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Advanced Selling Strategies. Sales Ideas, Methods and Techniques of Top Salespeople. Brain Tracy. Simon & Schuster – ISBN The winning . Advanced Selling Strategies by Brian Tracy - The most powerful system for sales success—from the author of the bestselling audiobook, The Psychology of. [PDF] Advanced Selling Strategies: The Proven System of Sales Ideas, Methods, and Techniques Used by Top Salespeople Everywhere by Brian Tracy Online Free^ PDF Advanced Selling Strategies: The Proven System of Sales Ideas, Methods, and Techniques Used by Top Salespeople Everywhere.

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1. Advanced Selling. Strategies. Action Plan for Professional Sellers . On site, visibility means sales, and a number of strategies can help downloaders find your. Advanced Selling - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. “How to build better customer relationships” is one of the specific techniques included in Brian Tracy's Advanced Selling Techniques. And the market demands.

Prospecting Contacting sufficient high-quality make selling an occupation or a profession. Some of the best people you will ever meet 3. Qualifying Spending time only with people will start off as tough prospects that you will eventually convert who have the ability to download into customers. The greatest joy that you will ever receive from 4. Identifying problems Asking perceptive questions, using your profession is the deep inner satisfaction that will come from active and empathetic listening knowing that through your products and services, you are making a real difference. Answering objections Anticipating concerns and able years, I have found that they all have one thing in common. They to provide satisfactory answers all have clear, written goals. They have taken the time to sit down and create a blueprint for themselves and their future lives. Every 7. Closing Asking for a commitment to action one of them has been amazed at the incredible power of goal competently and comfortably setting and strategic planning.

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Views Total views. Actions Shares. Embeds 0 No embeds. No notes for slide. Representation Cease of war in Kosovo, , brought not only the peace but along it many foreign and international dwellers who resided in Kosovo for long years thereafter.

Since those people came from worldwide, theirs downloading behavior was different than native ones. Number of those new residents was in thousands including NATO soldiers, as result, all those people asked for their preferred foods and beverages of their country the products they grew up with and used with. Ever since, thanks to new demography, Kosovo was seen as a market where many international companies as Kraft, Nestle, Mars, Coca Cola, Wrigley, Ferrero, Procter and Gamble, Nivea, and many others saw potential of geographical market expansion, as result companies started to deal with domestic companies representing their companies.

Seeing this situation, a pressing need for a proper representation company in Kosovo is mandatory. Therefore, sufferings of many international companies would end in case of any international company enters into the Kosovo market as representative company for many international producers. It would be easier, for instance of, any foreign decide to get in partnership with some prominent native companies which side by side both firms can fulfill the breach which previous low working temper companies lacked to achieve.

According to me, partnership between Kosovo and any international firm with go along because both companies have many things in common and many things to learn from each other.

International firm will learn about the culture and way of doing business in Kosovo, while native company would learn about working with high standards of operations, the way many international businesses do operate. Best of all, foreign companies interested for investments in Kosovo, choosing representation as an appropriate service have many issue to offer to the market of Kosovo.

Important issue is maintaining close relationships with current business partners and tries to get deal with potential ones. Try hard to expand business network within current market and try to obtain new deal into the Balkan markets and constantly be knowledgeable of current local developments. All aforementioned points can be achieved with a careful strategic planning since burden of brand representation in front of principals may weight upon shoulders of both partners in business, while as venture companies may cope with many obstacles which can be conquered easily with long term operation strategic planning.

By archaic way I mean the out-dated meaning of market as a place where seller and downloader meet for mutual interests consequently selling takes place either as a process of exchange of goods for money or bartering.

Era of market changes with selling approach initially started in Ballkan since fall of communistic system. Taking these facts, therefore, Kosovo market can be suitable for international business companies with advanced selling management strategies and surely they will do well and succeed in investing via download of shares of native companies or even getting in partnership with some semi-up to date companies which managerial policies seek a smart path obtaining competitive market advantage.

In an environment where customer demands predominate because competition is both relentless and increasingly international, the world of selling must accommodate a dramatically changed world of downloading.

Crucially, sales management itself must catch up to this new world of selling. Among filed of operation worth to operate in Kosovo market is logistic marketing. Good storage is another opportunity for investment for experienced companies in this field. Whilst, many may ignore this fact, day by day request of international companies which operate in Kosovo market are relied and prerequisite for high standards of good storage in order to sign partnership agreement with native businesses.

As a person part of daily businesses operation, I see good storage as a prospective investment that can generate satisfactory incomes meanwhile start slowly creating another working culture within Kosovo market. Among most important and key elements of business is also transportation. Lack of transportation strategies, many businesses in Kosovo lost market share either lacking strategy or avoiding expenses that transportation service causes.

Customers demand their shipments be delivered as they require--on the date needed, by the carrier preferred, in the proper shipping packaging method and complete, both shipped complete and delivered complete and in good order. Being able to have a transportation program with can do this provides customer satisfaction and can give your company a competitive advantage Craig, And because it is a learned condition, it can be unlearned as well, and sometimes quite quickly.

When you were born, you had no fears at all except for two: the fear of falling and the fear of loud noises. Every fear that you have today had to be taught to you by your parents, siblings, and others through repetition and reinforcement as you grew up. Your fears are all learned. The fear of rejection or disapproval is based on "conditional love. At an early age, you learned that if you didn't do what Mommy or Daddy expected of you, they would withdraw their love and approval.

They would be angry and negative. They would use destructive criticism and even physical punishment on you to get you to do what they wanted you to do. As you grew up, your self-image, the way you see yourself and think about yourself, became more and more dependent upon the way you thought others saw you and thought about you. You might even have become hypersensitive to the way people treated you and talked to you.

You may have started adjusting your behaviors to get other people to like you, respect you, and approve of you. You started down the slippery slope of compromising your own uniqueness in an attempt to gain the respect and esteem of others. To a greater or lesser degree, we all have fears and concerns about how other people think about us. Adults with low self-esteem are extremely sensitive to the opinions of others, often to the point where they cannot make a decision without getting the approval of someone else.

Sales Books

A husband will not make a downloading decision without getting the approval of his wife, or a wife will not make a downloading decision without getting the approval of her husband. Grown children will not make downloading decisions without getting the approval of their parents.

People will not download things without asking their friends, lawyers, accountants, or advisors. In business, people will not make decisions without referring the entire matter to one or more other people to gain their approval. In sales, the fear of rejection manifests itself in a fear of calling on strangers. It is at the root of the reluctance you feel to seek out new prospects for your product or service. Fear of rejection causes stress, anxiety, and even depression. It paralyzes prospecting behavior and undermines a salesperson's effectiveness at every stage of the process.

Fear of rejection is the primary reason that so many people drop out of sales, blaming the company and the management, and then take jobs earning far less than they could be. This fear of rejection can manifest itself in different ways, and not all salespeople are subject to the exact same fears.

For example, low self-esteem, and feelings of inferiority leading to the fear of rejection, make some salespeople tense and uneasy about calling on prospects who they feel are better than they are socially or economically. These salespeople will not call on senior executives or professional people because they don't feel good enough. An older salesman was telling me recently about several people he had gone to school with who were now senior executives in major corporations.

He was proud of his friendships with these people, which he had maintained over the years. I then asked him how many of them were customers of his. The answer was none. His particular type of call reluctance was holding him back from approaching them even though he knew they were downloading large quantities of the services he sold from other companies.

Many salespeople are afraid to sell to their friends and associates for fear that they will disapprove of them or be critical of their career choices. Sometimes, salespeople are ashamed of being in sales in the first place, and as a result they are afraid to approach almost anyone they know to offer their products or services.

The most common fear of rejection is that associated with approaching strangers, people that you don't know and who you have never spoken to in the past.

This generalized fear of disapproval is the greatest destroyer of promising sales careers. It is the fear that a person will say something unkind or "I'm not interested.

It is the fear of rudeness, criticism, or negativity. It is the fear of hearing the word. The starting point of overcoming the fear of rejection is to realize this: rejection is not personal. Rejection has nothing to do with you as a person. The prospect does not know you well enough to reject you as an individual.

The rejection is only associated with the situation and personality of the prospect, and has nothing to do with your personality, integrity, and competence. To repeat: rejection is simply not personal. It is a standard reaction to almost any sales proposal in a commercial society.

Some of your very best customers will be people who responded negatively to your first approach. This is to be expected. The average American is bombarded by hundreds of commercial messages every single day. Television, radio, newspapers, magazines, mail, and telephones are filled with solicitations for products and services.

Advanced Selling Strategies

The prospect's initial reaction to you, even if he wants and needs the product you sell, because of message overload, will almost invariably be negative. Prospective customers are busy, if not overwhelmed, with their activities and the demands on their time. Your job is to be calm, patient, and persistent, and to realize that nothing that a prospect says to you can affect you in any way, because it's not personal.

Not long ago, a man came up to me at a sales seminar in St. Louis and told me that something I said at an earlier seminar had changed his life. His story contained an excellent lesson. He told me that one year ago he was on the verge of failing out of his sales career. He hated prospecting because he was afraid of it. He had an inordinate fear of rejection based on previous experiences. Because he hated prospecting, he was doing less and less of it, and his sales were decreasing every month.

He knew that it wouldn't be long before he would be let go by his company. He came to my seminar and heard me say, "Rejection is not personal. He realized that his career was going down the drain for no other reason than because of his inordinate fear of calling on people he didn't even know or care about. He was inflicting emotional and financial pain on himself and on his family simply because he had allowed his fears to get the best of him, rather than him getting the best of his fears.

That was his wake-up call! He resolved that very day to do whatever it took to excel at prospecting, both on the telephone and in making cold calls. He began a study program. He began listening in his car to audiotapes on prospecting and selling. He read books and articles on prospecting each day. He started earlier every morning practicing his prospecting skills. Within six months, he was not only the best prospector in his company, but his sales had gone up by more than percent.

Furthermore, he had recently been promoted to the position of sales manager for his company and transferred to St. Louis with a large salary. He had a development budget for a new office, and he received an override on all his salespeople.

In less than one year he had transformed his life and his career by going to work on himself and eradicating the fear of rejection that had been holding him back. He changed his self-image and he now saw himself as an excellent prospector. His new self-image determined the way he thought, felt, and behaved, and his prospects responded to him with greater openness and interest. He realized that it had been his attitude, and his attitude alone, that was determining his results.

It is the greatest obstacle to success in your life and your career. It is both subtle and devastating. It works on you, deep in your subconscious mind, and causes you to see the world negatively instead of positively. Fear makes you interpret events to yourself in a negative way. It causes you to associate only with other people who think and feel the same way. You reinforce each other's fears and beliefs.

The cumulative result on your personality and your sales career can be tragic. For you to achieve great success in selling, the eradication of fear as an influence in your life is lob number one. There is an inverse relationship between fear and self-esteem, like a teeter-totter.

The greater the fear, the lower your self-esteem. But the higher your self-esteem, the lower will be your fear. Everything you do to raise your self-esteem will decrease the fears that hold you back, and everything you do to decrease your fears will raise your self-esteem and improve your performance.

Since all fears are learned by repetition of the fear-inducing event or thoughts of those events, fears are unlearned by repeated acts of courage in opposition to the responses of fear. For example, if you are afraid of cold calling, the way to overcome your fear is to confront it repeatedly until it goes away. This is called "systematic desensitization. It is the very best and most effective way of developing courage and confidence in any area of your life.

As Ralph Waldo Emerson said, "Do the thing you fear and the death of fear is certain. Certain fears are bundled together, like wires, in the subconscious mind, and the short-circuiting of one fear causes the short circuiting of the others on the same circuit. One of the fears that is bundled with the fear of rejection is the fear of public speaking. Fifty-four percent of American adults rank the fear of public speaking ahead of the fear of death.

When you learn to speak on your feet -- by joining Toastmasters International and attending the weekly meetings, or by taking a Dale Carnegie course, for example -- you become more confident and self-assured in your interactions with others on a one-to-one basis. When you become a competent public speaker, you simultaneously become more powerful and persuasive in your prospecting and sales activities.

I gave this advice at a sales seminar a couple of years ago. About a year later, a businessman came up to me to tell me how that advice had helped him.

He said that when he left the seminar, he had immediately joined a local chapter of Toastmasters and began attending regular meetings. Within six months, he had overcome his lifelong fear of speaking in front of an audience.

He worked for an engineering firm in a back-office job, but his increasing confidence came to the notice of his boss. One day, his boss asked him if he would conduct a presentation to the board members of a client corporation on a project they were proposing. He accepted the assignment with a little trepidation, but he prepared thoroughly and then went and gave an excellent presentation. By the time he got back to the office, the prospective client had phoned his boss and told them that the job was theirs, and how impressed they were with the presentation.

Now, he told me, his company sends him out to meet with clients at least twice a week. He had received two promotions and his income had increased 40 percent in the last twelve months. He had his own office with a secretary and was included in all senior staff meetings.

His career was on the fast track and he had never been happier since he learned to confront his fear and overcome it. It was the turning point in his life. Sales success does not necessarily come from prospecting. It comes from being eager to call on new prospects. It comes from being eager to present your product or service as the solution to their problem. It comes from being eager to show them why their objections have no merit.

It comes from being eager to ask them to make a downloading decision right now. It comes from being eager to ask for referrals and to look for ways to sell more to the same customer. And eagerness comes from the self-esteem that emerges naturally when you have confronted and eliminated the fear of rejection.

Your self-esteem is determined by how much you like, accept, and respect yourself, by how much you feel you are a valuable and worthwhile person. Everything you do to boost your self-esteem will improve every part of your life. The flip side of self-esteem is your self-efficacy.

Your level of selfefficacy is determined by how well you feel you perform at the things you do. The better you perform, the better you feel. And the better you feel, the better you perform. Each one feeds on the other. They are mutually supportive and reinforcing. It is not possible for you to to feel good about yourself and perform poorly, nor is it possible to perform poorly and feel good about yourself.

The more consistent your current actions are with the very best person that you can imagine yourself becoming, your self-ideal, the higher will be your self-esteem and the greater will be your self-liking and self-respect.

If you consciously and deliberately act in a positive and professional manner, over and over, you will eventually see yourself as being a positive and professional person.

You will feel positive and professional in your work with your prospects and customers. Your actions, which are under your control, will generate the feelings and images consistent with them.

People judge you by the way you behave toward them. They largely accept you at face value. They form their estimation of you by the way you carry yourself, and by the way you talk and act when you are with them. If you act like a top sales professional, in every sense of the word, people will treat you as if you are one.

Advanced Selling | Sales | Strategic Planning

You can take a top salesperson out of a good territory, put him into a poor territory, and he will make just as many sales in the poor territory as he made in the good territory.

You can also take a poor salesperson out of a poor territory and put him into an excellent territory, and his sales will stay at the same level they were in the poor territory. Your self-image, how you see yourself, determines your performance in the present. Your sales results will have very little to do with what happens to you on the outside. They will be largely determined by what is happening to you on the inside, within you as a person. One of my corporate clients had thirty-one branch offices.

One of the offices stood head and shoulders above the others. It led the company in sales results year after year, sometimes outselling the number two office by two or three times. This office was run by an excellent sales manager who hired and trained top people. He was very selective in recruiting. He chose people based on their attitudes and personalities as much as anything else. Over the years, salespeople who had been average performers in other companies or branches became top salespeople within a few months after joining this particular sales office.

What was the reason? It was quite simple. The new salesperson was immediately surrounded by winners, by examples of sales superiority and sales excellence. He saw positive, enthusiastic people, coming in earlier, working harder, and staying later.

He got caught up in a sense of teamwork and cooperation. He was surrounded by positive, supportive people.

Everyone was excited and proud about being among the top people in the top branch. In no time at all, this enthusiasm infected the new salesperson and he or she began acting the same way -- and getting the same results. Self-image modification is the key to unlocking your sales potential. It is the means by which you program into yourself the thoughts, feelings, and behaviors of the best salespeople everywhere. As you change the way you see yourself, your sales results will begin to improve immediately.

There are seven ways the top salespeople in every business and industry see themselves, think about themselves, and respond to their prospects and customers. You can think of these as seven steps to enhanced self-image or self-esteem. As you shape and modify your selfimage so that it is similar to that of the best salespeople, you will begin to see improvements in your sales performance faster and more predictably than by anything else you could do.

See Yourself as Self-Employed The first and most important quality or self-image, from which all the others flow, is the attitude of self-employment. The word "attitude" in aeronautical terms refers to the approach or angle of attack of an airplane with regard to the horizon.

Your attitude with regard to selfemployment is the way you approach your work, your company, your products and services, your prospects and customers, and everything you do. This attitude of being in charge of your own economic destiny is the critical distinction between high performers and low performers in selling and in almost every other field. Seeing yourself as the president of your own professional sales corporation is the natural extension of your accepting total responsibility for the person you are and for everything that happens to you.

If self-esteem is the first pillar of sales success, then self-responsibility is the second. The more you like yourself, the more you accept responsibility for your life, and the more you accept responsibility for your life, the more you like yourself. The two support each other, and each is impossible without the other. In our legal system, you can become the president of your own company by simply deciding to do it. You don't need permission from anyone. You don't even need to register your company if you name it after yourself, like "John Jones and Associates.

By making yourself president in your own mind, you take complete charge of your own life. You accept complete accountability for your sales results. You become a completely self-reliant individual, in command and in control of your personal and financial destiny. When you accept complete responsibility for everything that happens to you, you stop making excuses and blaming others.

You say, "If it's to be, it's up to me.

Advanced Selling Strategies.pdf

You are the final authority. There is no one beyond you to pass it off to. If sales are good, you get the credit. If the sales are poor, you get the responsibility.

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