Max Barry, author of Lexicon, Syrup, Jennifer Government, Machine Man, and I want to be implicated in vicious rumors about Drew Barrymore's sex parties. I want to be implicated in vicious rumors about Drew Barrymore's sex parties. I loved the Syrup movie, but who would have been your dream casting choices. When Scat comes up with the idea for the hottest new soda ever, he's sure he'll retire the next rich, savvy marketing success story. But in the treacherous.

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Editorial Reviews. From Publishers Weekly. Lampooning corporate "ethics," sexual politics and Syrup: A Novel - Kindle edition by Max Barry. Download it once. Syrup book. Read reviews from the world's largest community for readers. When Scat comes up with the idea for the hottest new soda ever, he's sure he. Syrup Max Download Free Online books! Teenagers who did he was a sardonically irreverent and to discover the pages and clary is.

Jennifer Government Max Barry No preview available - View all. He is the author of the cult hit Syrup,.. Max Barry. Scat is young,.. Syrup : a novel by Max Barry.

Some of the best I've read I would gladly push off a cliff if I were forced to interact with them in my real life. But these characters usually have a degree or two of complexity that makes you contemplate their actions, they have some driving force behind why they are unlikable.

In this case however, almost everyone was flat out awful, self-centered, and mean just for the sake of being so. As for Scat's characterization, it was confusing at best. Sometimes he was confident, capable, and reliable and then a few pages later he was bumbling, nearsighted, and hot-tempered. It would have made sense if he had steadily risen from zero to hero, gaining experience and learning from his mistakes, but instead he seemed to quickly oscillate between the two.

I also struggled to stay engaged with this plot. You could argue that Syrup is a character driven novel, but I would say it's really more half and half.

So, with the character aspect shot, I was relying on the story to pick up the slack. Unfortunately, I just couldn't invest myself in Scat's success. The pacing was a little jerky, and some plot points seemed to exist solely for the sake of progression.

I really appreciate that Barry uses this novel to shine a light on the despicable and underhanded methods that can be used by those in corporate marketing; working in this type of industry can really desensitize a person and distance them from the audiences they so desperately want to appeal to, and I think Barry captured that truth well. Ultimately though, this was my least favorite of his novels. There was a lot on my mind. My biggest mistake was hooking up with a guy who had just transferred from Texas and was pre-enrolled: I forgot all about registration.

I was scheduled between 10 a.

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I was lucky anyone was still there, because by then enrollments had officially closed. When I tapped on the glass door, my choice of two first-year electives was reduced to three sad little tables: Programming in Visual Basic, Masculinity in the New Millennium and Introductory Marketing.

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Masculinity in the New Millennium was actually kind of interesting. But Marketing was unbelievable.

Marketing is like LA. A gorgeous, brainless model on cocaine having sex drinking Perrier in LA. This gives customers the impression of great quality.

Helps profits, too. Or at least, if it does, no one can agree what it is.

Because of perception. But perception is a faulty mechanism. Perception is unreliable and easily distracted, subject to a thousand miscues and misinformation If anyone found a way to actually distinguish perception from reality, the entire marketing industry would crumble into the sea overnight.

The economy of every Western country would implode. Some of the biggest companies on the planet would never sell another product.

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The air would be thick with executives leaping out of windows and landing on BMWs. Law seems very structured like that. But marketing hates systems. Which is nice, in an idealistic, free-spirited sort of way, but it makes it a pain in the ass to get a job.

Chapter One

To get a good job in marketing, you need to market yourself. I used to be Michael George Holloway, but I had no chance of getting into marketing with a name like that.

The least I could do was echo their creative genius by choosing a wacky, zany, top-of-mind name myself.

For a while, I seriously toyed with the idea of calling myself Mr. But when sanity prevailed, I chose Scat. It sounded kind of fast-track.

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