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The Game Genie a cartridge-based cheat system originally designed by Codemasters and sold by Galoob. It temporarily patches the program. Super Nintendo (SNES) Game Genie Code Index. The following is a list of games we have Game Genie Codes for games on Super Nintendo (SNES). Nintendo. Game Genie Code Booklet Downloads: (Right Click and save target As) NES Game Genie Download · SNES Game Genie Download · Game Boy Game Genie .

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Snes Game Genie Code Book

Super Nintendo (Game Genie) Taz-Mania · Tecmo Super Bowl · Terminator, The · Terminator 2: The Arcade Game · Tetris And Dr. Mario · Timeslip · Tiny Toon . Game Genie Super Nintendo / SNES Code Book [Game Genie] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Including Super Nintendo Game Genie. This is the most complete and up-to-date Game Genie Code book for the Game Genie Super Nintendo / SNES Code Book by Game Genie Paperback $

The Game Genie is a video game peripheral that allows you to make slight variations to the ROM of a video game by entering in various codes from the code book that came with it before you start the game. These codes directly affected areas of the game's programming and usually resulted in changes that could have a large affect on the game. For example, unlimited lives, always keep a power-up, start on the final level, and so on. My brother either borrowed a Game Genie from a friend or bought one, because I remember having one in our NES for quite some time. I loved the gold metallic paint which matched the color of The Legend of Zelda cart. We purposely broke the handle off of ours because the Game Genie had an interesting side effect of making the NES much less likely to glitch, and even if we didn't want to cheat, we could bypass the codes. I spent a fair amount of time trying to make up custom codes. I did this by randomly entering codes into the Game Genie before the game started, writing down the codes I had entered, and then seeing if they made any differences to the game.

This information can be directly converted into Game Genie codes. Therefore, the Game Genie was designed in such a way that it did not need to be depressed in order to start the game.

This design put even more stress on the LIF socket than standard game insertion, bending pins and eventually causing units to be unplayable without the Game Genie present.

An adapter was created to deal with the problem, which Galoob offered to Game Genie owners free of charge, [6] but few were requested, and the stock was liquidated.

When used with a SNS, only two codes can be used at a time, and they must be entered on the top and bottom lines of the Game Genie menu.

The Jungle Book - Game Genie Codes

The only way to tell v1 and v2 apart is by opening the cart and checking the PCB. Game Genie for Game Boy The Game Boy edition similarly has a slot for cartridges while itself needing to be inserted into the console's game slot.

The physical design made it difficult to be used with any version of the Game Boy other than the original.

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However, color enhanced games will function if played in an original Game Boy system. Some games do not work with the Genesis Game Genie; see "legal issues" below. When inserted into the cartridge slot, another slot would pop-up to insert the Game Gear cartridge.

It also had a compartment which contained a book of codes. The codes were printed on sticky labels to put on the back of the Game Gear cartridge. When entering codes, the player could easily see what to type in rather than looking through the book.

On the screen in which a code is entered for the Game Gear Game Genie, a player typing the word "DEAD" will cause the screen to move up and down, possibly as an Easter egg.

Some games do not work with the Game Genie see "legal issues" below.

SNES Game Genie Codes

Main article: Lewis Galoob Toys, Inc. Nintendo of America, Inc.

Nintendo then sued Galoob in the case Galoob v. Nintendo , claiming that the Game Genie created derivative works in violation of copyright law. Sales of the Game Genie initially stopped in the U.

You can enter up to FIVE codes at a time but some effects require more than one code. Amazing Tennis tm Game This popular game is about the closest a video game comes to the feel of real tennis. Improve your player's movement with these handy TEN codes. Animaniacs tm Game 1.

Arcana tm Game A challenging role-playing game where the skirmishes just keep on comin'. The cardmaster element gives the game a new slant.

ARC Code 4, infinite money for items, and Code 8, magic points don't decrease, are vital for handling all those skirmishes.

Axelay tm Game A generous selection of useful codes here, from credits to lives and level warps. Ballz tm Game 1. FE7AD Start rounds with 20 seconds FE7AD Start rounds with 30 seconds Batman Forever tm Game 1.

The Jungle Book Game Genie Codes

EEC70B Straight low punches are super strong 2. EED0B Straight high punches are super strong 3. EEF0B Straight low kicks are super strong 4. EEAC Crouching low punches are super strong 6. EEFA6 Crouching high punches are super strong 7. EE3F-3D06 Crouching low kicks are super strong 8.

Game Genie

DDC70B Straight low punches do no damage DDD0B Straight high punches do no damage DDF0B Straight low kicks do no damage DDAC Crouching low punches do no damage DDFA6 Crouching high punches do no damage DD3F-3D06 Crouching low kicks do no damage DDBD4 Start with 1 life D4BD4 Start with 3 lives DBBD4 Start with 10 lives F43C-3B10 Play as an Inmate F03C-3B10 Play as a Clown Kick, punch, jump and even drive your way through this challenging, super-popular game.

Mix it with Code 5, which will protect you.

Experts, try Codes 20 and 21, and some blows will do less damage. Battle Clash tm Game You fight gigantic robots that fight back at you in this Superscope tm shooter that makes you feel like you're really in the action. Enter the codes with the number 1 controller connected as usual. Then press Start on the controller. Best of the Best tm Game We've got some awesome codes to help you on your way to the ultimate accolade as the Best of the Best tm. BILL Codes 13 and 14 can be combined to assemble the best team possible.

For Codes 14 and 15, you actually gain half of the value of the player you traded away. BlaZeon tm Game This game's a shooter, in which you are part of a group of freedom fighters trying to defeat the Imperial Earth army. You actually get to control the enemy ships. It takes a sure hand to master. Note that the game never really ends no phone calls, please; it's supposed to be like that. BlaZeon is a trademark of Atlus Software, Inc.

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