All 50 Free Comic Book Day Titles, Now With Pictures And Text s Garfield , Peanuts, Regular Show, and a new Adventure Time with. Free Comic Book Day, taking place on the first Saturday of May, is an annual promotional effort In the number of shops participating in Free Comic Book Day increased 8% over how many participated in comic book retailers, such as Heroes Comics, as well as the London Public Library's Central branch participate. Diamond Comic Distributors has now released the full list of titles to be expected for 's Free Comic Book Day event on May 2. This year's.

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Comic Book Day 2015 S

Since , a few comic book stores have moved on and Kino is still as well to make it a nice S$ to qualify for the early bird lucky draw. How to get MAXIMUM COMICS on Free Comic Book Day of S$, including any comic title of any language, while stocks last. The Avengers lead their new initiates Spider-Man, Ms. Marvel, and Nova to a robbery in progress at Manhattan's Federal Bank Reserve, which is under attack by.

By clicking below you will acknowledge that you have entered spoiler territory. Pick this up if not just for the beautiful Francesco Francavilla cover. If it continues the way it has it may turn into the Daredevil book that I want rather than what Mark Waid is doing now with the character on his run. The art helps support that vibe especially with Bendis partner in crime Michael Gaydos whose work strongly recalls Alias. The good stuff in the story happens after it ends here. My guess is this excerpt is from the recently relaunched 1 that came out in March by comics veteran Mark Waid and drawn by Dean Haspiel. Our main character, Paul Patton Jr. Paul wakes up worse for wear than suits up as the Fox. The third portion is of the upcoming series, The Shield. Not sure what the deal is with this but it looks like the character has a Captain America thing going on.

This book will take us inside the minds of key characters in the TMNT universe, revealing the epic moments that have led to the present, as well as setting the stage for the biggest storyline yet with all new material!

The Free Comic Book Day Round-Up: Every Title Available at Your Local Comic Shop

Plus more full-color story fun featuring The Tick! Great for fans new and old!

When the scientists of Cosmos Labs punch a hole through spacetime, they pull a ferocious dinosaur into the present. The dinosaur imprints on teenage Jessica, proving to be more mischievous than vicious. But he is not alone, as transdimensional monsters begin attacking our world, and now Jessica and her new friend Wrex have to save the universe! Set in the universe of the best-selling military science fiction novels by David Weber, this self-contained zero issue is the lead in for the new ongoing series also launching in May.

On patrol in the Silesian Confederacy, Honor and crew chase a pirate vessel only to have it eject its human cargo of slaves into space. Horrified at the callous disregard for life, the crew of the HMS Fearless investigate and uncover a vast conspiracy by the planet Mesa to provide genetically enhanced slaves to the seedy underbelly of the various Star Kingdoms.

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Free Comic Book Day Fiesta 2015

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Feature Games Hot. It goes well with Romita Jr. I love a Romita page, and Yang an award-winning graphic novelist might just be the guy to push the story forward.

I usually take issue with Superman's seemingly weaklessness. The solution is always go for those he loves or Kryptonite, and that gets awfully boring, so it's nice to see something so rudimentary and simple present itself as a huge challenge to the Man of Steel. Everyone knows his identity. Now everything is different and harder and a bit more hostile in the city he loves so much.

And when it's revealed that it was Lois Lane who leaked his identity to the world, well, sparks go flying.

Free Comic Book Day – Avengers 01 ……… | Viewcomic reading comics online for free

We get one sad scene of shaggy-looking Clark living in a dingy motel. Things are going to get interesting in Superman It's not really the Wonder Woman tease I wanted, and I don't think it's a particularly interesting section, highlighting a bit of the old DC everyone desperately wants to get away from. Fabok's intense, mythologizing art is a lot of fun, though, as we're treated to a short story in the site -- the very beginning of the conflict that will erupt through the multiverse.

And it's super grim.

I mean, it punches the fun we just had with Batman and Superman in the face. It's that old imperative that DC comics have to be very serious and grim. Let Marvel have all the fun. I hope Justice League can take a chill pill sometime soon.

Ah, this is the good stuff! Mark Waid takes over Marvel's flagship from the great Jonathan Hickman, who will be busy with his own little Marvel crossover event for the next few months. A new generation, fronted by Ms. Marvel, joins the team in a comedic action sequence that starts on a punchline. Marvel yells, "Avengers Assemble! Nevertheless, the best part of the issue is watching the overzealous newbies get themselves into trouble, as the team faces off against a radioactive dragon.

Waid and artist Mahmud Asrar brilliantly split the team in half for the action sequence.

"The Brotherhood of Evil Geeks"

The pages switch between the old and the young, juxtaposing their techniques and their reactions to the same situations. The adults are a bit more serious while the kids stumble along only a tiny bit , having a great time.

But in the end, the team is unified by their moral code, as Ms. Marvel, Miles, and Nova learn the first rule of being an Avenger: It feels very X-Men to me.

Best of all, Avengers feels like a brand new book. Duh, it's All-New, All Different, right? Yes, but I mean that while Hickman basked in a very continuity-heavy approach, Waid dials it back a bit for newer readers. This feels like a book -- like his Daredevil -- that will be very comfortable having standalone adventures and one-off villians, all while developing these younger characters and solidifying them as Earth's Greatest Heroes.

I'm genuinely excited abou this run, even more-so from this preview.

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