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ERNEST CLINE is an internationally best-selling novelist, screenwriter, father, and Armada. Ernest Cline Author (). cover image of Ready Player One. Baixar Livro Armada - Ernest Cline em PDF, ePub e Mobi ou ler online .. Armada by Ernest Cline Armada Ernest Cline, Ernest Cline Books, Ready Player One. Armada - Ernest Cline - dokument [*.pdf] ALSO BY ERNEST CLINE READY PLAYER ONE This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places, and incidents.

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Read "Armada A novel by the author of Ready Player One" by Ernest Cline available from Rakuten Kobo. Sign up today and get $5 off your first download. From the author of Ready Player One, a rollicking alien invasion thriller that embraces and subverts science-fiction conventions as only Ernest Cline. Download Read Armada | Ebook PDF Free Download Here Armada | Ebook Ernest Cline pdf, Read Ernest Cline epub Read Armada | Ebook.

Look Inside. Apr 12, Pages download. Nov 06, Pages download. Jul 14, Pages download. Jul 14, Minutes download. Apr 12, Pages. Nov 06, Pages. Jul 14, Pages. Jul 14, Minutes. Zack Lightman has never much cared for reality.

One shot of '80s nostalgia was fun. Two shots is making me sick to my stomach. This fell very flat to me. View all 45 comments. Aug 05, Mohammed Arabey rated it it was amazing.

April, 20 Independence Day: Resurgence , sequel to major international blockbuster, began filming 20 years since the first one. July, 14 Pluto , the planet.. July, 23 Earth 2. Keplerb, A planet discovered very similar to Earth and potentially habitable. And with a very clever plot, with decent and some mind blowing twists, here comes Armada.. I'm not even a good devoted gamer.. But still I'm a geek kinda way.. And I'm okay with Independence Day's main plot without much of crap video games fights..

I want to Believe, but I'm not willing to live in a video game worlds and unrealistic space and UFO fight crab Just Want to Believe Is he sure he wasn't just starting at a poster in Fox Mulder's office? Okay, first chapter and I'm outta here. And won't rate it, it wouldn't be fair.

Future with Aliens goofing around is NOT my type of read.. Back to Chapter 1 Then,we see that Zack has a pretty good backstory, he's likeable and interesting character to read And, most importantly, Turns out spotting a flying saucer is unusal and kinda crazy in the world of the story.

That is good for me.. So why not reading another chapter? Zack thinking he gone mad like his geeky father who passed away at the age 19, Zack may never remember him alive, he died when Zack was less than a year old..

He goes into his father old possessions and re-read a note that made him disturbed before.. Specially with a very good use of an urban legend about video gaming machines. His father thought that the Military or NASA preparing people by these movies and novels for the news that we are not alone in the universe..

AND all the games and tracking the top players is to train a new army of Gamers.. And that's what I did at the beginning of the review April 16, Star Wars is baaaaack, 2nd Trailer for the third trilogy that will hit cinemas next December after 10 years since the end of the second trilogy. And don't forget Gravity , Interstellar Thank you very much Ernest Cline. So , to get raid of these crazy thoughts that he saw a flying saucer, he decided to stop gaming for few days..

He plays Armada.. Aliens online multiplayer game.. Long story short, the mission failed Organized by EDA And man , oh man.. I'm not space gamer at all and get bored of watching one in the Star Wars movies , sorry fans again, BUT the way Ernest wrote it in phase one was more than interesting and get me hooked with the story..

It is way better with more convincing plot by using remote Drones , like controlling space ships and Big robots by your home PC, taplets, or gaming devices.

And what I loved more the deeper message and moral of the story..

Ernest Cline

Humanity and Wars I love how the novel profiling how wars begins All war is deception. If we don't end war, war will end us With perfect mix of lovable characters, nostalgic memories full of songs, movies and novels you find that you're really fighting with them for humanity Even if you're, like me , not a gamer at all, you'll love to read it.. The rest are useless. Having a religious positive character, and making clear that religion is not far from our real world was beyond awesome, since I feel sick that all characters in other novels just don't believe in God or anything.

There was an unnecessary gay relation but that's okay. By the end I was so teary and emotionally touched I loved it so much, I loved all the twists and characters I doubt if I need a part But this one was really perfect with awesome ending.. I Loved it.. And now , I'm already feeling nostalgic to the Armada game..

The Moon Base.. Lightman's mix tape. The latter reminds me much with Chris Pratt in Guardians of the Galaxy.. I'd thought it'd be teenager vs aliens kind of game.. I just bought it cause it released first time in Egypt at the same international release day, which happens to be my birthday 'BTW thank you Cherry Blossom Books' Also there's excellent praise for the author's debut novel..

And I now so glad that I got it.. Ernest is really talented geeky author and successfully got me into his game.. I am not a gamer and not Sci-Fi big fan But Armada become one of my very favourite read this year, and may be all time too.. Many pitching around 'Ready Player One' was better, but why comparing? I didn't read it yet but now I'm more than exciting to read it too. Till we play again in Ready Player One.. Mohammed Arabey Playing from 5 August to 9 August View all 17 comments.

Sep 21, Lyn rated it liked it. At best it is a cool Pink Floyd song, at worst a stupid Adam Sandler film. Armada tells the story of Zack Lightman, a gamer hero who has lost his father and his way amidst an uncaring universe.

But wait! Borrowing heavily from such classics as Ender's Game , Last Starfighter and The Sirens of Titan Cline mails in a follow-up in lieu of a straight up sequel. In the winter of I went to the movies with some friends to see the action film Iron Eagle. What is very memorable to me about this very forgettable lame ass flick was the realization that I would one day criticize and review popular media. We left the cinema and I was shocked to hear that my friends liked the swill.

That was several latitudes south of stupid. A rock and roller 18 year old kid who steals an F to rescue his dad? Not bad. View all 5 comments.

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Aug 23, seak rated it liked it Shelves: This book gave me an epiphany and that's not always a good thing apparently. Up to the moment I read this book, I'd started to convince myself that really the main thing that mattered to me in a book was readability. How much was a both looking forward to reading a book and how fast were the pages turning for me? Those are two things I thought a great deal of in terms of esteem and star rating points. Armada had all that. I did look forward to reading it and I thought the pages turned rather qui This book gave me an epiphany and that's not always a good thing apparently.

I did look forward to reading it and I thought the pages turned rather quickly all in all. But I started to realize that even though I was enjoying myself, I didn't really think all that much of this story.

It's rather bland for the most part and so chalk full of 80's nerdery it's almost as if no other nerdery is allowed or considered worthy. Let me count the ways Maybe we should add, because it was new, but I don't know if you can go that far. When the premise revolves around the 80s it just works.

Here, Armada's 80's affiliation has more to do with a kid's dead father's obsession and begins to grate in all the wrong ways. It's as if this geeky kid never realized there were other nerdy things to do It'd've been fine with additional, modern references - 80's references are fine - it's just that it begins to sound like that's the only worthy decade when that's far from the truth and arguably only the beginning of a very many great decades for geekery that only got better.

It's reinforced by the fact that only those other characters who also know 80's lore are considered with it, cool, on fleek that's what the kids are saying these days right? To reiterate it's like the emphasis makes it seem like you're only cool geeky if you're up on your 80's geekery. If not, you're not actually a geek.

Now, I don't want to act like I didn't like Armada. I enjoyed it quite a bit and I admit that my expectations were nigh-on insurmountable after how much I fell for Ready Player One. It's a fun romp and I've forgone mention of the inconsistencies I saw I think I gave it a hard enough time as is. I'll still be scooping up Cline's next book, but probably not with as much fervor. Expectations have been tempered.

View all 18 comments. Jun 12, Will M. Conquer or be conquered. Survive or go extinct. Ready Player One If you clicked on the link above and read my review of RPO, you would know that I was completely blown away by his first novel.

RPO will always be my favorite novel of all time, and that fact managed to alter my expectations when it comes to the Sci-Fi genre. I haven't read a novel as good as RPO, but hopefully I'd find one soon.

After I finished it last year, I checked if Clin "Kill or be killed. After I finished it last year, I checked if Cline had other novels published, and unfortunately none were in existence.

Armada was more than a year away, and I was honestly expecting this to be just as good, if not better. If you would ask me what my first reaction was while reading the novel, I'd say I was disappointed halfway through. In the end though, I had mixed emotions. Mixture of sadness, happiness, disappointment, and an inexpressible feeling of wanting for more. I will not compare RPO and Armada in this review. Yes, I liked the former more than the latter, but Armada was good in its own way.

It deserves a proper review. If you're looking for someone who did a comparison of the two, then I'd suggest reading someone else's review. The first paragraph was more of a backstory of why I read this novel in the first place, and the shorter version of the reason would be that Ernest Cline is one of my favorite authors ever, and also because the premise of Armada was compelling as fuck.

Let's talk about the plot. I heard a copious amount of comparison between Armada and The Last Starfighter. I had no idea what the plot was, so I read Armada and thought that the idea was fairly original. I've heard of the whole thing before, of course, but I haven't had much experience with it before.

I'm sure I've watched something similar, but nothing recently so I didn't have much to compared it with. This could be the reason why i enjoyed this more as compared to most disappointed readers.

I hated how Cline introduced everything. At first I didn't even like the characters at all, and the plot was boring for me. It was that bad, but then the middle part happened. The action started to happen, and the development finally kicked in. The characters were more witty and funny, and I believe that helped a lot.

I had a clue on what the ending would be, and once again sadly I was right. No plot twist whatsoever view spoiler [ Aside from his dad dying hide spoiler ] , and I hate it when that happens. Like I just said, the characters started to develop better in the middle portion, and I learned to like most of them. Zack can be considered your typical main character when it comes to Sci-Fi novels, but I still liked him a lot.

His decisions in the novel were a bit out of the ordinary. I like a character who deviates from sanity, but with the right amount of insanity. I can't talk much of the other character without spoiling, so let's just say there might be some plot twists for you guys.

You might not see it coming, unlike me. The ending was great for me.

I know a lot of people complained about it, but fortunately it was good for me. I liked how he ended things, even though it was a bit cliche. I only really wish for something specific to happen in the end if I liked the characters, and it's a great thing that I was attached to most of them. I played a lot of geeky stuff growing up, so plus points for Cline, once again.

I like to read about the games I used to play before. It gives me good feeling of how great my childhood was, and that other people experienced some of the retro goodness that i did. Mostly books tend to lose a star because of the ending, but fortunately it was the other way around for Armada.

Most people would consider 3 stars as an indication that the novel was bad, but for me most of my 3 star ratings meant that I still enjoyed the novel. I guess I won't have to confuse people now with this 4 star review. I decided to round it up because the novel was great as a whole. If you want a great geeky Sci-Fi novel, then don't hesitate to pick this up. I'd also like to add in that you should download the hardcover edition of this, because the design is spectacular!

Not just the book itself, but also the dust jacket. You'll understand what I'm talking about if you manage to get a copy yourself. View all 6 comments. Aug 24, Megan marked it as to-read. Ummm, Last Starfighter? Whatever, WANT! Jan 01, Ashley Brooks rated it it was amazing Shelves: They are two very different entities. While I love the common thread of gaming running through both books, the space nerd in me was squeeing the whole way through this one.

That being said, I really really loved this. The pop culture references were once again top notch and I really really dig government conspiracy theories. It was a bit intense having t 4. It was a bit intense having this whole book take place in one day but I'm not sure I can imagine it any other way.

View all 4 comments. Jan 04, Samantha rated it it was ok. At no point did I feel connected to the characters or their plight. The story lacked originality and felt like a mashup of Red Dawn, ET and Close Encounters that is sold as a new inventive plot. The constant pop culture references became extremely tiring and forced.

Often they did not make sense in the context of the story and characters: Overall I felt extremely disappointed with this book. I expected something new and original and instead felt like it was a re-write of Ready Player one only with less complex characters and story arc.

The characters felt unrealistic and one dimensional and the writing itself lacked depth. I wouldn't mind reading another book by Cline, but I do hope that his next work tackles some new and original material.

The new book is again a novel with pop culture references galore, but whereas Ready Player One was like a love letter to the 80s set in not-too-distant future, Armada takes place in present day with a shift in focus to all things sci-fi and gaming. Needless to say, as an a 4 of 5 stars at The BiblioSanctum: Needless to say, as an avid gamer with particular penchant towards massively multiplayer online MMO games, I must shamelessly confess to having a natural inclination to stories of this type; more than once, reading Armada made me wish that Eve Online and Dust played like the games described in the book, or that Star Citizen was released already.

And I think if you enjoyed Ready Player One, you might enjoy this one too. In many ways the two books are different, but in many ways they are similar as well — both are stories about average young men in the position to save the world, thanks to their super awesome Powers of the Geek! We begin the story with an introduction to our protagonist Zack Lightman, worrying that he might be losing his mind.

Staring outside the window during one his boring senior math classes, Zack spies a flying saucer in the sky, and not just any kind of flying saucer. The spaceship looks exactly like an enemy Glaive fighter in Armada, his favorite first-person space combat flight sim MMO. In the game, players from all over take the role of drone pilots, controlling Earth Defense Alliance ships to do battle with alien invaders.

The enemy fighter he glimpsed was as real as it could be. The bad news is, so is the Earth Defense Alliance and the war against the aliens.

Armada by Ernest Cline | Books

Governments around the world have known about this imminent attack for decades, and all the science fiction films and video games since the 70s have been preparing humanity for this very moment. It should have been a dream come true.

In fact, the entire book reads like a wish fulfillment fantasy for any gamer who has ever wanted their favorite video game to be real, and to be the big damn hero of their own epic adventure. For example, if this real, why then are the aliens acting exactly like the way they would in his games and in all the science-fiction movies he grew up with?

The story of Armada is thus actually quite clever, despite it being undeniably cheesy. And yet, the book is also undeniably fun.

Simply put, the cheese works. It worked the same way it worked for a film like Galaxy Quest which parodied a lot of well-known Star Trek and sci-fi tropes, but somehow in the end still managed to function incredibly well as its own action-adventure stand alone.

However, writing as an addict to online gaming and all things Star Wars, I think that in many ways Armada can also be seen as lovely tribute to fans. It does seem, though, that Ernest Cline has chosen his target audience and defined his niche, pressing the same hot buttons that brought him success with Ready Player One. A lot would depend on the individual reader, of course, but whether audiences will embrace this shtick again or demand something different, I think only time will tell.

All told, my own stance is simple: Instead, it goes for broke, not caring how far it goes in its quest to provide the maximum entertainment value for your time. As a result, Armada ends up being pure, unadulterated escapism.

I can think of no other science fiction novel coming out this summer that would make a better beach read. Jun 25, Maxwell rated it really liked it Shelves: Fans of his first novel Ready Player One will find themselves transported into a world of geeky allusions, a diverse cast of characters, and honestly, a really, really good time. Now it's inevitable to compare Armada to RPO because of Cline centering both around "I was staring out the classroom window and daydreaming of adventure when I spotted the flying saucer.

Now it's inevitable to compare Armada to RPO because of Cline centering both around the idea of video games and virtual reality. However, while there are similarities the narrator Zack is quite similar in voice to RPO 's Wade Watts; tons of nerdy references, action-adventure, and more , this one still stands apart and on its own.

I seriously couldn't put this book down. It started off a bit slow, very technical as far as video game and science fiction terminology goes, and took a bit to get into the action. But once it did, I ate this book up. The pacing was so quick that I felt compelled to read on.

Most of the action of the book takes place in 24 hours. It's insane. And Zack is a snarky, likeable, albeit a bit average, narrator that I enjoyed getting inside his head. And of course there are a few plot twists thrown in that shocked me. Also a female U. But of course, I had a few minor issues with how Cline represented the love interest talk about manic pixie dream girl , and the ending was just as fast-paced as the rest of the book.

I would've been totally fine with 50 more pages to flesh out that resolution. Or at least give me a sequel! It was just so much to take in all at once--for us and for Zack--that I wanted more time and more information.

Overall I was pleased with this one. I had pretty high expectations, which might be unfair to the author, but RPO was just so darn great that how could I not?! View 1 comment. Buddy Read with my good friend, Matt: D Armada is about a young adult, Zack Lightman, who is about to graduate high school.

He lives his days playing video games, and reminiscing over his deceased father. One day, out of the blue, a spaceship appears in front of his school. It was not any random spaceship, but a spaceship that Zack knew all too well from his many hours playing Armada. Zack's life changes from that day, and he must defend the Earth from an alien invasion. Will he save the day? I Buddy Read with my good friend, Matt: I listened to the audio version of this book, and I have to say Wil Wheaton is amazing.

He had a different voice for each character, and changed inflections for the necessary scenes. He made a voice that sounded like Sulu from Star Trek.

Yoda too! I was just super impressed by Wheaton's narration. I totally would download another audio version with him narrating. BUT I do have to warn my fellow readers that this book contains a few cuss words. If you have a Parrot child like I do, I might suggest not to listen to it during a car ride. I don't mind cussing.

I am not saying that I try to avoid books with cussing. My husband calls them "sentence enhancers", but my little girl does copy people. Luckily, she didn't cuss. Well, I really enjoyed the book. It is nothing like Ready Player One. If you go into the book thinking it will be similar to Ready Player One , you may not like it.

It does recall some 80s movies and music, but not as much as Ready Player One. It also doesn't take place inside a video game, but Armada has all the feel of an 80s movie. Also, I have thing for alien invasions. When I was a child I use to write little stories about aliens coming to earth. It was funny to me to think of my childhood writings, where aliens come down to earth to take over the world. I use to read so many alien books. Great times. I did smile, and laugh a lot.

Sometimes it was corny, and maybe a predictable story line, but I still had a lot of fun with it. It was action packed alien fighting.

I have to say I did tear up, twice. I always cry at those military personal surprising their family members. Wil Wheaton also did an excellent job inflecting his voice during those scene, and it just made it worse. I wish I could download his play list off iTunes, but it looks like I will have to make my own playlist. Some one made his soundtrack found here: You can judge yourself.

I thought it was amazing. I love all these songs. Just great songs! Of course Ernest Cline, you have another fan. I loved both of your novels, and I can't wait to see what else you will write.

Looking for a Back to the Future type of novel.

D I do recommend listening to the book. Happy reading! I just have to say Freddie Mercury had an amazing mustache. Jun 02, Kristina Horner rated it liked it Shelves: I gave this book 3 stars. I am going to preface my review by saying I really didn't enjoy reading this book very much. I will admit that it had a lot of hype and big shoes to fill, coming after Ready Player One, but for me it completely fell flat. Maybe someone really really into flight sim and tactical war games will appreciate this book more, but I found it very dull.

So much of the story involved having things explained to me and there was very little immediate action, which was hard to get int I gave this book 3 stars. And his skills as well as those of millions of gamers across the world are going to be needed to save the earth from what s about to befall it.

It s Zack s chance, at last, to play the hero. But even through the terror and exhilaration, he can t help thinking back to all those science-fiction stories he grew up with, and wondering: Doesn t something about this scenario seem a little familiar?

At once gleefully embracing and brilliantly subverting science-fiction conventions as only Ernest Cline could, "Armada "is a rollicking, surprising thriller, a classic coming of age adventure, and an alien invasion tale like nothing you ve ever read before one whose every page is infused with the pop-culture savvy that has helped make "Ready Player One "a phenomenon.

SlideShare Explore Search You. Submit Search. Successfully reported this slideshow. We use your LinkedIn profile and activity data to personalize ads and to show you more relevant ads. You can change your ad preferences anytime. Read Armada Ebook. Upcoming SlideShare. Like this presentation? Why not share! An annual anal Embed Size px. Start on. And I knew what sort of people suffered from hallucinations in broad daylight without any help from drugs or alcohol. Cats with a serious marble deficiency.

That he may have even lost the ability to differentiate between videogames and reality—the very same problem I now seemed to be experiencing myself. Maybe it was just as I had always secretly feared: The apple had fallen right next to the Crazy Tree. Had I been drugged? No, impossible. Especially if I knew my own DNA was a far more likely culprit.

This was my own fault, I realized. And now, like my father before me, I was paying the price for my lack of vision. I was going off the rails on a crazy train. This is the home stretch, Lightman! Keep it together! Outside the window, the Glaive Fighter streaked laterally again. As it zoomed over a cluster of tall trees, I saw their branches rustle in its wake.

Then it zipped through another cloud bank, moving so fast it punched a perfect circular hole through its center, dragging several long wisps of cloud vapor along with it as it tore out the other side.

A second later, the craft froze in midair one last time before it streaked straight upward in a silver blur, vanishing from sight as quickly as it had appeared. I just sat there for a moment, unable to do more than stare at the empty patch of sky where it had been a second earlier.

Then I glanced around at the other students seated nearby.

No one else was looking in the direction of the windows. If that Glaive Fighter had really been out there, no one else had seen it. I turned back and scanned the empty sky once again, praying for the strange silver craft to reappear.

But it was long gone, and now here I was, forced to deal with the aftermath. I felt a sudden compulsion to run out of the school, drive home, and find it. My house was only a few minutes away. I glanced over at the exit, and the man guarding it, Mr. Sayles, our elderly Integrated Mathematics II teacher.

He had a silver buzz cut, thick horn-rimmed glasses, and wore the same monochromatic outfit he always did: S was finally retiring this year, which was a good thing, because he appeared to have run out of shits to give sometime in the previous century.

But he would still spot me if I tried to sneak out. My eyes moved to the ancient clock embedded in the lime green brick wall above the obsolete chalkboard. With its usual lack of pity, it informed me there were still thirty-two minutes remaining until the bell. There was no way I could take thirty-two more minutes of this.

Off to my left, Douglas Knotcher was currently engaged in his daily humiliation of Casey Cox, the shy, acne-plagued kid unfortunate enough to be seated in front of him.


It drove me nuts when Knotcher bullied Casey like this—which, I suspected, was one of the reasons Knotcher enjoyed doing it so much. I glanced at Mr. Sayles, but he was still lost in his crossword, clueless as always —a fact that Knotcher took advantage of on a daily basis.

And on a daily basis, I had to resist the urge to knock his teeth down his throat. Until this year, when a cruel act of fate had landed us both in the same math class. Seated in adjacent rows, no less.

It was almost as if the universe wanted my last semester of high school to be as hellish as possible. That would have also explained why my ex- girlfriend, Ellen Adams, was in this class, too.

Three rows to my right and two rows back, sitting just beyond the reach of my peripheral vision.

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