Some of you may not know this, but there is still an Amiga magazine being printed on paper and distributed worldwide. The name of the mag is Amiga Future and it comes from Germany. Amiga Future covers the whole spectrum of Amiga platforms, be it classic, AmigaOS 4.x, MorphOS or. Amiga Future DVD Archive 4, collection of out-of-print issues (up to #) of the Amiga Future magazine as PDF files. The Amiga Future Archive DVD has now been released and has been shipped to everyone who ordered it in advance. The Amiga Future.

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Amiga Future Issue Price listed in product details. The Amiga Future is available as either a single issue or by subscription, either with or without a cover CD. Issue # of Amiga Future, The English and German Amiga magazine has been released. In this edition: Editorial, News, Spielfeld, Easter. Now available as free PDF downloads (registration required), Justin Castle's books. Amiga Future # English/German Amiga Magazine Released!.

The magazine is published bimonthly and can be ordered as a subscription or single issue. AndreasM If you have new hardware not listed in the database or additional information or pictures of hardware already listed, please the Webmaster of BBoAH. Since our last report the following Updates have been added: View Comments Post your comment AmigaRemix:

The biggest improvement was adding memory protection, which was done in version 4. This new version of 4. The Amiga OS 4. Opening some of the drawers. The boot hard drive drawer by default, DH0 , the System folder, and the Utilities drawer.

The Extras drawer. Close-up of the boot drive folder. The built-in unarchiver. Having a RAM disk by default is handy when unpacking.

The built-in icon editor. Amiga icons can be many different sizes. Operating AmigaOS 4. In addition to manipulating these windows on the main Workbench screen, most Amiga applications can be run full-screen at any resolution you choose, much like games allow under Windows.

The classic Amiga achieved this by using clever tricks with the custom hardware—modern Amigas can simply use fast video cards to do the same thing. One small thing has been lost, however: the classic Amiga could display screens of different resolution and color depth on top of each other, but no modern video card has this ability.

Bill McEwen attended too, and was impressed: he neither expected to find so many people at an Amiga gathering, nor did he imagine that they would treat anyone associated with Gateway like a demigod.

By , as Gateway realized that there was little value [ 15 ] beyond the Amiga patents that it had acquired, an again jobless Mr.

Bill McEwen found two investors to help him acquire certain rights from Gateway. As part of this transaction, Gateway retained but licensed to Mr.

Amiga Future Issue 111

Bill McEwen's company the Amiga patents, and assigned transferred the Amiga trademark registrations, the Commodore-Amiga copyrights and the amiga. The two [ 6 ] investors were Mr.

The two were also joint investors in other companies, for example Digital Ink, Inc. Gateway , Inc. The last of the Amiga patents expired in Gateway, Inc. Taiwan in Cloanto's February acquisition of the Amiga assets [ ] brought an end to a dark chapter that started at the height of the dot-com bubble and ended with little more than hype and lawsuits.

In Cloanto published, with the blessing of Gateway, the first version of Amiga Forever, a legal and official Amiga emulation package. While releasing new versions of Amiga Forever, Cloanto also continued to work with both Amiga Washington [ 32 ] and Amiga Delaware [ ].

Eva Moosleitner. Ownership details of the latter do not appear to be public record. In sharp contrast to the public battles between the Amiga companies and Hyperion Entertainment, it became known only in that behind the scenes Amiga Delaware and Cloanto had been engaged in negotiations over some trademark matters since [ ][ ].

Unlike the settlement agreement between the Amiga companies and Hyperion Entertainment, which was published by the court [ ], the agreement between Amiga Delaware and Cloanto appears to have remained private.

Possibly as part of this agreement, according to documents published by the US Copyright Office [ ][ ] Amiga Delaware assigned to Cloanto the Commodore-Amiga copyrights it had registered in its name except for newer works such as AmigaDE and AmigaAnywhere. Mike Battilana described [ ] how the agreements opened the door and "allowed to build on that license and later slowly acquire some things".

When former Commodore and Amiga manager Mr. Mike Battilana cited the legal work that Cloanto had already been doing to make such an option possible, adding that more work needed to be done.

At the end of December , Austrian self-proclaimed "hacktivist" Mr. Bernhard R.

At about the same time as the speech, during which Mr. Fischer cited his own past as a "cracker" and "spreader", the proprietary source code of Amiga OS 3.

Analysis of this leaked source code revealed how Cloanto had contributed to the Amiga operating system as far back as [ ], leading to some speculation on whether it could use this status in relation to the complex legal proceedings between Hyperion Entertainment and the Amiga parties, and in the context of an open source scenario.

Amiga Future #125 English/German Amiga Magazine Released!

In what seemed like a response to this, Hyperion Entertainment director Mr. Timothy De Groote stated [ ] that "We cannot legally support this. Once it is open source, this is an irreversible decision that is beyond the scope of our license under the Amiga Inc. Settlement Agreement. More details to be added.

Vesalia Online - Amiga Future DVD Archive 4

Evert Carton in Evert Carton would later distance himself from the company. Current ownership details do not appear to be public record, but multiple sources indicate that as of Mr. Ben Hermans remains the largest shareholder. Ben Hermans is also an associate partner at Brussels firm Monard Law [ ]. After allegations of incompatibility between the legal profession and the director role in Hyperion Entertainment were raised, the CEO title was handed over to Mr.

Timothy De Groote at the end of [ ]. Timothy De Groote is employed as a slaughterhouse cleaner and warehouse worker [ ], and is also a local board member of Vlaams Belang, a right-wing populist and Flemish nationalist political party [ ][ ].

While Hyperion Entertainment never employed any software developers, the legal competencies at its core allowed it to conclude licensing agreements to port existing games to different platforms e. Hyperion Entertainment was, thus, a "contract house".

Ben Hermans and Mr. Evert Carton both had other full-time jobs Mr. Ben Hermans as an attorney , and would subcontract the work to external programmers, most notably the Frieden brothers in Germany. Ben Hermans himself illustrated how simple the port was expected to be in a "change some flags and recompile" comment [ ].

Everything non-essential was grouped into a different section titled Future Work: "It is clear that the primary concern should be to get OS 4 up and running on both the AmigaOne as well as the CyberStorm PPC cards as soon as possible.

After the basic work is done, further updates and goodies may be made available as boing bag upgrades on the road to OS 4. Ben Hermans acting as attorney of his own company and funded [ ] by British oil millionaire [ ] Mr. Robert Trevor Dickinson. After the death of Mr. Pentti Kouri main investor and chairman of the board of Amiga, Inc. The "robbery of the AmigaOS" [ ] was thus complete, leaving Hyperion Entertainment with both the payment for the porting job and a royalty-free de facto ownership of AmigaOS 4 the OS kernel and other components are owned by third parties close to Hyperion Entertainment , rather than a mere license, and Mr.

In , Hyperion Entertainment was briefly declared bankrupt [ ] upon request of the tax collection agency. After it eventually filed its accounts for fiscal years , it emerged that its debt had risen to more than half a million euro [ ][ ]. The rights granted to Hyperion Entertainment under the settlement agreement covered AmigaOS 4 and the Amiga trademarks "Solely for the purposes of marketing, distributing and making available AmigaOS 4 and any hardware required or desired to operate with AmigaOS 4".

While originally embracing this wording also in its press release, Hyperion later started to engage in a "rights creep". Between December and May , Mr. Probably driven by the desolate state of its accounts, and with free legal services as Hyperion Entertainment's only notable asset, this move was seen by some in the Amiga community as overly aggressive [ ], as it was increasingly meeting the definitions of conflict of interest and bad faith trademark filing, if not altogether legal abuse.

The same discussion threads [ ] also mentioned a tale of forgeries, blackmail, secret contracts and large cash payments, also backed by audio recordings [ ] which were later confirmed in an article in the Amiga Future publication [ ]. Comments and details that emerged in the discussion threads [ ][ ], and which were later confirmed from other sources, include: "Inventing an enemy to distract from internal problems is a timeless tactic used by hype-politicians everywhere!

So Hype-rion and its owners are unable to repay their debt, and are positioning Cloanto as the new threat Why? What changed? For Hype-rion to register the 'Amiga Forever' trademark, only to annoy Cloanto who has been working on Amiga Forever since , sets new standards for 'playing dirty' in the Amiga community. In doing so, he wants not only Amiga Inc. They may have ousted him as a director in December, yet now more than ever Hyperion is a company controlled by lawyers I feel very sorry for them!

Amiga Future Issue 116

Then he sends Trevor forged bank statements, showing that the money is still there. Then Trevor and Tony his other partner become suspicious and go to the bank, tell the director they are A-EON shareholders, and the director lets them read the computer screen showing all the transactions where Ben took the money out of the account contrary to the forged statements.

That is when they make Ben sign the document with the 'transfer to A-EON UK without Ben ' and 'free everything' clauses as admitted by Trevor in the interview to Generation Amiga [ ] , threatening Ben's job as a lawyer. A variation of the story involves Ben driving Trevor to the bank, but intentionally getting lost in the woods in order to arrive after closing hours.

Yet another one involves Ben drunk in a taxi, unable to get out. It registered the trademarks of its competitors, and appears to be in breach of the settlement agreement with the Amiga companies.

Trying to get away with it once again like the previous time, when it had been paid for the OS4 work, did not deliver, and sued the Amiga companies while their owner was dying of cancer , Hyperion sued all its competitors, probably hoping for another convenient settlement.

Once again, these Amiga abuses are being funded by Trevor Dickinson's oil money for Hyperion would otherwise be untenable as a company , and we are turning a blind eye to this too, because we so badly want to believe that there might be some good parts in all of this.

After they took a cab ride home, Hermans was so intoxicated that he fainted. He had to be dragged out by Dickinson and the others. Hermans even left the hard-earned cash in the cab.

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