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Editorial Reviews. About the Author. Neeraj Chhibba was born and raised in India. He studied Kindle Store; ›; Kindle eBooks; ›; Politics & Social Sciences. Editorial Reviews. About the Author. Neeraj Chhibba announced his arrival on the literary front Zero Percentile Kindle Edition. by Neeraj eBook features: . Neeraj Chhibba was born and raised in India. He studied engineering at Volgograd, Russia, where he spent almost seven and a half years of his life.

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Zero Percentile Ebook

Pankaj s ambition gets the better of him; Priya is torn between her two friends; Motu is struggling to save his company from a hostile takeover; Arjun is left alone . struggling to save his company from a hostile takeover; Arjun is left alone to support his daughter, a child with special needs; and Nitin can t allow himself t 0. About the Book Zero Percentile is a heady cocktail of the fascinating adventures of Pankaj, a less favoured son of destiny, across two completely different.

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Apparently they feel that the book should be set in a place to which readers can relate to. I guess the fact that Neeraj himself has spent seven years in Volgograd is what adds to the authentic portrayal of the place. Not only that, even the school days Set in Delhi of Pankaj are described in a way that they will surely take you down memory lane. The stupid fights, childhood crush, desire to be first et. The book is a fact pace read, which entertains you and turns out to be a page turner.

Feb 13, Bhargavi Balachandran rated it liked it Shelves: A genre that has been done to death,IMHO. Thankfully for me,Zero percentile is much more than that. I thought that the book would directly jump into the IIT- missed story..

This part of the tale is fascinating,meanders and flows rather well. Pankaj also meets his 2 best friends — Priya and Motu at school and their exploits are endearing. As Pankaj grows up,he is expected by his father to get into IIT. He finds out ingenious ways to get the coaching required as the family is not financially sound.

The intelligent Pankaj also shows entrepreneurial skills and helps increase the student enrollment for the coaching classes he enrolls at. He expects to crack the IITs easily, but unexpectedly, disaster strikes and he is unable to realise his dreams. He sinks into depression and loses his enthusiasm for getting into IIT. He also withdraws from Priya, who he is secretly in, love with.

Apart from the usual exploits like alchohol and casual sex, the story also gives you a sneak peak into the times before the great USSR disintegrated. The writing style, one realizes is pretty straight forward.

No flowery language or metaphors. Narration style is neither complex or exquisite by any standards. The book reads like the script of a Hindi movie. A fast,racy Hindi movie shot in a foreign country. However,this happens to be the strength of this book-the author keeps you glued to the book from the word go.

And, that is very commendable. If not anything, the book is a page turner. The back jacket of the book almost gives away the plot,but you can be sure to expect the unexpected when you read the book. Pankaj also turns a successful entrepreneur and the rest of the story is about how he outwits his business rivals and finds love unexpectedly.

In a way,I almost figured out the end ,despite the roller coaster ride that ensures before Pankaj is at peace with several issues that plague him. Any more information ,and I would have to give out a spoiler alert!! The author also beautifully captures the socio-economic and political climate of USSR before it disintegrated.

For a first-time author, it is a good effort. The plot is definitely a winner. A thoroughly entertaining, unusual novel.

At 95 bucks,it is a steal!. After this book,I am looking forward to his next book.! This is an author requested review. View 1 comment. Mar 06, Uttam Pal rated it it was ok Recommends it for: Recommended to Uttam by: Neeraj Chhibba. About the Story Fast storyline and too many twists can bind the readers to its pages throughout. It can be made into a Bollywood blockbuster. There's no doubt about it. Technicalities Since it is a First Person Narrative the first few chapters about the birth of the narrator are irrational.

As the narrator is within the story he shouldn't have knowledge of all the events; though the narrator might have referred to information he heard form other characters to provide a larger point of view Excep About the Story Fast storyline and too many twists can bind the readers to its pages throughout. Except the narrator, we got to see the thoughts, feelings and opinions of his Russian girlfriend only, through his perceptions, and not much of his best friend Motu and of his childhood love interest Priya, which made these characters more passive.

Nitin who has been projected in the summary on back front cover actually had very little role to play in the story, which was not anticipated. The hint of the conversation at the end of prologue which created the suspense to be told later did not identify with the conversation when it was actually told. I put the cellphone in my pocket and proceeded to board the plane. Moods were all different. I myself do not write good English. But the story did not sound as smooth as one told by a native English.

Complex sentences, use of passive voice 'strikes'. He said I said I have one last accusation, you non-Bengalees have a tendency to relate everything and anything of Kolkata to Rabindranath.

It's pretty irritating. View all 3 comments. Jan 10, suchi rated it it was ok. Saubhagya Prada January 17 at Hence, I am pasting my review below. Publication Date: The first phase of the book has been written in a light melody. There are many incidents and upshots which you could anticipate as a reader. But, then the content of the story and streamlining is in such a way that it keeps you captivated and somehow connected with the book. The strong desire of the family to have a son after the not so desirable birth of two daughters in the family throws light on the still prevailing discrimination in the Indian society.

But, as the characters suppurate with the rolling book, the fable takes a mature and serious turn. Pankaj has been reflected as a wise and productive character from the early on. But, to keep our fate in the almighty integral, he has been portrayed as a less favored child of the destiny. He meets with a fate-devastating accident and is both physically and psychologically handicapped.

And, hence, shattering all his dreams to get through and study in an IIT. Henceforth, Pankaj is on altogether new journey and life takes a new meaning and has a new purpose. Pankaj becomes a part of a small clan comprising of a few Indians, Uzbeks, Srilankans, Bangladeshis along with Afghans.

And then, there are Super Gods i. The first years also witnesses the growls, feuds and the junkies. There is steep deterioration in the academic performance of Pankaj, courtesy to newly developed interest in alcohol and the strong urge to lose his virginity. Destiny perhaps wanted to reflect still abrasive and tough circumstances on Pankaj. As repercussion, he is out casted and is sent back to India.

Still trying to cope up with the grief, doom pronounces the demise of his father. He resolves to get out of the college with flying colors and a red degree.

In this lurch, he takes on some business also to meet all the odds and ends. As the life rolls on, Pankaj is able to keep his promise to his mother of coming back to India and settling down there. The allegory ends on a positive note with things settling down back to normal and with Pankaj getting back to his childhood love Priya.

The prose is even, clear and flowing, suitable for the intended audience of general masses, especially the youth. There is much to learn for such a meek price. And also, there is a hidden message in the parable — The grass is always greener on the other side of fence. Wish you good luck for future endorsements.

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This is very nicely done and looks good. Thank you so much View 2 comments. Apr 13, Avid rated it did not like it Shelves: When Neeraj Chhibba, the author of this book, contacted me to ask if I can review his book, I was not sure about it.

Without reading it, I know I am not go When Neeraj Chhibba, the author of this book, contacted me to ask if I can review his book, I was not sure about it.

Without reading it, I know I am not going to like it. Zero Percentile is about Pankaj, a young lad who is like any other typical boy. The book starts with his birth and gives us a detailed view of how his life turns out. The story of his birth is amusing. Pankaj is the apple of the eye back home and gets a special treatment by being sent to a public school whereas his sisters have to be satisfied with going to government school.

He is bright, intelligent and does well in school. He tells us about his best friends — Priya and Motu, who are with him through thick and thin. His fights in school, crush on teachers and friends, studies, election as a Head Boy and so on.

His aim in life is to get into IIT and he works hard towards it. An accident quashes his hopes and he has to console himself with something else. His Dad decides to send him to Russia to study engineering. The book goes on to tell us his experience in Russia, his financial struggle and his love life. The writing is simple and straight.

The book actually reads like a diary of a young man. Since the book is in first person POV, this is quite acceptable, but Chhibba could have added some more style to his writing. There are quite a few errors, as pointed by many other readers. Not only print errors, there are a few places where Pankaj contradicts himself.

When he is traveling to Russia, he is clearly a non-vegetarian, but he mentions about converting from vegetarian to non-vegetarian after landing in Russia. The characters are all shallow. Pankaj himself comes across as a two dimensional character. The book reads like a last minute attempt in writing something down and getting it published. The story appears disconnected and things are introduced just to create drama.

At one point of time, Pankaj is struggling to get hold of a few hundreds dollars whereas after his salesman days, he is suddenly playing with millions. In the end, it all boils down to what I took back from the book. No inspiration from the story, no memorable characters, no contemplating moments — in the end, there is nothing that I gained from this book. Feb 17, Neha rated it liked it Shelves: Zero Percentile..

Missed IIT Kissed Russia.. So to read something in the same league was not what I wanted to do. So Pankaj - is a smart, intelligent, hard working guy who clearly knows what he wants. All this is a tad boring about a boy who stands 1st in class, is elected for a Head Boy, is poor but manages his preparation for IIT by actually helping in growth of a coaching institute.

And BANG Though interesting facts which I would have liked to read more but not adding to the plot. The second half of the story moves to Russia - giving a good turn to the events with life in an Engineering school in Russia during its disintegration phase.. Maybe Pankaj was a man like in Business Magazines and nowhere he showed any weak emotion.. So read it but don't analyse it too much the way I tend to!!

Jan 26, Tanushree rated it liked it. In spite of the fact that the title as well as the summary of the story on the back page gives away the story, well almost. For a first time writer that is no mean achievement. The book gives some insights into the Soviet Union in transition from a Communist economy to a capitalist one through the experiences and narratives of some of the characters set there.

It also provides some glimpses of the educational system there. For those of us who grew up in India in the same time as the chief protagonists the mention of some of the important moments of our past is bound to strike a chord, the quiz contests in schools, for example. For those who tried for JEE, the hard work, sweat and sometimes heart-burn of preparing for the toughest entrance exam in the country will definitely bring back alive those memories.

There are a few shortcomings in the book. For example, when the story begins, you feel it is probably being narrated by the soul of the chief protagonist who is yet to assume its human form. That is fine. But then once it is inside the womb of the mother it jars that it should narrate what is happening with his father and other family members when they are away from him the foetus.

Also, the language used by a 5 or 6 year old in those times seems a little odd and some observations are too wise for children of that age. But the limitations do not overpower the good reading that the book provides. The book could do with better editing; some sentences read quite convoluted. And at one place I thought the word that author was looking for was emaciated and not emancipated.

One final thought. If it is, the final twist in the story leaves me completely baffled!

Apr 27, Sparsh rated it liked it. Like countless books by Indian engineers turned author. I was all set but not ready to go. Mar 16, Sandeep Shede rated it liked it. Neeraj has a good combination of personal insight, astute observational skills, and eloquent writing style that makes it a pleasure to read Zero Percentile: Half of the book revolve around the india and the rest in Russia. At first I feel why people think IIT is the only institut Neeraj has a good combination of personal insight, astute observational skills, and eloquent writing style that makes it a pleasure to read Zero Percentile: At first I feel why people think IIT is the only institute where a quality education is imparted.

Its gut feel to understand that these bastard who pass out from the IIT are not running the indian corporates and the Indian Economy.

They get quality education from the IIT at subsidize cost and Move on the other part of world where green dollars and Green card elude them. In addition to that student who enter the IIT spend the money on getting the Coaching for entrance preparations and come from rich and royal background. As considered and said very often in India is that when money and power was behind the person he can be promoted as a Horse even if he is just a Ordinary donkey.

His father who works with the Government of India is associated in Delhi's high power corridor. It was not portrayed him as a corrupt official. It was just a Miracle to understand he is not a corrupt soul as portrayed in the story.

As otherwise his mother was plain simple and portrayed as good women whose world ends with the family. In addition to that The behavior of having a son and for that consulting the family astrologer and doing occasional fast on week day is somewhat looks doom. Half of the story revolves around the three people Pankaj, Gaurav Motu and Priya who come in to study at delhi school. There experiences at the school are portrayed in good manner and feel I have enjoyed the same things in school.

A quiz competition and the other games are just as common in India. The other things like the historical depiction of the wars and sikh riot was helpful for the storyline. Pankaj's Father dream for the pankaj as an engineer from IIT. His Motivation to pankaj was so understandable from every father who feel betterment of his child.

It is also feel unwanted when it was portrayed that the 16 year old pankaj was offering a Guidance to two IIT graduate for running there business to an efficient level to increase the number of candidates for coaching. It also cut my head when found he has offered his mothers jewelery as a collateral to have a loan from a local money lender.

And in return he got the coaching study for IIT entrance free of cost from these two sirs Jr. This shows why, people always ask me, "Does the world really need another time management book?

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To regroup so that he's not running around like a crazy maniac. He says, "It felt like a luxury, I felt guilty about it at first but being mindful, being present, being strategic, focused on the right things is the right thing to do. You know you're not checking email throughout the day as thinking you are being productive when really it's just a procrastination technique.

You're not checking in to Snapchat or Facebook or Twitter throughout the entire day. You can process social media, you can process email but you've got a time for it and limits on it. Listen, I know I am going to be doing social media 30 minutes this afternoon, so I am not going to hop on it 50 times between now and then.

The other reason why putting everything on your calendar is so important and effective is it makes sure that the urgent items don't erase the important items. Like Chetan Bhagat's books! I am sure they would enjoy it more than I did. It has everything Campus life, hostel days, sexual encounters, fights, and I presume that all that is inviting for a young mind. I would not be surprised if the younger generation takes up to this book. It also comes across as amateurish in nature.

Details are good for visualization but for me, they are here in this book at the wrong places. For example, there is a reference in the book about the number of letters that the Hero, Pankaj writes to his parents and the number of letters that he receives from them. However, if Neeraj had elaborated a little bit on what that meant to Pankaj and to his parents, I think it would have been wonderful. Those details, and nuances of human emotions would have made this book endearing.

I feel that details about sexual intercourse and bus journeys are things that could have been avoided. But then again, I guess it depends on who your intended audience is.

Zero Percentile – Missed IIT Kissed Russia

Similarly, I did not get intrigued by the characters of Priya and Motu. If Motu was Pankaj's best friend then he deserves a better footage in the book. He kind of comes and goes in few pages. Pankaj is in love with Priya but then what! Priya comes across as a glam doll in a commercial Hindi film. Observations I also felt that Neeraj could have been overwhelmed with emotions while writing this book. He has obviously drawn inspiration from his own experiences, thoughts and feelings.

Needless to say, that is apparent in the book.

The book comes across as autobiographical. Well, I am not sure if he intended it to be that way! I also felt that Neeraj wrapped up the book pretty hurriedly from chapter 24 onwards.

I want to conclude this all.

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I personally feel that it is good to draw inspiration from personal experiences when you write something like this, however, one should preferably avoid getting carried away with emotions that might surface as you recollect all of those. The author, Neeraj seemed occupied and highly influenced in his writing by all of these emotions.

I empathized with Pankaj at times because of my personal experiences of studying in the US. While the environment was totally different, I have felt homesick, lonely and hungry on many occasions and of course, there were camps there. Those aspects of the book took my down memory lane. The back cover of the book talks about the story as a fascinating journey of a young man!

Well, it sure is a journey but I am not sure if it comes across as fascinating.

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