Malifaux - RULES ONLY Handbook - 2E - This is the small rules handbook - RULES only - no fluff or background on the Watermarked PDF. Wyrd is giving away the Malifaux 2E rules for FREE via Drivethru RPG. That said the rules are wholly in the PDF so if you would like an extra. Malifaux 2E completely updates the rules of the game, adding strategic depth, clarity, and choices. New stories, new factions, and new characters continue to.

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Download Malifaux 2E - Book 4 - Ripples of Fate DOWNLOAD PDF - MB MALIFAUX 2E: Ripples of Fate ISBN Malifaux - Book 2 - Rising - Free ebook download as PDF File . pdf), Text File .txt) or read book online Malifaux 2E - Shifting Loyalties - Small. So I'm looking to get into Malifaux, but am having a hell of a time deciding I'll even take a PDF download if that's available, but I can't find anything similar.

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This model may cheat damage flips made against it, regardless of any - or jokers. After a model within a8 fails an Attack Action, this model may lower the value of its Evidence Condition by 1 to push the model up to 4" in any direction, after the current Action is resolved.

Target enemy model gains the following Condition for the rest of the game: At the start of this model's Activation, it suffers 2 damage. This model may lower the value of its Evidence Condition to declare an additional number of Triggers equal to the value of the Evidence Condition lowered.

The same Trigger may not be taken more than once in this way; you choose the order in which to resolve them. A single suit in the final duel total may be used for multiple Triggers. R Guilt: After succeeding, push the target up to 5" in any direction. R Angry Mob: After succeeding, choose another friendly model within 2" of the target to make a 1 y Attack against the target, if able. R Shock: After succeeding, the target gains Slow.

Place target model into base contact with a Scheme Marker within 8" and LoS of it which is friendly to this model, then discard the Marker. Discard a Scheme Marker in base contact to push up to 6". This model may not take Interact Actions. Enemy models that end a push or placement within a8 and in base contact with impassable terrain or another model suffer 1 damage. Target model gains Slow.

R Painful Revelations: After succeeding against a target that was Slow when this Action was declared, the target suffers 2 damage. The Printing Press She designed it to be steam powered so it could follow along with her and help her carry papers or print news as soon as a story struck, but recently, the Printing Press has begun to act strangely, becoming very protective of Nellie. Be careful how you use them.

The target gains the following Condition: Once per Turn, after an enemy model engaged with this model fails a Wp duel outside of this model's Activation, this model may make a y Attack Action against it after resolving the current Action. Hard to Kill: While this model has 2 or more Wd remaining when it suffers damage, it may not be reduced to below 1 Wd.

Right At Home: This model ignores penalties for severe terrain when moving. She drifted for a time, lost and confused, until she was found by Nellie and transformed into the poster child for the cruelty of the Union. Tall and strong, she gladly and easily did whatever physical task was set before her. The work was hard and life was rough, but things were simple. Mining was a good fit for her, at least until the accident. When she awoke, half of her face had been rebuilt with cold, unchanging metal.

They tried to tell her how expensive the operation had been and what a miracle it was that she was still alive, but for Phiona, it just meant the end to her simple life. Sometimes, now her vision turns red and an unstoppable anger boils up within her. C Head Trauma: After damaging, the target gains the following Condition until the end of the Turn: This model suffers - to Wp duels. After damaging, take this Attack again against another model that was not targeted by this Attack during this Activation.

This Trigger may only be declared during this model's Activation. Place one 50mm Stone Pillar Marker in base contact with this model, not in base contact with any other models or Markers. This Marker is Ht 5, blocking, impassable, hard cover terrain. Remove this Stone Pillar Marker at the start of this model's next Activation or when this model leaves play, whichever comes first. This Action may only be taken once per Turn.

This Action may not be taken if this model is engaged. Target an enemy model that is engaged with another friendly model. Place this model into base contact with the target and push all other friendly models engaged with the target 4" away from the target.

Then this model may take a 1 Attack Action. Even so, she has many unanswered questions about what transpired there and the people she thought she knew. She still seeks answers to these questions. Although she currently resides in Malifaux and works fulltime for the Tattler, she has on occasion made the journey back to Innocence to try to learn more about what happened there.

What is the Widow Ferris hiding? Why is everyone still so silent about those turbulent days and the Neverborn assault? With each passing day, she worries that her answers are drifting further and further away from her. Even so, she is always looking for more clues, always uncovering another story, always asking the questions many people do not want answered.

And there will always be someone who wants to silence her. If this model has not yet Activated this Turn, any enemy model within a4 that declares an Attack Action immediately suffers 1 damage. Yellow Journalism: If this model has already Activated this Turn, other friendly models within a4 heal 1 damage after the Determine Success step of Attack Actions which they take during their Activation.

Manipulative If this model has not yet Activated this Turn, when an enemy model targets this model with an Attack Action, the enemy model must pass a TN 12 Wp duel or the Action immediately fails. After the opponent gains VP from a Scheme, this model may discard a card to gain Fast. Target gains Slow. After succeeding, the target must discard a Scheme Marker friendly to its Crew from anywhere in play. If it cannot, the target suffers 2 damage. After succeeding, push the target 5" away from this model.

After succeeding, the target must discard a card. If it cannot, it suffers 2 damage. After succeeding, a friendly model within 5" of the target may push into base contact with the target. Target model gains the following Condition until the end of the game: Target a Scheme Marker.

The opponent may reveal their Control Hand to you. If they do not, or if they have no cards in their hand, discard the target Scheme Marker. There were no Arcanist ties that I was able to gather. Give it some pop! Tell the tale with more glamrificance! Something to fear? This model may not be the target of the Charge Action. Target an enemy model. This Action must declare a Trigger if able.

R Assaulted In Public: After succeeding, the target gains the following Condition until the end of the game: This model suffers - to all Attack Actions it makes. This model may end this Condition by discarding two cards at the start of its Activation or taking a 1 Interact Action to place a Scheme Marker.

After succeeding, push the target up to 5" away from this model. Target an enemy Scheme Marker. Place a Scheme Marker in base contact with it and then discard the target. This model discards a card. Add the suit of the discarded card to all of this model's duel totals for the rest of this Activation. Ma and pa, they were undead, like the stories! Damage flips against this model suffer -. When another friendly Guild Marshal within a4 without this Ability is killed, it may discard a card.

If it does, it is not killed and heals 1 damage. Sight Beyond The Veil: When this model declares an Attack, it may discard a card.

If it does, it may target buried models with the Attack regardless of range or LoS. R Critical Strike: After damaging, if no other models are buried, the target must pass a TN 13 Wp duel or become buried. The next time a model in play is killed, unbury the target in base contact with the killed model before removing it. Push this model up to 5" towards target enemy model. M "Give 'em Hell! After succeeding, target other friendly model engaged with the target may take a 1 Attack Action.

Many people seem to remain untouched, others seem to be able to tap into their magical potential more easily, and a rare few learn how to bend the aether around them, using it to fuel their growing magical power. On the rare occasion Sonnia captures such a powerful individual, she takes her time with them. Any runof-the-mill Arcanist can be turned into a Witchling Stalker, but these prime specimens are instead transformed into mighty Witchling Thralls. Their power turns inwards during the transformation, searing away their minds and repurposing their bodies into massive walls of muscle.

Afterward they are assigned a handler, just like the Stalkers, and they begin the long, agonizing process of being turned into nothing more than a tool for the Guild, a killing machine designed to seek and destroy others with their power.

In a different world, they might have been deciding the future of Malifaux, but Fate, and Sonnia Criid, had other plans. Damage flips against this model may not be cheated. Beyond Terror, Beyond Pain: This model automatically passes Horror Duels, regardless of the duel total.

Prone To Frenzy: Once per Turn, after another model places a Scheme Marker within a4, this model may take a 1 y Attack Action after the current Action is resolved. After succeeding against a model with Wp 6 or higher, heal 2 damage on this model. After succeeding against a model with Wp 5 or lower, the target must discard a card if able.

M Blowback: After succeeding, push all models damaged by this Action up to 3" in any direction. After succeeding, the target gains the following Condition until the end of the Turn: If this model's printed Wp stat is less than 6, this model's printed Wp stat counts as 6.

Push this model into base contact with target friendly model. After succeeding, this model must make a 1 y Attack Action against the target if able. The opposing player controls this model for the duration of the Action. While the rest of the cit the workers of Malifaux dr er vernor, the Union picks ov mourns the loss of the Go ve ha y the dy vulture. However, thi over erroneous exclamati. You are the members, and I applaud d You toil in the mines an backbone of this fine city.

You provide the vit y this fine city! I am merel all to continue thriving in ces for ur advocate against your humble ser vant; yo ir and persuade you for the that seek to manipulate own ends! At first, shorter hours these preposterous propo to ns may seem appealing and more safety regulatio are y?

At the end of the Turn, before resolving the Evidence Condition, this model may choose one of the following depending on the value of its Evidence: Heal 2 damage on target model within 8". Target model within 8" gains the following Condition until the end of its next Activation: Gain 2 Soulstones.

SS This model gains the following Ability: This Crew may hire up to four models with the Mercenary Characteristic that are not this Crew's declared Faction instead of the usual two. Mercenaries that are not from the Resurrectionist or Neverborn Factions are hired at their regular cost, rather than costing one extra Soulstone.

M Hide In Shadow: After succeeding, move this model up to 3". RR Slow News Day: The target does not gain Burning from this Action. Journalistic Spin: When an enemy model within a8 is killed by a Condition, this model may choose to count as having killed it for Strategy and Scheme purposes. When this Crew has the opportunity to Activate a model, this model may discard a card or lower its Evidence Condition value by 1 to pass rather than Activate a model.

This Crew may still Activate a model later in the Turn, as normal. Target other non-Leader model gains Fast. R Document Everything: After succeeding, lower this model's Evidence Condition by 1 to place a Scheme Marker in base contact with the target.

R Sabbatical: After succeeding, lower this model's Evidence condition by 1 to heal 2 damage on the target. Target gains the following Condition until the start of its next Activation: When this model's controller has the opportunity to Activate a model, the opponent may choose for this model to Activate instead if it is available to Activate.

This model gains the following Attack Action: After succeeding, place a Scheme Marker in base contact with the target. Summon a Guild Guard into base contact with target enemy model.

The summoned Guild Guard suffers 1 damage. This model gains the following Ability: After damaging, discard a friendly Scheme Marker in LoS to push the target up to its Wk in any direction. Ready To Work: Hackeem Tewolde. Tewolde is an Abyssinian scientist whose knowledge of engineering and design is almost unmatched in Malifaux, outside of a few brilliant individuals such as Viktor Ramos and Charles Hoffman.

On some nights, strange flashes can be seen on the horizon. Many of the residents blame it on the unusual occurrences that always seem to happen on this side of the Breach, but, in reality, it is Dr. Tewolde continuing his work for the Guild with a fiendish enthusiasm. Although his experimental airship project fell through, Dr. Tewolde has continued his research for the Guild in a hidden laboratory somewhere on the outskirts of Ridley. Tewolde does not care what the Guild does with his creations so long he is paid up front and given full academic credit when they are finally revealed to the public.

Curfew Cost: When this model ends its Activation, if there are no friendly models available to Activate, it may choose to discard this Upgrade and a Soulstone. If it does, all enemy models which have not yet Activated this Turn both buried and in play gain the Slow Condition. This model may choose not to gain Conditions applied by the Actions and Abilities of enemy models.

Death Does Not Release You: When this model is killed or sacrificed, this Crew adds one Soulstone to its Soulstone Pool.

When this model would take an Action controlled by the opposing player, the player that hired this model may discard a card to prevent the Action from being taken. Paid In Blood: Once per game, at the start of this model's Activation, it may choose to draw a card.

He recalled how brightly the brass had shone on the day the late Governor-General had presented it to him, all those years ago. Vincent approached the iron-banded door and rapped the knocker sharply. Vincent waved the servant off as the man Cursing, Vincent snatched up the ornate crossbow attempted to take his cloak.

A crisp Guard uniform, opened the door. They were both of a head and tucking it into his shirt. The man was The driver obligingly stood back, making a sweeping tall and thin, with horn-rimmed spectacles and a slight gesture to indicate his freedom to pass. As Vincent stoop, more suggestive of an accountant than a military stepped down to the cobbled street, a gust of icy wind officer.

She clamped it down with one hand that came from years in a position of command. He while she fastened the door and raised her voice over offered his hand to her and was sure he saw a slight the gale.

The driver gave him someone of your occupation. One flick of the reins and the carriage was moving, the horses surging and prancing skittishly as the driver tried to keep them calm. Vincent hooked his crossbow securely to his belt and drew his cloak over its dependable bulk. Only once the carriage was out of sight did he allow himself to start shivering.

I specifically requested someone discreet, diligent, and loyal. Are you up to the task? On it - or rather, Vincent realized as he had once been a truly formidable woman, but age - approached, strapped to it with thick leather belts - lay and perhaps whatever burden he had been sent to the body of a woman, somewhere in her late twenties, alleviate - had taken its toll on her.

After a few seconds, clad only in a nightdress. He took the lantern from she deflated slightly. Her hair was shaved close to her scalp, and The two of them shepherded Vincent up through rose-colored burn marks showed at her temples. Through a narrow showed where, Vincent suspected, someone had window, Vincent looked out over rooftops and up to repeatedly drilled through her skull in the name of the thick clouds that hung low over the city, churning medicine.

Her eyes were open and stared blankly, not responding to the light. She was shivering. The air was tense. She wanders through the graveyard! We have to keep her up Captain Cortinas picked up a lantern that hung here just so we can get things done, so we can sleep at beside the door, adjusted the wick, and lit it with a night! As he followed, his shin struck a wooden crate in the darkness and he swore. Hearing The Captain and her husband exchanged a glance his misfortune, the Captain turned to light his way.

They nodded. You were so disturbed by her suffering that you thought it better she do it alone, in 36 the dark. He cares for her, Vincent realized.

Vincent cast a look over the muscles bulging under A stain on the family cloth. He had to crane his spirits, Resurrectionist plots, well - bad things happen neck to look the man in the eye. Stop now, and your crime will lashed streets of the city. Reva shivered against remain a secret. Her were both soaked to the skin and the temperature was still dropping. At least nobody would be out eyes, unblinking, moved and locked his gaze.

Captain Cortinas tried to bar his way, but he sent her sprawling over a They were heading, as best as Vincent could navigate, pile of boxes. Guard patrols would be minimal in this closed the door and slid the bolts into place. Ignoring weather, and he was sure they could safely hide for at their muffled shouting and thumping, he extinguished least a few days while he planned his next move.

A deep ache was burning in his legs, and they were on the verge of giving out, but he forced himself to remain still, to show no weakness. The butler regarded him impassively, a heavy felling axe held casually in one massive fist. Slowly, the man stepped aside and set the weapon down. Vincent stepped warily onto the landing. Reva stirred and seemed to be trying to talk to him.

The little he could make out over the sound of the wind was foreign to him, possibly a sign she was delirious. Her babbling soon dissolved into a fit of coughing. He had to find somewhere warm. Ramshackle buildings loomed close over streets littered with detritus and, occasionally, vague forms 37 that Vincent was quite certain were human bodies Vincent had been starting to feel warm and a little sleeping - or dead - under piles of wet blankets and fuzzy around the edges, but one word hit him like a bucket of icy water.

He reigned in the horse and dismounted, trying not to jolt Reva too badly in the process. He hoped the horse would find its own shelter; if it ran off, that might mislead any pursuers. With Reva in his arms, he gave the door a few kicks with the toe of his boot and waited.

Just as he was about to kick again it swung open. Without waiting for an invitation, he pushed his way inside. There was a fire, and right now that seemed like the only thing in the world that mattered.

Vincent hurried to the fireplace. He laid Reva down as gently as possible on the floor near the fire, spotted a threadbare old armchair, and collapsed gratefully into it.

The woman frowned. Boy, did you end up in the wrong part of town. Vincent tried to stand, a rising panic threatening to overwhelm him. You can take your chances with the storm if you want, but you brought her to me, and that makes her my patient. You take the hand that Fate deals you.

She stays. Put your back to the fire. Come on. Vincent forced his protesting body to move. The seat was uncomfortable, but he was closer to the fire. He hurried past spread through his chest. The doctor sank into her the ranks of wheezing, gurgling patients and tried to armchair, grimacing slightly at its dampness, and took ignore the nagging realization that many of the bodies in the beds were perfectly silent and still. She might as well have died at home, and you could have both stayed dry.

The old man on the cot produced a long, rattling sigh, and his withered chest did not rise again. Reva shook once, and her back straightened a little more. Reva collected herself, color seeming to come back into her cheeks.

How are you feeling? Idly, she rubbed one of her bruised wrists. Her eyebrows raised a notch when she saw the He nodded. A place where the dying gather to prepare for the next stage of their journey.

What the heck did she do to him? None of these people were ever going home, if they even had homes. He was used to people avoiding his gaze or spitting defiantly in his face, but her look of distant curiosity was something new.

Vincent shrugged helplessly and started planning where they might go after this woman inevitably threw them out on the street. Neither of them showed any symptoms of consumption, and She held up a slender hand, and he fell silent. I guided him to the veil, and he passed - it would be impossible for them to leave the district through it.

While he was still searching for a response, she patted They had stayed on at the clinic after Doctor Gaskell his arm and turned away, weaving between the beds gruffly admitted that she could use the extra help to toward one of the other patients. Everywhere she went, people stopped her in the street to press what meager gifts they could afford into her hands: Those making the offerings were themselves starving and ragged, and Reva always graciously refused the food, clothing, and money, but she adored the tiny carvings.

Between the sickness, the quarantine, and the storm, this area of the slums was in total disarray. People had lost their families, their homes, and the scant livelihoods that maintained their sparse existence in one of the poorest areas of the city. Some were left with nothing to live for, and one by one those unfortunates eventually found their way to Reva. Most of these lost souls simply sought a merciful end to their meaningless lives, but Reva instead gave them useful work to complete. They helped in the clinic, cleared detritus from the streets and alleys, distributed food and clothing, and rebuilt homes from salvaged materials.

Their duties were hard, but the satisfaction of making a tangible difference transformed and revitalized them, giving them new purpose. It was a person, once, and it maintains some semblance of that now. When people come to us for help, we do not kill them. We help them. You need to Stay here.

She took its emaciated, gray-skinned hands in her own and held them. It stared at her with milky eyes, slack-jawed and moaning softly. Vincent slowly drew his blade. Was she Tell me what troubles you. Something darker? It made a series of slow, Vincent was accompanying Reva back to the clinic awkward hand gestures, groaning and wheezing the one evening when a male figure, swaddled in rags, whole time.

Reva nodded and at one point burst into lurched into the alleyway ahead of them. In a split laughter. As he fired, Reva Slowly, solemnly, the corpse nodded its head and slammed her shoulder into his elbow and the bolt held up a finger.

The clinic on Archer Street, do you know it? The thing turned its misshapen head to stare at him. He is trapped and looking for a place. For a family. We all want to belong somewhere, in this life or the next. He carefully navigated around the corpse, its head swiveling to follow his progress.

Rounding the corner after Reva, he looked back to see the man still standing in place, a cadaverous hand upraised toward him in an unmistakably rude gesture. The arrival of the undead at the clinic was not as tumultuous as Vincent had expected. Perhaps, trapped in quarantine and doomed to die by plague, they held on to whatever shred of hope they could, and Reva was it.

Or perhaps it was something more. Vincent shook his head; he could hardly believe the devotion she had inspired. One side or the other wins, you all skulk off to lick your wounds, and we pick up the pieces and get on with our lives as best we can until the next time.

They should be destroyed! His anger was directed at the two undead standing behind Reva and Vincent, swaying slowly, seemingly trying to look as non-threatening as possible. They completely filled the rubble-strewn clearing that served as a town square, with some leaning off balconies or perched on rooftops to get a better view.

Vincent took a single step forward. She spoke calmly, but there was a cold edge to her voice. Vincent was bristling, but he could also sense that the mood was against them. He was acutely aware of the fact that, regardless of the goodwill Reva had earned during their short stay with the sickly and dying, they were outsiders here. He scanned the assembled faces, noting which seemed more angry and which more afraid, plotting the path of least resistance to safety. Her voice rang out across the square, high and clear.

They have done so at the bidding of cruel and vicious masters with the power to compel their every thought and deed! Vincent thought he saw a subtle blend of emotions flash across the faces of Simeon and his cronies: The next few days had been tense. They to ensure their safety. But despite the trouble, the simply wish to find a place. To stop being between.

With no masters, they are free to follow their own hearts and minds! And yet, these undead seemed genuinely motivated by a longing to be accepted, to feel a connection, to contribute. Their decaying expressions looked almost pleading. Vincent glanced at the doctor with a new respect, which was clearly shared by most of those living in this Guildforgotten ghetto.

Simeon, for his part, looked taken aback, but years of ferreting out the truth had pitted Vincent against greater actors than him. There are zombies in the streets, in broad daylight! Normal people would be boarding up their windows to keep them out, but your followers seem to welcome their company! Her mouth was set in a thin line, and her fists were clenched in white-knuckled fury.

Tell them to arm themselves with anything they can. Follow the smoke. Outside, the air swirled with ashes. Vincent helped Reva into the saddle and began to explain the path she should take to avoid the conflict, but she cut him short. Get off!

We are not helpless. There was soot and blood on her hands and smeared across her face. Reva and Vincent were on their feet in an instant. Other devotees began to emerge from the clinic, armed with whatever had come to hand: One of them wore a saucepan, hastily beaten into shape to form a makeshift helmet with the handle still attached.

Mara was among them, and Vincent was surprised to see that she had managed to find an old rusty Guardian sword and shield, the items almost comically oversized for her. They all wore expressions of grim determination and gathered in a circle around Reva as she spoke. Vincent scanned the area. His thoughts were interrupted by the voice of Reva, cutting through all the sound and chaos.

Some of us tried to stop them, but they have magic. I saw Simeon throw fire from his hands. Who will defend them, if not us? If others bring us a war, then we shall be warriors! In the thickening smoke, Vincent would have sworn that Reva shone with inner light, and that it was reflected in the upturned eyes of her small congregation.

I have to stop this, Vincent thought. Her devoted followers, willing and eager to follow her into certain death, were they merely filling a role in some deranged narrative she had woven around herself?

Whatever mob Simeon had gathered had dissipated with the ash and smoke, leaving just the mages before them. He shook his head, trying to clear his mind, to sort the nagging doubts from the truth. Her suffering was unjust, and I rescued her. People were in need, so we helped them. There must be retribution. All this is on your head; you forced our hand. Reva gave him a look of approval. This scenario had played out again and again all over Malifaux; innocent civilians caught between rival forces that saw them as nothing but an inconvenience.

To the others, who were The next thought was even more chilling: Vincent reviewed the decisions The devotees surged forward, howling in rage. He vanished, the slums, associating with the undead. Were those screaming, as the ragtag group overwhelmed him, choices truly his own? She nodded to him, and he Simeon, fingers dancing in some arcane pattern, returned the gesture.

Ahead, they could just make out vague human figures and the looming shapes of buildings, illuminated by the flames that roared around them.

As they watched in horror, one of the burning structures collapsed into the street, the impact shaking the ground and scattering smoldering rubble across the cobbles.

Jets of flame shot out from the hands of several figures in the haze, turning the fallen house into a blazing wall of fire. Even above the roaring of the inferno, Vincent could hear distant crashing and tearing sounds: This is between you and me! This is between you and the dead. A stark purple light welled up within it, spilling from its blackened eyes and mouth and the cracks in its charred skin. As 45 it drifted, it turned slowly to face Simeon. The light one brief cry as it wrenched the harpoon free, then extended, flowed into luminous tendrils that swelled its great piston-driven fist simply crushed her and cast and streamed toward Simeon, growing thicker, her mangled body aside.

A Peacekeeper? Vincent frantically tried to make With a snarl, Simeon threw both arms forward to sense of what was happening. Looking around, incinerate the apparition. They must have assumed the battle was a sound, barely disturbing the smoke that swirled coming to them and responded. Blood spurted, bright to let a few consumption-ridden poor folk relegate any crimson, and he slumped to his knees. With a shocking crash, the hulking form of a Peacekeeper burst through the burning rubble blocking the street.

Vincent heard the blast of air from its pneumatic launcher and a sickening crunch as the barbed harpoon impacted flesh and bone. For a split second, Mara stood transfixed, a look of surprise on her face, her rusty sword slipping from nerveless fingers to clatter on the stones. Then the cable snapped taut, and she was yanked off her feet, into the waiting arms of the steel monster. Vincent crouched behind a chunk of masonry and tried to assess the enemy forces.

The Peacekeeper was swinging its low-slung head from side to side, searching for new targets. The light was darker this time, rising higher to form a human shape. Though the smoke was thick, every detail of Mara shone clearly in a dark light.

Her ghostly form erupted free from her body, her ethereal face a mask of grim determination. Sweeping up her discarded sword and shield, Mara wasted no time rejoining the battle. Simeon was still kneeling in place, his face deathly pale under the smeared ash, a pool of blood soaking into the street around him. His eyes were a little glassy, and his gaze was fixed on his hands, lying a few feet away in the dirt.

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Reva guided her horse closer, ghostly light playing around her hands. She soon. I will guide you through the veil.

Are you ready? Vincent wanted to shout at her, to time. His mouth fell open in a silent, terrified scream. When the fires were under control and the dead had Mara charged the looming construct, her huge blade all been accounted for, Vincent found Reva sitting clattering just like steel against its thick armor plates. She raised her head as It lurched to face her, a massive claw sweeping a he approached.

With a shower of sparks and the sound her expression, but her voice wavered ever so slightly. Mara, Simeon. We should leave and take any She smiled. Reva nodded, looking distant. I Come, we must see to Simeon. Gather up those who are loyal and we shall make our way. There may be others who can help us.

The Attacker first chooses any board edge as their Deployment Zone. Then, the Defender deploys her Crew with every model touching the Centerline of the board. Then, the Attacker deploys her Crew with every model touching her chosen board edge. Attacking models may not be pushed, moved, or placed by anything other than the Walk or Charge Action or actions generated by the Defender while within LoS of one or more Defending models.

/tg/ - Traditional Games

At the end of the game, the Defender scores 1 VP for each enemy model still on their starting half of the board. In the chaos that followed, everyone seemed to forget about the morgue and its slightly eccentric Coroner. The Guild was simply too preoccupied to pay much attention to anything going on within its own walls.

He took advantage of their distraction, letting his helpful nurses fill out coroner reports as he focused on his research. Years earlier, Nicodem had brought him an ancient corpse that had been fitted with strange, mechanical augmentations, and it was to these preserved remains that Douglas McMourning now returned. For Kirai Ankoku, the death of the Governor-General was like a strong punch to her gut.

But now, that had been taken from her. She wandered the streets for days afterward, trying to determine whether she felt angry that she had not been the one to kill him or pleased that he was finally dead.

In truth, she found it difficult to feel much about anything. The burning ball of anger that she had built her life around had been taken from her, leaving only emptiness in its place. Whether it was the voices in his head finally revealing their secrets or simply the focus that came with not having to put up with the distraction of Guild paperwork, McMourning finally achieved a breakthrough in his research and learned why the corpse refused to decay.

Despite that emptiness, however, she was still busy. Working with her friend, Molly, the two of them had all but put an end to the larger forced prostitution rings in the city: The next day, a grinning McMourning visited Sonnia Criid's home and, while Sebastian distracted her nurse, he had a frank and personal conversation with the horribly burned woman. He could repair the damage to her face and body, he claimed, taking away the pain and with it, the need for the morphine that clouded her thoughts.

All she had to do was sign a few requisition forms and he'd begin preparing for the operations right away. Sonnia was reaching toward the clipboard before he had finished talking. Kirai had a history with the establishment, but its time was coming, as surely as the setting of the sun.

Malifaux 1.5 - Book 2 - Rising Powers.pdf

As she stood across the street from the establishment, watching the patrons come and go and marking their faces, a woman in a dark cloak approached Kirai with an offer.

She claimed to be acting on behalf of a group who called themselves the Court of Two who had been watching Kirai for some time. The Court needed Kirai's assistance to help them harness the spirits of The next day, the first of many Arcanist prisoners were the dead on a mass scale.

He needed body parts that were accustomed to channeling Kirai was unimpressed with the offer, until the aetheric energy, and in her desperation, Ms. Criid woman added that the Court had discovered a ritual had given him access to a whole prison filled with test that would return a spirit to life, though none of them subjects.

It was the dawn of a new era of necromancy, were capable of performing it. Heart fluttering at the possibility of seeing her lover once again, Kirai agreed and McMourning was full of all sorts of new ideas. The he had set before himself so many years earlier. The Emissary had shown ability to rapidly redeploy to the area.

The only thing that had changed was how difficult it would be for Seamus to walk it. Nicodem saw the death of the Governor-General as a moment of opportunity. In the weeks that followed, he hunted down many lesser Resurrectionists in the Quarantine Zone, killing them and absorbing their undead minions into his own growing horde. By the time Nicodem realized what was happening and adjusted his tactics, his southern flank had collapsed and the Guild was pressing their advantage to the west.

Most importantly, perhaps, it had revealed the presence of a legitimate threat in the Little Kingdom. The Ten Thunders had always been an annoyance, but with the true scope of their power revealed to him, Nicodem realized that he could no longer ignore the crime syndicate.

His new showgirls in tow, Seamus returned to the business of having fun and leaving some good looking corpses behind him. Truthfully, she was too preoccupied with her own troubles to spare him much thought at all. All in all, it was a rather unfortunate series of events, and if there was any silver lining to her situation, it was that Molly had at least grown accustomed to such happenings.

Her primary concern was for Philip. Dreading what sort of dreadful things the Death Marshals might be doing to her companion in unfortunate undeath, Molly attempted to infiltrate the Guild to learn where they were keeping him. Disguising herself as a freelance reporter, she was surprised when the new Editor-in-Chief, Nellie Cochrane, hired her on the spot and gave her three different assignments to finish before the end of the week. Molly kept to herself after that, relying on perfume and makeup to conceal her undead condition as she worked to uncover where the Guild had hidden Philip.

However, instead of helping to tame the girl, he freed her. Now Reva wanders the slums and Quarantine Zone, gathering followers around her as she goes.

She even feels an affinity for the undead, which she treats with the same respect and dignity as any who follow her. When angered, Reva reveals a far darker side to her personality. In these moments, her ethereal scythes slash out from any nearby corpses, cleaving her victims' souls from their bodies and strengthening Reva with each death. This Ability is ignored when determining Engagement. Forgotten Dead: At the start of this model's Activation, this model may discard 1 card to summon a Corpse Candle within 8" and LoS.

The Final Veil: When another non-Peon model is killed within a8, this model heals 1 damage. This model chooses if the Attack is resisted by Df or Wp. C The Withering: CM Corpse Calling: After damaging, push the target 3" towards a Corpse Marker within its LoS. CR Stolen Vitality: After damaging an enemy, this model heals 2 damage. Reva Reva was born to a wealthy family that was wellestablished within the ranks of the Guild. She was always an awkward child and never quite fit in, but all of that took on a whole new meaning when her family moved to Malifaux.

Most disturbingly, she instilled a sense of purpose and devotion in those around her that should have been beyond the ability of a child. Target enemy model suffers an amount of damage equal to the amount by which this model's final duel total exceeded the target's, up to a maximum of 5. Place this model into base contact with target Corpse Marker, regardless of LoS. If this happens, this model counts as being in soft cover while in base contact with the target until the end of the Turn.

CC Rear Up: After succeeding, and after completing the placement, enemy models within p3 must pass a TN 13 Df duel or suffer 2 damage. Place a Scheme Marker in base contact with target Corpse Marker. Discard the Corpse Marker. After succeeding, take this Action again. She protected them, gave them aid, and helped guide them as they tried to find their way in their new unlife. She gave them a place to belong, a purpose, and a guiding light to follow.

Their devotion for her is so strong that every time they are destroyed, their spirits find a new corpse to use as a vessel, so that they are always at her side. Their presence allows Reva to extend her power through them, often striking out at her enemies who come too close. They gladly expend what little energy is left in the corpse to help aid Reva - only to seek out a new vessel with which to follow her.

Friendly models may count this model as a Corpse Marker while performing Actions that do not summon models. If the Action discards the Corpse Marker, sacrifice this model. Reva's Omens: This model may not be Hired, and it may only be summoned by Reva.

When this model is summoned, sacrifice all other friendly non-Corpse Candle totems. Push all Corpse Markers within p3 of this model up to 3" in any direction. Kill this model and choose one of the following: Ancestral Visage: Target friendly model within 6" gains the following Condition until the start of its next Activation: Target enemy model within 6" must discard a card or gain the following Condition until the end of the Turn: Target friendly model within 8" may draw a card and then discard a card.

The target may Activate immediately after the current Activation ends as a Chain Activation. Clair Vincent St. Clair originally became a Guild Exorcist to help people. He saw the terrifying works of the Resurrectionists, and he intended to stop them before they could claim any more innocent lives. But as the years wore on, he realized that he was just as much of a monster as those he faced.

For every undead abomination he put down, he found his orders requiring him to cut down an innocent; whether they were possessed or simply in the way. All of that changed the day he met Reva. He is always by her side, giving her advice and watching her back. Vincent St.

Breathe Out Their Essence: Once per Activation, when a Corpse Marker is discarded within a6 during another model's Activation, this model may draw a card and then discard a card. Funeral Rites: When this model Activates, choose a suit. For the remainder of the Activation, after both players have had the opportunity to Cheat Fate during an opposed duel, this model may discard a Corpse Marker in 6" and LoS to add the suit to its duel total.

After resolving, push this model up to 3". Vincent ST. This Attack ignores Incorporeal and Hard to Wound. When randomizing into an engagement, this Attack does not flip a card for friendly Spirits.

C Unhallowed Strike: After damaging, immediately take this Action again. It may not declare Triggers. R Nothing Wasted: After killing an enemy model, add 1 Soulstone to this Crew's Pool. Target model gains the following Condition until the start of this model's next Activation or until this model is removed from play: A model is eligible to pick up a gremlin, but the Whisperer is slightly closer.

Spell that uses the Counter at the time they Nightmare: Nightmare models are not considered living would gain the Counter. Objects are not considered living models. New Counters: Blight Counters: Graverobber and Scavenger, the following additional rules are to help clarify how models and Counters Burning Counter: A Henchman Ability. Henchmen can be hired as normal in Crews led by one or more Masters.

Instead of hiring a Master, you can choose to hire an Normal hiring restrictions for the Totem still eligible Henchman to lead the Crew during a Scrap. Molly could connect the When a Henchman leads the Crew: This amount is added to the limit see below. The ability may provide number of Soulstones the Crew has additional options for which models may available for hiring models. In a 25 and may not be hired by a Crew containing Soulstone Scrap if you choose to hire a the Henchman.

Group Name Ability. The ability also states what models may be included in the Crew when the Henchman leads it. Normal hiring restrictions for the Totem still apply. M opular. Union, whil e the majo n g to in ve st persona are wil li us act.

While re ragshe e r impriso n each iss u t, if ri s k in g h a rsh fines o d e m a n d it sees with p u b lis h in g a ragshee titles, creasing or one or t the e et t a glin e , and the in u il d, t h o s e working f io n fo r c ri mes agains Ragsh by the G le execut punishable l, or possib e hand- a rags h e e t is a in t h e C it y G a o s c ave nge d parts, som ences er from p their e long sent bled togeth have set u caught, fac s s es c o b e s.

M a n y t use print ing pre able press even transp orted, if Guild. U nfortunate a re ax ed into firewo press hes them d presses o f a G u ild raid reac w a tc h a s their belove trial. Choose a Faction When playing an Encounter of Malifaux, players Once the Encounter size is determined each player follow the steps below to generate an Encounter must choose a Faction.

They do not need to select between their Crews. Tournament or Story which Master or Masters within that Faction they Encounters may change or ignore some of these intend to play or hire any Minions at this time. When steps. The goal of a Encounter of Malifaux is to have you are allowed to hire more than one Master by the fun; players should feel free to ignore any of these chosen Encounter Size, the Masters hired must steps when necessary. For example, if you do not either belong to your chosen Faction, or be able to have any terrain in your collection that would serve work with that Faction or Master.

Malifaux 1.5 - Book 2 - Rising Powers.pdf

Select Location for the Encounter with the terrain you have. From abandoned Ghost Towns to the inhospitable Badlands, and the very streets of the City 1. All players can Soulstones Available either agree on a location based on the terrain they Players begin by agreeing on the size of their have available , or use the following method to Encounter.

The Encounter size sets several factors in randomly determine a location for your Encounter. Once players have agreed on the Encounter Cards. The value of have for hiring their Crews. Additional information For example, a short Encounter between two starter about these locations can be found beginning on box Crews would be a 25 Soulstone Scrap.

Outdoor Encounter Location is required for a Encounter of Malifaux. Anything from the dining room table to a gaming board or mat Black Joker Flipping Player Chooses will work well for players, as long as the playing Location surface falls into this size range. All players 6 Industrial Zone should agree on the placement and type of terrain 7 Slums used. Story and Tournament Encounters will specify 8 Quarantine Zone terrain and of what type in their descriptions.

Unless otherwise Chooses Location directed, these objects displace terrain already set up to locations agreed to by the players. During terrain setup a wall was placed in the center of the table. If a player received the Treasure Hunt Indoor Encounter Location Strategy, which instructs the player to place a Treasure Counter in the center of the table, the wall Black Joker Flipping Player Chooses would have to be moved to a mutually-agreed upon Location location before placing the Treasure Counter.

Terrain Setup Malifaux is a skirmish game where every model counts! You can't make it too easy for the enemy to draw a bead on you from halfway across the table, so be sure to stack the odds against him with smart placement of terrain. Game Board Example Once the Encounter location is determined, lay out This game board has been set up terrain. Players agree on whether they are playing a Core or Expanded Encounter and then refer to the appropriate section below.

Strategy descriptions and rules can be found in the Complete Strategies List starting on page The Ten Thunders came along with the tide of contract immigrants from the Orient. They passed through the Breach, hidden in the masses from the Far East. Slowly, they spread their influence. First, this syndicate plied its trade in opium dens, where western and eastern souls come to lose themselves in smoke-filled fugues.

Smuggling and prostitution naturally followed. With the growth of Little Kingdom, the clan expanded to gambling and racketeering. The Oyabun of The Ten Thunders rules from shadow. His power and influence are second to none, but he prefers to act indirectly. One thing is certain, his plans for Malifaux are grand indeed. He has turned his eyes to the dominance and oppressive hand of Guild control and the Governor General, himself. Misaki, a favored agent of the Oyabun, came to Malifaux to personally attend to business past the Breach.

The Ten Thunders will not stop until all of Malifaux rests at their feet. Expanded Encounter This may be done only once per player. Otherwise, follow the instructions for the Encounter option. Story Strategies work much like Shared Strategies, except the setup and VP awards tend to be more involved and often include special rules.

This Strategy applies to both earn VP if they accomplish the required tasks. If you players. S ounds r ic k a s the r d away in bright spic e and b Nestle s illu minate e a t a nd exotic e cobbleston c ity. The d cene c ficials e rn e yes. If you choose this option, reduce your number of Master slots by one and In a Brawl, you must choose two Masters to lead increase your available Soulstones by If you do amount agreed upon in Step 1.

Mercenary models, or models permitted to join your Crew through a special rule. Beast Master Ability. Mercenaries from your chosen more than twice the indicated number of a Faction do not count toward this total. Rare models in a Brawl. Unique model in your Crew. Deduct the Soulstone Cost of the Plagued. Each Master can only connect one Crew: You must Faction or Mercenary Totem.

When a Master is include at least one Master in your Crew. The maximum number of Soulstones allowed in your Pool is determined by your Encounter size: Soulstone Cache for each Scheme less than the maximum available.

All players must reveal the models hired for their Crew, as well as the starting size of their Soulstone When the Encounter begins, daring players can Pool at this time. These Schemes are worth the additional VP listed if completed.

Select your Schemes Terrain features and models can be targeted by only Schemes are lesser victory objectives your Crew can one Strategy and one Scheme for each player. That attempt to achieve during the Encounter and should is, if you choose multiple Schemes that allow you to be kept secret from your opponents. Players are not required to select Schemes if they do not want them.

Master for the Encounter. The player with the highest Card Schemes and add up the VP they earned for nominates a player who chooses one of the shaded completing their Strategies and Schemes. When deployment areas. That player then deploys his scoring a Strategy or Scheme, no matter how many entire Crew within the area.

The other player score lines a Crew meets the requirements for it may deploys his Crew in the remaining deployment area. Announced Schemes can be revealed once the The player with the most VP is the winner. If players Crews are deployed. Starting with the player who are tied for VP, the Encounter is a draw. Each player also has the take longer. If the Card value is a Encounter. Spirit board construction ranges from simple wood to ornate gold-leafed affairs inlaid with semi-precious stones.

Elaborate crystal scrying lenses or simple drinking glasses serve as a means of divination. Self-styled mediums, loved ones seeking messages about their dearly departed, and the curious gather and attempt to summon spirits to the boards. Though not truly necromantic, many claim to have contacted the afterlife through this unassuming party game. The popularity of spirit boards has spread to Malifaux.

The boards seem to work no better or worse in Malifaux than back on Earth, save one chilling difference. Always one final word spelled out. Locations Outdoor Locations Encounters between Crews can occur just about Each location entry, whether outdoor or indoor anywhere. From the upscale streets of Downtown to begins with a brief description of the location, the inhospitable Badlands, Malifaux provides a wide followed by a list of Suggested Terrain to populate variety of settings in which Crews can settle their an Encounter in that location with.

The table might occupy a 2. Ht 1, blocking, severe Suggested Terrain: Gremlin Village These crude settlements can be found scattered throughout the Bayou, home to both Gremlins and their livestock.

Suggested Terrain: Slums, gathering in the bars, opium dens, brothels, and gambling houses and making their way through Suggested Terrain: Badlands The inhospitable Badlands stretches out from the City for hundreds of miles.

Life in the Badlands is usually brutal and mercifully short. Indoor Locations Large Theater Malifaux battles occur in the most varied of A chance encounter between two Crews turns this conditions and your Masters have proven bastion of the arts into a battleground. Marcus has fought in city Suggested Terrain: Stage is Ht 2. A model attacking any segment of wall and Suggested Terrain: Mark this section climbable terrain, varying elevations, bridges, as severe terrain.

None, the sewer water might be ascribed Severe terrain qualities, or even Hazardous for example: None who have sought to Suggested Terrain: Most are never heard rooms. The Guild, naturally, use these chambers as beyond the line of legality, researching ancient they were originally intended. Escape attempts are technology and arcane lore. Though their overall common. Success is not. Soulstone or the sometimes rewarding discoveries of spelunking. Some become so excited by the rich Suggested Terrain: Ancient Ruins Lost in the overgrown wilderness of the Bayou to the east and scattered through the Northern Hills and badlands to the west, explorers and adventurers have uncovered crumbled complexes created and abandoned by a very ancient culture.

Walls, areas divided into rooms, blocking terrain, impassible terrain, covering terrain, hazardous terrain, climbable terrain. Large Tavern Within the dangerous and dirty section of the Slums, the inhabitants of Malifaux seek solace in their cups. Sometimes, brave fear of the unknown perils of the Malifaux and resourceful souls scavenging through the debris wilderness.

Fights are common, winners are not. Thin walls hardness 2 separate Suggested Terrain: Location Features Bag of Soulstones: Models Special Terrain with Use Soulstone may 1 Interact with a Unless otherwise indicated in the descriptions Marker to discard it and gain two Soulstones this below, a special terrain feature must be placed may exceed the maximum Soulstone Pool somewhere in the unshaded area of the table see allowance. The terrain feature can be oriented in any severe and water traits.

Cache of Tomes: Players alternate placing a total of six Book Counters on the table, following the Special Terrain setup rules. Book Counters must be placed Reminder: For example: Picking Black Joker: Paralyzed up a bag of Soulstones in a Story scenario is a 1 R: The model gains Slow to Die and Hard to Wound: Each player places a 50mm t: The model adds Red Joker: A model may 1 Interact with the Ancient Monument: Ancient Monument.

Creepy Structure: A model may 1 Interact Joker: Increase this Models cannot carry Dead Zone: Place a 50mm, Ht 4 terrain feature. Models cannot cast spells while in base feature. Models may 1 Interact while in base contact with the Dead Zone. For the duration of the Encounter, any Wetbar: Models gain one Corpse Counter when they 1 Scrap Pile: Models gain one Scrap Counter when Graveyard.

Any tombstones in the terrain feature they 1 Interact while their base is completely are considered Ht 1, and covering. Hanging Tree: Place a 50mm, Ht 6 blocking terrain Soulstone Vein: Place a terrain feature no larger than feature. Interact while their bases are completely within the Soulstone Vein. Hazardous Terrain: The player placing the hazardous terrain Torture Chamber: A from Terrain Book I: Magic Nexus: Pool of Aether: Models with Use Soulstone whose bases are completely within the area may spend one Soulstone per turn without deducting it from their Soulstone Pool.

For the duration of the Encounter, any portion of the table without a terrain feature receives the severe trait. Special Events Foggy: During the next turn, ranged Attacks and ranged Casting Flips receive -. Special events occur during one or more turns of the Encounter. Each event indicates when it takes Growing Fire: Place a 50mm Fire Marker in base place during the turn.

Events that last until the end contact with terrain feature and no closer than of the Encounter begin at the start of the Draw 1" from any model. Nominate another player Phase in turn 1. This Fire Marker each turn, apply the following steps at the end of can be placed touching or overlapping model the Closing Phase. After this marker is placed, Alone in the Dark: Until the end of the Encounter, the second player in activation order also places a model forced to fall back after a failed Morale a Fire Marker.

Any of these Fire Markers can be Duel is killed instead. Cruel Winds: At the start of the Encounter, These Fire Markers have the Ht 5, covering, randomly determine a table edge. Heat Wave: Caustic Gas: All models receive - to Heavy Snows: During the next turn, their ranged Attacks and ranged Casting Flips.

From the beginning of next ranged Strikes. Phase, Fate Cards with a value of 1 count as value 13 and vice versa. Howling Voices: During the next turn, models cannot activate simultaneously and all Dim Lighting: Until the end of the Encounter, ranged models receive -2 Ca when targeting another Attacks and ranged Casting Flips receive - and model.

Disturbing Whispers: Until the end of the Rockfall: Torrential Rains: During the next turn, Flash Flood: At the start of the Encounter, randomly models cannot Charge. Henchmen and Totems in play at the end of the Encounter. Setup Setup At the start of the Encounter note what models Place one 30mm objective Marker completely your Crew hired. Action to Plant Evidence when in base contact with a terrain feature. You may not plant Victory evidence on the same piece of terrain more than Score 4 VP if your opponent does not have a once during the Encounter.

Score 2 VP if your opponent does not have a Master completely on your half of the table at the Victory end of the Encounter.

Reconnoiter Supply Wagon Investigate the You are transporting some vital supplies, and they surrounding area. A model counts as occupying a the table. A Wagon Marker has Hardness 3 and is table quarter if more than half of its base is in that destroyed if it is damaged 3 times.

A model may quarter. Models may not move over the Wagon Score 4 VP if, at the end of the Encounter you Marker, and the Wagon Marker may not move have as many or more models than your over models, and stops if it comes in contact with opponent completely within at least three of the them. Time to wipe them out.

Masters are worth 10 Soulstones artifact and must take possession of it. Models that are Place a 30mm Treasure Counter in the center of summoned into play and are killed will add their the table. Soulstone costs. Counter may 1 Interact to pick up it up.

A model can drop the Counter or pass it to another model Victory in base contact as a 1 Interact Action. A model carrying the Counter reduces its Wk to 4. Spirits lose the ability to move through other models and the. The Treasure estate for yourself. Deployment Zone but not carried by a model, or Score 2 VP if you have more models on your if it is currently carried by one of your models.

Festival Days va ried assortment of Earthside s an eq ua lly alifaux ensure l as rs ity of cu lt ur es flocking to M m N ew Ye ar is celebrated as wel The dive he Three Kingdo mark the season s as their io ns th is si de of the Breach.

Famili th ro ug h th e Br each, Malifaux re Candelm n, since passing or s did be fo re them. In additio ancest eir new world. The Day of e also observed tion Eve ot he r M al if au x festival days ar m a ho no red in Promise.

M em be rs of the Miners is cele to celebrate th rties and in g el ab or at e m asquerade balls re st fo r tr ad esmen.

Block pa throw rs Day, a time of fitt er s U ni on celebrate Labore liday. Steam on that raucous ho be in g th e no rm packed saloons n festival. Gleaned from the le br at e th ei r ow mored to ce celebrate ctionists are ru they are said to Even the Resurre nal inhabitant s of M al if au x, dents, uals of the origi of Malifaux resi knowledge and rit Night.

VP if they accomplish the required tasks. Victory condition. These Markers begin the Encounter Encounter. Dynamite Marker to arm it. Marker over three at the end of the Encounter. Score 1 VP if you deliver the message. You may not plant evidence on the same piece of Special terrain more than once during the Encounter. Interact action to destroy the objective Marker and remove it from the board. Victory Shared Reconnoiter Score 1 VP for each objective Marker you placed Each of you have decided to investigate the that you removed from play during the surrounding area and learn more than your Encounter.

Setup Divide the table into equal quarters. A model counts as occupying of the Encounter. Master, Henchman or Totem completely on your half of the table at the end of the Encounter.

Shared Supply Wagon Shared Slaughter You are both trying to get your supply wagon to Only one of us walks away from this Soulstone Cost. A Wagon Marker has Hardness 3 and is Soulstone costs. Models that can return to play, destroyed if it is damaged 3 times. Models may not move over the Wagon Marker, and the Wagon Marker may not move over models, and Victory stops if it comes in contact with them.

Soulstone Cost of the Crew at the start of the Setup Encounter. At the start of the Encounter each player notes what models their Crew hired. Score 2 VP if you have lost fewer models than your opponent. News travels slowly in Malifaux, of that there is no question. Without a more reliable means of communication outside of the City than the fastest horse, riverboat, or irregular Aethervox signal, control of what scant news that does reach the edge of civilization is critical. To that end, the Guild-run newspaper, The Malifaux Record - the only legal newspaper this side of the Breach - is the main method by which residents in boomtowns and settlements far removed from the City learn anything about what happens beyond their borders.

Overseen by its ruthless Editor-in-Chief, John McKnight, The Malifaux Record covers each fact with a half dozen misdirections, obfuscations, or outright lies. McKnight demands his reporters in the field report the entire unabashed truth in their stories, ensuring his team of editors leaves no loose ends when they bury the facts by the time the newspaper goes to press.

Be careful what you wish for when you want your name in the papers, that dream may just come true. Sonnia Criid Only. When scoring a Scheme, no matter how many score Breakthrough lines a Crew meets the requirements for it Your Crew must push its way through the may only claim the VP for one of those lines opposition.

Assassinate Announce: Select a subtype of model i. Victory Score 1 VP if your opponent has no models of the selected subtype left in play at the end of the Encounter.

Score 1 VP if you have a model touching the Announce: Interact Action can no longer be taken after one Announce: This Scheme must be Hold Out announced. Time to round up the little guys, and leave the big problems for later. This left in play are Masters or Henchmen at the end of Scheme must be announced. Guild Only all four corners of the table during the Encounter. Teach them a lesson.

Victory Sabotage Arcanists Only Score 1 VP if you have more non-Totem Minions in A little sabotage causes no end of trouble for the play than your opponent does at the end of the opposition, and your Crew excels at it. Victory Victory Score 1 VP at the end of the Encounter if the Reveal this Scheme and score 1 VP if the number of Corpse Counters in play, either carried Sabotaging model is in play at the end of the turn by your models or on the table, is greater than the it Sabotaged the terrain.

Crew sweeping in and spiriting away its victims during the night. How right they are! Note the number of models in your Crew at the start of the Encounter. This Scheme must be Victory announced. Score 1 VP if at least two of the selected models are not in play at the end of the Encounter. Score -1 VP if you have less than half as many models in play at the end of the Encounter as you did at the start. Sometimes, preventing the opposition from winning is reward enough… Setup Split the table into nine equal sections, Special You may not announce this Scheme.

Score 1 VP if your opponent does not announce any Schemes. Mark more Soulstones remaining in your Soulstone Pool the terrain feature with a Marker to indicate it has than your opponent. Both the terrain feature and the Announce: This Scheme must be announced.

If the seed lands on ground where blood has been spilled, the weed will grow. Parts of Malifaux teem with them. Larger doses let the mind wander into the realms of dreams and nightmares. Take too much and the mind will snap.

Many simply smoke the petals for a sense of elation and expanded consciousness. My Judge, we must lay these souls to rest. When an enemy Master or Henchman is killed, Announce: Place objective Counters He just wants to make me proud.

Victory Announce: Sometimes the threat itself is enough to scatter his wits. Setup You have reaped what you have sown and now you Divide the table into equal quarters. Your servitude will continue until your death. Execute during the Encounter. Totems during the Encounter. I just like the taste. It is the souls that — Lilith provide the real strength. But we all like my way Victory best.

Say…This one looks a bit like you. We are, after Announce: You hide. Rather, they herald the First Blood Viktoria Only beginning. At led out to hu an the same ad explorations Ea m anity and led to venturous rthside and la the most fam ter the willingn o u s dis coveries and Settlers, you ess to explore ng and old, set th e themselves, bi o ut daily from la nd of Malifaux. Some seek to ng to m ak e a name for others search stake a claim for a place to o f th push out pas rais e a roof and c eir own, while t the farthes reate a homes t settlements tead.

Collecti into the unkno vely, they wn frontier. To date, none of these Fever trackers and s -addled advent couts will co urers have be m e across long en heard from and half-cons ab an again. Occasio tructed farm doned camps nally, houses with with bedrolls occupants le no signs of s still rolled ou ft. Perhaps m truggle or evid t boot or a wat ore unsettling ence as to w are th e personal item h y th eir ch, found wel s left behind, more and more l beyond the ra su c h settlers head nge of human s as a out every day.

Des pite this, Some say the fever is more a change that than a state o comes over th f mind. Friends eir loved one. Ev stable persona ved, often en those who lity. All were glassy-eyed, m successfully fu el ed by a need umbling to th resist the cal next, the mes emselves.

The uses by not include the death of my only son, you trigger the Guild were not entirely dissimilar as these rooms happy jackass! He breathlessly exclaimed, "Sir, there is a the Governor said between clenched teeth. He rant against Captain Gideon, bound in thick shackles beckoned to the Guard and together they left the beyond the reinforced open cell door. The Guardsman, chamber. Gideon leapt forward as the heavy cell door closed with a resounding boom.

It was a dim, cold place, seemingly designed to eradicate any idea of hope or salvation. The The Governor held one hand up to the Guardsman, monolithic walls and wrought iron bars communicated about to speak, as he leaned toward the small slot and an atmosphere of inevitable doom, and the lengthy, opened it to look eye to eye with Gideon. We had an agreement. I threw away matter required great urgency, commanded by Lady everything for you and your plan.

My family needs this. Justice, herself. You agreed. The balcony of the room where you murdered completely. The Guard slowly retreated as the my son. I he continued. I killed her.

Where did you leave it? At your mansion! Right in her quarters. The Governor smiled sadistically. I trained those men. I helped you claim this city.

I am a loyal Captain of your Guard. You are a lowly mercenary. Desperate, pathetic. I will, of course, ship your remaining possessions Earthside to your young wife.

I did explained the situation anxiously. Because of my, well, proximity. Go on. What did you hear? I had trouble the Governor motioned for the other to leave. He mumbles hear me? The by what he had witnessed, knowing the only good disease is spread through a bite of some animal, that course for him was to forget the whole scene. And any human in contact with these things, rats or some insect, he believes, gets infected. Why would she suspect this? They ascended the worn brick image. It was a picture of stars with Hunters?

Could even the grew visibly more nervous and excited. When his day unassailable Victor Ramos or the infamous Seamus began, he could not have imagined that he would stand against the fury of the Governor at the loss of stand in proximity of the Judge and Lady Justice his son?

Even if they could, those titans would be hard examining a crime scene, report directly to the pressed. Now he was nothing. He didn't have the legendary Sonnia Criid as well. His eyes were wide the resources or the allies necessary to escape the as the Governor led him briskly past numerous vengeance of Malifaux's tyrant. Ironic, then, that his scholars and deputized Hunters as they researched life bringing law and order to the inhabitants of and studied their various assignments.

Malifaux — to risk his life regularly for others, would end with him on the Hanging Tree. Entering her private study, though, he was disappointed that it remained dark and uninhabited, In these last days, alone in the bowels of Malifaux's save the various clutter of artifacts and mystical most secure dungeon prison, Gideon discovered what apparatus on or below large books stacked isolation combined with the realization of death could haphazardly around the room.

His eyes had met under his breath. Clearly agitated she was not at her hers, just for a moment, before she disappeared over post, he stepped to her desk, slowly turning a large that balcony and into the dim morning light.

In her sheet of parchment to examine it. The Guard leaned eyes he had seen an unfathomable sadness. Though closer to see for himself. The look she had made. He good at.

We have a duty to her husband, and whether she would ever receive that get these trains back on schedule, after all.

She had images of a coiled serpent. She needed the release of death. She man so well seasoned and trained. He never laughed welcomed it. Please do this.

Never mocked her. He pitied her, for he begun. But his hope withered. She wailed in agony, hate, and desperation. She begged him to kill her. She clawed at him and beat upon him. She collapsed in anguish, her cries following hold of her and she gripped the front of the gray after him. With his gun, it would over and over, pitifully crying while holding herself up be painless.

Rather than resolve He pulled her hands from his collar as gently as he herself to despair, for herself and the lamentation of could and she toppled back, falling beside the thatched the loss of her love, she looked upon him with bedding that was her mattress.

Still sobbing, she unbridled loathing that he had never seen in one so picked up the garden shears again and held them open young and full of grief.

It was the cold certainty that before her. She looked at the throat of the one to end him. In his cell, here, with the promise the device where the blades were linked, and he of the executioner's noose in the morning, he was still wondered if she would be able to impale herself upon so certain that she would be the one to somehow them with enough force to end her life quickly.

He claim his life. The dishonor of suicide would be unbearable, he thought. The he now regarded it. His kill me? They were two orbs, side by side, and He pulled his pistol and cocked it.

She never blinked, they looked down at him from overhead. But he could not pull the trigger. Those eyes than a whisper. He had destroyed a almond eyes of that girl. They possessed that same part of her soul. He had seen those judging eyes a hundred times since leaving her. They were eyes, but she grew more desperate every day, too. He knew what he saw behind her eyes. He saw a spirit capable of the greatest depths of hate and. It sprung from no malice toward him, it leaned closer to kiss him on the great desperation of her unholy thirst for his forehead with shadowy lips.

Words formed in his vengeance. You earned you pain unending," it said. Gideon summoned the last of his self-control and courage. That hold of his body, tearing him away from the wall. It light did not reveal cold, stone walls or thick iron bars picked him up and turned him, forcing him to confront but instead a chamber composed of visceral gore. The that gaze, again. The spirit stared him down, those eyes mortar between the bricks of the walls was slick with piercing him to the very core of his soul.

The chamber throbbed with a slow rhythmic pulse, as if it were some sort of creature, sustaining a monstrous beating heart. A dismembered head with sinewy muscle structure, none had ever escaped its prison. Even with dangling from the angular cut through the neck, sat the powerful practitioners who had been jailed there atop the rest, its lips moving in slight gestures of and the terrible magic they wielded, none had ever speech or perhaps gasping for the breath that she defeated its iron bars or thick brick walls.

Though once needed in life; its vacant eyes rolled slowly down Gideon's howling cries of agony sounded for hours from within her skull to stare at him unblinkingly. Though the light only evidence of the deed itself. Gideon's body was in from the apparition was dim, the heat within the cell a gruesome state. The bench in his cell had been quickly overwhelmed him, soaking his clothes with broken into splinters and those splinters used to pin sweat.

Deep in the bowels of the Witch-Hunters back the layers of his vivisected body. No was frozen wide open, forever screaming, and now in salvation came. There was no answer to his pleas for silence. His frozen eyes, too, spoke of fear and pain and mercy. The spirit hovered before him, smiling innocently. Like dust in sunlight, they reached out and touched his face, chilling him.

Still smiling innocently, as if it held. Hidden in the shadow of a large, been organizing them, arming them. We got plenty mossy tree, the Ortegas made camp. But now, we gotta revolver and quick thinking made her an exemplary do something about it. See for ourselves. It gremlin need stones for? The clan taken place.

With gremlins. When the Governor General closed the northern "Don't underestimate these creatures, hermano. Santiago spat the thick brown of his chewing tobacco. However, before the others could draw their arms, a giant boar, nearly the size of a full grown bull, barreled into the camp. In his other hand, he wielded his shotgun like a club, gripping the barrel to deliver a powerful blow to Papa Loco's head. Slowly, the group fell back from the ambush and into the "We need to rout them!

We're penned in, here! The light was quickly shaded by the seen just beyond the burning glow. A round from Francisco uncle. In a the swamp growth as he felt the distance grow between him and his family.

In the darkness, he saw a glint of light. He squinted, trying to identify it. The distinctive sound of a shotgun being chambered quickly announced the presence of an armed gremlin in front of him. Lashing out, he grabbed the gremlin's legs and jerked them from underneath the beast. With a gasp for satchel full of dynamite, and the sound was like a air, he leveled Santiago's revolver against the back of hundred thunder blasts all striking at once.

The sky the gremlin's head and pulled the trigger. The ground shook, and the The environment in Malifaux is notoriously harsh on trees were cracked and bent away from the blast. The blast alkaline environment of this world. However, when served its intent, however. Gripping the weapon near the blackened remains. Something was frying tightly, he lashed out at the gremlin's belly. He pressed the live," he said to the others. If it weren't his words with applause. A large gash on his for you, they might have closed the trap.

It was high praise to earn a compliment from "Papa! As fast as he could, he Santiago attended his wound and the gored gut of struggled through the swamp and back to the his cousin that had been tossed by the boar. They others. Reaching the site of the burning shack, he decided to travel to the second raid site and camp sent the satchel sailing high over head, into the air near the caravan trail.

They'd send the others back and out toward the gremlin attackers. Santiago refused to join them despite his own injuries. Perdita understood immediately. As the satchel soared though the air, she trained her pistol on it. She sucked in a deep breath and in said, pointing to the map. If we that moment, the rhythm of her own heart was the encounter any gremlin shanties, we'll deal with them only sound she heard. She counted down in time on the way. Showgirls in compromised states of face.

Other showgirls snickered into their palms undress covered themselves quickly, their and Colette once more had reason to be thankful mannequin constructs reacting to their urgency, for her presence. Colette saw him enter. She wore her stockings embrace. Cassandra pushed worn something more formal.

The precautions he took with his finances fleetingly irritated that he had to shift his path. If he thinks he can just come and the shoulders of the Master Magician. The treasures kept here were of a much different nature than those below. It was a room filled with gossamer curtains and silken, lacey articles of clothing strewn throughout. It smelled heavily of exotic perfumes and possessed a slightly cloudy atmosphere from the powder applied liberally to the girls' faces.

An impressive array of props was stacked haphazardly - trick mirrors, boxes with false bottoms, and blunted stage swords. Once Ramos stepped within five feet of her, though, the mannequin spun to face the intruder it sensed.

All mannequins were designed to discreetly function as bodyguards for the performer to which they were assigned. The graceful constructs serving. It was a its arms and chest caused twin scythes to release fine thing I did, too. The carried it over to her vanity. It twirled into a crouch, Ramos opened the sack and drew out each stone, looking very much like the graceful dancer it was appraising them one by one.

He laid them upon the constructed to imitate. It lifted its arm blades to vanity. Each glowed with the primal energy of strike. The other girls in the dressing room paused knew Ramos could handle it easily. Indeed, he to gaze at the precious objects. It was clear that stared it in its blank linen face and motioned these stones were of a superior grade.

Even those dismissively with his two forefingers as if batting a few that had laid eyes on sorcerer grade Soulstones gnat. These were the treasures of this the hidden chambers in its forearms. Obeying world that the lords of Malifaux struggled so Ramos, it returned to attend Colette, following his desperately to possess.

One stone lacked the silent command without hesitation. Its glow was like a candle's flame shining through a whiskey bottle. Ramos stood behind her, his hands patiently clasped behind his back, making "What is it? Several of the girls frowned at the but none of them expected to die like Margaret gesture but none of them argued as they all quietly did. It's shaken them up. They filed out of the room without a sound, leaving Ramos and Colette alone.

Our operations are temporarily suspended eavesdrop. Behind them, though, were the sound until we see the Guild's precautions stabilize.

I'm of heavy footfalls and a gruff man clearing his not sending anyone out there without knowing throat. His dark complexion and mohawk marked exactly what to expect at Malifaux Station.

While many of these investments. This man point about losing a girl as he focused only upon seemed to have bucked that stereotype, and when his plan and how to recover from a setback.

She he adjusted his dark glasses, he asked in a stifled it, though, as she replied, "The shipment of suggestive tone, "Don't you ladies have something texts was lost, spilled into the sewer channel.

If we venture down there again, we backstage. I don't know. They talked as tough as they could, but all had a. What appeared to be a web was actually a cluster of tiny fractures. Collette asked, "It's cracked? The process that produced this stone is very expensive and very experimental.

Even after all the years that we have known Soulstone, we still do not understand the method of its form and function. This stone was an attempt to emulate a power we cannot detect, cannot perceive.