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Bangla Ebook Masud Rana

Masud Rana is a fictional character created in by writer Qazi Anwar Hussain, who Masud Rana has also been adapted for one Bengali film and one TV Drama. In July , Biggest production house in Bangladesh Jaaz Multimedia. Masud Rana GOLD New. 23; Threads. ; Messages. S.A. Abdullah. Mukto Bihango-1, Rana [Gold] || Qazi Anwar Husain || HQ. May 14, 1 Professor Masud Rana · 2 Rana 1,2,3 - Dhongsho Pahar, Varot Nattom, ShornoMrigo · 3 Rana 10 - Rana .. LanguageBengali. বাংলা বই।.

Masud Rana. He is popular fictionist, thirller and detective character of Bangladesh. The books written on shadow of English and other languages. Abar Shorojontro , allfreebd , allfreebd ebooks , bangla epub , bangla pdf , best free bangla ebooks download , download any bangla ebooks , ebooks free download , free bangla books , free ebooks in bangla , kindle bangla ebooks pdf , Qazi Anwar Hussain. Blind Mission created by writer Qazi Anwar Hossain. Top Secret created by writer Qazi Anwar Hossain. Shobuj Shangket created by writer Qazi Anwar Hossain.

Top Secret created by writer Qazi Anwar Hossain. Shobuj Shangket created by writer Qazi Anwar Hossain. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website.

If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. Jaat Gokhkhur Writer: Qazi Anwar Hussain Category of the book: Cobra by Nature Publisher of the book: Sheba Prokashoni Publication Date: Bangla Pages: Abar Shorojontro Writer: Eraser Publisher of the book: Ashubho Prohor Writer: Spy Publisher of the book: Konoktori Writer: Blind Mission Writer: The series eventually ran to well over four hundred individual titles.

In July , Biggest production house in Bangladesh Jaaz Multimedia received permission from author Qazi Anwar Hussain to make three movies based on first three novel of the series.

মাসুদ রানা সিরিজের কিছু বই

The production house hopes to release the films in the next five years. The character was created in by Bangladeshi novelist Qazi Anwar Hussain in an attempt to write an adult spy thriller for Bangladeshi readers.

According to the preface of "Dhongsho-Pahar" first book in the series , Hussain was inspired and encouraged by his close friend Mahbub Amin. Qazi Anwar Hussain took the name for his character from the first name of Hussain's friend, lyricist Masud Karim, and Rana Pratap Singh of the Rajput clan who ruled Mewar , a state in north-western India from to Hussain admitted in a interview that he was heavily influenced by the Ian Fleming character James Bond.

A full-length feature film about Rana was made in titled Masud Rana. Masud Parves, who is known by his stage name Sohel Rana directed and starred in it. The film is based on the story Bishmaron [Amnesia] which in turn is based on Strictly for Cash.. It is the 11th story in the series and was first published in Three films based on first three novels from the series are on the cards.

The first film, which will be based on Dhongsho-Pahar, will go on shooting floors in January According to the series, Rana is also founder and director of an international investigating firm named Rana Agency, which is a front cover for BCI in the form of a private investigation agency. Rana is also the chairman of Saul Shipping Corporation, he took the position after the death of Rebecca Saul.

Rana was orphaned at the age of 13 when his parents were killed in a car accident near Chittagong , Bangladesh. After the death of his parents, Rana went to live with his aunt, Ismat ara, in Fort William, Highland. Later, he briefly attends Eton College in his college days.

He started his army career in infantry regiment unknown and went on to become a commando and joined Military Intelligence, reaching the rank of Major at a young age.

Masud Rana

Major Rana participated in the liberation war of Bangladesh, he fought in the frontline with guerrillas, hiding his real identity and rank. Masud Rana is a unique individual. He appears to be of sound mind and strong principles and spirit.

Rana does not fear death. Rana has a remarkable willingness to take near fatal risks. Rana is solitary.

He does not console himself by surrounding himself with others. His athletic pursuits tend to be solitary: Rana enjoys pushing himself to the limit, both mentally and physically. He is prone to boredom and mild depression when not challenged. Rana enjoys drinking and gambling, although the former seems to be a way for him to test his personal limits at times rather than a vice. Rana has been known to gamble more than he can afford to lose, although he always gambles with a plan and a clear understanding of the odds.

Rana has strong interpersonal skills. He can act comfortably in many situations, but does not seek out companionship except, most notably, for sexual recreation. Rana's lone wolf personality-type tends to attract others.

Rana is goal-oriented, but he often seeks these goals in an indirect and secretive way. Rana seems to have an emotional and mental need for multiple layers of reality. He thrives when not revealing all of himself, carefully organizing the aspects of his personality he reveals to others.

Thus Rana is excellent as burying information he does not wish to reveal.

Rana seeks structure in his life. He is a man of pattern and habit.

He has acquired strong tastes. Though Rana thrives under structure download yet he finds subtle ways of rebelling against it. Rana uses humor as a shield and a weapon. He is skilled at making cutting remarks that reveal insecurities to others or mock death, danger and risk.

Most importantly, Rana is deeply loyal to institutions. His concept of his nationality is a large part of his identity. While the world is far from black and white to Masud Rana, he does tend to see it in stark terms of chaos and order, tradition and change.

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Rana has chosen to identify with order and tradition. Major Rana is an excellent candidate for sensational and high risk intelligence, espionage, counter intelligence and covert operation assignments. Masud Rana excels in solitary sports. He is an avid climber, diver, swimmer, and an excellent runner. Major Rana does not race cars, but he does enjoy driving very expensive vehicles very fast. Major Rana has gambled at many casinos, although never to ruin. He drinks, but not to excess.

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