Distributed computing deals with all forms of computing, information access, This comprehensive textbook covers the fundamental principles and. conference proceedings and five books, which have been translated into 21 languages. Prof. operating systems, computer networks, and distributed systems. This book was previously published by: Pearson Education, Inc. ISBN: (printed High performance distributed computing

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This book covers the main elements of the theory of distributed computing, in Distributed Computing is intended as a textbook for graduate students and ad-. Example Distributed systems. Internet. ATM (bank) machines. Intranets/ Workgroups. Computing landscape will soon consist of ubiquitous. brief overview of distributed systems: what they are, their general on an updated version of the textbook “Distributed Systems, Principles and.

This book is the comprehensive, authoritative reference on parallel and distributed systems that everyone who works with or follows this rapidly advancing technology has long needed. Featuring contributions from a stellar team of international experts - and reviewed by an equally elite group of editorial advisors - the book is packed with the type of late-breaking, proprietary information you just can't find in any other single source. Each individual chapter provides an overview of central developments and future directions in a specific area - delivered by a recognized expert in that discipline, and supported by an abundance of illustrations and data tables. You'll find complete accounts of: A true compendium of the current knowledge about parallel and distributed systems - and an incisive, informed forecast of future developments - the book is clearly the standard reference on the topic, and will doubtless remain so for years to come. Book Site. Click here to find out.


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