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There are three parts in the question paper A, B, C consisting of Chemistry, Physics and Mathematics having 30 questions in each part of equal. AIEEE−−2. FIITJEE (Hyderabad Classes) Limited. tension of soap solution = Nm−1). (1) π mJ. (2) 2π mJ AIEEE−−3. FIITJEE ( Hyderabad. AIEEE SOLUTIONS. Brilliant Tutorials Pvt. Ltd. Head Office: 12, Masilamani Street, T. Nagar, Chennai 2. SOLUTIONS TO AIEEE PHYSICS.

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Aieee 2011 Solution Pdf

QUESTIONS & SOLUTIONS OF AIEEE IMPORTANT INSTRUCTIONS. 1. Immediately fill the particulars on this page of the Test Booklet. AIEEE Question Paper Solutions are available for FREE download. These solutions are provided by eminent institutes. Students can get. Note: Each attachment consists of question paper,Solution and steps for that solution. AIEEE (Size: MB.

Saudi Arabia. USA and Canada. Europe and Africa. It is important for aspirants to practice the question papers and try to attempt the questions in past years paper, of the chapters they have already done to understand the level of the preparation of that subject. It is best to practice these papers in a timed environment. In order to maximize your score in JEE Main you need to be good in all three subjects i. Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics. To get success in JEE Main give equal importance to all three subjects, practice more and more questions on each subject. It would definitely make you acquainted with the type of questions and give you a real feel of the JEE Main exam.

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Format of JEE Mains Eligibility for JEE Mains JEE Mains Syllabus. JEE Advanced JEE Advanced Eligibility. Admit card for JEE Advanced Results of JEE Advanced JEE Advanced Syllabus.

JEE JEE Mains Solutions. Mathematics Paper 1 with Solution. Mathematics Paper 2 with Solution. Physics Paper 1 with Solution. Physics Paper 2 with Solution.

Chemistry Paper 1 with Solution. Chemistry Paper 2 with Solution. Paper 1 with Solution. We have. If the mean deviation about the median of the 2 2 numbers a.. From the given data. Then the scrap value V T of the equipment is Sol. Clearly both statements are true but statement-2 is not a correct explanation. The figure is self explanatory 1 Statement-1 is false.

Statement-2 is false is a constant and T is the total life in years of the Ans. Statement-2 is a correct explanation for AB is symmetric matrix if matrix multiplication of A with B is commutative. Let A and B be two symmetric matrices of order 3. Let I be the download value of an equipment and Statement-1 V t be the value after it has been used for t years.

Which of the following facts about the complex Ans. If one atom of B is missing from one Chlorine is more easily liquefied than ethane of the face centred points. NO3— — sp2. A2B5 2—nis o 3 sp2. Mass of ethylene glycol which should be Sol. In context of the lanthanoids. In a face centred cubic lattice. The magnetic moment spin only of [NiCls4]io 1 1. Ethylene glycol is used as an antifreeze in a cold Ans.

Ozonolysis of an organic compound gives 1 Phenol 2 2—Butene formaldehyde as one of the products. Identify the compound that exhibits tautomerism.

AIEEE 2011 Question Paper with Solutions,Answer Key

The outer electron configuration of Gd Atomic No. If one of the emissions is at nm. Silver Mirror test is given by which one of the Sol. This confirms 3 Lactic acid 4 2—Pentanone the presence of: A gas absorbs a photon of nm and emits at two 64 is wavelengths. The mixture of the products contains sodium trichloroacetate and Br another compound.

Due to absence of low lying vacant d orbital in B. According to Fajans rule. The other compound is: Among the following the maximum covalent 4 2. The major product obtained in the Ethylacetate above reaction is: Which of the following reagents may be used to 2 2-Bromophenol distinguish between phenol and benzoic acid? Sodium ethoxide has reacted with ethanoyl chloride. Trichloroacetaldehyde was subject to Cannizzaro's Sol. The compound that is produced in the above t d.: The reduction potential of hydrogen half-cell will be not formed.

Cl Cl Boron cannot form which one of the following anions? The presence or absence of hydroxy group on which So. If the total pressure at Some of the CO2 is converted into CO on the addition of graphite. Which one of the following orders presents the The strongest acid amongst the following 1 4th td.

P bond Cl Ans. Which of the following statements regarding correct sequence of the increasing basic nature of sulphur is incorrect? Stability of hydrides from NH3 to BiH3 decreases maximum extent due to decreasing bond strength.

While moving from left to right in periodic table basic character of oxide of elements will decrease. N bond is weaker than the single P. What is the mole fraction of 1 0. The masses of molecules are m1. Assuming no loss of energy. A carnot engine operation between temperatrues T1 T2 1 and T3 are mixed. Three perfect gases at absolute temperatures T1.

A thin horizontal circular disc is rotating about a Ans. An insect is at rest at a point near the rim of the disc. When T2 is lowered by m2 and m3 and the number of molecules are n1. The boat.: The insect Sol. Two identical charged spheres suspended from a Ans. The half life of a radioactive substance is 20 minutes. The charge begins to leak 3 from both the spheres at a constant rate. Ignoring the slight expansion of the water. As a result 2N the charges approach each other with a velocity v.

answer-key-and-solution-for-aieeepdf | Geometry | Physics & Mathematics

N2 Left their mutual repulsion. The question has a paragraph followed by 5 two statements. The magnitude of the magnetic induction interference pattern due to light reflected from the along its axis is E d top ka sh surface of the film.

The centre of the interference pattern Ans. Lt d one that describes the statements. But this does not imply statement A current I flows in an infinitely long wire with rvi surface of a eplane-convex a l Smonochromaticlens over a plane glass corss section in the form of a semi-circular ring of plate.

An object. Statement-1 and Statement Statement-2 is false 3 Statement-1 is true.

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The centre of interference pattern is dark. Across the decelerated at a rate given by capacitor is a neon bulb that lights up at V. With t i o n light. The time taken 3 1. Statement-2 is true Statement The state of ionosphere varies from hour to hour. Because of variation in composition of ionosphere. Statement-2 is true and i si o Div 2 Statement-1 is true.

Kmax and V0 are also doubled. Field is zero at O. This question has Statement-1 and Statement Statement-2 is true n 3 Statement-1 is true. Statement-2 is true and Statement-1 Statement-2 is not the correct explanation of Ans. GM 4GM Statement Sky wave signals are used for long Statement The maximum kinetic energy and the distance radio communication. Two bodies of masses m and 4 m are placed at a Ans. If the frequency incident the four choices given after the statements.

The water velocity as the electric and the magnetic fields is it leaves the tap is 0. Of respectively. Of m o 4m the four choices given after the statements.

Statement-2 is true and Statement-1 Statement-2 is not the correct explanation of 4 Statement-1 is true. These L td. Statement-2 Statement-1 Statement-2 is the correct explanation of 4 Statement-1 is true. Statement-2 is false of A 1 Statement-1 is false. The Statement-2 is false Statement-2 is a correct explanation for is true and 3 Statement-1 is true.

Div At mean position. If a wire is stretched to make it 0. A mass M. When the mass M passes 3 through its mean position then a smaller mass m is

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