Looking for Chinese e-books online? Boost your language learning by downloading e-books from these 9 awesome sites!. 免费电子书网站汇总. Here are the most of ebooks free-downloading websites. They can be divide into three categories according to the. Here is a complete list of all the eBooks directories and search engine on the web. The list compiled below is not the place for links to sites hosting. A girl crosses an ancient bridge in the small town of Feng Huang, China.

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Chinese Ebook Sites

Even though English textbooks are widely spread on Chinese sites, very .. There are lots of ebook forums share links for free, but the forum. As I had written about before, Cbook Lite was my Chinese ebook reader zh-TW ), preset ebook websites to download from (less searching on. We have compiled a list of the best sites where you can read free ebooks online and download them legally to create your own library of favorite virtual books.

This database integrates Chinese ancient classics with CNKI periodicals, newspapers, doctoral dissertations, master dissertations, reference books, with the function of CNKI knowledge network node. Apabi E-books The National Library of China holds approximately , volumes of e-books in , titles and more than 1, titles of yearbooks made by Beijing Founder Electronics Co. The e-books are legal copies from over publishers and cover the entire second grade classifications of the Chinese Library Classification. Reading China: Recommended contemporary literary works digital It selects about pieces of literary works since the founding of China, covering representative works of contemporary literature, such as awarded works of Mao Dun Literary Prize, Lu Xun Literary Prize, and so on. These works have profound impact on the society in different periods of new China, reflecting development trace of contemporary literature, and development vein of literary world of new China in the past 60 years. Electronic Comics Database It has collected about 4, domestic and overseas comics, which are made by comic studios or adapted by hot cartoon plot, and presented in original appearances. Pishu Database It has collected scientific research achievements of thousands of scholars from Chinese Academy of Social Sciences in the past 20 years, covering more than industries, regions and fields.

In this list of top 12 sites mentioned below, you will find a comprehensive assortment of completely free online books, ranging from classic novels to computer technology guides. But before you jump to the list of free sites to download ebooks, do check out our other lists of free and legal services:. You can search for good reading material on varied subjects and genres such as Fantasy, Biographies, History, Medicine, Art, etc.

In case you cannot remember either of them, you can search for a particular free book to read online just by entering a favorite line from the book. Visit Open Library. From Classics to Periodicals and History to Social Sciences, there are free books available on all types of subjects.

China's Online Reading Craze Is So Big It's Challenging Amazon's Kindle

In case reading books online is on your resolution list for , do check this free books site as several books are scheduled to enter the public domain for this year.

Visit Project Gutenberg. With more than 50, free online books available on the website, ManyBooks serves as an excellent option for bibliophiles to appease their craving for good books. Browsing for books is quite easy on ManyBooks as it offers neatly categorized sections of texts in different genres. Moreover, it has a Recommended and Featured Authors section that can help readers pick their next book. As most of the content on ManyBook belongs to the public domain, you can download books legally and free of cost.

Visit ManyBooks. This website offers free books to read online on every category you can think of. This free book site has thousands of ebooks ready to be download and read. You just need to visit the free section and enter a few details to download books.

The website is easy to navigate and well categorized. Visit Bookboon website. Feedbooks offers an immense collection of original as well as public domain books for free. The website has a neat interface with well-cataloged sections of books ranging from Short Stories, Mystery Novels, Action, Fantasy, History to even Academic Books and much more.

The Download page for each book displays helpful information such as synopsis, word count, reading hours, publishing date, etc. Exploring new reading material on Feedbook is easy with the search options.

Besides, it has sections like Bestsellers, New Releases and Editorial Reviews which can help you to find new books to read online. Visit Feedbooks. Free-eBooks offers good literary works of fiction, non-fiction, and academic texts.

The UI of the site may seem a little cluttered, but if you spend some time digging around the website, you will find a lot of free books to read.

There is a featured section on the website which showcases the best ebooks at a particular time and great books of all time. Browse through categories to find what you like. Although there is a limit of 5 ebook downloads per month and that too in PDF format, the rich collection of free books to read on the website makes up for it. Would you rather listen to books instead of reading them?

Try LibriVox. It is a digital library of audiobooks which are absolutely free. It is also a great help for the visually impaired and helps them enjoy great literary works for free.

LibriVox also runs weekly podcast in case you are interested. If you are looking for some literary work by Indie authors, Smashwords is the right place to look. This online directory of books offers content created by independent authors and publishers across the world. The collection of online books present on Smashwords includes several subject topics and genres such as Adventure, Business, Classics, Fantasy, History, Religion, Philosophy and many more.

If you are looking for a good website where you can read and download ebooks in PDF format for free, your search ends here. I wrote a blog post about it here. In addition to describing my method, the post includes links to some of the better reading sites I've encountered, so that may be helpful too.

Thanks for the link, that was interesting reading.

I do something similar to what you described, except I don't bother to download the files first. My scraping software just visits each page, grabs the desired chunk of text, then moves on to the next page until the entire book has been downloaded. There's lots of stuff on it, including many popular English books, even the NYT, etc. Thanks to gato for sharing the site a year or two ago. I used to convert ebooks with Calibre for reading on the iPhone, but now I don't bother any more.

Otherwise, I sometimes google for particular books, and I often find them on http: Do I need to be in Stanza to be able to view the selections on blah. When I go to http: Hello World! The full URL is http: You can view it in your browser or add it as a book source in Stanza. Haven't managed to download anything yet, need to be a CNepub member. The state of Chinese ebooks is kind of depressing.

As far as I can see the only official producer of eBooks is Hanwang, which has it's own. Online ebooks are divided into chapters, not necessarily complete and may still be riddled with scanning errors. You may be able to download stuff in. There's no usable tracker site I know of where, oh where, are the decent Chinese tracker sites like eztv, demonoid, etc? So people with iDevices may want to look in the app store; maybe there will be something you like.

I also had some issues registering for a new account on Cnepub. Not sure if that was the problem, as their registration form was pretty strange.

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Once registered, I don't seem to have any problem browsing the site in Chrome. I've had a bit of luck lately just searching for the name of the book and 'mobi' - which has thrown up Sina Ishare pages where you can download the file without having to faff about registering or anything.

That said, I recall having to sign up for Sina to download a pdf some time back, so maybe it depends. Although I don't own a kindle, I do use the kindle app on my iPhone and the kindle program on my PC to read.

I would love to use these methods to read in Chinese primarily due to mobility, convenience, and the ease of copy-and-paste to look up new words in a dictionary , but I don't know where to find items that are ready to read via these programs. site's kindle store has a very small selection of texts in Chinese, and I would prefer to find texts free rather than pay 10 to 20 US dollars for them.

Here it is described how to take text online to make an ebook from Chinese text found online, but I am a little intimidated by the instructions there.

China's Online Reading Craze Is So Big It's Challenging Amazon's Kindle

Does anyone know of a place where ready made books are stored? Also before downloading them on my iPod sometimes I change the size of the texts and margins so that they fit into my screen but probably I should learn how to make an ebook.

There's no reason to be intimidated. I'm considering to get an e-reader and I tried to make my own book to see what's possible. I downloaded sigil http: If you have high standards you may need to dive in a little, but if the main goal is to quick and dirty make some text available in a book for offline reading it's very easy.

Yeah, my writing was kind of dense in that post, as it was geared for larger online novels. For simple texts, all you need to do is create a text document and save it as UTF-8 format e. Then drag it into the Calibre window, and you can edit the title and other metadata from there. What about Taiwan? Is the ebook market any better developed there?

Hong Kong?

9 Awesome Websites to Find and Download Chinese E-books

I got excited about this , but it seems to be Gutenberg repackaged. I've found some texts online other sites, nothing consistent either, it really depends on what book I'm looking for , and the one I'm reading seems to have a lot of errors in the text You get what you pay for, I guess Like, pretty bad errors too, like pages being scanned out of order in some cases.

I don't even mind paying, if it would ensure some sort of quality But sadly my search so far hasn't turned up anything. I realize downloading the physical books would solve the quality issue, but at this point I still need a handy dictionary thanks Pleco!

I don't believe Sina offers ebook downloads. If you are talking about reading books on web pages, then perhaps you'd like to join our Chinese book portal discussion. I was referring to http: As far as I can tell, it's like a forum where people ask for stuff, and people upload documents that other people asked for and something about needing points to download stuff, although I haven't bothered figuring out much beyond that.

But I haven't used them too much to measure the quality of the documents provided I'm aware of Sina and QQ having sections for online books basically a string of webpages for each book, annoying as that sounds , but I need something that I can read on an airplane Of course, if the quality of the books on those portals is much better than what I've been finding, I might just join that discussion to figure out how to scrape the text and get things that way