Author: Wallace Irving The Second Seduction of a Lady · Read more · The Second Seduction of a The Captain's Mysterious Lady. Read more · The Queen's. - Ebook download as Word Doc .doc), PDF File .pdf), Text File Download as DOC, PDF, TXT or read online from Scribd Irving Wallace 1. On a state visit to Moscow, Billie Bradford, the beautiful and brilliant wife of the President of the United States, is abducted by the Soviets and replaced by Vera.

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5 days ago The Second Lady Irving Wallace - [FREE] [PDF] [EPUB] The Second Lady Irving Wallace. [Ebooks] Irving Wallace (March 19, – June DOWNLOAD OR READ: THE SECOND LADY IRVING WALLACE PDF EBOOK EPUB MOBI. Page 1. Page 2. Page 2. Page 3. the second lady irving wallace. The second lady by Irving Wallace; 7 editions; First published in ; Subjects: Accessible book, Fiction in English, Protected DAISY, Spy.

He is considered one of the five most widely read authors of modern times. But along with that, she is By Irving Wallace. But along with that, she is the First Lady of the United States. In Russia, there exists a woman who is her exact double, down to the most secret detail. They call her the Second Lady.

As for my views, I must say I have not changed at all. Sigo have long believed that they should be women equal rights in the United States and every day we are more supports in this regard: As the issue of abortion, there's much to be said for a and other position.

No But I think that there should be no law against abortion. I think it has to be a individual decision that each woman should take their account Also try to establish, based on available statistics, which is.

He had gotten up yet another reporter, high and bony. He spoke with a Boston accent modulated. The women in our armed forces. Oh, infinity of issues. I have a very comprehensive report ready when you return. The editor of The York Times rose. Can you say what other activities plans to develop, besides the meetings? Nora looked at Judson and his press secretary took over with quickly, efficiently, and brilliance. Billie Bradford first reclined on the couch sigh of relief. That day, especially since the.

He was disheveled. He looked for look at the sweater, blue cashmere and skirt blue pleated darker. Both ensembles offered still look neat and groomed.

Well then it would be the hair. Her long blond hair combed back in a bun secured by a silk ribbon. But as always, some strands had come loose and hung on the front. With a characteristic gesture, removed the locks and smoothed again. Nora was describing representatives of the Moscow press the itinerary of the first lady and.

Billie Bradford felt comforted. Simulating pay attention to his press secretary Billie left your mind back to the late hours of the morning of that momentous day and to cross all afternoon to reach this moment. Before noon, had sent all correspondence staff, particularly his letters to his father in Malibu and her younger sister, Kit, saying that after Moscow, before leaving for London, would have to.

Then he had, stuck in the pressure cooker. He had been a long lunch in the Dining Room Family in honor of the wives of the leaders of the majority and minority of the Senate and House of representatives, and the wives of several important leaders of the committees.

Immediately thereafter, The winners received a contest sponsored painting. Then had Ladbury presented himself, fresh from London for preliminary testing of new clothes and costumes that I thought look at Moscow and London. Without the less rest, aided by her personal maid Sarah Keating, had embarked on the search for a scrapbook of his student, Guy Parker needed for its investigations with a view to the autobiography he was writing in his name.

Then he had fallen and had gone to the Rose Garden. The late August afternoon was soft and had been nice to get in the sun to the delegation of Girl.

Scouts and their leaders and award prizes special girls who had distinguished themselves in outstanding service to the community. With just five minutes of time, had Nora directed the company Yellow Oval Room upstairs, where representatives of the press had been taking tea while waiting for his arrival.

And now, after more than an hour, realized press conference that just ended. Nora and Laurel were standing on either side of it, and rushed to get off the couch to murmur a words of thanks and say goodbye. Once he had emptied the room, stood, drained of energy. The smile, so long frozen in their pale features of classical, vanished in a tight straight line.

It was done, the momentous day had ended, and yet still not quite. I had to take a final action. Recovering, he left the room alone, advanced by the long hallway toward the elevator and took it to go down stairs.

Minutes later, he entered the West Wing, is addressed the Cabinet Room and entered. The spacious room smelled of leather and cigar smoke. As had assumed, there were five, all sitting around the magnificent mahogany table, watching yet the two television monitors in which images appeared she Yellow Oval Room had just left.

In its broad Slavic face, displaying a smile. He exclaimed. He kissed her in a cheek, then on the other. My dear, has been you proud. A faultless performance. My congratulations! Many thanks. The general had Pietrov talking again. Do you think it ready? Now I hope to get back those years of real living that life owes me. When left the Cabinet Room, it will followed and watched them get into the car and drop the false White House, across the high fence gate open.

He stood and watched, beyond the open gate, the distant domes golden needles inside the Kremlin and the Moscow skyline. This time with a genuine smile.

Yes, I was actually ready. When Washington was hot and humid, there was in the world no city more suffocating. By the time pulled into the alley and walked to the garage, he was starting to feel sticky all over. The shirt had stuck to her body like a wide bandage tape. After opening the door of his new Ford, took off his jacket thread striped, loosened his tie point is bowed and sat at the wheel. He left his jacket folded on the seat beside him and placed it on the small tape a cassette.

After starting the car, make up back and left the lane, accelerated and went to the maximum speed at Madison hotel. He had a lunch appointment at one and a half.

I did not want to get late because her guest was extraordinarily. Twice he had quoted to have lunch with George Kilday and every single time Kilday had canceled the appointment at the last moment because of some urgent news. Parker was doubly determined not to be late because the interview was a real favor. The head office had nothing Parker win seeing that while Parker was much to gain.

He ran around town or at least between the Members of the fourth estate, the rumor that Parker was to keep half a million dollars advance the editor had given to the first lady for her autobiography the other half million be spent on works charities. Kilday had had many reasons to be jealous, angry and not wanting to cooperate.

Instead, it proved to be a very amiable, a veteran who was glad of the success of their colleagues. Guy Parker came to Madison with four minutes advance.

Taking the tape and coat it gave the car to the doorman. In the lobby, Exquisitely furnished, fresh air will provided, immediate relief and renewed energy. It deflected past the reception desk and the window box and hurried to the simple coffee. He approached them, waving to Kilday hand, and Kilday waved back. He knew very well Kilday, but had met him about half a dozen of times over the past two years and medium, at the time that Parker was one of the drafters of the president's speeches, and the few times they had spoken, they had done for very short time and always talking about politics.

Almost all staff knew of Kilday, unless it was it was an appreciable time in the environments journalism, for his tenacity with news and its almost religious respect for accuracy. Parker was not aware that there had been some relationship between Kilday and first lady until that meeting initial that the very Billie, he communicated.

Had been speaking of the period post-graduation in journalism from Billie in the Vassar. Before his father retired, she had been working in the advertising agency which was a customer of the company that marketed inventions. He had got a job at a public relations firm in New York and more afternoon had been its representative in London during a brief period. It had returned to Los Angeles.

In fact my first job journalism, if I may so call it, was in a newspaper direct distribution of Santa Monica in exchange for a lowest weekly wage. The money did not matter. In Not really needed it. What was interesting was that this he gave me access to many events and places not otherwise have known. Well, one day editor I assigned the task of writing a report of a rehabilitation center addicts. But instead of doing it routine, interviewing the director, I had an idea, thought of something he had read in a biography Nellie Bly.

The Fogg Verne did in eighty days in the novel. Nellie Bly did in the reality in and He circled the world in seventy-two days. In any case, before carrying After this feat, just as I was beginning to as a reporter novel in the New York World, Nellie Bly wrote an article about the madmen who were sent to Blackwell's Island and about receiving treatment there.

But instead of making report as Orthodox, Nellie donned. As a patient, was observed directly the miserable conditions and the cruelty with which they were treated the sick. On leaving, wrote two stories are front page on its experience. That complaint was made famous in the overnight. Well then, I had commissioned a report routinely on a rehabilitation center for drug addicts in Santa Monica and thought of Nellie Bly and I said Why not?

[PDF Free Download] The Second Lady Full Online - by Irving Wallace - 54dtyhvhgy

And it worked. I could see. Then I wrote the story in first person, from the point of view of a patient. Good, I will not say it was a feeling Above all, my family. My father loved it. So much so that he sent a clipping to a friend who occupied a leading position in the Los Angeles Times.

Al executive liked it and also liked the fact that was the work of the daughter of Clarence Lane my father was by then pretty famous for his inventions and passed Work on the writing section. The editor called me for an interview and decided to undergo a. I have recruited and dispatched in twenty four hours, were it not for George Kilday.

He was a reviewer of manuscripts and saved my own skin. But first I want ask you some questions. What happened? He will tell him everything. It's authentic reporter's eye. He will update about many things related to my news that I toddle memory. Parker Kilday was sitting at the cafe Madison. What happened to the first task entrusted to him? And she had told him. In fact. Parker immediately expressed its appreciation the collaboration of veteran journalist..

Ask her to George Kilday. I will not go into details.

The Second Lady

Now is here in Washington. But no. You are giving a fresh look at the old house. As list sincere Betty Ford. This was bushy white eyebrows. I feel quite proud it. How long in Washington? He asked. Parker studied the bureau chief. After selected dishes. Parker said the tape recorder had deposited on the plastic table. Do you mind? Is as elegant as Jacqueline Kennedy. Parker pushed the button and launched the device. With a creative mind. I do not mind being tapped. They seem a waste of time The transcript gives much labor and much of it is inconsequential.

I did not use them. The waitress came back to take note and. She told you that? Not much to do with the Ala This. Politics presidential exclusively. So no doubt as Rosalynn Carter. It is a delight work with her. Have you been seeing in Mrs. One day not long ago she mentioned to you.

I'm in the area of the West Wing. Bradford often since becoming first lady? What you mentioned? In my opinion the most graceful that we had there. Much instinct. It was very important to her and the head of Edit. The vaccine against poliomyelitis. It's a very appealing area for the book. Salk very kind he was.

I do not know his name. She requested the interview and the granted. Whatever the case. What was what he did? She sat at the machine. Him provided a wonderful material. Jonas Salk T. Go on. The report came you struck him terribly bad.. I thought you could giving further details. Moved from La Jolla to deliver a lecture in Los Angeles.

He noted that it is was modified to be acceptable. He liked and gave to Billie permanent employment. Billie was amazed at what had happened. He fully merged job and returned upon request.

He said he had gone to work Woods to consolidate it. This is the version of Mrs. You passed the report to the editor. Knew that in case of reading. Without saying anything. He said the interview was horrible. The next time. Is it essentially accurate? Kilday had finished his sandwich. She was one pupil. He told exactly what had wrong.

When he saw published. He came to you and you confessed everything. Only one thing is not correspond to the truth. I do not had shown her the story. If there existed. Now forget it. No Steve Woods there was no charge of merging the work. You can use it in your book. There are not many people willing to give recognition of his merits. He did not want was in my debt. Salk reporting after she joined the workforce.

Because I never discloses. And still does not know. The truth is that I brought the story home. I do not know then. And thus. It covered her mouth with a cupped hand.

He have revealed a writer to writer. I just wanted to be her friend. This did not exist. Would not have wanted that the matter reached the ears of the chief. I never told him. And she never knew. I guess. And one of the last was a senator California named Andrew Bradford. That was when it all started for her. Guy Parker? About the book. The phone is the side of the box.

Then I remembered that you were going to lunch at the Madison. And she spent three years interviewing characters. The voice on the other end of the wire was of Nora Judson. Parker left the napkin on the table. At that time.

I want to know something about the Other celebrities who interviewed before reaching Bradford. Can you short? Billie wanted to see as before. Do any of you two is the Mr. Today you do not have time to work with you in the book. The White House. Something important has emerged.

The trouble is that I have been so difficult to meet Kilday Parker was hung in turn and asked who was going to say to George Kilday. That said. If you could come immediately. Has a program too tight.. Always is the same.

But it turned out he did not have to say anything. When he returned to the table and was on Kilday walking. I will try. I'll see her in an hour for our.

I was you doing much. He was repeatedly reflected in the storefronts. Although he did very well. Despite the heat. Can we finish it any other times? Parker decided to stop the car and walked to the White House.

I'm glad you understand. From the other side of the street. Do not take more than fifteen minutes. What never failed to sail surprise. Sometimes he was surprised by the fact of having become writer. Inside was housed a whole tangle anxieties and uncertainties. They came together and stood in front of the hotel. Parker again gave thanks. This was not just a appearance.

On the outside. I needed that time to be alone mentally. The street was like an oven. While Kilday demanded his car. He returned the greeting without stop. Parker had enrolled in University Northwest and began to study history American with a vague idea of dedicating one day to teaching. This had increased their desire to lead a more active life and exciting. Without the slightest trace of fat. His greatest love was the voracious reading novels of intrigue and mystery. His father was a political science professor University of Wisconsin.

In the early days of the conflict Vietnamese. Although he considered that the role Americans in Vietnam was immoral. It was nearly high. His mother. Her abundant black hair parted in the hand.

People always said it looked like a writer. For a while. With their meager savings. When he returned to the United States. Went his first trip abroad. But then I realized that they were known because they are among the most interesting that you could visit in Europe.

He enlisted and entered the training school official. Parker went to Europe to be alone. Service was anxious to leave and when they did. What Vietnam was indignant and he was beginning to outrage.

He awoke in him activist sense. For the thing would be more romantic. Vietnam had deepened. In the editors lacked organization. At first it liked it. He imagined how a kind of Dashiell Hammett Pinkerton stage. For when the war ended. I had to go far. Parker was presented and got the job because their background in military intelligence section were adequate on paper.

An important agent Private detectives had inserted an advertisement in a newspaper in Chicago. Parker was found in Chicago and jobless. Parker hastily drafted a curriculum and submitted with photocopies of three articles published. It was. He wrote three articles based on facts. Without However. Hearing that there was a vacancy in the New York office of the Associated Press. One day conference was called by a certain Wayne Gibbs.

After spend half hour talking with a veteran executive of the AP. Washington was totally fascinated and this is reflected in his writings. A week later. I had read a number of items from Parker and they had impressed him favorably. The proposal it was tempting.

Now they needed a writer who could deliver the book quickly. The money would be generous. Already had the editor. A Parker on money he was attractive.

It was joining the mainstream. He had escaped and had gone to abroad. Until then. Parker had passed through many convolutions in their attitude towards their country and with American democracy. Could Parker move to Los Angeles this weekend. Bradford's supporters wanted was written and published a book about his candidate. A biography aimed at improve the image of man during the campaign. Upon returning. In the army. Parker could and did. Gibbs had a Parker's proposal to make.

It was ripe. Without hesitation.

In preparing the book. If the people had to live together in a society that was the best system in which they could. Yet here. This conclusion is not juvenile or result of an image seen through a filter red. The Problem was that this giant was bulky and heavy so flawed that nobody could do anything for enhanced from the outside and not through the use of the ballot. It was pragmatic. Parker left the Associated Press and became a political writer in plan full-time.

Had a certain visibility. He had a beautiful finely chiseled face. Bradford I liked her immediately. The book sold very well in the rallies and banquets Party and the paperback edition beating estimates sales between independent mimes. The elections came and went.

Parker finished writing the book on time. After a closely contested early. Wayne Gibbs was kept attached to the caucus with a view to lend a hand in the preparation of press press.

The book was more than anything in a simple task of reconciliation. Bradford was forty-eight. The grizzled temples. No longer a drone party. Shares Parker had risen sharply. He was somewhat lower he. Guy Parker reminded the book. A Parker liked its role. Several prestigious publishers of New York. From San Francis Parker sent for. That was two years. With some reluctance and embarrassment. Before the close of the interview. Bradford began to create his team permanent.

Irving wallace books pdf

Then the overnight. Billie Bradford had proved a bright and charming first lady. He was in the middle of the action. He respected and loved and at Finally. What convinced Parker that action was interesting was the half million advance dollars were going to deliver. It was as serious as her husband. Parker was reluctant. Being able to encompass many tasks and do them all well represented a demonstration of energy and skills that.

Soon I found out that it was anything but frivolous. And there had met with an additional advantage. His impression that it was reduced. Proved a delight to be with her. Moving from severe writing political speeches for the maximum leader of the free world to a frivolous and gossipy tearoom confessional seemed a demerit.

At first. I turn to the West Wing East Wing with minimal resistance. A Parker settled in a office next to Nora Judson. She had shown correct and polite. It was several things simultaneously and all to perfection. He could spend a statement press at the opening of a hospital or dinner gala without any awkwardness and without complaint. Always was busy or was trying to be and therefore others. Parker had suggested the possibility of inviting in for a drink or dinner.

His intelligence was extraordinary. From its lustrous black hair. She had not heeded. The unique and important problem was its remoteness. In five months. Despite what maddening situation. Parker was supposed to be about eighteen years. Before he had finished a sentence. He would like to contemplate it as an object sexual. One hour. And finally. He had crossed all a mountain of newspapers and magazines. He had begun to interviewing Billie Bradford itself.

Then there was started to travel outside of Washington. Al beginning their mission had been to collect material to read.

Had located and read everything that had published about Billie Bradford. Parker also had been busy. And now here he was. He was impressed as a very professional. He had even traveled to California to spend two days with his dad Clarence Lane.

She had noticed the daily program. The fact prepare the basis for long-awaited autobiography of the first lady had taken ten hours daily. Arriving to the top of the staircase.

I hasten know you were wanting me. Billie Bradford had to cancel today's meeting. Emerged from Lafayette Park. We crossed the pass and up the curved driveway leading to garage North Portico entrance. He puzzled that annulment of the second session held. I remember. Have I managed to get in fifteen minutes? Sk-Parker gasped. He wondered what else could be.. She was too busy. And yet But Nora had told him clearly.

He reached the front steps carpeted in red. Must accompany the new French ambassador's visit to the National Gallery. Fred Willis insists on seeing. The representatives of the press and gone. We could not postpone it again. And I had to change everything. The press conference has over the last ten minutes. The TV already collecting her things. Can we make an appointment? Really it was impossible to keep the foot our appointment? Still I left to do the outline for the House Beautiful..

In any case. What pride? Always starts to tremble in my presence. Sit here. There was nobody in the room. With his back to them and blond hair spilling over her shoulders. Then you have to do luggage.

Irving wallace novels pdf

We are. He will not let Sarah do it alone. Wanted speak with you five minutes after the press conference and before starting the tests with the designer.. Nora came in. Once they were gone. What do you want me? Parker asked.

I wondered where I was. Hello Guy.. While shaking off her shoes feet. They had reached the entrance to the Oval Office Yellow and parted to one side to come out three members of a television channel with his team.

I guess should do it more often. What has been the press conference? From this moment. We left happy. Asked Billie. I'm here seeing daily in private. I'm serious. What's gone. Let's change this situation immediately. Nora addressing Judson. Billie said. Billie turned to Parker. For the sake of Andrew. He bent and kissed his cheek clumsily. For the umpteenth time. It is a of her best friends. The British ambassador sent a note delivered by hand this morning. And I never heard anything.

She was my. Where we left our heroine? The British children's novelist. Billie's face. The ambassador was one of the few people who knew our close friendship.

He died last night. I assure you. After the meeting yesterday. Ha been a hit. I have you encountered with it in their investigations. Today's episode of the life and miracles of first lady.

It was the trip during which I met Janet Farleigh. I was at his house. That's why so really wanted to see him. I'll compensate you. That of the White House hinders everything. There was thought about it all day. He was ten years older than me. What were we talking about when you arrived? Could be a long flight and bored. It gives me the option to re-read Tolstoy all the time either talking about myself.

I tell you. Guy Parker waited. I won. O Ana Karenina for eight hours or Billie Bradford. The contest was unequal. During the flight. Of skip today's meeting.

Hoping to see in London next week. Nora was clapping her hands to the glass of his wristwatch. Billie Bradford paused and continued talking animated.. I will visit her husband and son. Make luggage and get out. What do you think? Parker looked at Nora..

Billie said.. Have you ever tied in Moscow? Will better go and prepare the backpack. I tell you about myself. They had knocked on the door and hurried to Nora open In other words.. See you tomorrow. Billie said: I need time to prepare. Will be busy throughout the trip.. We speak for the round trip.

When I did not keep you company. As he rose. As for your passport diplomat. I do not know. What does all this mean? I know his background. I invite you to join me in the Air Force One Moscow.. Smashwords Edition published at Smashwords by Crossroad Press.

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