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1. Ball Handling/Driving Workout. 2. Shooting Workout. 3. Post Workout. 4. Weight-Lifting Workout . Basketball Weight-Lifting Workout. Fight for that inch! Day 1. There will be no chart to accompany this workout. This workout is fantastic for all guards who are time poor. Shooting Workout PDF created by Coach Mac. Prolific Point Guard Workout Calander. PDF, Prolific Point Guard Workout 1. PDF, Prolific Point Guard Workout 2. PDF, Prolific Point Guard Workout 3. PDF.

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Basketball Workout Pdf

Shooting workout created by Coach Mac from “If all I'm remembered for is being a good basketball player, then I've done a. Bacchus Marsh Basketball Association. Coaches Manual. 1/ Shooting Workout – Self Training. 2/ Jab Fake, On Ball Screen Shooting. 3/ Petrovic NBA 3 Point. Basketball. Workoute. The days of simply shooting shots and calling it a " workout" are over. If you're a point guard, shooting guard, or wing player, and you '.

Training movements rather than muscle groups is a focus, strength in all planes of motion not just forward 8. Training the core is a priority 9. The education of all athletes on proper diet, rest, and exercise patterns is paramount We expect our athletes to train with great intensity, follow the training program provided to them, and to know at all times they have outworked and are better prepared than their opponents. The weight room is a place where athletes feel a great sense of accomplishment and belonging. We at Angelo State also attempt to promote a positive environment in the weight room during training sessions, and encourage our athletes to have a positive attitude when training. We try to improve adherence to the program by evaluating the progress of the players accurately, and providing quantitative feedback to show how we as a team have progressed. Also we attempt to educate the athletes on why the workout it structured as it is and how certain exercises or exercise principles will eventually improve athletic performance.

Attack The Hedge Diagram 4.

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Kyrie runs into the high pick and roll and attacks the hedge cone. He then seperates with a cross back into a jumpshot. Drill: Make 15 going in each direction off the pick and roll.

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Iso Tunnel Attack Diagram 5. Irving gets an isolation in the tunnel and hits the defender cone with a in-and-out crossover.

He then scoops the ball off the glass. Drill: Make 20 going in each direction. Fake The Handoff 3 Diagram 6. Irving feeds the post near the elbow.

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He then fakes a handoff from a cut and steps behind the 3 point line. The post player pitches back for a catch and shoot 3.

The limited rest period improves conditioning, promotes a "muscle pump," and improve workout efficiency. If working with a partner, switch positions quickly with no chit-chat between sets.

Cal Basketball's 5-Week Bodybuilding-Style Workout Program

Volume The high volume of "B2B" workouts stimulates muscle growth because of the fatiguing effect placed on your muscles. For an example of the volume we use, let's look at the Bench Press on day one.

It calls for four sets of greater than 10 reps. Specifically, I have my athletes do sets of 20 to 30, 15 to 20, 11 to 15 and 11 to 12 reps.

Follow this with a strip set see below , and you'll do a minimum of reps for the exercise. Talk about a muscle-building challenge!

Bodybuilding Techniques For big movements like Squats, Pushes and Pulls, our guys finish with a strip set, drop set or triple drop set. These bodybuilding techniques ensure there's a sufficient volume to cause muscle fatigue and stimulate growth. Strip Set Load enough plates on each side of the bar to create a load you can lift for 10 reps with two in the tank.

Perform 10 reps and strip a plate off each side. Perform another set without resting, and continue this pattern until you're only lifting the bar.

Triple Drop Set On a triple drop set, you reduce the weight and increase the reps. Let's say you're lifting pounds.

Basketball - Mens Freshman / Offseason Drills - copy

After eight reps, drop 10 to 15 pounds and do another 10 reps without rest. Drop another 10 to 15 pounds and finish with a minimum of 15 reps. Sample Schedule The "B2B" plan involves a four-day split, which allows for 48 hours of rest before working the same muscle groups. The varied intensity helps promote growth hormone levels, increases volume and flushes out sore muscles on light days to promote recovery. I have my Cal guys do their lighter leg workout on Tuesday so they can hit the court during the week without sore muscles hindering their progress.

Friday is a heavy leg day so they have the weekend to recover.