may also prevent your device from coming back on. Unusually slow computer performance. A sudden change of processing speed could signal that your computer has a virus. Unknown programs that start up when you turn on your computer.

You may become aware of the unfamiliar program when you start your computer. Unusual activities like password changes.

This could prevent you from logging into your computer.

How to help protect against computer viruses? How can you help protect your devices against computer viruses? Here are some of the things you can do to help keep your computer safe. Use a trusted antivirus product, such as Norton AntiVirus Basic , and keep it updated with the latest virus definitions. Norton Security Premium offers additional protection for even more devices, plus backup. Avoid clicking on any pop-up advertisements.

Always scan your email attachments before opening them. Always scan the files that you download using file sharing programs.

The Art of Computer Virus Research and Defense.pdf

What are the different types of computer viruses? Boot sector virus This type of virus can take control when you start — or boot — your computer.

One way it can spread is by plugging an infected USB drive into your computer.

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