Whitewash City models are designed for model displays, railroad displays, tabletop Whitewash City PDF building models are based on the real historic west. This is a FREE PDF MODEL SAMPLE of Whitewash City's "Imperial Saloon". This model is based on a saloon found in Dodge City. The Imperial Saloon is a. Professional Quality, Full Color Wild West PDF Building Models with Floor Plans. Whitewash City PDF (Acrobattm) models are based on the real historic west.

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Whitewash City Pdf

All models are built to 30mm (1/60th) scale; Whitewash City PDF files are scalable Order as many or as few PDF files as you need; make up your own order;. Whitewash City Set 7 - Whitewash City 7-PDF File Set (ten building models in this set!) is a set of high quality, professionally rendered PDF W. The Whitewash City: The Complete Set (Mother Lode Set) includes ALL 45 Whitewash City PDF model files. This makes 85 building models.

The Whitewash City: All Whitewash City building models come with complete floor plans in 30mm scale same scale as the buildings. All the work is already done! The Whitewash City promise: You do not have to be a great modeler to have great models! Quick and easy to make; make as many as you need!

Bank, Cafe, Imperial Saloon, J.

I also built a few watering troughs, some corral fencing, and couple of piles of lumber and a couple of wooden crates. I also added some roof supports for large roofs, like with the Livery Stable building.

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While the Whitewash City buildings are not meant to have removable roofs, there are floor plans you can print of the interiors, and you can lift the entire building off its floor plan.

Before Christmas , Noble Knight had a sale on a whole passel of used, already painted, western minis, so I bought more than 50 minis. Being already painted saved me some time putting everything together.

Game Contents

I also found some horses in about the right sizes from places such as Michaels crafts and Toys-R-Us , and they filled up the corral. OK, so I only had three players show up to play, P.

The premise of the game was that four Mexican banditos came to town to rob the bank. Bryce only wanted to play a single character, so he controlled the bounty hunter Bat, who sported twin six-shooters.

So, the Banditos strolled right down main street of Whitewash City, heading towards the bank. Bounty Hunter Bat, who had been talking with the proprietor of the Livery Stable at the other end of town off the right side of the above picture , recognized one of the banditos as being wanted. Bat then ran to intercept the banditos before they reached the bank.

At the same time, sheriff Kathleen and deputy P. Bat came right up to the man he wanted to claim the bounty on, then Bat pulled out both his pistols and demanded the man Juan surrender. If you downloadd earlier versions of the these files and want to obtain an upgrade, go to the Upgrade page. The Imperial Saloon: This model is based on a saloon found in Dodge City.

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The Imperial Saloon is a fairly common building style, that was quick and inexpensive to construct and was found in virtually all Wild West communities throughout the USA and Canada. To download this file, go to the download page: Click Here Whitewash City Piano: Submitted by: Tom Herrschaft.

Download and build a 28mm scale piano for use with your Whitewash City floor plans: Rescaling Whitewash City Models: Whitewash City PDF files are unique because they are rendered in vector art rather than bitmapped art.

This means unlike most other PDF models on the market, you can reduce OR enlarge the printouts of Whitewash City without losing print quality.

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